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Contradictory reports on Albert, Dolphins contract

I do not understand the media. And I'm in the media.

Last week's heinous and cowardly terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon showed that the media can often go after the same story and come away with contradictory facts.

Remember the New York Post reporting there were 12 deaths when there were three? Remember CNN reporting there had been an arrest and the Boston police having to tweet there had been no arrests because, well, there hadn't been any? Remember the reports of the bomber being dark-skinned? A right winger? A lone wolf?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Are you getting the drift?

We in the media often miss it. I am no exception.

Most of us are doing the best we can with the information others are willing to share. Some of us have good sources. Some of us ... not so much.

And that brings me to Branden Albert.

Remember him?

It's all we've been talking about for several days, it seems. And as the possibility of a trade happening is floating out there, the national media has caught wind and is also working the story.

But, lest you forget, sometimes excellent and well intentioned reporters get contradictory information from their sources. So I present to you the Monday night tweets from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Rapoport tweeted that the Dolphins have agreed to pay Albert's contract demands, which are basically similar to those Houston LT Duane Brown got from the Texans last season. He added that the deal is thus merely waiting on KC -- obviously meaning the Dolphins and Chiefs have to agree to the trade compensation necessary to complete the deal.


Mortensen, among the best in the business, reported quite the opposite several hours later. He said the Dolphins have been "turned off" by Albert's contract demands. And he said there has been little or no communication for two weeks. 

 Well now, that presents something of a contradiction in my mind. They both cannot be correct if they're saying polar opposite things -- that contract parameters are agreed to and that the contract parameters turned the Dolphins off.

I don't know who is correct. I don't have any tiebreaking information. 

I do know Brown got a seven-year $56.2 million deal in August of 2012 that included a six-year extension worth $53.4 million. Do the math: The extension averages out to $8.9 million per year. And the $22 million in guaranteed money is an armored truck load.

And the Dolphins are going to pay that and give up a draft pick, too?

If that is true, I smell desperation.

Look, Brown was the best left tackle in the AFC and perhaps the NFL last year. He's been elite for a couple of years now. He finally got recognized for his play with a Pro Bowl berth last year -- not that that is the truest measure of his worth. Bottom line, he's worth the money.

Albert, meanwhile, is a good player. There is no arguing that. Scouts say that. The metrics people at ProFootballFocus rated him the 11th best pass blocking left tackle last year. And from what I've seen, my eyes tell me he's solid.

But he's not $8.9 million a year plus a draft pick good. 

Aside from his play when he's healthy, I'd be worried about the guy's durability. Look, the primary reason the Dolphins didn't grease up Jake Long with the love and respect (read big-money contract that didn't question his durability) he wanted is because he had durability issues.

Well, in Albert's five NFL seasons he's played 16 games once -- that in 2011. Last year he missed five starts and three full games because of a back issue. Albert missed more starts than Long last year. 

And the Dolphins are going to give Albert nearly $9 million per year?

Let me put it this way: I hope Mort is right. 


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I totally agree on KC. I laugh at people who are saying this a playoff team in 2013. Let's see. Show me....

I just don't see it.

Just read that Milliner is probably slipping out of the top 10 due to his shoulder injury, and the niners are salivating over him with the 31st and 34th picks in the draft, this could be our trade partner.......

I could see us moving John Jerry to LT, and drafting a new RG to fill his spot and putting Martin back at RT where he is not that bad. Aren't there some really decent guards in this years draft?

mr. Cote,

i enjoyed reading your mock draft, very entertaining, and eifert WILL be a touchdown machine but...although ireland wanted a pre draft roster that would allow him to draft such players, he unfortunately has not done so. there is a vacancy at left tackle that MUST be addressed to make his offensive freeagent targets viable, as well as a running back that can stay at home to block and optomise the playaction...maybe jonus gray is that guy, but i just can NOT see ireland signing a tightend over a left tackle...maybe he does sign albert...but if LANE is still available at #12, you have to go get him.

Thank God all this will be answered in the next 2 days. All this speculation. I'm sticking with my picks at 12, Eifert, Vacarro, Ansah or Austin. We sign Winston or Clabo after the draft and Martin is our LT.

"Albert, meanwhile, is a good player. There is no arguing that. Scouts say that. The metrics people at ProFootballFocus rated him the 11th best pass blocking left tackle last year. And from what I've seen, my eyes tell me he's solid."


