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Dolphins wanted Josh Boyce over Jelani Jenkins

Post-draft stories of players expecting to be on one team and winding up with others are interesting to me.

I have two such stories for you involving the Miami Dolphins.

Both involve Florida Gators and, ironically, in the end the Dolphins ended up not picking a Florida player they liked while landing a Florida player they liked less than someone else. This is the story of former Florida tight end Jordan Reed and former Florida linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

The Dolphins, it seems, wanted Reed. According to a source close to Reed, Miami got on the phone with him during the third round and told him they were going to select him with their second of two third-round picks (No. 82 overall).

So Reed was on stand-by waiting for the 82nd pick and hearing his name called to the Dolphins when he saw Miami had traded the pick to New Orleans. He ended up going with the 85th pick to the Washington Redskins.

The Dolphins obviously thought a deal sending the 82nd pick in exchange for two fourth-round picks (106 and 109) was better value than picking Reed. And that was that.

The Dolphins had a high fourth-round grade on TCU receiver Josh Boyce. They got on the phone with Boyce at the top of the fourth round and told him they were going to select him with the seventh pick of the round, No. 104 overall.

But as soon as Boyce got off the phone with Miami, the New England Patriots called and told him they were going to pick him with the fifth overall pick in the round. The Patriots had acquired that pick earlier in a trade with Minnesota.

The Dolphins resorted to Plan B and picked Jenkins with the 104th selection.

"As soon as I got off the phone the Patriots called me,” Boyce told The Fort Worth-Star Telegram. "You never know. I’m just glad God gave me the opportunity to get drafted. I can go forward from there."

Boyce is a rare blend of size (206 pounds) and speed (4.49) who also happened to produce in college. He caught 66 passes for 891 yards with seven touchdowns in 2012. He had 61 catches for 998 yards and nine touchdowns in 2011. He caught a 94-yard pass against West Virginia last season.

The Patriots, obviously trying to add weapons for Tom Brady, must have seen an opportunity. The fact they snatched Boyce from the Dolphins?

File it under post-draft stories that always come out after the fact.

Read more here: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/colleges/2013/04/former-tcu-receiver-josh-boyce-was-thinking-he-was-headed-to-miami-for-about-two-minutes-just-before-the-new-england-pa.html#storylink=cpy


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SOD amen bro amen, Hartline is mediocre at best !! Does he know who or what the endzone is ? I'm telling you guys Ireland better go get another receiver because this recieving corps really blows !!

Posted by: Lucnyc | April 30, 2013 at 02:43 PM

Jasper Collins makes st's based on he has lots of experience returning kicks in college.

You don't put a player like that on your ps because a team needing a wr/ko returner will poach as soon as you place him there

Posters have too much faith in Hartline. Does any one really feel like Hartline is a complete wr?

Does any one feel like if Hartline catches a slant he can shake a defender and make a huge play?

How many other teams could Hartline be featured or start as a #2 on in the league?? I can't name one team he would be a 1 on and only 3 where he may start as a 2.

How many times was Hartline absolutely blanketed and Tannehill had to make a perfect throw because there was no separation between him and the cb.

When Hartline plays a decent cb he can't get open period.

Gibson isn't explosive either....minimal separation and offers nothing after the catch. Both Gibson and Hartline have above average hands and run above average routes but are tackled where they catch the football far too often to be considered good.

If Jasper Collins makes st's he'll give himself a chane to contribute in the wr corps this year.

From the scouting reports Ive read, he is a talented receiver. Just eed to make the team as a kick returner to show his wares. We're not cutting one of the incumbent wr's for a udfa wr alone.

YG, just FYI, someone is using this name to mock you. Not the real(me) LOL. Keep it in mind.

As for this article, it would have been newsworthy had PFT not reported on it early this morning.

Late with the scoop!

As a udfa, Davon Bess made his niche as a punt returner. Had he not done that, none of would have evr heard of him. He would have been quietly cut from the team his rookie year.

I believe there is a Mal de Fond in the Dolphins organization and it might have to do with Philbin. Nobody can conceive the reasons why they got rid of Bess(best hands on the Team) and Bush(only Player resembling a Gamechanger we had). We DO know there was some dissent on the Team last year and, by coincidence or not, all those Players that dissented are off the Team now. Is Philbin too strict? Is he a racist? These are possibilities we have to consider if we are going to arrive at any conclusion on this matter.


Ditto.... LOL

Hell, that's why Ireland traded out of the mid bottom 3rd. He had 4th rd grades on those guys. Then watched as at least 3 of those guys they had upper 4th rd grades on, get taken. posted by YG
Drafting is not an exact science. That's why if a team has a need and it's close go after that player. Who knows how Belichick graded, decision makers have to be flexible and not bound by rules and a bible of draft ideas. There are many variables that go into coming up with a grade.

