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Contradictory reports on Albert, Dolphins contract

I do not understand the media. And I'm in the media.

Last week's heinous and cowardly terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon showed that the media can often go after the same story and come away with contradictory facts.

Remember the New York Post reporting there were 12 deaths when there were three? Remember CNN reporting there had been an arrest and the Boston police having to tweet there had been no arrests because, well, there hadn't been any? Remember the reports of the bomber being dark-skinned? A right winger? A lone wolf?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Are you getting the drift?

We in the media often miss it. I am no exception.

Most of us are doing the best we can with the information others are willing to share. Some of us have good sources. Some of us ... not so much.

And that brings me to Branden Albert.

Remember him?

It's all we've been talking about for several days, it seems. And as the possibility of a trade happening is floating out there, the national media has caught wind and is also working the story.

But, lest you forget, sometimes excellent and well intentioned reporters get contradictory information from their sources. So I present to you the Monday night tweets from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Rapoport tweeted that the Dolphins have agreed to pay Albert's contract demands, which are basically similar to those Houston LT Duane Brown got from the Texans last season. He added that the deal is thus merely waiting on KC -- obviously meaning the Dolphins and Chiefs have to agree to the trade compensation necessary to complete the deal.


Mortensen, among the best in the business, reported quite the opposite several hours later. He said the Dolphins have been "turned off" by Albert's contract demands. And he said there has been little or no communication for two weeks. 

 Well now, that presents something of a contradiction in my mind. They both cannot be correct if they're saying polar opposite things -- that contract parameters are agreed to and that the contract parameters turned the Dolphins off.

I don't know who is correct. I don't have any tiebreaking information. 

I do know Brown got a seven-year $56.2 million deal in August of 2012 that included a six-year extension worth $53.4 million. Do the math: The extension averages out to $8.9 million per year. And the $22 million in guaranteed money is an armored truck load.

And the Dolphins are going to pay that and give up a draft pick, too?

If that is true, I smell desperation.

Look, Brown was the best left tackle in the AFC and perhaps the NFL last year. He's been elite for a couple of years now. He finally got recognized for his play with a Pro Bowl berth last year -- not that that is the truest measure of his worth. Bottom line, he's worth the money.

Albert, meanwhile, is a good player. There is no arguing that. Scouts say that. The metrics people at ProFootballFocus rated him the 11th best pass blocking left tackle last year. And from what I've seen, my eyes tell me he's solid.

But he's not $8.9 million a year plus a draft pick good. 

Aside from his play when he's healthy, I'd be worried about the guy's durability. Look, the primary reason the Dolphins didn't grease up Jake Long with the love and respect (read big-money contract that didn't question his durability) he wanted is because he had durability issues.

Well, in Albert's five NFL seasons he's played 16 games once -- that in 2011. Last year he missed five starts and three full games because of a back issue. Albert missed more starts than Long last year. 

And the Dolphins are going to give Albert nearly $9 million per year?

Let me put it this way: I hope Mort is right. 


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Pay the man and move on to the draft

I just don't see it! Signing Albert is a sign of desperation in my opinion. There are other options...

unless martin gets a whole lot stronger we dont have any starting caliber tackles it seemed every pass play he got pushed back not stout enough at the point of attack

We have already overpaid for a good not great WR (Wallace). Why not doing it for a key position like LT? If there is one spot where you do not want to be cheap for, it is LT.

Alternatives are:

1) sign an oldie like Winston: not good.
2) give the LT spot to a rookie we'll draft in the 2nd round, who's going to be the 5th or 6th best OT prospect of his class? not good either.

The Albert signing makes football (not $) sense.

1, I hope Rapport is right.
2. How do you not have tie breaking info
3. Joe Thomas is better than Duane Brown
4. Ryan Clady is better than Duane Brown

Ireland better not trade for this fat a** mediocre piece of s*** line, there's other options !! But with this smf (Ireland) calling the shots god help this organization. On a positive not according to A.Marvez of NFL Radio&Fox Sports. Com the dolphins snd saints are talking trade. The saints want some guy named Vaccaro and according to Marvez hah he believes the dolphins love the TE from Notre Dame we'll see !!

