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Dolphins wanted Josh Boyce over Jelani Jenkins

Post-draft stories of players expecting to be on one team and winding up with others are interesting to me.

I have two such stories for you involving the Miami Dolphins.

Both involve Florida Gators and, ironically, in the end the Dolphins ended up not picking a Florida player they liked while landing a Florida player they liked less than someone else. This is the story of former Florida tight end Jordan Reed and former Florida linebacker Jelani Jenkins.

The Dolphins, it seems, wanted Reed. According to a source close to Reed, Miami got on the phone with him during the third round and told him they were going to select him with their second of two third-round picks (No. 82 overall).

So Reed was on stand-by waiting for the 82nd pick and hearing his name called to the Dolphins when he saw Miami had traded the pick to New Orleans. He ended up going with the 85th pick to the Washington Redskins.

The Dolphins obviously thought a deal sending the 82nd pick in exchange for two fourth-round picks (106 and 109) was better value than picking Reed. And that was that.

The Dolphins had a high fourth-round grade on TCU receiver Josh Boyce. They got on the phone with Boyce at the top of the fourth round and told him they were going to select him with the seventh pick of the round, No. 104 overall.

But as soon as Boyce got off the phone with Miami, the New England Patriots called and told him they were going to pick him with the fifth overall pick in the round. The Patriots had acquired that pick earlier in a trade with Minnesota.

The Dolphins resorted to Plan B and picked Jenkins with the 104th selection.

"As soon as I got off the phone the Patriots called me,” Boyce told The Fort Worth-Star Telegram. "You never know. I’m just glad God gave me the opportunity to get drafted. I can go forward from there."

Boyce is a rare blend of size (206 pounds) and speed (4.49) who also happened to produce in college. He caught 66 passes for 891 yards with seven touchdowns in 2012. He had 61 catches for 998 yards and nine touchdowns in 2011. He caught a 94-yard pass against West Virginia last season.

The Patriots, obviously trying to add weapons for Tom Brady, must have seen an opportunity. The fact they snatched Boyce from the Dolphins?

File it under post-draft stories that always come out after the fact.

Read more here: http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/colleges/2013/04/former-tcu-receiver-josh-boyce-was-thinking-he-was-headed-to-miami-for-about-two-minutes-just-before-the-new-england-pa.html#storylink=cpy


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I have to admit though, you were giving it to yourself pretty good. rotflmao.

Posted by: The Plain Truth | April 30, 2013 at 11:27 PM


Posted by: ALoco | April 30, 2013 at 11:37 PM

We feel sorry for Momma Maria but this is really not the place to be discussing your......."SHORTCOMINGS"..........shall we say?

Now this is not longer a football blog, is a sex shop blog

I have to admit though, you were giving it to yourself pretty good. rotflmao.

Posted by: The Plain Truth | April 30, 2013 at 11:27 PM

Posted by: ROTFLMAO | April 30, 2013 at 11:45 PM

That's the problem.

It's your own fault

The rest of the NFL Teams had drafts too. But not all of them improved like we did.

Other than Miami the AFC East Draft was a joke.

The bills and jets failed miserably and I don't know what Bellicheck was thinking.

The other three combined made a couple of good picks here and there. But certainly not on the level that Miami did. Throw in the free agency signings and not only did we distance ourselves from the also rans, we closed ranks on the patriots.

Oscar, the problem is that there are not many Adults in this Blog.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 30, 2013 at 03:25 PM

You forgot to change names. T-R-O-L-L

Posted by: Caught Red Handed | April 30, 2013 at 03:33 PM

From the way he was giving it to himself I'm not surprised his hands were RED.

I'm having a marvelous and hygienic experience here.

2 52 Jamie Collins Outside Linebacker Southern Miss (grade 68.8)
59 Aaron Dobson Wide Receiver Marshall (71.7)
3 83 Logan Ryan Cornerback Rutgers (69.0)
91 Duron Harmon Safety Rutgers (50.3)
4 102 Josh Boyce Wide Receiver TCU(72. 2)
7 226 Michael Buchanan Defensive End Illinois (69.5)
235 Steve Beauharnais Outside Linebacker Rutgers(60.3)

This Is the Great Patriots Draft Of 2013

Just Saying.

2013 Miami Dolphins Draft

1 3 Dion Jordan Defensive end Oregon (93.5)
2 54 Jamar Taylor Cornerback Boise State (85.5)
3 77 Dallas Thomas Tackle/Guard Tennessee (82.7)
93 Will Davis Cornerback Utah State (71.0)
4 104 Jelani Jenkins Linebacker Florida (65.0)
106 Dion Sims Tight End Michigan St. (67.0)
5 164 Mike Gillislee Running Back Florida(70.3)
166 Caleb Sturgis Kicker Florida(59.2)
7 250 Don Jones Strong safety Arkansas State (50.2)

Marino couldn't beat father time.