Jeff Ireland relies on his subjective draft grades to much. Especially with a WR, the right QB, offensive line and system can allow that player to be a star in the NFL.

That Is The Mando I Know.

What about The Players Other Team Wanted and The Dolphins Get. Oh Yeah That Doesn't Happen.

Nobody Wanted D. Jordan.


You Have Been Insinuating The Fins Wanted A Wr And A TE In The First Round. Then In The 4th Round.

How Come The Fins Didn't Address The WR And TE Position? If It Was Such A Need. D. Sims Is A Hit Or Miss. If You Guys Think That Guy Will Beat Out Egnew... Your Hate For Egnew Is Blinding You. Seriously.

The Fins Got LBs And CBs. Guys That Cover TEs and Wrs. For Our 26th Ranked Pass Defense.

We Signed WR And TEs In Free Agency. TEs and WRs Are The Worst Position To Transition From College To Pro. Watch The Majority If Not All The Rookie Wrs And TEs Will Struggle Their First Year. Rarely Do They Succeed Right Of The Bat.


Wanna know exactly why Bess is now gone? THIGPEN!

Bess was the most reliable hands punt returner on the team. The emergence of Thigpen as a more electric, while dependable punt returner, has made it possible to phase Bess out.

Basically we traded Davon Bess for Jelani Jenkins and the trade also made it possible to get Dion Sims. The 5th rd pick for Bess was a wash becase it was used to trade back into the 3rd for Will Davis.

Posted by: promichael | April 30, 2013 at 02:57 PM

You also have to have a solid draft plan and stick to it. Deviating all over the draftboard is neither solid nor a science.

You'll win more often than you'll lose by having a "solid plan" and sticking to it.

And, YG, why did I see Bess replacing Thigpen last year on many must-catch punts? Who will replace Thigpen now in those situations? And don't tell me Marcus hands have improved, you have them or you don't.

Bess' value on this team greatly decreased with the emergence of Thigpen as a more electric punt returner.

Turnovers, specially on Punt returns, are killers.


Obviously, Ireland feels Thigpen can 100% handle those duties. I mean, obviously, where the hell is Bess now?

And you believe Ireland who is not a Coach, YG?

Thigpen has much better wheels than Bess!

Given how bad Belichick is at drafting WRs, we may just have been lucky not to get Boyce.

oscar, you aren't a coach or a GM - so why should we believe you?

See how easy the game is to play?

I see Boyce as a rotational wr for Bellichick at best. He's not a #1 or #2 wr, and they signed Amendola to the slot.

Who cares if we missed out on a rotational wr. Its not like the move changes the landscape of the afc east not one iota.

seen nothing but positive comments about the Jenkins pick.....woulda gone higher if not for some injury concern--Sims too for the most part, not dynamic but looks like a solid pick/player--Reed woulda been fine too (sorta short, no?) but we upgraded that position overall.....no issue with the Sims pick at all.

You seem to have an answer(excuse) for everything, even under different nicks. Go to sleep! And leave Us all Adults to our adult conversation.

Gillislee will be a guy we see have an instant impact at rb. He already pass protects extremely well. Probably the best pass protect rb in the entire draft. Many scouts think so.

Mike Gillislee is also a very good rb and has a natural nose for the goal line too. Then throw in the fact that he catches very well out of the backfied, and there you have it, instant impact!

and lets face it, nearly all were in agreement that the TE class, after Eifert, was not terribly dynamic in general--maybe a guy or two will step up but most seemed to think it was a solid class, but no more than that--didnt hear anyone rave about Reed.

YG, I read somewhere Patton had a low 2nd, high 3rd round grade (Ravens even had him as a potential 1st rounder). But overall I think WRs slipped for some reason (maybe because there were no Megatron's in the Draft). When I saw him there in the 4th, I was SURE we would grab him, instead we got the guys we did.

Maybe because he went the JUCO route, I think Ireland tends to shy away from those guys. I hope he doesn't flourish, or else that'll be another fish that got away.

Gibson, and Gillislee Can Return Kicks.

Matthews Can Return Kicks.

Returning Punts Is One Of The First Thing Most WRs And RBs Have Done Since HS.

My thoughts on this offseason are mostly positive ones. I think Ireland with Philbin's help has built a far stronger roster. The team has a fair shot of making the playoffs even with a harder schedule.

Things I would like to see the rest of the offseason. Sign one of McKinnie/Winston/Clabo. It looks like Ireland is already kicking the tires on this.