Hearing "rumors" the Niners want to get up into the early teens. If Miami gives up a 2nd rounder for Albert, maybe a trade with the Niners swapping 1sts, getting their 2nd this year & next years 1st rounder. I like the idea of Miami going into the 2014 draft with a couple of first rounders even though the chances are both will be mid to late picks.

What about the guy from Baltimore, Bryant Mckinnie? Why isn't he being discussed?

The dolpins walk slow and drink water.

I hope that Ireland just waits it out. No panic. He isn't worth the trouble or the money he wants. Why drive the cap up. The team is in great position right now. Draft a guy and keep Martin right there.

Somehow turd I see this dolphin team picking around 12-16 in next years draft also, with their schedule I see this team 7-9-9-7 hell even 6-10 if they get off to a 1-4 start which experts do see happening !! Remember dolphin fans 1 playoff appearance in 12 years who are you Miami Dolphins we'll find out this fall !!

I sincerely hop we pass on this guy as trading a high pick for him and paying him top dollar would wreck our salary cap, and take away a high draft pick from us for a guy that is getting older, has a bad back, and frankly has only had one or two good seasons which is hy KC is desperately trying to get rid of him. For that, we should have simply put the franchise tag on Long...

The Sean Smith situation all over again, Do you want to pay a good player elite money? Looks like no one else is interested in a offering Albert a contract so why not take this issue up after the draft when KC will have 2 LT's and be paying out about 14 million for the position, and more willing to lower the draft compensation.

dusty knows best.

If you're not going to spend the money on Long, you're not going to spend more money on Albert. The Dolphins FO look like they have a plan this off season - don't blow it now. Use Martin in 2013-14 and pick up a LT in the draft. -- The one caveat would be that Albert just needs to get out of KC and will take appropriate Dolphin $, then we upgrade for the short-term and fix that in a couple of years. Then in the draft you focus on CB...which they have to do anyway.

Once again like i said yesterday I'm so not worried about all these so called reports. Jeff Ireland is too smart for this!!! He will never be a dolphin. Journalistic integrity please!!!! I haven't seen any in 20 years!! Unless your 60 minutes!!


3 days away. With the 12 pick in this years nfl draft the Miami dolphins select....

I cant believe in my heart that Ireland and Aponte, cap experts that they are known to be, would sign off on paying Albert that kind of money. The 2014 cap, while once boisterous, is starting to get filled up. Albert's signing for that kind of money is a real head scratcher. I will grant this- Albert fits Philbin's style of blocking better than Long. If he stays healthy, Albert is an upgrade to a degree. I am legitimately worried about the ramifications on the salary cap if Rappaport's report is true.

Chris mortenson has had horrendous reports the past few years. I don't believe him either.

If they are worried about LT, sign Mckinnie or Gaither. Why am I the only one on these blogs that is interested in Gaither? He was good enough to keep Michael Oher at RT when he was with Balt. He got lazy or disagreed with coaches in SD when he signed for a big contract. He was cut- he's hungry now and only 27.

There are 11 picks- draft a few O linemen you can develop. Mckinnie or Gaither buys us time.

If they are worried about RT- sign Winston or Clabo. WTF? This is so simple and quite obvious what needs to be done without obliterating the cap for a 28 year old who has been injury prone.

Why do fans worry about what a team pays somebody??? If they want him they'll sign him. I could care less what other teams think or if its "overpaying".

"I smell desperation" ????

No deal has been done yet.

There is no need to desperately sign Albert. I watched Martin last year when he did switch from right to left tackle last year and thought he did a decent job. Some of you act as if he was a turnstile. That couldn't be farther from the truth. The offensive line as a whole did not collapse when Long went out last year. Does it need to get better? Yes. Do we need to desperately sign fat Albert? No.
Hold pat Ireland, and take your chances in the draft.

if we sign albert, i hope ireland we'll be next jets gm.

