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Holdup in Albert trade: Miami's deal with KC

The Dolphins have the parameters of a contract ready and practically agreed with left tackle Branden Albert. The sides -- the player and the Dolphins -- have an understanding of what it will cost in money compensation to get a contract done.

That's apparently not a problem.

The problem, as first reported by the NFL Network, is draft choice or player compensation between the Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs.

It is not known what the Chiefs want in return for Albert. It is not known what the Dolphins are willing to give for Albert. That part is all speculation. The consensus is that the exchange could involve a second round pick in the draft that begins Thursday night and continues Friday and Saturday.

The Dolphins have two second-round selections.

The Dolphins, as Steve Wyche of NFL-AM reported, are the only team talking to the Chiefs about trading for Albert.

By the way, the Dolphins and the Chiefs are gaining quite a history of trade emnity. They disagreed on compensation for sending Patrick Surtain to KC before getting it done. They disagreed on compensation for sending Trent Green to Miami before getting it done.

My sense is the two teams will get this done. Eventually.

Me? I'd offer the Chiefs one of my third round picks this year or a 2014 second rounder. And then I'd call them Saturday. Trust me, Branden Albert will still be on the trade block then.


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go finsssssssss



Yes yes yes

Aloco you are like a brainiac man now you must get off Jeffrey's back he is improving big time

Andy Reid is a dueche bag he's slime in a can

The hold up in this deal is tht Ireland is only offering the Chiefs our 6th rd pick. We don't have one. LOL...

So out of 32 teams, 31 have no interest in Albert. Oh yeah, such a great player.

reid is not the smartest guy. hasnt done a thing since mcnaab left. will struggle with awful smith at qb and still prob refuse to run charles. he never used his backs correctly

Just hope we didn't mortgage the farm for this guy. Draft an OT or two for depth in case Albert proves fragile.

No one else wants Albert. He only played 16 games once in 5 seasons.

Maybe Ireland's trying to get the Chiefs to give us both their 3rd rd picks just for taking Albert off of their hands.

I am praying Ireland doesn't ruin this nice offseason we have had by doing something stupid

Even though the second round doesn’t get underway until Friday night, there’s some time pressure to get a deal done because Albert’s back injury from last season makes a physical one more step that needs to be taken for a trade to go down.

More inspiring news about Average Albert who only played a full season once.

You guys are delusional to think he is worth it.

lol yesterday

The guy is pretty solid he's a starting caliber left tackle I say pull the trigger

Lets see if 1 + 1 still = 2.

Everyone says how important the LT position is.
31 out of 32 teams have no interest in Average Albert.

Is this a guy you overpay for AND give up a high pick?

yesterday if thats really u, why the hate on albert. have u seen him play???

Well it's important for our draft plans do we or don't we need a tackle a left tackle

Marc, plenty of starting calibur LT's better than Albert get paid much less and play the full season.

Some of you are dumb enough to buy sand from a camel.

Cap space my friend a lot of teams don't have that kind of cap room 9 mil.

alston 31 out of 32 teams didnt have interest in revis,. he must really suck

comparing Albert, a career average LT who can't finish a season, to the leagues best CB for years. Hilarious.

You are dumber than I thought.
I'm dumb for even responding to you at this point.

hell only the cards,mia,tenn,broncos wanted manning he must suck

a 2nd is way too high for a player they are stuck with if we say no and they lose the next year.

No more than a late third, thats it. Or let Chiefs eat their gamble

We'll see how smart Tampa was to bankroll an injured CB. They over paid too.

alston nobody did u fool, dense silly sob, u said 31 teams werent interested, 31 teams also werent interested in a guy who yourself just said is muchhhhhhhhhh better. thanks for proving my pt

hell only the cards,mia,tenn,broncos wanted manning he must suck

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 24, 2013 at 06:49 PM

Other way around and you know it. Manning chose who he'd play for. Twist history all you want.

Can't you make one convincing point on why we should over pay an average, often injured LT top dollar and give up a high pick?

Or are you just going to talk gibberish?

I already know the answer.


After Jake Long, Im just very cautious about clearly having another LT that doesn't finish seasons.

At the end of the year we're back to Martin finishing the season a LT and Garner at RT. That last game against the Pats was a total pass protection nightmare. I don't ever want to have to play that tape again.

