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Holdup in Albert trade: Miami's deal with KC

The Dolphins have the parameters of a contract ready and practically agreed with left tackle Branden Albert. The sides -- the player and the Dolphins -- have an understanding of what it will cost in money compensation to get a contract done.

That's apparently not a problem.

The problem, as first reported by the NFL Network, is draft choice or player compensation between the Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs.

It is not known what the Chiefs want in return for Albert. It is not known what the Dolphins are willing to give for Albert. That part is all speculation. The consensus is that the exchange could involve a second round pick in the draft that begins Thursday night and continues Friday and Saturday.

The Dolphins have two second-round selections.

The Dolphins, as Steve Wyche of NFL-AM reported, are the only team talking to the Chiefs about trading for Albert.

By the way, the Dolphins and the Chiefs are gaining quite a history of trade emnity. They disagreed on compensation for sending Patrick Surtain to KC before getting it done. They disagreed on compensation for sending Trent Green to Miami before getting it done.

My sense is the two teams will get this done. Eventually.

Me? I'd offer the Chiefs one of my third round picks this year or a 2014 second rounder. And then I'd call them Saturday. Trust me, Branden Albert will still be on the trade block then.


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No noe is talking about Chris Faulk from Lsu he is one big dude

If you guys are so smart and seem to know it all, why don't you apply for a job with the Dolphins, or another NFL team for that matter?

I still hope we trade for the raiders pick tomorrow. There are many teams in the top ten openly trying to trade-down already, so forget about value chart suggestions.

Anyway, if we end up signing Brendan Albert I would hope for the best and root for him just like every other true DolFAN out there.

Good night everyone!

Ireland needs to hold out or withdraw the offer. Why? He needs to send a message to the other teams that he is no sucker and doesn't bluff. It is right before draft day, he knows to show others he can stare them down, He needs to earn some respect.

I did apply but no felons can apply

I think if we give more than our low 3rd rd pick for him we will be making a mistake, because KC HAS to do this trade we don't.

We assume Ireland's offering the the lower 2nd rd pick. He could only be offering one of the 5th rd picks.

If we're the only team interested in trading for Albert, If they don't make the trade on our terms, theyre stuck with a big fat Albert 9-8 million dollar contract for 2013.

Not only that, a turnstile at RT because Albert doesn't want to play the position.

kc doesnt have to, they will take fisher and play fisher at rt if they have to

LOL @ Doug !!

We will not panic a lot of tackles throuout the draft , remember philbin and Sherman are here as well

I am Just Happy The Fins Will Address The LT.

Can't Wait Til Tomorrow.

Look out patriots we are back

Well, Dashi...then hang on here til Midnite, and your wait will be over !!


That's a huge problem, because they'll still carry Albert's huge franchise tag. Plus, they cant franchise Albert next year and he still walks for absolutely nothing in return.

I don't see why their so adamant about what they get in return for Albert, because it's theirs, not Albert's decision to draft a LT #1.

They should be fine with a 5th rd pick. Its was their boneheaded decision. They could keep Albert, trade down, and turn the 1st overall into a slew of picks.

Ireland probably NEVER offered more than a third round pick.. Why would he offer more??
It will be a sticking point until they draft a Tackle at number one, and realize it is time to move along...

Now that we've built a relationship with Albert and know exactly what he wants. We should be the first team he and his agent talks to next season when he becomes a unrestricted fa.

Hod out, jiffy, you can get Albert with zero compensation in 2014!

Steve G,

If I were Ireland I wouldn't offer more than a 5th. No other team is interested and Albert is an unrestricted fa in 2014. So the Chiefs get zilch if they don't take a 5th rd pick for Albert right now.

By calling them Saturday you are implying that the first round of the draft is complete, or is it that the Dolphins will have already selected in the first two rounds.Since Im not someone who has followed any draft with precision I am writing this which could be obvious to others on here.
Also at least letting the chiefs draft before making the deal is kinda like calling in cards you want to see their hand or in this case (if they draft an offensive lineman)

Seems Bodine doesn't work either like many that are always here. Hmm...

Why Does Mando Always Wants To Trade Next Years Pick?

Then Next Year He Will Be Crying We Have No 2nd Round Pick.

Future Picks Are Important.


Tomorrow At This Time. Not Tonight At 12.

First Round Of The Draft. #12 Pick

@ Steve...agreed...cause if he had offered a 2nd Rounder, it would be done already...
I have nothing to base this on, except a gut feeling, but I think Ireland accepts a trade for Albert and one of our 3rd round picks, even if he has to wait until Friday to see it done.
Then, if KC is still playing hardball, he'll let them eat Albert, and sign Winston, or one of the other FA Tackles, then continue the draft with a Rookie Tackle somwewhere on his agenda....

Paul and I have not caught you yet in a spelling or grammatical error, Bodine(we'll forgive sintaxis), but be aware, very aware.

OK Dashi..just wanted to see if you were still paying attention...

Oscar canosa,

Can we consider that "sintaxis" are very bad cab companies?