Dolfan Rick,

I think fans worry about what a team pays a guy because you don't win Championships but consistently overpaying guys. We've seen this over and over again with the 'skins and the Cowboys and more recently with the Jets. I think the same is true here. Did we overpay for Wallace? No question. But I think it was a big need on this team and Ireland has shown he's either not prepared to draft WRs high or doesn't know how to evaluate them. So I have no problem with this. I dont think we can keep pluggin holes by overpaying for good but not great players. It doesn't work. The Eagles tried it recently and it got them nowhere.

aren't there a few veteran LTs out there??
why pay this guy for what he's done on some other team..
keep your picks.. work the draft.. and if need be pick up one of these vets

Don`t sign Albert.
At leas wait until Chiefs draft a LT.
Then the price for Albert will go down.
Maybe to a 3rd round pick.

Martin was rated as one of the worst starting tackles in the league last year. Do you really want to count on a huge leap in performance by Martin to keep Tannehill on his feet? The other has been lineman mentioned are not the answer either. You just invested over 60 mil in offensive playmakers and now we want to go cheap on the oline? The team is built to win now and in the future. Sign albert and be assured you have a left tackle you can count on. He has played 73 of 80 games in his first 5 years, missing about a game a year. He is medically cleared from his back injury. Unlike long Albert has improved every year so he may not have reached his peak yet and is 28. If you trade up to get one of the top tackles you give up a first and second round pick to get a rookie. Cut the best deal possible and get it done. Probably wont happen until day 2 of the draft just in case one of the top tackles falls in the Fins lap on day one.

It just amazes me the number of guys on here that wanted Long gone and told us repeatedly that Martin was a 'cheaper and better' option. They may well be right but where did they all go? A bunch of cowards that went into hiding and can't stick to their own thoughts.

Let's not get too wound up by this off and on again trade. Although, I believe it would be better to chase other options...Ireland could do a lot worse than trade for a proven guy and give him a big fat contract. And like I said before it's not done until the guy signs on the contract and they agree on compensation.

You can't fill every need in one year. Even the best rosters have holes. what's the point in doing all that cap and roster management only to blow picks and money on a slightly better than average LT?

What are the chiefs going to do with a spare LT earning so much money? Or will they pass on LT in the draft? If they do the Dolphins can use the second to move up and get one of the top three LTs for a much cheaper price.

Better still, just find someone, anyone, to fill the spot at LT or RT and concentrate on CB and DE.

A lot of you are forgetting,or are not aware,that the Dolphins will get an additional 10 million in cap space in June from the Dansby and Burnett releases last month. Plus they still have almost 9 mil.left after signing all off the free agents thus far. So they do have the cap space to sign Albert. However I think it would be a mistake when they can get a younger and much cheaper LT in the draft. If we are willing to give up one of our second round picks this year,I would rather see them moving up to get their man rather than give it to KC for Albert. IMO

pete, our garage manager is at it for the last five years and you still saying (( we can't fill every need in one year ))...........


I hope Mort is right also! My post to a previous blog mentioned how one can not know what Andy Reid or the KC Chiefs are going to do. Nothing against them but they were not good last season and they are desperate to leverage any team for more. Ireland may have to go to plan 'C,D or E'


We have no clue what Jeff Ireland or the coaches think about anything discussed on this blog. We will find out on Thursday and Friday!


Sure, after five years Ireland should have done better, I think he was learning on the job.

but I don't see how that invalidates my point. In trying to fill every need in one particular FA/draft the dolphins (or any team for that matter) risk reaching and/or over paying. It might seem paradoxical but the key to building well over five years might actually be to do a bit less in any given year. Quality not quantity etc.

