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Dolphins would have taken Eifert at No. 12; Bess gone

As we go forward in the second round of the current draft, some news about Miami's plans in the first round continue to leak.

A high-ranking club source moments ago told various media members that the Dolphins would have drafted Tavon Austin in the first round of the NFL draft had the club stayed at No. 12 and the West Virginia player been there.

Of course, Austin wasn't going to be there. So what would the Dolphins have done had they stayed at No. 12 and Austin was gone?

They would have drafted tight end Tyler Eifert, the source said.

Interesting, sort of.

Of more interest, the NFL Network is reporting the Dolphins have completed the expected trade to the Cleveland Browns.

The Dolphins are expected to get a fourth-round pick out of the deal but other compensation is included.

{Update: The Dolphins and Browns actually just swapped fourth round picks. Miami goes from 111th overall to 104th overall. The clubs also swapped fifth-round picks.]

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald is reporting Bess will get a three-year extension from the Browns.


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Nevermind they took Margus Hunt

Miami is going with a DB here IMO. No OT worth a 2nd round pick here IMO and the good TE's are gone. Keenan Allen could be a wild card here though

Ireland is making the last havoc in this team before leaving for good.
What a moron, he gave Bess for nothing just for not wanting to spend money in 2014 for a player that deserve it. This stupid GM won't be here in 2014, so he gives a sh&*t.

The dolphins lost a crucial early 2nd pick and let go a needed DB in 1st rnd. What a mess !!

A high-ranking club source moments ago told various media members that the Dolphins would have drafted Tavon Austin in the first round of the NFL draft had the club stayed at No. 12 and the West Virginia player been there.

Say it aint so Armando,,,,,

There is NO PROTOTYPE.....this FO isn't JUST looking for football players....they want play makers...

Midget WR...and GIANT less than ideal weight DE/OL...

really liking what I am hearing coming out of this FO.....

Dashi wanted Twinks R Us in rd 1 LOL

Would be very surprised if we pick a RB with this pick...we'll see...maybe Dashi is right....oh, the suspense....

dusty, obviously the coaching staff has seen enough of Bess and like what we have now. I'm going to trust their call on this.

Traded Devone Bess to just move up 7 picks in the 4th round? So basically they just gave him to the Browns.


Exactly. I don't get it. That trade makes no sense.

bengals passed on lacy and took benard, no chance they take him

Allen, Taylor, Lacy, Warford, Alford, Patton???

@ Bodine...I agree, it was a money move as much as anything else....

im hoping taylor is the pick

Jamal Taylor CB Boise State

We will see!

Bess Was Going To Get Cut.

Should've At Least Picked Up A 7th.

Sad to see Bess go and can't believe it is just swapping picks. But this is how it goes in the NFL and it also means we free up another 2.5M in cap...More moves to come in Free agency

Eddi Lacy, come on !

Pick is now.......ta ta ta tahhhhhhh

The pick is Jamar Taylor, CB Boise state.

Very Very solid pick

New blog: We took Jamar Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!



Good f#cking pick.

It's Jamar Taylor

nice pick ireland, takes away some of the sting from awful bess trade



2 Picks Both Defense.

J. Taylor Has Been On The Fins Radar.

He Is Replacing Vontae.

Smith's replacement.

SWOPE next or a TE.

So who is this J Taylor guy? Anyone have any info on him?

Solid Solid Pick, nice add at cornerback

Trade waiting to happen to fill the stadium.

Tebow to play running back with Fins to replace Thomas.

Jamar Taylor is a great pick and a value pick at that

Good pick. Now I wanna see a WR and OG or TE in 3rd.

Will any of these guys be on the team in 2-3 years? I dont think so either.

surprised we passed on Eddie Lacy

No one stays on the Fins for 4 years.

Great trade Ireland!! Once again, Ireland is on fire!!!!

7-9 is the best DAAAFINS can expect.

The Falcons took the kid I liked.

Nice draft by the Dolphins up to now.Keep and eye on these player if they still available

RB-Stepfan Taylor
TE-Travis Kelce
C-Barret Jones
WR-Ryan Swope

We were the 27th ranked offense last year and we use our first 3 draft picks on defensive players. Ireland is a bloody idiot.

Like the Taylor pick. He is not a Sean Smith replacement. He has hands but is short. We don't have a big cb any more to match the over 6 feet wrs. Wouldn't be surprised if Taylor starts. Better playmaker than any one we have at db right now.

GetTF outta here you DB/YG/ Bodine, et al. Hey, Armando, there's new automated autonomous Posters technology that will be cheaper and more efficient than these 2-3 fukkkkers here. I can tell you where to get it.

Barkley should sue USC and Mark Sanchez. USC QB history and Mark Sanchez have sunk barkley draft stock. Feel sorry for the guy, but its probably right.

I would have been happy with swapping 3rd and getting a fourth or fifth. I guess the team knew he likely was done anyways. They should have traded for a candy bar, and gallon of milk would have been more valuable.

This really F@#$5 sucks for me my cable just went out.
WHAT THE F#$$%%$$%$ IS THIS S@##$$$%%%%.

5 picks in the first 100 - 11 total...
and after Jordan.., what ?

' Making a splash ' is not always necessary or smart. I understand we would not be able to draft everyone we wanted but it is disheartening watching all the players coming off the board knowing we could have been in position to at least take a few of them.

Eifert was not taken until late by Cincy.

vikings - good draft
cincy- good draft
rams - good draft
miami - eh.. ok ..

WE Basically traded a 7th rd pick for a 5th rd pick...for Davone Bess. Dolphins get #104 & #164 and the Browns get #111 & #217...so we swapped 4th rounders, then swapped our 7th for there 5th rd pick. So we moved up (7) spots in the 4th round... and (53) spots up from our 7th rounder. Not a bad trade at this point in the draft, best we could've gotten is probably a 4th rounder for him. Either way next year he was going to hit the market and we probably won't have the $$$ to re-sign him...plus i think we're going to draft RYAN SWOPE(Texas A&M played with Tanny) so that will be an upgrade over Bess in the long run. We still have R.Matthews and J.Fuller(Texas A&M played with Tanny) as well who knows where they might fit in. As much as i loved Bess in College he never was the player he was in Hawaii with Colt Brennan. Bess would take over games and dominate in college, but he never did that in the NFL. He never had those big plays or memorable moments. He seemed just like a sure-handed 3rd down possession guy to me. Watch if we get Swope this kid will break some tackles and score some TDs...something Bess never was able to do. Hey this kid was undrafted and we got some compensation for him, Good Move Jeffster. SWOPE In and draft SWOPE!!!!! NOW!!! #104!!!!! DO IT!!!!!

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