Oscar...is that akin to Yoda telling Luke to "be afraid, be very afraid"..and Luke replied "I'm not afraid"...and Yoda hit him with..."Yeah, dude, but you will be "!!!!

Somwhere in the world, Eric Winston is praying that Ireland makes ChuckleHead Andy eat Fat Albert......

I think Oscar meant to type "syntax's". I google sintaxis and everything came up in espanol. LOL...

I agree with Armando on this one. I would not give more than a 3rd round pick for Albert.

I was always willing to give Irlenad the benefit of the doubt but I am now starting to get concerned with Ireland's strategy of building through FA. That is usually not a good formula and says something about his ability to recognize and draft good talent. He has been here for 5 years now and you would think that he would have a good young core by now and instead he is looking to replace some of his misteps in the draft through FAs.

What does McKinnie want $ wise?

How many sacks did he allow last year?

Albert supposedly did better than Long in that regard.

Just checked the draft schedule, and what I would do is let the Chiefs draft in the 1st and 3rd rounds they are first(dont have a 2nd)this is contingent on the fact that the Dolphins are the only bidders for Alberts services.After they make their pick in the 3rd I would offer my 3rd depending on who I drafted or a lower pick this year to get a veteran for at the highest draft pick a 3rd rounder because a veteran contract is more expensive and probably going to be harder to get rid of if Albert dosent work out.

we'll forgive the use of syntax.....(there is no plural that I can find)

I think that is more or less the thesis of this article.

Jeff holding his ground. nothing wrong with that.

dealing with rookie GM's here.

New blog up, bye bye Davone

If dusty if signing off on this deal it makes me VERY cautious. He doesn't get too many right. Do I really need to list them all?

If the 'Phins make this deal this will regret it at some point in time. I still don't believe it's happening but if you believe the reports (which I don't), it does sound like it's getting close.

Gman ..Jeff is no rookie GM....he's been at it for 3 years at least....and getting better with experience...kudos are in order from where I sit....

(I know, nobody gives a fart what I think is ordered)

YO..new blog topic: Devon Bess

the fins are working on a deal for Kansas City's first round pick. Albert is just a smoke screen.

Jeff, if you believe that then your inhaling to much smoke. Ireland is not giving up this Draft to move up to number one. That's just ridiculous

I'd be very interested in contract details myself. Guess we won't know until it's all over.
I've thought about it and I don't know who has more to lose. Dangle a 5th out there, wait 'em out and make 'em blink first. That don't work give them a 3rd but that's it.

Albert is a Top 12 LT in the NFL, the Dolphins won't find anyone better in the draft and the price to move up to get one is higher than the price the Chiefs are asking. Also, Albert's back injury was a strain, not a structural issue. The Chiefs checked him out closely before signing the franchise tag, he is healthy. Albert is vastly superior to Long and a 2nd rounder for a player with 8-10 years left on his career is a steal. Salguero has no clue what he is talking about, Albert is a good player and an improvement for the Dolphins. Go fins.

I can't stand this anymore one stinking day to go I am going crazy,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We were all complaining about over paying for Jake Long. Now Ireland is going to pay more for a lesser player to fill that position. Albert will never be big Jake. If we were going to pay that kind of money for a LT, then why not pay Jake Long. Long was a known commodity.

Albert's own team is not making a real effort to keep him. That should tell you something.

Ireland strikes again!!

Please do NOT do this deal. Being from Kansas I can tell you it's a HUGE MISTAKE! Armando call your sources and beg them to pass on Albert. He hasn't finished 16 games except once (wasn't that a problem with Jake), he is not elite( and won't be ever)so he is not worth the money, and we can pick up a younger cheaper tackle in round 2 or 3 that will be just as good. I would wager Martin is as good as Albert right now, and Winston could be picked up cheaper and be more effective. Please Armando beg them NOT TO DO ANY ALBERT DEAL.

Rumor is they want to fill the hole at OT by signing Albert, then trade up and get Travon Austin after trading Bess to Cleveland.
I may actually agree with this strategy and approve of the trades...Jeff, make it happen!

Albert is no Fat Albert... He was when he was first drafted. But Todd Haley ran his butt off his second season. He went down from like 335 to 315 where he is listed at still today. By the way he has started 71 out of a possible 80 at LT in his 5 seasons. Really good player, think this is more of a cap move than anything else. They can get Joeckel or Fisher for less than half of the money that Albert wants

Also they were back spasms, and only occurred last season, before that he was pretty injury free. Only missing 4 games in his first 4 seasons. If you really want a bad move just sign Winston, he is always getting false start and holding calls. Plus that fact that he was released by Houston and Kansas City in straight seasons.

Here is a link that you can check Albert's stats as a LT over his career.


He has been called for a total of 34 penalties for 230 yards (22 false starts and 8 holding penalties) and has given up 27 sacks for 202 yards in 71 career starts.

Which averages out to 1/2 penalty per start. And about 1/3 of a sack per start. Really decent numbers. And he is 6'05"-315lbs not Fat Albert.