I'm still trying to figure out why there are people are on here who continue to say that Albert is the 23rd ranked Tackle. Where does that stat come from????

Anyway....This will all get resolved by Friday. Bring on the draft already!!!

Craig, does Geno Smith look like a first overall pick to you? If you are picking around 10th and looking for a qb, fine.. Tannehill would've easily been the first pick in this draft.


I don't like Geno at all & a team that takes him in the top 10 is crazy IMO but I also remember when Locker & Ponder both got drafted in the top 10. I never liked Locker or Ponder as NFL prospects & that still hasn't changed. I thought Gabbert would be the best of the bunch but it's not looking good for him in Jacksonville. Not sure any QB could win there.

13 3rd and 5th 14

I PRAY Mort is wrong here. I've been singing Ireland's praises ALL offseason. He's made good decisions. THIS ONE, however, has bust written all over it. Maybe as bad as Jake Grove (but more damaging). EFFE this guy if he wants to get paid like the top LTs. He needs to understand, he's expendable on the team he's on. If he wants a long-term contract, he's gotta take a "L". Because if he gets franchised, and they get Joeckel, then this dude isn't making squat compared to what he wanted. Or if they keep him, and he's a FA next year, yeah, one year older, good luck dude making top dollar.

PLEASE Jeff, keep your cool. Don't believe the hype with this character. KEEP YOUR PICKS! You might stumble on the 11st best LT the 2nd round and STILL have another pick to use on a WR. Time is on our side. DO NOT GIVE IN TO A VIRTUAL NOBODY!!!

Ried will do the same thing in KC that he did in Philly. Load up the roster with Fast flashy players instead of football players that contribute to a team. Sean Smith's

That is why i like Philbins concept so much.

No heroes, just the team.

Outstanding work Mando. I always enjoy reading your columns and am seriously disappointed when something new is not available to read.

You cant pay Albert 9MIL+ a year. Too much injury history and the level of play does not match IMO. IF teh price comes down to around the 6 per mark then I think it would be a bit more resonable but I honestly think they should move on from this and focus on an upgrade in the draft. If not bring in McKinnie and call it a day.

My God, if we trade out of the 12th again for the 31st and 34 th pick, I may just throw myself off the side of the cruiseliner I will be on in Miami this weekend...

I Believe In Mort.

Ross ir too cheap to pay top for players, a decent GM, or to fix HIS OWN stadium.

Armando, your column yesterday was spot on. Ireland should not make this trade pre-draft. Albert wants too much money and the cost of a 2nd round pick is too high for the Fins. Not only is it too much for Albert, but will create a cap problem for us for years if we do it and he doesn't pan out. We are not in a desparation mode. The 2nd rd pick is too important to give up (salary cap and potential-wise) and we have many FA options out there to fill in for a year or two to help at the OT position. Who knows, someone might be available at pick 12 that is a good OT option or perhaps with one of our 2nd round picks. Key is not to panik. Hopefully Ireland won't do that. We worked so hard to clean house and have cap space, let's not ruin it with one bad trade now.

The best thing that could happen to the Dolphins is 2 to 3 QB's going in the top 10. I seriously doubt that is going to happen but I am hoping teams will reach just to make sure they get their guy. So I am hopeful but very doubtful.

I mentioned this back in October on here that I did not see any QB's in this draft class that I'd take in the 1st round. BUT now I am hoping for just that scenario that WNP mentions. A repeat of the Gabbert, Locker and Ponder draft.

WNP I also believe the Albert thing will be resolved Friday. IMO the Dolphins are stalling to see what happens in the 1st round. So this trade could happen late Thursday night or Friday at some point.

Bring on the Draft!

Martin getting "stronger" is a minimal concern IMO. Its an obsticle that can easily be overcome with a little hard work. Martin will be just fine. He has the smarts and the committment to be a solid OT in this league, easily.

I don't understand who everyone thinks the dolphins will end up with if they don't get Albert. Who fits the zone blocking scheme they want to run? By the time the dolphins 2nd round pick comes around there will be no LT worthy to start next year, hell there will be no tackle better than Albert. They could trade up to get one of the big three, but then they're giving away TWO picks for ONE player. Albert fits the zone blocking scheme they want to move to. I'm not saying Albert is the only answer, but he is an answer. Trade up for a LT, trade for Albert, or sign Winston and use Martin at LT and let Tannehill most likely get crushed. Id love to see this trade go through Thursday right after the chiefs pick their LT


I think you're hoping Mort is RIGHT. He's the one saying the 'Phins are turned off by Albert's contract demands.