The good thing about that, Brady can't either.

Tom Brady will be 36 when the season starts. The only thing fading faster than his skill is his supporting cast. Both offensively and defensively.

The Pats will be tough as long as Brady hangs on. But make no mistake, they'll slip this year.

Tannehill will never be Brett Farve or Drew Brees.

But with the right Coaches he could be a lot like Aaron Rodgers.

If you don't believe me just ask Coach Sherman.

IMO, the Dolphins have one good WR (Wallace) on the roster. Hartline vanishes at times. Gibson is average based on past performance.

Posted by: Sigh | April 30, 2013 at 02:23 PM

According to ProFootballFocus.com, Gibson last season, led NFL wide receivers in first down and touchdown conversion percentage.

Gibson was targeted 75 times on first down or touchdown routes, and he converted 43 times for a 57.33 percent success rate.

Maybe the troll is right. Are first downs and touchdowns important?

If Ireland finds me a LT. He might be able to get the extension.

The Bills and Jets drafted QBs high in the worst Qb draft in recent history. And the Patriots have R. Mallet.

We are building a Team. Last year we got our Offensive Cornerstone, This year we got our Defensive Cornerstone.

One of the Youngest team in the NFL. And we keep getting younger.




I love the Jenkins pick! I think Ireland makes his money later in the drafts and plays it safe early. (The last 2 years with Tannehill and Jordan more risky) but still, Gillisle is a project but I think Jenkins will be a starter in a couple years and a dang good one at that. Hes just got to stay healthy.

I've had more time to check out Will Davis and I've drawn a couple of important conclusions(for a hack like myself anyways-lol).

Davis is VERY talented. But his youth and inexperience shows. He's going to need some good coaching and a lot of it.

He might've gotten by on the effort he gave, but that won't do at this level. He's going to have to bulk up and learn how to fight off the WR/TE blocks. He's going to have to be more physical against the run.

He did carry almost a 4.0 GPA, so I'm assuming he's smart(he seems to be very bright during interviews). Hopefully this translates into picking up things from Coaches at this level.

Some here commented about Patton schooling him. I have to disagree. He pretty much shut Patton out up until Utah was almost 20 points up. The DC obviously went into a premature type of backed off/prevent defense. Only then did Patton start having a little success and even then it was on short and come back routes.

Patton did make some nice plays on him, but No way did he school him.

On my SECOND take on Davis, I started to get a little worried. But in going back over the games, I began to take into consideration things like down and distance and the scoreboard. That alleviated my biggest concerns.

Davis needs to get stronger, learn to be a student of the game and play the run stronger. Having said that, his speed and coverage skills look pretty good.

With the right dedication he could be the starting nickel by Mid Season.

Pretty good youtube video of MSU vs. Boise St.

Nice plays by Dion Sims and even an int by Jamar Taylor.

wow now the "lol" form montreal, the retarded monkey of the room. happy canada

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 30, 2013 at 08:55 AM

Nice reply...This coming from the biggest dufus of the blog...A guy who has been wrong so many times about everything...Retarded monkey? What kind of a 7 year old comment is that? This coming from a guy who went from "bill connors" back to "dusty bottoms"...How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you change your name? Pathetic...You are such a clown...
Happy Canada? What is that? Haven't you heard the NFL is watched everywhere in the world? Obviously you wouldn't know that because your dumb a** has never been out of Kansas City...That's all you know...I would bet some NFL fans in Mongolia know more about the game than you do...Anyway, I got a scoop for you...Albert is in Miami to sign his contract...They will make it official tomorrow...Stay tuned...

I like what Ireland has done so far in free agency and the draft, this could be our year, the only thing I wish he would have done was kept Bush, Hopefully Miller and Thomas are up to it

The OLINE line up that I think we will have is:

Martin LT
Incognito LG
Pouncey C
Louis RG
Winston RT

D. Thomas G backup
Garner T backup
Jerry G/T backup
Samuda G backup
Yeatman - Cut or T backup

I would be comfortable with this OLINE protecting THill and opening holes for the running game. It provides 4 proven starters and one 2nd year player at LT. That is probably as good as it will get.

I do think it's important though that our backs can really provide pass protection as well. I want to see the TE's out into the middle of the field and not have to hold them back to protect THILL.