Keep the picks , if you must trade up go for Pugh , it would cost a lot less. He is quick and a great fit in the WCO,GB is very interested and use the same zone system.If we stay at 12 I would love Austin or Eifert.They are both elite and create huge mismatches , the biggest problem last year was not enough TDs.

i say give the chiefs our 1st pick in the 3rd round if they want more tell them ok we will give u are high 3rd round pick like we said before and our 7th round pick! nobody but us is willing to make the trade for branden albert there are reasons for this it's not becuase he sucks and nobody wants him it's because for 1 the 3 teams that have money to take on alberts contract demands are all in the top 10 of the draft and they are all going to get jockel fisher and lane jhonson so they don't need to trade for him and the other teams thgat need a left tackle don't have the money to trade for him topay what he wants the only team that does is the miami dolphins! they have the draft picks and the cap room and he wants to play for miami! so if they don't take what miami is willing to trade then they are stuck with him and his 9 million salary for the year so they backed them selfs into a corner! because between him and drafting jockel with the 1st pick in the draft that is going to be like 16 million this year alone between them 2 players! or the dolphins can say if u don't want a 3rd and a 7th round pick then ok we will give u a 2nd round pick but u have to wait for next year! if they say no then the dolphins can say forget u we will either A move up in the draft to get lane jhonson or we can move up and get 1 of the 2 guards in the draft and just let johnthan martin play left tackle simple as that and they have to make up there minnds by tomorrow before the dolphins select because other wise the dolphins might take a left tackle or move up to select a left tackle and then the chiefs are screwed which they don't want to be screwed so they will take what the dolphins are willing to give unless they are low balling them with like a 4th or 5th round pick and then if i was the chiefs i would say no

Wonder if Winston is calling and saying, "let's not be hasty here."

Albert's injury last yr was only muscle related and Ireland let Jake walk cuz he didn't fit our offense, the man could not move two feet off the line of scrimmage. Albert only allowed like 1 sack last yr and I think has averaged only allowing like 3 a yr. That's awesome and a lat 2 or 3 for that talent isn't too bad given the fact our coach aparently doesn't trust Martin at LT and this late in the game (givem our spending spree in FA) we gotta do summ' to Protect Tannehill and make use of this yrs FA spending spree...
I say make the deal for no more than our late 2nd and enjoy getting some playmakers tomorrow and next day...

I say we don't offer any more than a 3rd round pick. I hope the deal we have in place with Albert is less than what Long got. The key is how much is guaranteed. Hopefully we get a pick back for Bess. I think we'll be lucky to get a 4th, probably a 5th.

You know what, I'd rather see the Dolphins trade down to 16 with the Rams and get Rodger Saffold from them. He's every bit as good of a player as Albert. Only he doesn't come with the ridiculous contract demands.

Here's hoping that Ireland is a great poker player. Albert is not worth a 2nd round pick, or the money he is asking for, plain and simple. Fins have 5 picks out of first 82 players in the draft. There are great value players in the second and third rounds. How many times have we seen first round picks that are a total bust? Chief have nowhere to go with Albert-they don't want him, he doesn't want to be there. Ireland needs to stand tough, and get Albert on our terms, not KC's. If he is not there, he is not there. This could be Fins best opportunity to build through the draft in years, and keep cap space. Don't waste our picks, Jeff.

It's weird to me some of the comments on this. One person "never heard of this Albert before now..." (Hint: he was taken on the same day in the same round as Jake Long.) Others say he's "too old." (Hint: He's six months older...than Jake Long.) Others say "why didn't we just give Long the money?"

Fair enough: that one is more complicated. Two years ago, it wouldn't have been a conversation. Jake Long was as good as you'd want at LT in a run-blocking scheme...literally. He average less than one QB pressure allowed per game his first couple of years. And Albert did okay, overall, but was far from a Pro Bowler.

SINCE THEN however, the tide has turned. Last year Albert allowed one sack. Total. All year. Long was graded in the mid-20s where Albert was at the tail end of the top 10 (by Pro Football Focus).

Long is better suited (if he stays healthy) to Jeff Fisher's power-oriented line schemes. Albert, on the other hand, fits a more mobile scheme. IF he stays healthy (and back issues are always a concern with OL, but I'd bet on Albert over Long based on the last two years) than I believe he could be an upgrade in our system.

And honestly...who CARES about the money? Once in a while you have to overspend. We can put a decent guy who wants nearly as much at RT (Winston) or a former first rounder coming off his best year?

Heck, I'm not sure I wouldn't rather have Albert fora 2nd on a 3-4 year deal--for whatever the cost--and still have our first to use this year. It's SURE better than a 2nd tier rookie with a red flag, and all the rest have them. Experience, attitude, technique.

We've gone all-in folks, and you rarely win when you draw a seven on the river. Melenik, Pugh, Armstead, Long...no face cards there. None of those guys gives us the nut hand.

We can't risk this entire season on a maybe.

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