And if the 'Phins makes this move, for me this will undo a lot of the work that's been done this offseason. I truly believe this move will come back to bite us in a year or two.

Funny to hear from the guys that are so high on Albert. Has missed time with a back injury and what did Armando say, 'has only played a full season once'. Yeah, no red flags there....LOL.

And these are the SAME guys that rip Jake Long for being hurt. Funny stuff!


As You Can See. Dashi Has Been Saying It For A While. But It Is Good When Even The New England Media Knows The Pats Drafting Has Been Suspect The Last Couple Seasons.

Yet, You Guys Claim Players Will Be Good Because Belichick Says So.

Posted by: Dashi

As a matter of fact "team" was Shula's way to build a team.

He was great until he got Marino. Then Shula and everybody else, including me, was having so much fun watching Marino that they didn't really care about the Superbowl.

Gurus say that Marino was not the best. Maybe not, but he was the most fun to watch.

One more comment for those blogging about Jake Long. While we all loved him, let's face it, he got hurt all of the time and I only see that trend continuing with him. It was time to move on. I wish him well in St. Louis, but anticipate he won't be playing all 16 games there in 2013.

Watch Jamal Charles' highlight reel on youtube. I was against trading for albert prior. The knock on him is he is a poor run blocker but every big run is going to the left right behind him. He's not a mauler but on most runs he seemed to get to the second level and more importantly block the right guy to free charles for huge gains. He looks good on tape. I'll take him, Then BPA.

To Me It Is A Win Win Either Way.

Sign B. Albert and Fix The LT Position. You Guys Can Say What You Want, But B. Albert Is A Legit LT. We Won't Find One Of His Caliber Right Now In The Draft. They Might Develop Into Better Players. But Right Now, If Games Were To Be Played In A Month. None Of These Guys Looks Better Than B. Albert. The Problem Is The Contract. 5 Years is To Long To Spend On A 29 Year Old. But Seriously Name 1 LT You Will Draft In The 2nd Above Albert.

Drafting The Line Is Also A Win. Yes I Explained We Won't Find A LT In The Draft That Is Better Than B. Albert. But They Can Develop To Be Better. Also, The Cap Saving. It Will Cost Less To Keep Pouncey, Martin, and 2 Rookie Linemen , Than To Pay B. Albert.

I Would Rather See The Fins Draft A LT Instead Of Spending Big Money.

Dolfan Rick,
I think fans worry about what a team pays a guy because you don't win Championships but consistently overpaying guys. We've seen this over and over again with the 'skins and the Cowboys and more recently with the Jets. I think the same is true here. Did we overpay for Wallace? No question. But I think it was a big need on this team and Ireland has shown he's either not prepared to draft WRs high or doesn't know how to evaluate them. So I have no problem with this. I dont think we can keep pluggin holes by overpaying for good but not great players. It doesn't work. The Eagles tried it recently and it got them nowhere.
Posted by: Craig M | April 23, 2013 at 07:43 AM

You have some valid points Craig but I don't think you can compare our situation with that of the Eagles, Cowboys,Jets or Skins.

The Eagles had QB issues and injury issues and their team never came together. The Skins had a crazy rich owner and poor coaching. I would venture to say the Cowboys would have had even more success if Romo didn't meltdown at crunch time. The Jets I would agree were mismanaged and thus their GM got booted.

I don't think you can say Ireland's MO is to overspend. If they end up trading for Albert it's because they have done their due diligence and Ireland and the coaching staff believe LT is as big of a need as Wallace was to the recieving corps.

As fans we have every right to question their motives as it effects our back pockets as well but personally after the last 4 or 5 seasons, I like the sense of urgency their showing right now.

When you combine his stat with his run blocking and pass blocking then thats when his overall rated tackle number goes down.


Marino Might've Not Been The Best QB Ever. But Marino Was The Most Prolific Passer In History.

For Example Take This Era. Some Will Say Brady Is The Best Because He Won More Superbowls. While I Will Take P. Manning and D. Brees Ahead Of Brady. As Better Passers And QB.

Best QB Shouldn't Be Because You Played On The Better Team. That Should Actually Handicap You In The Conversation. Being The Best, Means You Are The Best In Your Position. Even With No One Around.

Who Is A Better RB?

E. Smith


B. Sanders

Who Is A Better QB?

