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Ireland, Philbin discuss Dolphins Friday haul of draft talent

This is how it works: The Dolphins work the entire day at trying to improve their roster during the NFL draft and after all the rounds are complete -- rounds two and three were held Friday -- then both general manager Jeff ireland and coach Joe Philbin leave the team war room and meet with the media.

That meeting on Friday happened around 10:45 p.m. and the two men discussed the additions of Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor, Tennessee offensive lineman Dallas Thomas and Utah State cornerback Willie Davis.

This is what was said:

Jeff Ireland

(Opening remarks) – “Good evening.  So we obviously gave up the 42nd pick yesterday when we met for Dion (Jordan). So at (selection) 54 we took Jamar Taylor, a cornerback from Boise State.  Great kid.  Prototypical size and speed.  Very smart.  Very physical.  Can play inside and outside.  So we’re very happy to have him.   We took Dallas Thomas at (selection) 77 from Tennessee.  He’s played guard, he’s played tackle.  He’s very versatile.  I’ll let Coach (Joe Philbin) address where he plans on playing him.  But, you know, big, big physical kid.  I’m looking forward to having him on the team.  We traded the 82nd pick and then back into the third round with Green Bay and selected Will Davis, another cornerback out of Utah State.  Another prototypical left cornerback that can play inside and outside.  Very skilled athlete.  Doesn’t have a lot of experience.  He’s kind of been through the junior college route.  Really came on the scene this year.  Played at the Senior Bowl.  Had a great look at him there and looking forward to him to developing fast.  So at that point I will open to any questions.  Then, obviously the trade that tonight (sent), Davone Bess to Cleveland.  As I told you last night, it was kind of a dead issue as I left the building yesterday.  It heated back up again today and we went ahead and did the trade."

(On the rationale behind trading out of the third round and then later trading back into it)– “Well, we had a couple of players there and when you have a couple of players you feel like there’s value there that you know you’re going to get one so we traded back (and) picked up (an) additional fourth.  (We) saw some corners go off, you know there, and I felt like we need to go back in there and get him.  So that’s what happened.  Lost a couple of players on board at that point and felt like we needed to go back in and get him."

(On what stood out about Jamar Taylor)– “Well, like I said, he’s a great kid.  You know what you love about him is he’s very smart.  He’s very physical.  He’s got very good ball skills.  He plays with a great awareness, instinct and so just a combination of all the things he can bring the intelligence, the character, the speed, the physicality, the ball skills. Those are all things that obviously we covet in a cornerback position.  And I felt like he had those things.  Specifically after combine, I mean we put everybody on the board and so I don’t think there was anything out of the ordinary."

(On if Dallas Thomas will play guard or tackle) – “I’m going to let coach address where he’s going to play him, but I think he can play either way."

(On needing to create more takeaways and how Taylor and Will Davis will help with that)- “I think both Will and Jamar have very good ball skills.  Taylor is very physical.  He can get it out.  He can go up and get it or he can knock it out with forced fumbles and PBU’s (pass breakups) and Will, he’s kind of a very, very good at getting the ball out from a PBU standpoint.  Both those guys have very good ball skills in my opinion.  I think they’re both going to be play makers."

(On why he traded Davone Bess) – “Why trade Davone Bess? Well obviously we did some things in the offseason that made us feel a lot better about the position. I’ll let coach (Head Coach Joe Philbin) address some of the things as well, but we feel very good about the group we have with Mike (Wallace) and Brandon (Gibson) and Brian (Hartline) and Rishard (Matthews), so it felt like we had a little bit of value there that we could move on from. I wish Davone the best actually."

(On whether the Brandon Albert trade is still on the table) – “You know, never say never. I mean I don’t want to lead you guys on to anything, but I don’t think that’s going to really amount to much. I’ll give you my personal opinion. Like I said there is really nothing more to it today than there was yesterday."

(On whether Will Davis is more of a project and if he can play some safety) – “I don’t believe (so). I see Will as more of a corner. I think he can play inside and outside, but his corner skill set is probably not that of a safety. I think he is more of a corner. And is he more of a project? I think guys develop in different stages in their career. Obviously with his experience level you would think that he may be a little bit of a developmental player, but I think the guy has the skill set to play in this league. I think that with the great coaching that we have and the players around him, he will develop fast."