What is this about Albert being in Miami to sign a contract. What's going on here??

Here we go another day in the ridiculous Tackle saga...today we are having Winston work out and Clabo is in town for a visit. Then there's the ____ Albert trade which changes hourly ....on again off again on again off again on again situation..fill in your favorite four letter word here. Just can't take all this indecision...Please JI sign someone already!

Mark, I'm fooling around saying all kinds of stupidities like our friend bill connors...I mean dusty bottoms...

Didnt anyone notice how Texas A&M QBing improved dramatically when Tannehill left?

Uh yeah, he won the Heisman and was the best QB in College football.

Oh gotcha. I'm still recovering from a crazy weekend so I'm not thinking straight here and will believe almost anything. Couldn't follow along.

I agree with dads though. This situation is growing tiresome .. just figure it out and tell us what the plans are ... it's getting late early ... OTAs start next month I think.

Manziel was also better in his freshman year than Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin were in their senior years. Should Indy cut bait with Luck too?? And by that measure Washington trading up for Griffin was the worst trade ever!!! Stupid trollish comments...

The homers point to anything they can. They're desperate for any positive. The one thing they can never point to is W's.
Posted by: Ron Son | April 30, 2013 at 11:35 PM

It sounds to me that the OT situation will be resolved this week (at most next week). By the end of the day it seems as though Philbin and Ireland will have picked through the FA OT's available to them. They need to pull the trigger and make the most of the situation.

I am still really open to them signing two OT's (Clabo and Winston would equal what they would have to pay Albert). Looking at the OT depth we have little NFL experience at OT. Garner 4-5 year backup. Martin 1 year. Jerry never played a full year of OT in the NFL. Yeatman - never played in NFL as OT. Bringing on Clabo and Winston would be a good move in my mind. Pushes Martin hard to earn his spot and gives real quality depth.

If Clabo and Winston would support that direction I'd spend the money if I was Ireland.


Is the Dolphin FO satisfied with the 29th ranked QB? YIKES!

They next major area of focus will be the CB situation. Too many players on the squad now and a lot of $$ tied up at this position. Like the OT situation there will be a lot of mixed opinions on who should make the team and who should be released.

I am actually more concerned about this unit than I am the OL. I think Ireland will add a veteran OT (or 2) and the unit will solidify pretty quickly.

But the CB unit is really more scattered at this time. Need 4-5 starting caliber players. Need at least 3 to play special teams. Need to manage the $$ cap as well. Injuries are a big deal in this unit to consider.

Grimes - likely starter, assuming he has healed
Patterson - Healthy? Costly...Really?
Marshall - Healthy? Costly....Really?
Taylor - 2 Rnd Pck..should start..nickel..Right?
Davis - 3rd Rnd Pck...Dime...Spec Teams...Right?
Carroll - cut? Nickel?
Jones - 7 Rnd Pck...making the team? Really?
Posey, Presley, Stanford - Cheap. Vialbe? Spec Teams? Cut?

Posted by: tvegas897 | April 30, 2013 at 04:56 PM

Numbers isn't always an indication of greatness. I don't think highly of last year WR corp (one of the worst) No separation, no YAC, Settle was better but as you said nothing great. Throw in Seattle def, and running game and Wilson had much more. I must admit Wilson showed more poise at end game situations and was flat out better than T-hil last year. Is it a distance that was crazy? no! like T-Hill but lets be lets honest, was he blowing anyone away last year? (good/average rookie season)

I think Marshall makes the team, when healthy he is good. Look at his career stats, they are pretty good. You saw he has the ability to create turnovers when healthy. Dimitri will at least make it to training camp, the game he started he shut down his receiver, but then he got injured again! If cap space isnt a problem, I could see them keeping Marshall adn Patterson if they are both healthy, which is a BIG IF

SOD, considering what people were saying about him before he was drafted, I think he held up well enough. It's a start .. needs to keep building and I think him playing every game was a valuable experience - better than sitting on the bench. If he improves as much as he did last offseason - he will be fine.

Top three corners will be Grimes, Taylor, then Marshall. I don't know how anyone can be worried about our CB position - it's solid. Former pro bowler, first round talent, and a solid vet in the slot... waaay more secure than our OT position.

This defense will be a whole lot better than last year - tonnes better.

I am excited about the defense....really I am....I like the DLINE and the new LB's. I like Grimes (assuming he is healthy). I like Taylor but most rookie CB's struggle and they are picked on by Vet QB's.

The wild cards to me are Patterson and Marshall. I honestly was not impressed by either one. Patterson a little more favorable to me. Marshall seemed unsure of himself and seemed to play too far off his WR.

