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Ireland, Philbin discuss Dolphins Friday haul of draft talent

This is how it works: The Dolphins work the entire day at trying to improve their roster during the NFL draft and after all the rounds are complete -- rounds two and three were held Friday -- then both general manager Jeff ireland and coach Joe Philbin leave the team war room and meet with the media.

That meeting on Friday happened around 10:45 p.m. and the two men discussed the additions of Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor, Tennessee offensive lineman Dallas Thomas and Utah State cornerback Willie Davis.

This is what was said:

Jeff Ireland

(Opening remarks) – “Good evening.  So we obviously gave up the 42nd pick yesterday when we met for Dion (Jordan). So at (selection) 54 we took Jamar Taylor, a cornerback from Boise State.  Great kid.  Prototypical size and speed.  Very smart.  Very physical.  Can play inside and outside.  So we’re very happy to have him.   We took Dallas Thomas at (selection) 77 from Tennessee.  He’s played guard, he’s played tackle.  He’s very versatile.  I’ll let Coach (Joe Philbin) address where he plans on playing him.  But, you know, big, big physical kid.  I’m looking forward to having him on the team.  We traded the 82nd pick and then back into the third round with Green Bay and selected Will Davis, another cornerback out of Utah State.  Another prototypical left cornerback that can play inside and outside.  Very skilled athlete.  Doesn’t have a lot of experience.  He’s kind of been through the junior college route.  Really came on the scene this year.  Played at the Senior Bowl.  Had a great look at him there and looking forward to him to developing fast.  So at that point I will open to any questions.  Then, obviously the trade that tonight (sent), Davone Bess to Cleveland.  As I told you last night, it was kind of a dead issue as I left the building yesterday.  It heated back up again today and we went ahead and did the trade."

(On the rationale behind trading out of the third round and then later trading back into it)– “Well, we had a couple of players there and when you have a couple of players you feel like there’s value there that you know you’re going to get one so we traded back (and) picked up (an) additional fourth.  (We) saw some corners go off, you know there, and I felt like we need to go back in there and get him.  So that’s what happened.  Lost a couple of players on board at that point and felt like we needed to go back in and get him."

(On what stood out about Jamar Taylor)– “Well, like I said, he’s a great kid.  You know what you love about him is he’s very smart.  He’s very physical.  He’s got very good ball skills.  He plays with a great awareness, instinct and so just a combination of all the things he can bring the intelligence, the character, the speed, the physicality, the ball skills. Those are all things that obviously we covet in a cornerback position.  And I felt like he had those things.  Specifically after combine, I mean we put everybody on the board and so I don’t think there was anything out of the ordinary."

(On if Dallas Thomas will play guard or tackle) – “I’m going to let coach address where he’s going to play him, but I think he can play either way."

(On needing to create more takeaways and how Taylor and Will Davis will help with that)- “I think both Will and Jamar have very good ball skills.  Taylor is very physical.  He can get it out.  He can go up and get it or he can knock it out with forced fumbles and PBU’s (pass breakups) and Will, he’s kind of a very, very good at getting the ball out from a PBU standpoint.  Both those guys have very good ball skills in my opinion.  I think they’re both going to be play makers."

(On why he traded Davone Bess) – “Why trade Davone Bess? Well obviously we did some things in the offseason that made us feel a lot better about the position. I’ll let coach (Head Coach Joe Philbin) address some of the things as well, but we feel very good about the group we have with Mike (Wallace) and Brandon (Gibson) and Brian (Hartline) and Rishard (Matthews), so it felt like we had a little bit of value there that we could move on from. I wish Davone the best actually."

(On whether the Brandon Albert trade is still on the table) – “You know, never say never. I mean I don’t want to lead you guys on to anything, but I don’t think that’s going to really amount to much. I’ll give you my personal opinion. Like I said there is really nothing more to it today than there was yesterday."