(On whether he feels that he has his five starters on the offensive line with Dallas Thomas now in the fold) – “Well that’s yet to be determined. He's going to be one of the guys that is competing for a spot. I feel very good about where Dallas is going to play, but coach is going to say, ‘hey it’s a competitive position,’ obviously, and we may not be done yet. We’ll see."

(On what he saw in Dallas Thomas that made him think he can help this offensive line) – “We spent a lot of time watching him play in 2011 and 2012. I personally made a school call there, and I love the versatility. In certain games he can play guard, he can play tackle. Obviously the versatility. When you see a big guy that can pull and move his feet and play guard and tackle on the left side, that’s pretty unique. So obviously the versatility was one component."

(On whether he thought he was going to revamp the defensive backfield going into tonight) – “Not necessarily. You don’t really know how the board is going to fall. Obviously I thought this was a pretty good corner draft and that’s basically how the board fell. You had some good corners on the board and they’re core positions; the corner position, the tackle position, the guard position and obviously defensive end. Again I think they are prototypical players, size players, they’re very good character guys, and they are core position players."

(On his comments earlier about there being a position that he really liked, and whether he addressed that position today or has yet to do so) – “Well today is over, and I liked today, so I’m going to like tomorrow too. But, it was a certain area of the draft that I certainly liked today for sure. It was more or less the second round, but a lot of players were picked off our board just about where we had them. It was a good day. I feel really good about it."

Joe Philbin

(On Dallas Thomas’ versatility) - “Same thing Jeff said – we watched on film both years. Obviously, this year, he primarily played at the left guard and the year before tackle. So we like his versatility. We liked his athleticism. We thought he had a pretty good technique and I think he has a bright future. He’s a fluid athlete. We like his size and we thought he was well-coached at Tennessee. So we’ll see. We’re going to start him on the left side. I’m not sure where yet. We’ve got to see how the weekend unfolds and take a look at things, but we’re excited about him."

(On how the competition Thomas faced at Tennessee helps him transition to the NFL) -  “Yeah, it’s good film to watch. We threw on last year, we watch him against South Carolina, at LSU. This year, I think we watched him against Florida, Georgia and those type of teams. You get a look at him against different fronts, different schemes. It’s a great coaches league, the SEC. So I thought we got a good look at him."

(On his thoughts on trading Davone Bess) - “I wish him the best of luck in Cleveland. He worked his tail off for us. He played well and he had a great attitude the two weeks in the offseason program and I wish him well."

(On if he doesn’t know yet where he wants Thomas to play) - “We’ll see. You’ve got to get your hands on people a little bit. We’ve seen him play both positions. I think he’s got ability at both spots. We’ll see how the depth chart unfolds."

(On if he feels good about the defensive backfield)  -  “I like the two players that we took today, absolutely. I like them a lot."

(On if Thomas is polished at both guard and tackle)- “He’s a pretty good technique player. Like I said, I think Harry Hiestand did a very good job with him. I think Sam Pittman was his line coach this year. Those guys are very, very good college football coaches and you can see that on the tape. He takes a good first step typically. He’s not perfect. He has good hand usage and we like those things about him. He moves fluidly. It doesn’t look like he’s real herky-jerky. We think he has a chance."

(On why Tennessee wouldn’t keep Thomas at tackle) - “Again, I didn’t coach Tennessee. You’d have to ask those guys."

(On if he talked to Tennessee’s coaches about why they moved Thomas around)

Philbin: “I didn’t really ask that question."

Ireland: “They had a young recruit that they really liked and they were moving him from tackle to guard as well.”



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Clearly, winning is not a requirement for a Stephen Ross GM.

I will be the same loser my entire life, bank on it.

Even if the Fins made all 11 picks in the Draft, they would still be 10 players short of maximum camp roster. Posted by Bobbyd12
Well yeah but that's a meaningless point. The more important issue is trading out of the 3rd round and not getting a higher quality talent.

Interesting Re-Draft by Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball.com - what are your thoughts?

104 - Montori Hughes, NT, Tennessee-Martin
106 - Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M
164 - Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon
166 - David Quessenberry, C/G, San Jose State

i would like to get rid of all our 5 and 7 rounders and finsih the day with 4 - 4th rounder.we have picks 104 and 106, seattle has 105 i would like to swap with seattle give them 116 and 2 7th rounders for pick 105 so we can make 3 picks in a row. then give up the 2 5th rounders and 1 7th rounder to get back into rond 4. and say see ya later...