Cut Carpenter and Patterson. Thats 7.3 million in cap space that can be rolled over to next year right there.

Extend Jones. Hopefully we can get him a bit of a discount since he's still a year away from free agency and probably would love some guaranteed money a year early even if its a bit smaller.

Oscar, the problem is that there are not many Adults in this Blog.

Barring a crushing injury, there absolutely no reason Gillislee doesn't see the playing field right away!

IMO, this is exactly why Ireland misses on so many mid round picks... he's constantly reshuffling instead of going with his conviction. Reed and Boyce would have been better playmakers or should I say have more playmaking potential.

OK, Paul.

clearly every team will have encountered these type of scenarios during the draft where 250+ players are selected between just 32 teams!
I wonder how many teams wanted dion Jordan, and are gutted we jumped up a few spots for very little compensation?

Being about to catch punts is critical. Ask the 49ers about how fumbled punts can ruin an otherwise great season (Giants-49ers in Championship game 2011 Season).

Bess was a good player for years. New England might should offer Cleveland a 4th round pick for him to wee if he can be Welker, Part II.

Gibson is bigger and faster, but he's not that big of an upgrade based on past performance. FA signings are as unpredictable as drafting.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 30, 2013 at 03:23 PM

2nd, 3rd rd grades on Patton? Obviously thoe were mock and Kiper/Shay type grades. This draft suggest a truer bottom 4th rd grade on Patton.

Look, I believe Patton's a very good player and should do well. But even San Fran saw him as the 31st pick of the 4th rd. End of story.

I think the team has high hopes for Matthews. So if that's the case then why draft a guy like Patton (who I liked). There will come a point where we'll have to chop someone we don't want to chop. Exactly how many receivers do people want this team to carry anyways? I think they carried five last year.

I don't love the Jenkins pick but I get the logic in it. He can play special teams and add depth to the position. I expect when it's all said and done we'll be fine.

Eddie @ 3:26,

Excellent point and well stated.

Posted by: Eddie | April 30, 2013 at 03:26 PM

Earth to Eddie,

Ireland wasn't reshuffling, he was trying to save the top of his 4th rd draftboard. His top of the 4th rd draftboard players were beginning to get picked off in the bottom of the 3rd rd.

Will Davis was a great pick even a little earlier than forecast. After the show he put up at the combine, no way he was living down to his original draft slot.

Oscar, the problem is that there are not many Adults in this Blog.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 30, 2013 at 03:25 PM

You forgot to change names. T-R-O-L-L

The Whole TE Draft. Including Eifert Was Mediocre.

Egnew Would've Been A First Round Pick Looking At The TEs That Got Drafted.

Some Of You Believe The Hype. Seriously. Look At The Grade Of The Player. And Compare It To Other Grades Of Other Classes. Eifert In Any Other Draft Is A 2nd Rounder At Best.

First Round TEs Usually Run 4.5 Or Lower. Are Supremely Talented.

These Guys Are Average Athletes.

IMO, this is exactly why Ireland misses on so many mid round picks... he's constantly reshuffling instead of going with his conviction. Reed and Boyce would have been better playmakers or should I say have more playmaking potential.

Posted by: Eddie | April 30, 2013 at 03:26 PM

And he tried to draft them but, were picked before he could get his shot. What's your point exactly?

Ireland must have seen equal value in all those guys to be able to trade down & accumulate some more picks. He would have been happy getting any of a number of players on their board.

Considering the team had no glaring needs outside of LT & DB heading in, he could go anywhere in the draft. He wasn't going to find a LT after Rd1 & there were plenty of viable DBs in Rd 2-3.

I like Sims better anyways. Love that kid.

How cares??? What's done is done. All I care about is signing a LT.


Jelani Jenkins is indisputably ranked the best cover linebacker of this entire draft. Injuries took a heavy toll on his production this year.

However, on the bright side, not only will he be used as a st'er this year. He can also be used in some pass defense packages. Also, the team see him as a potential future starter.

Until this happens he will definitely have some impact and make great contributions this year. Not bad for a 4th rd'er.

Paul doesn't like to change names. He's so identified with me... Besides, within the Organization, I'm his Superior.



Ireland And Philbin Have A Vision For The WR Position. And They Already Have A Top 5 In Mind.


The Coaches Seemed To Like Matthews and Binns At The End Of Last Season. Reason Bess Was Given The Last Couple Games Off.

The problem with the Jenkins pick, IMO, is that he has had problems staying healthy enough to play.

We signed two LB's in free agency and got ride of two. We then drafted an OLB/DE with the 3rd overall pick.