(On whether Will Davis is more of a project and if he can play some safety) – “I don’t believe (so). I see Will as more of a corner. I think he can play inside and outside, but his corner skill set is probably not that of a safety. I think he is more of a corner. And is he more of a project? I think guys develop in different stages in their career. Obviously with his experience level you would think that he may be a little bit of a developmental player, but I think the guy has the skill set to play in this league. I think that with the great coaching that we have and the players around him, he will develop fast."

(On whether he feels that he has his five starters on the offensive line with Dallas Thomas now in the fold) – “Well that’s yet to be determined. He's going to be one of the guys that is competing for a spot. I feel very good about where Dallas is going to play, but coach is going to say, ‘hey it’s a competitive position,’ obviously, and we may not be done yet. We’ll see."

(On what he saw in Dallas Thomas that made him think he can help this offensive line) – “We spent a lot of time watching him play in 2011 and 2012. I personally made a school call there, and I love the versatility. In certain games he can play guard, he can play tackle. Obviously the versatility. When you see a big guy that can pull and move his feet and play guard and tackle on the left side, that’s pretty unique. So obviously the versatility was one component."

(On whether he thought he was going to revamp the defensive backfield going into tonight) – “Not necessarily. You don’t really know how the board is going to fall. Obviously I thought this was a pretty good corner draft and that’s basically how the board fell. You had some good corners on the board and they’re core positions; the corner position, the tackle position, the guard position and obviously defensive end. Again I think they are prototypical players, size players, they’re very good character guys, and they are core position players."

(On his comments earlier about there being a position that he really liked, and whether he addressed that position today or has yet to do so) – “Well today is over, and I liked today, so I’m going to like tomorrow too. But, it was a certain area of the draft that I certainly liked today for sure. It was more or less the second round, but a lot of players were picked off our board just about where we had them. It was a good day. I feel really good about it."

Joe Philbin

(On Dallas Thomas’ versatility) - “Same thing Jeff said – we watched on film both years. Obviously, this year, he primarily played at the left guard and the year before tackle. So we like his versatility. We liked his athleticism. We thought he had a pretty good technique and I think he has a bright future. He’s a fluid athlete. We like his size and we thought he was well-coached at Tennessee. So we’ll see. We’re going to start him on the left side. I’m not sure where yet. We’ve got to see how the weekend unfolds and take a look at things, but we’re excited about him."

(On how the competition Thomas faced at Tennessee helps him transition to the NFL) -  “Yeah, it’s good film to watch. We threw on last year, we watch him against South Carolina, at LSU. This year, I think we watched him against Florida, Georgia and those type of teams. You get a look at him against different fronts, different schemes. It’s a great coaches league, the SEC. So I thought we got a good look at him."

(On his thoughts on trading Davone Bess) - “I wish him the best of luck in Cleveland. He worked his tail off for us. He played well and he had a great attitude the two weeks in the offseason program and I wish him well."

(On if he doesn’t know yet where he wants Thomas to play) - “We’ll see. You’ve got to get your hands on people a little bit. We’ve seen him play both positions. I think he’s got ability at both spots. We’ll see how the depth chart unfolds."

(On if he feels good about the defensive backfield)  -  “I like the two players that we took today, absolutely. I like them a lot."

(On if Thomas is polished at both guard and tackle)- “He’s a pretty good technique player. Like I said, I think Harry Hiestand did a very good job with him. I think Sam Pittman was his line coach this year. Those guys are very, very good college football coaches and you can see that on the tape. He takes a good first step typically. He’s not perfect. He has good hand usage and we like those things about him. He moves fluidly. It doesn’t look like he’s real herky-jerky. We think he has a chance."

(On why Tennessee wouldn’t keep Thomas at tackle) - “Again, I didn’t coach Tennessee. You’d have to ask those guys."

(On if he talked to Tennessee’s coaches about why they moved Thomas around)

Philbin: “I didn’t really ask that question."

Ireland: “They had a young recruit that they really liked and they were moving him from tackle to guard as well.”