INJURIES and RECOVERY have me less than confident. On paper Grimes, Patterson and Marshall sound good but will they return healthy and will they be able to play high level again?

This is less than stable and final for sure.


I agree overall Russell Wilson was bette then Tannehill last year. But what's a rookie QBs best friend? A running game! Tannehill had way more on his plate compared to Russell Wilson. Tannehill at one point in the season and it was more then half way through ran more no huddle then any QB in the entire league. I don't think he finished #1 in that category but he still was top qaurter or so. I thought it was a terrible way to manage a rookie QB. Not to mention Tannehills lack of overall cast. He had no running game, lacked any sort of playmaker that was used (reggie wasn't in the plans). Im not making excuses for Tannehill just being honest. At the same time I agree though Russell played better no matter how you slice it. However our boy did beat Wilson head to head in a come from behind victory that was his best "poise" moment of the year.

I think both will be very good pros. Im not ready to enshrine either yet but I see a good future for both in this league.

jpao, Grimes is lifting, he will be fine. i don't knnow if you follow hockey but a guy named Erik Karlsson severed his achilles two months ago and he's back playing a full load - the medical science is much more advanced than it was in marino's day. ALso remember that Grimes' injuy hasppened in week 1 last year - he will have an entire year to recover.

Taylor will be better than Vontae was in his rookie year. So he won't be going to the pro bowl but he will be better than the old #21 was - this guy is more athletic and has better instincts than Vontae (and it goes without saying - smarter). Marshall, I think is better than what he showed and if he's healthy, he will be a good slot corner. If not, Patterson will man that role.


I'm not a Marshall guy either. He plays far off his WR because he doesn't have good change of direction and back pedal is what I read in the past. That is why he played FS for the Panthers at times. He has talent so they tried to find a place to use him.

Nolan Carrol is done in the Dolphins uniform barring injury to another guy. Carrol is just flat out nothing more then a special teams guy. But he has more value cosidering special teams then a guy like Patterson.

Patterson is nothing. He's 29, on his 6th NFL team and is due to make 4.5 M. He needs to be cut!

Would love to have Sidney rice over hartline (I'm just saying) considering he was hurt most of the year and only WR worth double covering on both teams last year (Dolphins and Seattle)

jpao, Grimes is lifting, he will be fine. i don't knnow if you follow hockey but a guy named Erik Karlsson severed his achilles two months ago and he's back playing a full load - the medical science is much more advanced than it was in marino's day. ALso remember that Grimes' injuy hasppened in week 1 last year - he will have an entire year to recover.

Taylor will be better than Vontae was in his rookie year. So he won't be going to the pro bowl but he will be better than the old #21 was - this guy is more athletic and has better instincts than Vontae (and it goes without saying - smarter). Marshall, I think is better than what he showed and if he's healthy, he will be a good slot corner. If not, Patterson will man that role.


I agree. I believe that Grimes & Taylor will be our starting CB's & Marshall will be our nickel back. marshall was a very good player before he came to Miami & I believe he will make a positive impact this season Patterson is a good insurance policy if Taylor struggles & I'm VERY curious to see. The wildcard in all this is our 3rd round pick Will Davis. I'm really not sure what we're getting but he's going to have to make his mark on ST's.

I don't see a scenario that includes Nolan Carroll making this team. IMO he isn't good enough to be an NFL CB.

"This is less than stable and final for sure."


It's actually a better situation than what a lot of other teams. Then you throw in a 2nd, a 3rd, & a 7th round pick @ the CB position??? I have to believe Coyle is excited right now.

And if anyone thinks that he's not excited about getting Dion Jordan on the field they're crazy...

Miami has mike wallace, gibson, hartline....but after that? and we dont know yet if tighends will produce? Lil thin at wr...but sometimes you find hidden gems with undrafted players....hopefully we do find some hidden gems this season, and hopefully all the rookies we drafted mature fast and produce....my main focus to watch honestly will be our secondary and dion jordan...i feel more confident about tannenhill and offense..

Dion jordan, is this guy gonna add at least 30 pounds of muscle..looks very thin...he did not battle sec big backs and offenses...nervous about him...has speed...but lacks enough meat on his skinny frame...can he hold up? Can he handle big physical ruff players?

Dont forget we got a great young playmaker in jimmy wilson...guy can play safety and corner...he plays all out...

Agree...grimes and taylor should be our starting corners right away...grimes will help taylor pick things up faster...taylor actually said he recognizes a lot o our plays already....boise state just had different names on plays...i think taylor does well in rookie season..

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