A little more emphasis on offense, IMO, would help. After all, who knows what WR or TE will mesh with Tannehill.

This upcoming season is very important for Tannehill's development. If he's not excellent, the Dolphins will struggle. Giving him the best possible options would have been, IMO, the best way to go.

Yes, Wallace is a very good option. The other WRs are iffy, IMO. Not having better play at the WR and TE position last year may have affected Tannehill's development in his rookie season.

One has to hope that the current roster has the offensive and defensive playmakers to make a difference. The last thing anyone should want is to waste a good defense and special teams play because of an ineffective offense.

Paul doesn't like to change names. He's so identified with me... Besides, within the Organization, I'm his Superior.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 30, 2013 at 03:38 PM

What you are is an obnoxious, annoying troll.

I like Sims better anyways. Love that kid.

Posted by: Hayden Fox | April 30, 2013 at 03:37 PM


Nobody here wants to touch my Post at 2:54PM, not even with a 10ft pole. Still, you must be thinking about it...

Ireland traded out of the pick instead of drafting Reed. Or can't any of you read? He should have stayed put and drafted Reed or Boyce for that matter because he traded and thus missed both. One by choice the other by the Pats selection. Either way the Dolphins could have come out of the draft with one more playmaker.Ireland gambles instead of relying on his information and instincts. What good are more picks if you wind up with players whom are not your first choices or ones you select without care or need?

Bottom line solid draft if Davis makes it and not third round bust.

"Basically we traded Davon Bess for Jelani Jenkins and the trade also made it possible to get Dion Sims. The 5th rd pick for Bess was a wash becase it was used to trade back into the 3rd for Will Davis." YG

This is the real story- why in the heck are we jockeying picks around in the 3rd and 4th to begin with? No reason to trade Bess and we're not shopping for a slot guy. Since Jenkins wasn't the first OR second choice, they must have seen some flaws in the guy, and it might have been a missed pick. Davis was a bigger headscratcher.

Basically, only time will tell but let's not jump all over Mando for reporting the story.

If Boyce turns out to be a great slot receiver, then we will be cursing Belichick's name again. If Collins makes the team and becomes the next Bess, then we should equally praise Ireland. If Jenkins and Davis both suck or get cut and we have no slot receiver to replace Bess with, then Ireland looks stupid twice.

Should we forget? HELL NO! We should hold the GM accountable for better or worse.

Playoffs or bust this year fellas.

Instead of picking his guys Ireland and the Dolphins wind up with more roster filler and role players while other teams get playmakers.

And I agree with YG. We already had a 'Reed' on the team in Egnew. Same player, IMO. Good catch, no block. Yes, I know a lot of you have already Egnew off. That's your right. But teams generally don't do that after one year. Drafting Reed means Egnew would most likely have been done in Miami. Simms brings some things to the table that none of the other guys do.

Posted by: Eddie | April 30, 2013 at 03:42 PM

Well said Eddie. Let's hope Ireland's gambles pay off. Me? I think he gambles a little too much and rarely does he come out on the smart side. Hopefully, this year changes all of that

D. Ellerbe.

How Do You Think This Guy Was Developed?

Same Way We Plan On Developing Jenkins. Or Are Developing Kaddu.

We Needed LBs.

Yes, Dansby And Burnett Were Average At Best. But They Also Had To Play Every Down Because We Had No Depth. What Happened The San Francisco Game When Misi Went Out? Exactly.

Considering the team had no glaring needs outside of LT & DB heading in, he could go anywhere in the draft. He wasn't going to find a LT after Rd1 & there were plenty of viable DBs in Rd 2-3.


I disagree. There were glaring needs at both TE & RB but he addressed them. Both Keller & Daniel Thomas are coming off seasons where they were plagued by injuries so Sims & Gillislee were excellent picks b/c they address a need & Ireland didn't have to reach to pick them. The kid Reed from Florida is a one dimensional player like Egnew & Sims is a more complete TE.

I think we have a pretty good WR/TE core. Like Dashi mentioned Philbin must like Matthews and Binns a lot. Also, maybe 1 of the udfa's can step up. I like Matthews, but not Binns as much (he sucked in the season finale.)

At TE we have Keller who put up very solid numbers in a terrible Jets offense. Imagine what he can do with Wallace opening things up. Behind him I like all 3 guys. If Egnew ever gets it together he will be a scary weapon with Keller. Clay hasn't been great, but can make plays. Sims is a complete TE that can move and made a bunch of catches for first downs.

The team also has a nice 3 headed monster in Miller, Thomas, and Gillislee.

The offense has at least solid playmakers at every position.

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