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Dolphins would have taken Eifert at No. 12; Bess gone

As we go forward in the second round of the current draft, some news about Miami's plans in the first round continue to leak.

A high-ranking club source moments ago told various media members that the Dolphins would have drafted Tavon Austin in the first round of the NFL draft had the club stayed at No. 12 and the West Virginia player been there.

Of course, Austin wasn't going to be there. So what would the Dolphins have done had they stayed at No. 12 and Austin was gone?

They would have drafted tight end Tyler Eifert, the source said.

Interesting, sort of.

Of more interest, the NFL Network is reporting the Dolphins have completed the expected trade to the Cleveland Browns.

The Dolphins are expected to get a fourth-round pick out of the deal but other compensation is included.

{Update: The Dolphins and Browns actually just swapped fourth round picks. Miami goes from 111th overall to 104th overall. The clubs also swapped fifth-round picks.]

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald is reporting Bess will get a three-year extension from the Browns.


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I guess we'll know in next seven picks if Chiefs are getting Fins 2nd for Albert.

I'm hoping for terron armstead or jamar taylor with our second round pick. Both look to be solid players. Maybe a running back. No confidence in Daniel Thomas. Monte ball or Eddie Lacey?

I hate to see all these good Players go by Us.

Yes, The FO Would've Taken Someone Else At 12. But They Rather Trade Up And Get A OLB.

D. Jordan Was Worth A T. Austin and M. Watson.

Dolfan Rick,

If the Dolphins indeed got a 4th rd pick for Bess. If it turns into Lattimore, it will be like a 1st rd pick for Bess.

If he can now stay healthy, Lattimore is easily 1st rd talent.

Free up cap space and move up, just a player dump with benefits

I ammend that little gem by Chirino to:

"Two black guys, a preacher, and a mexican walk into a Jets QB mtg room....."

That's it, doesn't even need a tag line.


You like to see these good RBs go by, Buster? I'm sure you don't.

Leveon Bell to Steelers. 2 rb's down, Lacy's still on the board. Suggests scouts see Lacy as product of a dominant Bama oline, imo.

Let's Hear It!!

Dashi E. Lacy Is Still Available.

Ha Ha!!

Whoa, read the whole thing. Miami swapped picks with the Browns in the 4th round BUT other compensation is expected. Probably a 5th or 6th pick. Not bad for a guy that wasn't in the teams future plans.

Just a swap of 4th's? Not cool. Thats basically giving him away.

What are the Cowboys doing? lol

Bell before Lacy.

dashe knows what?

Who is reporting we got extra picks for Bess??

I enjoyed that as well Thavafin.lol

Swapping picks in the 4th for Bess!? The Browns got a good deal. A solid no3 receiver for next to nothing.

Ireland not moving from #54.

But in that meeting room, Sexy Rexy has the massage table open...scented candles and is rubbing Woody Johnson's........feet!

Well we have learned theCincinattie Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers are not as smart as dashe.

bess trade awful, got nothing for him. hart,wallace,gibson all injury prone

What a waste of Bess we got nothing for him, I'm worried about what we are going to do for our pick in the next few minutes I'm hoping Jamar Taylor not a DT

Honey badger please !

Yah, Oscar..I have no clue what the agenda is regarding the RB position....I guess they can't fix the entire set-up all at once....we need to be patient, and see what develops...


Wow, I didn't think we would get a lot for bess but swapping 4th round pick only 6 spots apart is almost nothing. Couldn't get a 6th thrown in?

From the bottom of the blog above:

"The Dolphins are expected to get a fourth-round pick out of the deal but OTHER COMPENSATION IS INCLUDED."

Reading is fundamental :-)

E. Lacy Is Underrated.

Dashi Will Be Vindicated!!

Saban and Belichek are tight. If the Pats don't select Lacy, it speaks volumes.

do not take lacy. need a corner

I wanted us to get Geno Smith.

The Pats Have RB's.

Dusty I respect your posts but calling Hartline and Wallace injury prone is very inaccurate

Gave Bess away for nothing? Thanks Ireland.

Jon and Jaison ...I think I heard on The Ticket on radio, that the later round involved is also a swap of picks

Who's the best player available for Fins in 2nd assuming it doesn't go to Chiefs?

CB, TE or WR?

g smith sucks, guy pouts at everything. jets are a mess

should take Barkley at 54 if he's there.

What's the other comp

Don't know exactly who is left...but I'm thinking we go O-Line...

cant get over the bess deal. we will regret that, prob week one he will eat us up. injuries always happen. why give him away, just keep him

Jon, reading is fundamental. Right below what you pasted is an update. Only swapped 4th round picks. S you need to read!!

Keenan Allen, makes air attack nasty! NE prolly takes him right be4 us though.

They didn't want to carry Bess's 3 million when they know they aren't resigning him anyway. Better to get something than nothing, even if it is just a better draft spot.

Eddie Lacy?

lots of good players on the board still here Keenan Allen Jamar Taylor Terron Armstead and others.

100% need to draft a QB here, some good ones available

That just barely better than cutting him.

How many of you complaining owned Davon Bess jerseys?


We likely take T.Armstead though.

Who know's what Miami really got for Bess. But it's hard to get a lot for a player that everyone knows you are trying to dump.

You know Miami will take a receiver in the next 2 rounds. I love Bess, but he wasn't a fit in Philbin's offense. He wants WR's who can play every position (Z, Y, X and Slot) Bess is strictly a Slot guy.

The Bess deal might have been motivated more to make cap room, than to purge a talent...

has to be a corner, no way do we want lacy

Eddie Lacy please....

Barkley > Tanny

bodine we have the space to carry him this year. why not use him for another year and let him go after season. we will need him, not worth moving up 7 spots in 4th rd

Please Pass On Lacy.

nobody wants lacy. dashe at least admit wanting him at 12 was a mistake, you know, admit you were wrong.

52 times gm's have now said no to lacy.

Armstead or Jamar Taylor please nothing stupid Ireland

Lacy I'm sure is going to the Bengals, they loved him before the draft.

Looks like it could be Terron Armstead. Maybe our Dolphins didn't see a big difference between him and Lane Johnson, and they are willing to take it if he is still there at #54.

If this happens we canend up seeing a battle of tackles between Armstead and Martin where the winner play LT and the loser goes to the right side.

honey badger and Robert Alford are still there too.

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