Im fine with Albert starting 13-15 games a year. Its those last 1-3 games that concerns me most.

dusty, you are the very same one that would call Ireland a total idiot for doing something like this.

For some reason Albert tickles your nuts.

"Some of you are dumb enough to buy sand from a camel."

What? Should they ask the fish instead?

didnt think so alston, u get the pt now. which u made for me. doesnt matter how many teams want him or not. vince wilfork is great but we have no interest in him cause we dont need him. maybe that helps u silly dense sob . your entertaining though

fair enough yesterday but no doubting that when albert plays hes very good and much better than long last year

Doesn't make sense. Is he that much better than Jake Long?? We could have had kept Long for the same or less money, and not lost a pick or two. This one has me puzzled.

Compensation is a big part of the problem, I think Andy Reid expects no less than #42.

Then we have the back issues, ESPN guys (and many KC fans) are not as optimistic as dusty in this regard, not even close. I wonder if the physical is still pendant.

And then we have the diva attitude issue.

Besides I'm still hopin' that Philbin makes clear his own point of view on the matter before anything is signed because Albert doesn't look athletic enough for Andy Reid's offensive playbook, including a lot of stuff a team playing zone will want to do sooner or later.

I really don't want this deal to happen just because JI feels like there are not other options.

dolfan i think ireland thinks albert is that much better, having seen all of both these guys games last year ill agree with ireland. nobody will touch thill that albert is blocking

just said on radio here that albert will still have to take a physical hydra

Hey, hey, hey.....
It's fat Albert......

Year Team G GS
2008 Kansas City Chiefs 15 15
2009 Kansas City Chiefs 14 14
2010 Kansas City Chiefs 15 15
2011 Kansas City Chiefs 16 16
2012 Kansas City Chiefs 13 11
TOTAL 73 71

Back injuries rarely disappear all on their on. What happens if Albert's back decides it want to end the season at game 8?

Back injuries are very unpredictable. Some times they get even worse, at a far higher rate than they tend to get better.

If Albert's back decides to end the season at game 8, we're royally screwed. Probably more so at RT, than LT. Martin plays LT far better than we currently have anyone that plays RT. We gave up 5 sacks at thr RT position in the final game against the Pats.

We gave up 7 sacks, Martin gave up two on the left side, but one of those was a miscommunication between he and Incognito.

albert gave up one sack all year. risk im willing to take, but i understand your argument also yesterday


albert gave up one sack all year. risk im willing to take, but i understand your argument also yesterday

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 24, 2013 at 07:03 PM

all year??? you mean 11/16ths of a year

nope wrong again , 13/16

You people are never ever happy

Snoop dog likes brandon Albert sez he is the real deal

Its not Branden Albert that scares me. Its his health that scares me.

You can't argue with snoop

The 2nd rounder & $9 mil would be worth it if the trade for Fat Albert includes Rudy, mush mouth, dumb Donald and that dude with the pink cap

There are CAMELS that sell SAND?!!!!

He will be fine this will re energize him

Snoop dog likes brandon Albert sez he is the real deal
Posted by: Marc from nj | April 24, 2013 at 07:07 PM


Marc from nj,

There's no longer a snoop dog. He's now SNOOP LION!

No one wants this guy. Keep our picks and draft the best players available in each round.

Marc from nj,

If I were smoking the high grade stuff Snoop get his hands on. I would tell you Granny Clampett's the real deal.

No but on the serious side if no trade by tonight or tomorrow morning we must pick up a lineman pretty high either 1st or 2nd either wat the Phins rock

Mando! I finally agree with you on something!

Tell the Chiefs to take it or leave it. 3rd rounder now, or 2nd rounder later. Ireland, don't be muscled around by Andy Reid and his henchmen...! There are talented tackles all through this draft...

Albert would have been a layup

I agree too take it or eat a cow Andy

Andy is a used car salesman

Man, I never heard of this Albert before now and I think Jonathan Martin with his background can do anything he wants but the #1 priority for us is to adequately protect Tannehill, otherwise all the $ invested in Wallace and Hartline will be for naught. If Ireland and Philbin consider they need Albert here to let RT complete his throws, then it must be so.

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