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Was hoping to see us maybe move up a few pics to get a TE to complement Keller but I guess were sticking with egnew for another yr. Really excited about our 2 new fast, playmaking cb's...

Pretty vanilla comments by those two. I guess that's pretty much what you should expect after a short 2nd day press conference. Words don't mean anything anyways. Let's say where these draftees are in September.

I hope we pick up a WR and a RB tomorrow
am sure they must have their eye on one of each I hope they are here when it is our turn

Philbin looking films in both years? Ireland pick Dallas Thomas..Philbin only have a year in Miami..Pinochios!!

I would love to see the dolphins go with the green helmet's with orange face mask .. check it out .. HOTT


Yo Puto...I think he was explaining that he looked at both years on film, not that he watched him for two years...

Need a DT, Safety, OT and a kicker on Day 3.

Zero playmakers
Awful draft
Not one person that scores tds

Tom, welcome back, we haven't seen you since 1892...unless of course your one of the other regulars.

more mush from the wimps.

voices crying out, as calmly as possible, from the Rubble of the Draft Room.

Doomed. 2013 into the abyss, as the ten years beforehand.

Well of course when you trade out of the 3rd round there are some players you see come off the board. So why trade out of the 3rd round in the first place. Ireland seems to have a sick obsession of trading down. All he does is lose more talented personnel doing so. It's just a sick obsession of his to think he can get more players that way. You get more players but of a lesser caliber or talent. The Dolphins still need another speed WR because injuries could happen with Mike Wallace.

solid day 2, really love the Thomas and Jamar picks alittle bit confused by the davis pick but its a prove me wrong pick hopefully he will become a project that can pay off in the long run...obviously a TE, RB, S, WR, or line help can and should be taken pretty soon.

Snootchies Bootchies
- Jay

i love the GM draft mia is goin to b
e a contender this year.We need to 2 WR,DT,S mia be very good team



i don't like day 2.we've really need 2 cbs? we don't have a te yet. and maybe we need a replace of bush. there are toliolo sims randle lattimore
...and wr patton qb barkley de okafor...

Marco we have a TE, Keller. He's a great player and he's a known quantity. TE is not a need this season.

What a disappointing draft....

Team looks good, Only worry is depth, They could get 10,11 wins healhy, But they could also end up 6 and 10 with lot of injurys... GO PHINS.

Thenagain, That could be said about any team.

hmmmm... Dallas Thomas is an amazing, versatile lineman; able to start this very season either as OG or even at LT. Wherever his team needs him. I really like this pick, and I suspect many DolFAN BROS love it too!!!

I would have drafted him in the first round instead Justin Pugh if I were the Giants. Seriously. That's how much I love this pick.

Jamar Taylor is a great pick too. His name was thrown in this blog all day, always with positive connotations. I really like his speed and quickness. He is going to kick some patriot as*es together with Grimes, Reshad, Dion, Ellerbe and Wheeler this year, no doubt about it!

Will Davis is the only pick I dont really know as of yet. There are so many guys every year it is almost impossible to know them all. But you know what? it doesn't even matter because I trust our coaches and GM blindly, therefore I already know he is the right guy and I will root for him with all my heart, right from week #1. I'm reading his stats at nfl.com right (drunkenness doesn't even matter) and I will watch some plays tomorrow in youtube.

Welcome to the team everyone!!!!!!! I'm really happy all of you are proud members of Dolphins' team now!!!! Cheers!!!!!!

Now we have to draft Swope and Shamarko tomorrow at first hour.

Then we can go all-out for Zac Stacy in the 5th round and make Hydrashock the happiest DolFAN evar :)

hmmmmmmmmm tomorrow = today :)

I'd just like to Thank the Troll Tard Twins for all the entertainment earlier tonight(the last two blogs)-LOL.

I've never seen so many ignorant and idiotic posts in MY LIFE! And that's saying something, considering how often I read and post here-ROTFLMAO!

