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Dolphins wanted Josh Boyce over Jelani Jenkins

Post-draft stories of players expecting to be on one team and winding up with others are interesting to me.

I have two such stories for you involving the Miami Dolphins.

Both involve Florida Gators and, ironically, in the end the Dolphins ended up not picking a Florida player they liked while landing a Florida player they liked less than someone else. This is the story of former Florida tight end Jordan Reed and former Florida linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

The Dolphins, it seems, wanted Reed. According to a source close to Reed, Miami got on the phone with him during the third round and told him they were going to select him with their second of two third-round picks (No. 82 overall).

So Reed was on stand-by waiting for the 82nd pick and hearing his name called to the Dolphins when he saw Miami had traded the pick to New Orleans. He ended up going with the 85th pick to the Washington Redskins.

The Dolphins obviously thought a deal sending the 82nd pick in exchange for two fourth-round picks (106 and 109) was better value than picking Reed. And that was that.

The Dolphins had a high fourth-round grade on TCU receiver Josh Boyce. They got on the phone with Boyce at the top of the fourth round and told him they were going to select him with the seventh pick of the round, No. 104 overall.

But as soon as Boyce got off the phone with Miami, the New England Patriots called and told him they were going to pick him with the fifth overall pick in the round. The Patriots had acquired that pick earlier in a trade with Minnesota.

The Dolphins resorted to Plan B and picked Jenkins with the 104th selection.

"As soon as I got off the phone the Patriots called me,” Boyce told The Fort Worth-Star Telegram. "You never know. I’m just glad God gave me the opportunity to get drafted. I can go forward from there."

Boyce is a rare blend of size (206 pounds) and speed (4.49) who also happened to produce in college. He caught 66 passes for 891 yards with seven touchdowns in 2012. He had 61 catches for 998 yards and nine touchdowns in 2011. He caught a 94-yard pass against West Virginia last season.

The Patriots, obviously trying to add weapons for Tom Brady, must have seen an opportunity. The fact they snatched Boyce from the Dolphins?

File it under post-draft stories that always come out after the fact.

Read more here: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/colleges/2013/04/former-tcu-receiver-josh-boyce-was-thinking-he-was-headed-to-miami-for-about-two-minutes-just-before-the-new-england-pa.html#storylink=cpy


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whoopee !!!

whats done is done. Jordan Reed would have been nice but happy with our draft haul.
onwards an upwards. Dion Sims could be a start for us.

Yeah, whatever. We may be better off w/ Jenkins. Only time will tell. Does say we would still consider a WR though.

Ireland already admitted that he traded out of the 3rd because he belived his the players on his board would still be there. So happen they begin to fall off in the bottom of the 3rd. Exactly why he traded back in to do damage control by taking cb Davis.

However, I like the Jenkins pick. Josh Boyce seems to be a slot type anyway. Which nothing's wrong with that because maybe they were slotting him as Bess replacement. Bess to Boyce. Missing on a slot wr isn't that great of a deal.

As for Jordan Reed, we have two of those types now. Egnew/Keller. We may have greatly lucked out on that one because Dion Sims maybe the best all around TE of the entire draft. Which imo, means he should develop very quickly. Actually, Sims doesn't need developing, he only needs "fin tuning".

IMO, a HUGE difference!

Never heard of Jelani Jenkins or anyone the Dolphins selected after him - typical of Jeff Ireland.

Nothing franchising changing or earth shattering about this blog. Just the tidbit of nuggets news.

i would have liked another WR especially as it was a very deep draft but with Clay, Egnew, Keller and now Sims it seems two TE sets would mean only 3 front line receivers are required anyway.

I love our offense now but just wary about our O-line. Barrett Jones as a guard would have been great. If Dallas Thomas works out then it will be OK i suppose. I would be tempted to test KC's resolve by offering next years 3rd rounder to KC for Albert.
I'd feel much happier with this O-line
Albert - Incog - Pouncy - Jerry - Martin.

Good ol' Mando...keeps seeding that dissension .....

who cares what we missed...that's like lamenting still over not re-signing Long...

that's over and done with..let's move on ...

Glad we got Jenkins and SIms instead....

You no get troubli for this, Armando?


Im FLA. The Gator selections are very solid selections. Dion Jordan's the best all around TE in the entire draft. He should quickly get on the playing field and make great contributions right away.

Sims is so well rounded he nearly equates to signing a TE in fa.

Dion Sims, not Jordan TE.

Justin, Hartline had a great season. End of story. I watched Brian Hartline first 1k receiving season just for kicks and his highlight catches are diving or contorting showing great hands. He also has a bunch where he just burns the db I mean makes him look bad. I don't understand your hatred towards him...

Yah..Oscar...exactly what it's intended to do...cause trouble....I mean, who the hell cares what could have been, or should have been, or would have been...

like Willie Nelson wrote: "Regret is just a memory,
written on my brow, and there's nothin' I can do about it now"...


I think there's a possibility that udfa Jasper Collins makes this team and could possibly be better than a Josh Boyce over the longterm.

I believe Jasper Collins makes the team as a kick returner and they slowly integrate hin into the offense.