No need to get excited there's still plenty of time until the start of the season like Mr Ireland said. We'll get answers in a few days and I'm sure there are details that haven't been shared with us. Could this just be draft a draft smokescreen? Sure it could. There's no reason to believe the FO would share them with anyone at this time of year...And since no one knows what Mr. Ireland is going to do we have no choice to wait.

Take a look at the Dolphins schedule. Only the Panthers and Bengals were in the top 10 in sacks last year. the Ravens and the Steelers lost pass rushers. The Browns gained Kruger but without Suggs will he be any good? the Saints, Falcons, Buccaneers, Bills (even with Williams) and Jets couldn't get anywhere near the QB last year.

Tannehill now has 3 good checkdown options in Keller, Bess and Miller. Martin should improve.

We don't need an elite LT, at least this year. I'd rather get a DE with the 12th pick and use a second and a 3rd to trade up and get a CB or TE and drfat an LT with the other 2nd.

It also looks to me that it's going to be either Joeckel or Fisher who goes number one overall. So I'm wondering what the guys who have said on here repeatedly 'you ALWAYS take a potential franchise QB first over a LT' have to say about that. I happen to think Geno Smith has BUST written all over him but he's still 'potentially' a franchise QB. What say you fellas? Care to change your tune?

Just say no to Albert!

What happened to all that talk about moving up in the draft to grab on of the three top tier OT's?

I'd rather give up a second round pick to move into the top 10 to grab a fresh, top tier rookie than pay Albert $8.5M

Craig M,

Depending upon your definition of 'franchise' QB there can only ever be perhaps 5-15 of them at any given time. Its by definition a closed system unless all the QBs are equally talented, but even then there would be differences in development. If you don't have an above average QB play off success is impossible.

Therefore, if I were a GM of a Franchise with a below average QB I'd draft at least one each year until I got lucky and I couldn't care less about LTs until I had a QB worth protecting.

Craig M,

Whats up man? I'm still all about letting Long finish his career not in a Dolphins uniforrm which seems to be about another 2-3 years. He's damaged goods man. A biceps and triceps injury are considered reoccuring injuries. For a a guy that is constantly punching and using his arms that doesn't seem like something I would want to invest in long term. Now we've read the structure of the contract wasn't favorable too Long's liking. I could be wrong but I think I'm right about this, it probably was about 5-6 M a year for the first and second years and was backloaded to where years 3 and 4 and so on were about 9 M and more. He knew his body wouldn't hold up to see anywhere near the length of the contract.

Long will either retire early or be a complete shell of himself and finish his career as a serviceable RT.

This of course is all just a guess on my part and an opinion but it's always better to get rid of guy a year too early then a year too late.

Now the OT positions is very unsettled but it is what it is. We probably take a guy in round 2 or maybe even Fluker in round 1. Still would seem like Miami has a question mark at OT with Martin and a rookie but again it is what it is.


It's not my comment. It's some of the BS that gets thrown out on this blog.....like it's a hard a nd fast rule. It's all total BS, buddy. I don't believe there's a GM out there who would take Smith number one even if his team had a need at QB. By by what some of these guys are saying it should be an automatic that the Chiefs select Smith over Joeckel because Alex Smith isn't a top QB and their rules says you always take the QB. Sure doesn't look like there's any chance that'll happen on Thursday.


I see what you mean. I suppose there is a caveat to my comment above - you have to actually think the QB in question has a good shot at being above average. Get three such QB's and its likely you'll get a good one. It doesn't matter what pick its at.

Having said that if there wasn't an obvious QB to go first overall and the draft didn't inlcude a Calvin Johnson or Von Miller I'd try and draft down for more picks rather than pick the LT.

The only reason any information about the Albert trade would surface this team of year is by design. Excuse me if I don't believe the media and refuse to get caught up in the pre draft BS. But at worst we end up with a top 10 Tackle. Big Deal.

I could just as easily see the team grab an elite Guard in the first where there is value and then a Tackle in the second.