T. Aikman


D. Marino

By Peoples Account T. Aikman Should Be A Better QB Than Even T. Brady. Aikman Won As Many Superbowls and He Didn't Lose Any.

What happened to "Ross is cheap"?

I thought we wanted Ross to spend the money to make this team competitive?

There are ways to get rid of a contract if the player does not work out.

Trade for Albert AND draft the prospect. For once we have the resources.

Everybody knows
Look a few posts up and you will still see tards like Harmel are still saying it..

Dashi, I agree that he was the best. But people will argue that with you.

When you say he was the most fun to watch, no one but an idiot will argue.

Matty, I know I join everyone here in congratulating you on the birth of your precious bundle of joy!

Sorry to hear your pregnancy was so difficult but now it is over and the joys of motherhood begin! When I saw the picture of you nursing your little (is it a boy or girl?) I was a bit overcome with emotion.

God bless you.

Not sure they should sign this guy or stand pat with Martin. All comes down to how comfortable Philbin is with him. Line wasn't terrible last year without Long, and honestly Long didn't play all that well. Other veterans are available, but not sure if they are better options really.

Now on this, "we should have kept Long" argument. No, they should not have kept him. Over the last 3 years he has gotten worse and finished the season injured. He is going downhill quick, why pay him for that? Better off finding a solution that will improve, even if it means using a stop-gap for a year or two.

Also if they draft Cooper/Warmack that will definately help whoever is playing T. Could always use a TE to help in pass protection or a backup OL (Yeatmen).

Dolphins have plenty of options and time, KC is the one on the clock. No need to do anything drastic. KC's price will go down after they draft a LT.

Craig, you're right, Mort's the one who's on point here.

That's what I'm saying to folks here, at least be CONSISTENT. They bashed Long, but praise Albert. They bash Martin (as a rookie who needs to improve), yet talk about Egnew like he's on the verge of being Jimmy Graham.

This will all be figured out in a matter of days. IF this deal goes through (and let's hope if so it will be on our terms) I'm predicting it doesn't happen until Thurs after KC makes their pick.

It's simple. Ian Rapoport's source is the agent. Mort's source is the Dolphins.

I think Mort is correct. Ireland wants to sign Albert to LG money and Albert wants LT money.

Martin will be the LT this season whether or not we sign Albert.

And the final grade on last year's draft will be A+. We will end up with a franchise QB, a franchise LT, a starting DE (Vernon) and a starting RB (Miller) in the same draft! That would be the 3 premier positions you look for in the first round of the draft (QB, LT, 4-3 DE) in one year. Most teams take three or four years to draft that kind of haul. It will be the defining draft of Ireland tenure and will vault him into the upper echelon of GM's.


That Is Why I Use The Term Most Prolific Passer.

People Can Say Montana/Brady Was A Better Game Manager.

But The Art Of Passing. That Belongs To Marino.

Brady Or Montana Can't Make All The Throws. At Least All The Throws Marino Made.

Tom Brady Needs 2 TE's Because He Can't Throw The Deep Ball And Lacks Elite Arm Strength.

Posted by: Clarence Thorpe, Certified Public Accountant | April 23, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Isnt that cute that I ruffled someones feathers so they either did one of two things.. they posted under a different name or they took up for their boyfriend.. either way its really cute and I appreciate you congratulating me on the birth of my child.. but shes almost 4 months old so youre a little late..

Jeff Ireland is playing with the media, he got all of them thinking LT.When he is going after Tyler Eifert in the first round

Marino At One Point Owned Over 60 Passing Records. Or In Other Words Marino Owned Almost All The Passing Records. If A QB Owns Almost All The Passing Records, What Does That Make Him?

The League Has Gone To More Passing. But Marino Is Still The QB With The Most QB Records.

There is a HUGE difference between Albert and Long.
Long 2011 13 games
Long 2012 12 games

Albert 2011 16 games
Albert 2012 13 games

Albert Back Spams, cleared by 3 medical specialists all saying he has no back injury. Huge difference between spasms and injury

Jake Long Long has had to deal with back problems, a shoulder injury, knee issues, a torn biceps muscle, and a torn triceps muscle.

Long has declined over last 2 years, Albert has not.
That's called FACTS

We need more turnovers and to score more touchdown to win. too many words&articles about an average LT imho

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WITH A CLUE!

The Ravens Are Keeping R. McClain.


My Question Is Why Haven't They Even Called Dansby?