My personal favorite was when Jeffy traded BACK into the 3rd round. Up to that point, it was nothing but a bunch of whining and crying by a couple of the Biggest....."Little Be-Atches" I've ever witnessed-ROTFLMAO!

Why did Jeffy Tades down.....? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Why did Jeffy do this, why did he do that......?


I would've given ANYTHING to see the idiotic looks on your dumbass faces when Jeffy traded BACK into the 3rd for Will Davis! Douchebags!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Yo Puto...I think he was explaining that he looked at both years on film, not that he watched him for two years...

Posted by: Buster | April 27, 2013 at 01:47 AM

Buster don't expect too much from the idiot, he and his Twin Tard have had a rough couple of days posting.

From what I can tell, their having a contest to see who can make the most posts and the most idiotic posts.

I wonder what the winner gets.......?

ROTFLMAO......and YES, they're that Fvcking Dumb.

Calling Philbin and Ireland liars because his comprehension skills come in right around: Retarded ;)

Thanks again for the entertainment you Fvcking Tards!


Can we please take some guys for the offense Mr. Ireland? You know skill players that get the ball in the end zone? Swope would be awesome at this point. Don't mess around today and lose this guy.

By the way..I appreciate the fact we didn't cave in to the Chiefs ridiculous demands for Albert..translation they were told to pound sand.

i still dont get why Ireland traded down from third round but then gave up more picks to come back in at end of third. If he wanted Davis so bad, he could have taken him with his second third round pick? His logic stating too many corners were being drafted doesnt make sense?????

Does anyone get this?


Will Davis is relatively inexperienced at CB.

But, I believe they said he set the record for passes defensed last year at 17!

And I love Jamar Taylor. I had him in my mock and have been harping on about him for the past two months!

I don't even want to get started on Jordan!

It hasn't been a real "Sexy" draft, but I have a good feeling about it. EFFECTIVE is the word that comes to mind when I think of what Jeffy's done so far!

Valhalla and lets Kill It Tomorrow!


I think I meant......TODAY!



I think Ireland meant there were enough CB's rated higher than Davis. So he thought he could pick up the extra picks and still get him later today. PLUS players with all the extra 4ths and 5ths.

But when there was a Mini-Run on CB there, he decided not to chance it and went back in and got they Guy they truly wanted.

That's my interpretation of it. I can't explain it any other way.

Jeffy was going to draft 4 players in the 4th round and the 5th round.

Like JJ always said, the Bigger The Net! The Better your Chances!

But when DB's started coming off the board, he decided to go ahead and get the Guy they had been watching and researching.

It would have been nice to draft 6 to 8 guys in the next two rounds. If nothing else but dumb luck, he was BOUND to find a steal and a sleeper in there somewhere.

So it didn't workout perfectly, you can't blame a Guy for trying. We still have a lot of picks in the next two rounds!

Go Jeffy!!!!

thanks odinseye....but you dont think that was a little (perhaps) unnecessary panic?

...anyway....can't wait for the season to start

Good recovery by Ireland I like the Davis pick ,now lets add some playmakers for Tannehill

I liked what we did with the first two picks....thought we should have traded up in round 3 a few picks and taken Armstead or K. Allen that were just dangling there and taken right before we picked, but if they like the Tennessee tackle more, not the end of the world.....should have stayed put in the 3rd and drafted S. Bailey or Swope, but once we moved back, should have stayed put instead of throwing picks away to move up for a guy that should have been available in the 4th....now I feel like we threw the picks away we got for Bess and don't have the picks we need to cover our needs as our 5th rounders are at the end of the draft and we have one late 7th

Need some offense today.....hope we grab Swope and Franklin and maybe d. Simms in the 5th....I guess one of those 4th rounders would have been used on w. Davis...so we basically got a 4 and passed on a 4 and 7 in the trade up and down

A little frustrated, but still hopeful....just need some offense to talk about now

Well. By Ireland trading down with NO, he hit is two extra 4th round picks giving us three in the round. He traded back in and used one them to get back into the 3rd round. Therefore, we got another pick in the second round lower than original pick of 82 and net gained 1 extra 4th round pick bc we have two early ones today. It was a net gain of 1 4th rounder! It was a good move! Lets hope today we hear the names shamarko Thomas and Ryan swope or dion Simms with our 4th round picks.