What a coincidence that it was NE that came out of the Blue and picked that WR just 2 picks before we intended to. Belichick, Belichick...

I loved this guy and the speed was actually 4.38 and was also the strongest WR in the class. Also killed it in the agility and explosion tests. I harped about this guy for weeks here. To the Pats ... bah!

This blog only shows that even Ireland's admitted hiccup of this draft turned out fine.

Jelani Jenkings vs John Boyce

Jenkins to me has a much higher ceiling. Boyce was a good, decent player after the catch because he's built strong but his overall positional ability is very limited IMO. He's too short and squatty to be effective on the outside.

Jenkins on the other hand was the best coverage LB in this entire draft according to Todd McShay. Im happy with the pick.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever needs to GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blogging 24/7 in the OFFSEASON is so pitiful!!!!!

Oscar...are you implying that spygate is alive and well?......

Josh Boyce*, WR, TCU
Height: 5-11. Weight: 206. Arm: 31.28. Hand: 9.28.
40 Time: 4.38.
Projected Round (2013): 4-6.

4/23/13: Boyce totaled 66 receptions for 891 yards and seven touchdowns this year. He probably should've returned for his senior season. Boyce surprised many with a fast 40 at the Combine. He doesn't play at that speed, but his Combine performance definitely helped him to stand out.

Be very aware when a scouting report say:

"He Doesn't Play At That Speed".

Listen Buster, everybody knows Belichick is capable of anything to get an edge. Sure, wiretapping, why not?

Posted by: LOL | April 30, 2013 at 01:40 PM

It's far better than being "AIMLESSLY" out and about, getting into car wrecks, handcuffs, and police blotters. LOL.....



UNDRAFTED FA's could make roster and help

Jasper Collins WR Mount Union - This is the same school that produced Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts. Collins was thought to have a chance to be a 5th round selection. He's 6 foot 190 lbs, he ran 4.47. He was very productive albeit at a small school He has 92 receptions for 1694 yards and count em 22 TDs! He also has value as a return man on special teams.

Michael Clay OLB Oregon - He's small at 5'11 222 lbs but is a very aggressive and good tackler. He led Oregon in tackles with 101. He has definite value on special teams.

Jordan Kovacs SS Michigan - another guy I like as a possibility to make the roster due to his fearless nature and tackling. He could be a real value on special teams.

Ross should just offer Bellichick 10 mill/yr to take over.

Posted by: LOL | April 30, 2013 at 01:40 PM




Even if its only Kansas. LOL...


I agree with that scouting report. Im amazed that he ran 4.38. He doesn't move or run no where near that speed on the field. Same as for a guy I swore would be the pick time and time again in Ryan Swope. The thing on Swope I learned was he had 4 concussions which is why he slid so far. Swope seemed to make so much sense to give Tannehill a slot he was comfortable with but it wasn't meant to be.


Exactly why I said Jsper Collins is a kid to watch. I believe he makes the team as a kick returner and they develop him along the way.

It was also said, during the east/west shrine gae he consistently got deep separation against corners but the qb's struggled to get him the ball.

Belli would turn the Dolphins around in one year just like Parcells.

The Ireland screw-ups will come to light soon, through the media, or eventually, through the draftees "performance" on the field.

And then, sooner or later, all the Ireland FanBoyz who have dominated this blog during FA & the Draft, and who have bullied all who speak the truth, will crawl away with nary an apology.


Keelan Johnson, SS, Arizona State is the guy to watch. 5 picks last year, good athlete. needs to get stronger though but everything else looks very good about this guy.


Also, I really don't see any of the udfa lb's making the team. Were really deep in that area now and even some them earn their keep on st's.

That's why I say its a long uphill struggle for any of those guys to even make st's.


I seriously doubt anyone here will be watching the development of any other team's mid to late rd picks.

We'll only learn about them should they become nfl stars.

My bad Mark,

you are referring that he's one of our udfa's, right?

kr we have Thigpen. Now, who has the hands to catch all those must-catch punts like Bess did? Hmm...

Dion Simms and Jelani are both some solid picks even if we had other plans, happy with this years draft, although Will Davis was the head scratcher of the night for me

Still, I believe any of the udfa's will have to 1st make st's to even have a chance to make the roster. We were a pretty good st's team last year. So this will be a very difficult uphill struggle for them.

That's why I say Jasper Collins has the greatest chance to make it as a kickoff returner. The other st's positions it will be very difficult to displace the incumbents. Heck Jelani Jenkins is practically already penciled in at st's.


They wanted Davis 4th rd. But after trading out of the 3rd and seeing the players they had graded 4th rd fall, they traded back in for "damage control".

Even though they wanted Davis 4th rd, the domino effect caused them to go back into the 3rd to take a player they had rated high on their 4th rd board.

After seeing his draft doard begin to come tumbling down bottom 3rd. He did not want to gamble Davis may or may not still be there early 4th. It was "damage control".

Oscar....I'm thinking Gilessi the Florida RB can handle that chore....