You trolls and negative types really need to get a life. Go get laid, even if it's with animals. Nobody cares what type of GM extraordinaire you believe yourselves to be.

If you can't get excited over the prospects of the coming season then you really should try knitting or or origami.

i hope we take Shamarco Thomas, Ryan Swope another o-line nd a DT.

Hey, we lost way more talent then we acquired this offseason.

my bad, we have less picks than i thought, still would give up 2 - 5th rounders and 1 - 7th rounder to Seattle for pick 105

I bet Cleveland thought Bess came pretty inexpensively.

Hoping for a decent season from Ross/Ireland is delusional and getting old. It aint happening boyz.

I'm just glad Bess went to the Browns. I thought for sure he was going to the Patriots just like Wes and he would cone back and kill us twice a year.

Please take

Quinton Patton
David Quessenberry
Kenjon Barner
Dustin Hopkins
Rashard Hall

Just so you know Wallyfin, the Dolphins can't trade their 7th and the last of the fifth round picks. They're supplemental picks and as such can only be used by Miami.

Ready to be a Dolphins

Who is the best middle linebacker in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Steve Beauharnais -- Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Cold Brother

Entering the draft I thought we needed to address: OT, G, TE, CB (2), DE and RB

I am, like everyone here, unsure if we got the right players. But we did address the key positions from my perspective. DE, CB (2), G/OT.

OK...lets move on now to TE (blocking TE needed), RB (need a bruiser for blocking and short yardage) and maybe another G or OT to keep pushing the competition. I am now also thinking WR now that Bess is gone (I will continue to say big mistake!!).

Here are a few players I'd like to see taken in Round 4 and 5:

Randle, Joseph RB 6'0" 204 Oklahoma St.
Ellington, Andre RB 5'9" 199 Clemson
Lattimore, Marcus RB 5'11" 221 South Carolina
Lutzenkirchen, Philip TE 6'3" 258 Auburn
Patton, Quinton WR 6'0" 204 Louisiana Tech
Rogers, Da'Rick WR 6'2" 217 Tennessee Tech
Hamilton, Cobi WR 6'2" 212 Arkansas
Robinson, Denard WR 5'10" 199 Michigan
Aboushi, Oday OT 6'5" 308 Virginia
Fragel, Reid OT 6'8" 308 Ohio St.
Summers-Gavin, Matt OG 6'4" 293 California
Jones, Barrett OG 6'4" 306 Alabama

how about Dion Sims?


It's Saturday morning. You told us EIGHT days ago the trade for Albert was DONE. You remember? You told me I was 'dumb' and a 'clown' for not realizing this.

amazing that you're still able to show your face on this blog. It's the same crap you spouted when you told us that 'Cowher is the next coach', then it was 'Sparano's gone, Harbaugh is the next HC' and then it was 'Ireland's done as GM'.

YOu should try being a weatherman. They're the only people I know who are wrong more than you.

bess looks more like a salary dump for the most part......got some value for him but dude was gone in a year anyway


How can getting rid of Bess be a 'big mistake'? He was the 4th WR on the team. We upgraded with Brandon Gibson. Did the Rams make a big mistake when they let Gibson go?

Devon Bess was going to be the FOURTH WR on this team. If that's the kind of 'big mistakes' we're making, then I'm completely OK with that. Bess was a good not great player. He was NEVER a great player. Thanks for five years. Next! Let's get a young guy like Quinton Patton to develop and a running back.

Looks like good value picks at WR. Patton, Rogers and Hamilton look like solid picks. We need a redzone threat WR. My darkhorse is Rodney Smith out of FSU.

andre ellington, patton, dion sims.....that greene kid fr rutgers......thomas fr Cuse--all would be solid 4th rd pickups--get Hopkins or sturgis in rd 5

CraigM ,

Thank god you feel that way on Bess, I had that I wasn't upset about the Bess trade and got eaten alive

Does anyone know if the Dolphins ever got their medical staff to look at Lattimore?


It's insane that everyone is so worked up trading Bess. You'd think we just trade a multiple Pro Bowl WR. He wasn't. Once again, Philbin and Sherman know more about what's needed for this offence. I trust them on this. There's room and need for another young guy at WR. It's important the kid be given the room to develop.


