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Holdup in Albert trade: Miami's deal with KC

The Dolphins have the parameters of a contract ready and practically agreed with left tackle Branden Albert. The sides -- the player and the Dolphins -- have an understanding of what it will cost in money compensation to get a contract done.

That's apparently not a problem.

The problem, as first reported by the NFL Network, is draft choice or player compensation between the Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs.

It is not known what the Chiefs want in return for Albert. It is not known what the Dolphins are willing to give for Albert. That part is all speculation. The consensus is that the exchange could involve a second round pick in the draft that begins Thursday night and continues Friday and Saturday.

The Dolphins have two second-round selections.

The Dolphins, as Steve Wyche of NFL-AM reported, are the only team talking to the Chiefs about trading for Albert.

By the way, the Dolphins and the Chiefs are gaining quite a history of trade emnity. They disagreed on compensation for sending Patrick Surtain to KC before getting it done. They disagreed on compensation for sending Trent Green to Miami before getting it done.

My sense is the two teams will get this done. Eventually.

Me? I'd offer the Chiefs one of my third round picks this year or a 2014 second rounder. And then I'd call them Saturday. Trust me, Branden Albert will still be on the trade block then.


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