I hate spell checker! I meant to say we gained two fourths and gave one up to get back into the third. Therefore, we net gained one 4th round pick today.

I think we also need another tackle or guard maybe Barrett jones from bama in the 4th along with SWOOPE or Franklin


How about Quinton Patton and Barrett Jones in the 4th? I think that would be a nice little haul. Still bummed that Keenan Allen went to the Chargers one pick ahead of us...I like to think Ireland would have pulled the trigger on that.

I really, REALLY hope they have Quinton Patton high on the board today... I hope swope isn't the pick considering all the medical issues.

I think the defense is in good hands now. Could use a little help on the other side of the ball. Swope, Patton and Franklin would be great adds. Probably could still use another OL as much as I hate to say it.

What else can we do but wait? Only major change in Miami's Organization has been Philbin. So, in Philbin We Trust.

Ireland and Philbin drafted speed and seem to have landed what was needed at CB and OT/OG. However as usual Jeff makes the error of outsmarting himself by trading out of the third round and then realizing he made a mistake trading back into it. Jeff needs to realize that other GM's, scouting personnel do the needed work to identify talent. I know Ireland is thinking the overall depth of the team but this team needs another speed receiver of quality to develop. They were not able to get that in the third round. If Wallace goes down 2 to 3 games with an injury teams will be playing eight in the box again against the Dolphin's offense.


We need one more OL to develop or we can bring one in as a undrafted free agent. We also need to sign, Clabo, Winston, Mckinnie, or Gaither ASAP. Watch out for Dion Simms, TE Michigan State. Shamarko Thomas- safety Syracuse. Quinton Patton- WR K state. Ryan Swope- WR Tex AM. Barrett Jones- G Alabama.

Of those 5 guys mentioned, I would be thrilled to land two of them in the 4th round. I think the RB Franklin comes off the board early 4th today before we pick at 106.

Ireland for some reason is on a mission to prove himself smarter than every GM in the NFL. This has nothing to do with hit or not hit on players, which happens to every GM. Jeff always seems to do something that F's up the good that was done to obtain draft picks....

Frank from PA...See the problem is they said so little about Thomas. They said he is going to the left side? Does that mean LT?

I can believe what sissy little girls you are debating every useless piece of minutia as though it had some relevance on your life. You mean to say you have nothing better to occupy your time with? Nothing?

Lets add some weapon for tannehill RB Franklin or Taylor wr Patton ,SWOOPE ,well lets finish the job Oh almost forgot ace sanders and Kenny stills now that a nice board ya think

The Phins don't need any more trade downs or trades for that matter...Unless another team offers something crazy. Really where are we going to squeeze in another 5 guys? The depth chart is already bulging...I know it makes for a great competitive camp.

I love Jonathan Franklin this kid lights it up

I say Franklin then SWOOPE


dadsmithwest, just FYI cause you keep saying the team is already bulging. Even if the Fins made all 11 picks in the Draft, they would still be 10 players short of maximum camp roster. They will still be signing 10 UFAs after the draft to fill out camp roster.

In Irescums 6th year we are now the equivalent of an expansion team.

Guys do you like Franklin, Stepfan Taylor, or Lattimore? Also I expect the Fins to take later a QB like Landry Jones maybe!!!!

13 new starters?? YIKES!

And I am still the same worthless piece of shyt I was six years ago

5th losing season in a row coming up. Bank on it.

We obviously won't be taking a TE again this year, sigh. I think Jeff needs to add a WR and RB right here with the next 2 picks.

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