My thoughts on Bess are as follows:

1) He has been the most reliable WR the team has had.
2) He has been the go to guy for our young QB on 3rd down
3) He wasn't making 'too much' and we have plenty of cap space this year.
4) He was our SLOT receiver not #4. 4 makes him out to be 4th best. That is not the case. He is as good as Hartline. He is better than Gibson (today but I appreciate Gibson's POTENTIAL).
5)We got a 5th round pick for him. I guarantee who ever we get for that pick will NOT add as much value as Bess would have this year.
6) One injury to Wallace, Gibson, or Hartline and our next best receiver is Mathews. Does that leave you confident? Why trade away one of the core four receivers? It exposes you if one injury occurs.

I understand that he only had one year left on his contract. I understand that we THINK Gibson will prove a long term replacement for him. OK...I HOPE it all works out. But I would rather have Bess on my team this season than let him go for a 5th round pick, which in MOST cases never amount to much.

I thought he was solid, but there was no upside and it seemed he was more prone to drops and fumbles. Was it me or did he look like he was pouting a couple times last year, when Tannehill didn't throw him the ball. Cleveland got what they want and it opens up some ap space and gives us a chance to check out MAtthews who is intriguing

Bess = Proven STARTER who was THILLS go to guy on 3rd down

5th Round Pick for Bess = Unknown player, Unknown value, and Unknown impact


jpao.....only problem with your logic is Bess was an undrafted FA......if that happened before, why are you so sure that whoever we get in Rd 5 wouldnt add as much value?--actually, we could sign an undrafted FA with as much value.....which, uh, is what Bess was to begin with.

I wonder if our starting guards this year will be Lance Louis and Dallas Thomas. Of course I guess there is the possibility Thomas could play either tackle spot until Cog's contract is up.

You would think todays priorities would be TE, DT, S, and maybe WR. A kicker would'tn surprise either.


Well first of all he's not anywhere close to being as good as Hartline. Don't take my word for it.....the time just gave one guy a 4 year/$24million contract and decided not to re-sign the other one and traded him. One guy went over 1,000 yards last year. The other didn't. I repeat.....they had a choice between the two and picked Hartline.

Secondly, he's not better than Gibson. Again, if he was they wouldn't have gone out and upgraded the position by signing Gibson. Why would you sign a guy that is worse?

And he WAS going to be the 4th receiver. It's clear that the other three guy were going to play more and so I say, when was Bess going to play? 4th receiver. 4th in terms of salary and 4th in terms of playing time.

They want something else from the position and I trust them to make that move. Let's see who they draft first before you start giving me 'guarantees'. I'd take Patton right now over Bess for the potential alone.

Rdubs - you saw him pouting? Really? Yes, I think it was you. Bess was known to be a great locker room guy.

Benz - I understand he was a UFA but he PROVED to be a high caliber STARTING Slot Receiver in the NFL. Yes, there are plenty of 5th rounders who prove to be great. But MOST do not. All I am saying is Bess represented a stable, reliable, proven veteran starter. He wasn't costing the team anything that was negative. To trade him for a 5th round pick seems to be minimal value for a guy of his contributions.

That's all....I'm moving on...Sorry to see him gone.


Bess over the last 4 years has lulled us to sleep. This is a new team, Philbin obviously wasn't impressed with Bess at all. Bess doesn't catch Tds , he has 12 TD's over 5 years and his longest Reception is only 41 yards. Not a playmaker!!

...Getting rid of Bess gives us a chance to get better. It's that simple. Someone will catch third down passes. Hopefully, they will also score TD's. We have to get better. And keeping Bess would have slowed this process. Good move.

The thing about Bess is that he's a SLOT . Philbin wants recievers that can play all over the field, just like the receivers he had in Green Bay. That is why Patton would work so well in Miami.
It was a great trade, for now and the future.


That was LAST year. If you haven't been paying attention they've added Wallace, Keller and Gibson. So are you telling me Bess would STILL be the starter?

Come on man....put your personal loyalties aside and realize what's best for the team.


Where is it written that his replacement will be a 5th round pick? Is there a reason he could be a FOURTH round pick? The fifth just helps us move around.

I for one would love to see what a guy like Patton can do in the offence. No guarantee that they even take another WR but let's see.