It would be nice to have a Reed or a Boyce, but whats done is done. I have faith that Matthews can be a good number 4 WR when called upon and that Clay/Sims/Egnew can help compliment Keller at TE.

Oscar....I'm thinking Gilessi the Florida RB can handle that chore....
Posted by: Buster | April 30, 2013 at 02:06 PM


Its Gillis, then Lee. I watched Gators games and it took me a while to get his name correct too. LOL...

Remember, "Dobbie Gillis, then "General Lee"

Gillis + Lee

= Gillislee

Ok thanks YG....I can see where this dude is gonna get a nick, like Glee or something....

I wonder why we didn't go after Quinton Patton. What's Ireland know that we don't know (I thought they liked that kid)?

Boyce and Reed would have been better picks - on paper. Especially with 27th ranked offense and 2nd year QB.

IMO, the Dolphins have one good WR (Wallace) on the roster. Hartline vanishes at times. Gibson is average based on past performance.

The TEs? Keller had a rough 2012. Egnew was a bust as a rookie.

On the positive side, The Dolphins did sign a few WR prospects among the un-drafted FAs.

Thats one thing I dislike about Ireland, he always wants more picks but loses good players in the median. We needed a good TE, maybe we got one but I dont think so. Why is two 4th rd pks better then two 3rd rd pks? And now Im sure youve make Jenkins feel just great after this little tid-bit . So we lost two good receivers because of Irelands mistakes? Figures, now we know why Ireland is fired after this season, but after Ross made that idiotic statement about Sparano, anything might be in the pipe line including the return of Sparano? Who knows whats coming our or #1 Dolphin?

What's Ireland know that we don't know
Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 30, 2013 at 02:23 PM
=======================================================If we knew the answer to that question, we wouldn't have to ask....

The biggest knock Ive seen on Davis from Monday morning analysts is that he would have been there later than the 3rd rd.

Hell, that's why Ireland traded out of the mid bottom 3rd. He had 4th rd grades on those guys. Then watched as at least 3 of those guys they had upper 4th rd grades on, get taken.

So, I guess next in line on their upper 4th rd grade was Will Davis. Ireland didn't want to see him fall before the end of the 3rd rd too. Which was possible.

So, this exhorted to go back into the bottom 3rd and do damage control.

DC Dolfan,

Totally agree about Qunton Patton, who went to the 49ers.

See ya'all ...maybe bbl...ciao

I wonder why we didn't go after Quinton Patton. What's Ireland know that we don't know (I thought they liked that kid)?
Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 30, 2013 at 02:23 PM

For starters, what did you know that any other nfl gm didn't?

Not to be a smart ass, but Patton wasn't picked until 31st 4th rd. Both our 4th rd picks, Jenkins and Sims had far higher draft grades.

So, if 30 other gm's felt the same as Ireland(Patton 31st 4th rd pick), then whats the muss?

Now, had Patton still been there with either 5th rd pick(31 Gillislee, 33 caleb Sturgis). Then, Houston, we may have a problem.

The biggest sleeper in the entire NFL is C.Bumphis from Miss.State, Ireland and his staff Is getting more kudos for signing this kid than their drsft !! Bumphis is considered the best WR prospect not drafted !!

Justin, Hartline had a great season. End of story. I watched Brian Hartline first 1k receiving season just for kicks and his highlight catches are diving or contorting showing great hands. He also has a bunch where he just burns the db I mean makes him look bad. I don't understand your hatred towards him...

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 30, 2013 at 01:35 PM

I watched him play, he wins with great hands and double moves verse aggressive corners (to many hitch routes). I want my WR to win with Route running, speed, or YAC in open sapce something Hartline doesn't do and I question if he CAN do. Hartline isn't a resigning I'm happy about but during the time it happen I can understand it.


As fans we depend on eyeball test alone. However, Gm's have to assemble a draftboard rd by rd. Then they have to place a draft grade n each player.

They cant go about a draft the same way we do as fans. They would draw serious risk of overdrafting each player and look like total fools amongst their peers.

mace taggart,

Bumphis will have to make the team on st's as a returner, just like Jasper Collins. The best k/o returner will win the job.

The Dolphins had a great draft overall. Jasper Collins will probably make the practice squad and so will this guy.... "Terrell Sinkfield"

Sinkfield caught 76 passes for 1,097 yards and 10 touchdowns in his four-year career at Northern Iowa, but the stats are hardly what impressed scouts about Sinkfield.

If it's long speed you want, Sinkfield has it. He ran a 4.19-second 40-yard dash at Minnesota's Pro Day on March 5.

It's time to give Jeff Ireland some credit for a job well done. He put together a great draft and did very well in FA.

Of course, it could be said that the players the Dolphins did pick in the 4th round were passed over several times by nearly all teams.

The 49ers have a history of solid team building and drafting based on their current roster. The Dolphins, have yet to show that. Time will tell.

How'bout some sleep, pal? You've made enough $ already.

The bad thing for udfa's is they'll get very limited reps, so they have to be near flawless with every rep they get. This is even difficult for starters to do.

This is why its always a very difficult uphill battle even for udfa's to make the team. They have to be close to flawless to do that with the limited reps and looks they'll get.

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