Good points all around. I can't really disagree with anything you've said there. My only caveat is that if Ireland does in fact buckle to Albert's and KC's demands then I think he got it wrong. Not saying Albert can't be a good player for us for a couple of years but at what price.

I guess we'll just have to see how it all plays out Andy.


Very good points. Be leery of the stuff that's being thrown around this time of year.

If trading for Albert pi**es off Mace Taggert, I say do it. The sooner he strokes and cannot type the better.

Armando. WE ARE DESPERATE. You said we need to win, I agree.

If Tannehill does not have time to set his feet and deliver to a wide open Wallace, you and Mace Taggert will be the first two screaming that we had all that cap money and all those picks and still screwed up.

Use the resources we have, NOW.

Either sign Albert or lease Winston, Mckinney or Gaither. For once, lets go into the draft to strenghten the team. Not complete it.

OK How about a scorecard for the media that are quoted on major news and sports media sources with WINS & LOSSES.
When the information that particular media person reports is confirmed to be true we will give him or her a W when it turns out to be wrong a L.
This won loss record will appear right beside that persons name with whatever story they are posting writing or telling.

Great idea King.
I have always been held responsible for my screw ups.

Everybody knows,

Thank you for also recognizing Gaither. The guy is younger than Albert and would come much cheaper- not to mention- he is hungry. Very hungry and wants to position himself for one more large contract.

I totally agree with you about going into the draft in which we will only have to draft BPA bc we have no glaring weaknesses- weakness like CB come to mind, but not glaring ones. I just dont want Albert signed for that much money- why not pay Long then and keep him a lifetime Dolphin? It doesnt make sense.


Sometimes tells me an awful lot of media people would be .500 or below if that were the case. Most of them would NEVER make the playoffs.

Im against signing and trading for albert. They shud have keep jake if they were gonna pay thta much and keep the pick. Martin played lt in college protecting luck and they asked the kid to switch to rt. believe it or not it is a big difference in the two positions. Another thing martin missed alot of the off season workout program becuz of nfl rules he had to graduate from stanford before he could join the squad.


starks 4 ba.

Please, let's not get started on what coulda or shoulda been with Long. He is no longer an option, for better or worse. Onward and upward.

Craig, does Geno Smith look like a first overall pick to you? If you are picking around 10th and looking for a qb, fine.. Tannehill would've easily been the first pick in this draft.

Trade down in the draft for a late 1st and a second rd pick, grab Eifert with late first rd pick, offer our latter 2nd rd pick for Albert only if he agrees to sign a contract less than 8 mil per season for 3 years with 2 guaranteed (approx 15 mil guaranteed. With the 2 second rdrs draft DE and CB, then CB and BPA in the 3rd. I wouldn't mind taking a chance on the honey badger either! If all else fails, draft a LT in the 2nd or 3rd and sign Mckinnie!


I think that's the problem. He's not. But it's not the rule that some of these guys have been spouting.

Only thing I would say Mark is, none of Bress, Rodgers, Russell Wilson or even our own Dan Marino were ever seen us a'franchise' QB. All of them have proven that is whole exercise is a bit of a crapshoot when it comes to evaluating talent.

Didn't Gaither get that large contract from San Diego last year and promptly eat his way out of it? SD is taking a large cap hit just to get rid of the guy. Maybe he's one of those guys you sign to a one year deal - I certainly wouldn't invest in him.

2 watt, I've been on that wagon for a while. Starks for Albert, both guys get paid bothe teams solve immediate needs, Miami keeps all their picks and can take one of the deep pool of 4-3Dts available ... Floyd, Star, Richardson, Kawann Short among others. All these guys seem to have the goods. Short especially as a pass rusher if you can nab him in round 2. 7 sacks in the big 10 last year.

Craig, I think if KC had their way, they'd trade down and pick a QB. I don't think they want to draft one of these guys with the stigma of being the #1 overall pick. Knowing they couldn't do that this year, they just traded for Smith instead. That team's going nowhere.

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