Davone Bess

'12 - 13 games, 61 recpt, 778 yds, 12.8 avg
'11 - 16 games, 51 recpt, 537 yds, 10.5 avg
'10 - 16 games, 79 recpts, 820 yds, 10.4 avg
9 TD's last 3 seasons

Brandon Gibson

'12 - 16 games, 51 recpt, 691 yds, 13.5 avg
'11 - 15 games, 36 recpt, 431 yds, 12.0 avg
'10 - 14 games, 53 recpt, 620 yds, 11.7 avg
8 TD's last 3 seasons

So Gibson is really that much better than Bess? They had different teams, different coaches, different systems, different QB's. Hard to say who is better....just don't think a 5th round pick is good value return for either of these guys. Let alone the WR who has proven Chemistry for our young QB who needs to take the next step forward this year.

I'd rather keep Bess with THILL this season and then let him walk off like Long, Smith, Bush did.

Bess = Proven STARTER who was THILLS go to guy on 3rd down

5th Round Pick for Bess = Unknown player, Unknown value, and Unknown impact



I'm with you. I don't get it all. All Bess ever did was make catches & move the chains for five seasons. If it's so easy to replace his production then why has it taken so long??? Obviously Ireland couldn't draft one. My biggest issue will be if & when one of WR's gets nicked up & has to miss time. Then what??? And Matthews has not proved sh#t yet.

GB started the season with four solid WR's last season--Jennings, Cobb, Nelson, & Jones. Guess what??? Jennings got hurt & they needed the other three guys to step up.

Bess was also a reliable punt returner. Fins tried to replace him over the years with more 'dynamic' 'playmakers' but they had this funny tendency to fumble under pressure. Bess? Solid, reliable, proven.


At the end of the day it doesn't really matter what you and I think. The important thing is that Ireland and Philbin think Gibson is better and that the right move was to deal Bess. I think you gotta figure out a way to deal with it.

And you keep harping on about 'what 5th round pick will be better than Bess'. Wasn't Bess an undrafted FA? So what's your point?

Posted by: jpao | April 27, 2013 at 10:17 AM

Look at my list at 10:17 I said I'd like to see the Fins land Patton in the 4th or 5th round. I agree....now that Bess is gone we should try to get another solid WR added and HOPE that he proves to be as solid has Bess.

IF I understand the Bess trade we switched4th round picks, gave up Bess and gained a 5th round pick. So the net value was a 5th round pick. We will see what we get for it.

I am moving forward...I'm on the record that I think this FA season was a home run for the Fins. I think the FA's allowed to walk were the ones we should have let go. I am OK so far with the Draft picks. I just don't think the Bess move was the right one.

That's it....moving on

Absolutely love this draft thus far. Ireland has been far thorough than I could have ever been with my mocks.

CraigM, remember our discussions of why would Ireland draft a DE when he just drafted Vernon last year? He beautifully solved this by drafting a pass rusher that can line up all over the place, a olb/de. Treland beautifully solved that debate.

Then to replace Sean Smith and Vontae Davis, we now have Grimes and Jamar Taylor. Grimes is a former pro bowler whom if healthy can return to that form. Jamar Taylor? Well, this guy has the potential to prove to be the entire best cb of this draft. Thework ethic and talent is definitely there.

Lets talk nickel. If healthy, Marshall who was originally brought in to be the nickel, is a huge upgrade to Carroll. Carroll, who was supposed to be our dime package cb last year, could probably and most likely lose that job to Will Davis. Christ sakes, Davis had 17 PASSES DEFENSED last season. That;s very impressive no matter what level of competition.

For the first time since the Brady era, it doesn't seem like playing against him, will feel like shoting fish in a barrel and we're the fish.

We Stink Again, really now, there hasn't been a game, nor a practice, nor the end of the draft, nor 2nd wave of free agency and you already know this, moron.

nobody tells jeff ireland that he is doing a great job this year so far. great free agent offseason moves. good moves in the draft so far. keep up the good work jeff. the patriots, bills, and jets will be looking up to the dolphins in the division! playoffs-afc championship-superbowl! incomplete, miami ball! fumble, miami recovers! intercepted, miami has it! hes got a man open, he could go all the way, Touchdown Miami!

Better get Quinton Patton, and Philip Thomas and Jordan Poyer, I am big, big, big on Jordan Poyer.

