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Dolphins would have taken Eifert at No. 12; Bess gone

As we go forward in the second round of the current draft, some news about Miami's plans in the first round continue to leak.

A high-ranking club source moments ago told various media members that the Dolphins would have drafted Tavon Austin in the first round of the NFL draft had the club stayed at No. 12 and the West Virginia player been there.

Of course, Austin wasn't going to be there. So what would the Dolphins have done had they stayed at No. 12 and Austin was gone?

They would have drafted tight end Tyler Eifert, the source said.

Interesting, sort of.

Of more interest, the NFL Network is reporting the Dolphins have completed the expected trade to the Cleveland Browns.

The Dolphins are expected to get a fourth-round pick out of the deal but other compensation is included.

{Update: The Dolphins and Browns actually just swapped fourth round picks. Miami goes from 111th overall to 104th overall. The clubs also swapped fifth-round picks.]

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald is reporting Bess will get a three-year extension from the Browns.


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Bess to Cleveland browns....what did we get for him??????

Jests - wow


Jets fans go nuts as they just took Geno Smith.

Were you listening to the dudes story?

Middle round pick is all I am reading so far for Bess.

Smith to the Jets. He didn't deserve that. Poor guy.

With those WRs even I could have thrown a couple of TDs.

Stupid jets

God this is a hard trade to accept but its probably for the best... and jets just took Geno Smith

Buster why don't you read what Armando wrote instead of asking stupid questions he already answered.

Don't be a dumb lazy fkr, take a minute to read something.

Jets should now trade Tebow to the Jags.

hmmm... an additional 4th rounder could mean Zac Stacy :)

Unbelievable that Matt Barkley is still on the Board.

Who cares about the Jets.....why fall into their trap & crap..............the Q is why we traded up for a project when a ready-made star was our goal at 12?

I'm running out of Rds here. I don't know anybody in the 3rd Rd.

What is so unbelievable about it? The guy has no emotion and no game.

Gee thanks Inga...comin from YOU that means a lot....

...and your correct...I'm lazy...too lazy to tell you to go phuk yourself....

If they wanted Austin or Eifert, they should have taken them instead of injured DP tweener.

Trade DEVLIN and pick a fresh QB.

...we have some brash muddas on this blog..and I'm getting tired of being polite.......

Kinda mixed on losing Bess, cause that takes away depth. God the jets are a mess.

Ireland's really on point. A 4th dr'er for Bess? Incredible!

The Pats gave a 4th for Moss, the Jets a 4th for Santnio Holmes. In light of this, a 4th for Bess is infvckingcredible!

I mean, Arnie, after all Barkley was the #3 rated QB last Year. WTH happened to him?

LT and CB were drafted with the 12 and 42.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

The newer crop of QB's have long surpassed Barkley, he is only average now.

I hate to be negative but this is getting familiar. After all the talk of 5 picks in the top 100, we're sitting watching guys come off the board and we haven't selected in 38 picks.

Bess was a UDFA and we get a 4th for him? Sweet. Ireland is on fire.

It looks like Ross kept the right stooge.

Banks is gone. Really wanted the Phins to get him. How about Tyrann Mathieu???

Look for Ireland to move up for CB or WR.

Cowherd & others ripping Jordan pick.............I know, their opinion means nothing compared to your Idol Ireland.

Injured Tweener ain't gonna help us!

At least Dolphins get 2 play two rookie qb's twice a year.

So, whenTH do we select?

Raiders have picked Hayden and Watson with (former) our picks.

I agree Buster. There was no point in that comment. Just ignore the a-hole.

Why is everyone sayin a 4th. I haven't seen that anywhere

Great...Could have, would have, should have. Still have needs @ TE, LT, RB, S, & CB.

Dolfan Rick,

I hate to be negative too, but you did say 5 picks in 100, right?

Im sure that even your old high school math teacher would tell you that means 95 players we weren't going to get anyway.

Turd, no to the honey badger.

Taylor, Alford, Wreh-Wilson, Poyer, and I'm sure some others I'm forgetting are better corners than him imo.

At tackle Terron Armstead is still on the board.

Oscar ..we go at 54th unless there is a trade up

....10 picks away....

4th for Bess is fair but, who will replace him. Anybody better?

Two black guys, a preacher, and a mexican walk into a bar........

They are all Jets QB's!


We will take Lattimore in the 4th.

We have Bess's replacement. Gibson and Hartline can both play the slot better than him.

The surest way to make your post unfunny is to write LMFAO.

I was speaking towards Ireland's propensity to trade up and give away picks YG4E. Thanks for the update and the math lesson though.

If i actually Lmfao, u think i give a rats a55 wut u think?

You're right Rick...thanks..

None of those players are flankers, Bodine. I've been watching Football for 55 yrs.

Just reported on The Ticket....we flop the fourth round with Cleveland....essentially moving up 7 spots...and also flop in a later round, yet undefined...

Rick, I think it's because what passes for being "loaded" with picks for the Phins means basically having their normal picks.

Thavafin, thank god I am not the only one that chuckled, kind of racist but its ok if its clever LOL

Oscar 55 years and you still don't understand Barkley or the DP pick? Watching or napping?

Buster that sucks. At least compared to getting Cleveland's 4th outright.

All we got for Bess was swapping draft spots in 2 rounds. One of which is the 4th according to Schefter. Not sure thats a good deal at all.

Sounds like a cap play then, because swapping 4th and later rounder doesn't seem like enough for me. I know he was an UDFA, but he certainly performed better than that

Traded Devone Bess to just move up 7 picks in the 4th round? So basically they just gave him to the Browns.

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