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Dolphins wanted Josh Boyce over Jelani Jenkins

Post-draft stories of players expecting to be on one team and winding up with others are interesting to me.

I have two such stories for you involving the Miami Dolphins.

Both involve Florida Gators and, ironically, in the end the Dolphins ended up not picking a Florida player they liked while landing a Florida player they liked less than someone else. This is the story of former Florida tight end Jordan Reed and former Florida linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

The Dolphins, it seems, wanted Reed. According to a source close to Reed, Miami got on the phone with him during the third round and told him they were going to select him with their second of two third-round picks (No. 82 overall).

So Reed was on stand-by waiting for the 82nd pick and hearing his name called to the Dolphins when he saw Miami had traded the pick to New Orleans. He ended up going with the 85th pick to the Washington Redskins.

The Dolphins obviously thought a deal sending the 82nd pick in exchange for two fourth-round picks (106 and 109) was better value than picking Reed. And that was that.

The Dolphins had a high fourth-round grade on TCU receiver Josh Boyce. They got on the phone with Boyce at the top of the fourth round and told him they were going to select him with the seventh pick of the round, No. 104 overall.

But as soon as Boyce got off the phone with Miami, the New England Patriots called and told him they were going to pick him with the fifth overall pick in the round. The Patriots had acquired that pick earlier in a trade with Minnesota.

The Dolphins resorted to Plan B and picked Jenkins with the 104th selection.

"As soon as I got off the phone the Patriots called me,” Boyce told The Fort Worth-Star Telegram. "You never know. I’m just glad God gave me the opportunity to get drafted. I can go forward from there."

Boyce is a rare blend of size (206 pounds) and speed (4.49) who also happened to produce in college. He caught 66 passes for 891 yards with seven touchdowns in 2012. He had 61 catches for 998 yards and nine touchdowns in 2011. He caught a 94-yard pass against West Virginia last season.

The Patriots, obviously trying to add weapons for Tom Brady, must have seen an opportunity. The fact they snatched Boyce from the Dolphins?

File it under post-draft stories that always come out after the fact.

Read more here: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/colleges/2013/04/former-tcu-receiver-josh-boyce-was-thinking-he-was-headed-to-miami-for-about-two-minutes-just-before-the-new-england-pa.html#storylink=cpy


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I don't believe it no way

J Martin = Another Irescum bust

Breaking News!!!!!!

Tebow coming in for workout. Tannehill may be cut!!!!

Tebow clears waivers. Jets owe Bronco's $1.53 million...
Now, THAT'S funny...

Posted by: Marc from nj | April 30, 2013 at 09:23 PM

Only doing a last day of April fools to the disgruntled bastards in here. Just give them one more reason to be unhappy. LOL...

TanneBust was ranked 29th.

Heck, at least Tebow took a team to the playoffs.

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Seriously though, how many playoff games has Tannehill won? They are going to waste another year with him?

Don't hate me because I ride the short bus in the morning.

Nahh, We were more into the Girls than into that Scene.

Marlins beat the stinkin Mets! ALRIGHT MIAMI!!!!!

Henne > Tannehill

Gregg = ass-hole

Neither do I care if a Guy is White, Samoan, Black, gay or whatever. If they perform well, they will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 30, 2013 at 09:11 PM

Uh Huh.

greatly appreciated.

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Posted by: oscar canosa | April 30, 2013 at 09:19 PM

While you all drool over the draft, remember most of the better teams had a draft equal to or better than ours. 8-8 will be a miracle. The team is looking at another start from scratch in 2014.

LT wanted that is willing to work for peanuts. Contact the Miami Dolphins.

Philbin is an excellent assistant. He is not a HC.
Sherman we know is not a HC.

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The fastest way to destroy a Blog is to impostor other People.

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Posted by: odinseye | April 30, 2013 at 04:15 PM

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The blog needs a new set of regulars. The current set is an embarrassment in too many ways, putrid. So few of you here can recruit the proper people. There are still a tiny few that offer a glimmer of hope.

Posted by: Paul | April 30, 2013 at 10:44 PM


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I'm extremely happy with the draft and that's that!!!

Note to Jeff Ireland.

Sign McKinnie to a 1 year deal.

Note to Joe Philbin.

Take it easy on McKinnie.

Trim Mckinnies practice schedule and make sure he's well rested.

Let Dallas Thomas get half of Mckinnies practice reps and even get him in the game should we take a lead.

This will smooth the transition and help Thomas when eventually takes over the left tackle spot. If not for the shoulder injury and missing the combine Thomas would have been a first round pick. He's a steal.

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Does anyone have a half of clue what Odin is babbling about?

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Who exactly are the trolls?

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