At 10:17 I listed a few players that I honestly don't know much about. I saw several of them play one or two games this year. I listed them because they seem to come up on a lot of different sites as top talent remaining. So, I have to hope that the Fins can get a couple of them in the next 2 rounds.

From a position stand point my priorities now stand at:

WR - need to replace Bess and compete with Mathews
TE - need a blocking TE as Keller, Clay and Egnew are more receivers
RB - need a bruiser who can convert 3rd and 2 or 3rd and 1
OL - G or T will add depth but I still hope Ireland goes for a FA Veteran OT after the draft. Want a proven starting OT on the squad. We have the money after June 1 so we should spend it and provide some quality protection for THILL
DT - Keep adding depth for the rotation

The Phins simply wanted to get rid of Bess, and save cap space. Gibson was going to probably put Bess on the bench, that would not have been a good situation. Gibson is faster and bigger than Bess. Beside Bess is on the last year of his contract.

We have two 4th round picks. Just give me Stepfan Taylor or Jonathan Franklin. Daniel Thomas just can't stay healthy.

A f#cking TE that can play behind Keller would be nice too. I'm sorry BUT if I did the drafting I would have stayed @ 12 & taken Lotulelei or Eifert. If I took Star then I would have traded up to the top of the 2nd & taken Ertz. The Eagles got a heck of a football player & Chip Kelly knows it!!!

Devon Bess is worth tens times of what we traded him for, dumb dumb.


Ireland's done a great job so far. I don't know about the OL from Tenn. but I love the fact he trade up for Jordan and I really like the two CBs he drafted, especially Taylor.

Do you remember telling me that Ireland would never draft Jordan because doing so would mean he was giving up on Vernon. No, right?

and do you remember what you said it would take to trade up to third? Not even close, right? He did an awesome job getting the third pick for a bargain.

My take on Will Davis,

The guy is very inconsistent but the talent is there. He looks comfortable playing close to the LOS and he appears to have a knack for challenging the pass at the highest point it's catchable. He looks worse than Sean Smith with his tackling though and gets pushed away from run plays by WR's.

On Bess:

Guys, you forget as 3rd-4th wr, it isn't imminent that we draft a wr to supplement trading Bess. It can also be done by adding vet after the final preseason cuts.

Also, by being defensive heavy handed on this year's draft, we're probably offensively heavy next year.

Everybody relax, we weren't going to build a sb championship team in a single offseason no matter what we did. But dammit, we hit some very important strides towards building a championship defense while prepping a championship offense.

The offensive cake gets frosted in the offseason 2014. Have a little patience dolfans, the light is beginning to break thru.

Don't be afraid, 13 new starters can kick some A**

AtlFin, when you say something like winning isn't what Stephen Ross wants to do at least give a reason.


1. Do you think our coachng staff with over 100 years cumulative experience does not see everything you see and 1000 times more? Do you really think you know something more than these coaches that train the players daily, one on one, upfront in person? Bess was just not good enough, not enough YAC. Bess did nothing to alter the DC's game plan, nobody had to worry about Bess because Bess never was going to burn your D.

2. Arithmetic. If you keep having losing seasons, somethng is wrong, The only way to add new players is to subtract old players. Keeping the playerst that brought you 7-9 only gives you 7-9.


Davis will be brought alone slowly. Looks like Grimes and Taylor are the starters. Marshall at nickel, like he was brought in to be.

So, I believe Davis is expected to immediately take Carroll's dime package spot. Its been forever since Ive seen all 4 corner spots look healthy and dependable.

"RB - need a bruiser who can convert 3rd and 2 or 3rd and 1"


That's what I'm saying. Give me a tough kid like Stepfan Taylor. I don't care that he's not a burner like Miller. This kid is just so solid in EVERY phase of the game--he grinds out yardage with physicality, he's very good in pass protection, & he can catch the football.

From NFL.com

"The Cardinal’s running back proved this season that he was capable of maintaining his level of play even without Andrew Luck at QB. While he isn't exceptional in any one facet of the game, he is technically sound, and well rounded. Taylor is possibly the safest back in this class due to his ability to not only pass protect, but to catch the football, which will make him invaluable on third downs."

Yeah, but, went way backwards on the Bess deal. needed 8 yards, throw it to Bess.

No longer will our secondary be like shooting fish in a barrel for Tom Brady!

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