At $3 Mil A Season Dansby's Production Might Be Justified. His Attitude And Insubordination Is What Is Stopping Teams From Signing.

Nobody Wants A Player That Complains All The Time. And Quits In The 4th Qtr When Things Get Tough.

...DC..This has nothing to do with bashing Jake Long, and praising Albert. It is the situation we are in. Long has sailed. We don't know what the team offered him. It could have been a similar contract to what the Rams paid him for all we know.

We have to get off this idea that why didn't we just pay Jake Long if we are going to pay Albert so much. We don't even know what an Albert deal may look like. Everyone is getting hung up on this franchise number, and thinking this is the concrete amount for a long term deal..Again we don't know this as anything except rumor. Would the anti Albert camp still have their collective panties in a bunch if Albert signed a deal that paid him 6-7 million a year? Is that too much??

I keep going back to the fact that all of us here have missed..Whiffed on these contracts. We don't know how to structure them. It is all black and white.. This much for this long. Let the FO do what it does. If it means sign and trade for Albert. It probably meant that the team didn't feel comfortable with the draft. Ireland did a lot of work to improve the offense this offseason. I don't think he will just settle at left tackle.

Finally. We have one player. Albert. Who has improved through his career. One player..Long who has digressed. So Jake Longs reputation sort of gives him a pass with the fan base here. We all remember the good times. He hasn't been that player in 2 years. Ablert on the other hand has been just simply the better player.

Mark Clayton said on ESPN radio this morning that the trade would happen by the end of the week. Stated it as fact. Remember most sources are agents, so I believe none of it.

Daryl D....

Great post @ 11:22...

I have been going back and forth on this Long/Albert thing in my head....even went to so far as to say.... "if Long left and we paid Albert the money...then why not keep Long".....

Your post put in to words the other side of the argument that I coudn't see...

I'm not convinced you are right....but I am swayed....

I love the fact that Mando (and other fans here) continue to make comments on 'not overpaying for Albert' but never really state what he is actually worth.

The way I see it we have just a few scenarios:

1) Martin was selected #2 last year - he proved to be OK not great and definitely not Elite at LT. THILL had some pressure on him frequently but seemed to survive. Do we make Martin LT?

2) Trade our 1st, 2nd, and likely 3rd or future 2nd for one of the 'top three sure thing LTs in the draft.' Are we sure that all three a sure things? Are we really going to give up that many picks for an proven NFL rookie?

3) Trade our later 2nd round pick for Albert. I have taken the positiont that I would pay him as top 7-10 LT in the NFL. I think that fair pay would be $7.5m per year.

4) Keep Martin at RT and try to get a LT in the 2nd round. Again, Martin was found in round two and did OK...not great.

5) Keep Martin at RT and try to get another FA to fill the hole for one year.

To me it's either option #3, #4 or #5. I say if Albert wono't come for $7.5m then we have to take our chances with another rookie in 2nd round or try to get a veteran free agent for a year stop gap.

9.8 a year for a guy that doesnt score TD.

C'mon now. There are cheaper options available. that will work just fine.

Mckinnie, or Winston.

CommonSense, the lione was definitely horrible without Long last year. How was it otherwise? NE and SF killed our line. And even crapass teams like Buff and Jax got steady push. We can't play with only one competent lineman in Pouncey.

I've been on that wagon for a while. Starks for Albert, both guys get paid bothe teams solve immediate needs, Miami keeps all their picks and can take one of the deep pool of 4-3Dts available ... Floyd, Star, Richardson, Kawann Short among others. All these guys seem to have the goods. Short especially as a pass rusher if you can nab him in round 2. 7 sacks in the big 10 last year.

Craig, I think if KC had their way, they'd trade down and pick a QB. I don't think they want to draft one of these guys with the stigma of being the #1 overall pick. Knowing they couldn't do that this year, they just traded for Smith instead. That team's going nowhere.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 23, 2013 at 09:34 AM

I like that Idea (tho I think Starks is a slightly better player at his position. Would accept that trade straight up. Like it when dolphin fan's think outside the box

...But again...@ 11:45....that is where my heart is....

We had the BEST LT in football for half a decade...and paid a pretty penny for him..5 years later...we have ONE winning season to show for it.....

5 OTHER TEAMS have hoiste the Lombardie TROPHY with either the 2nd best LT in football...or worse.....

I guess I am back on the don't really need either of them kick....


I dont think the questions at RB, QB, and LT are all going to be answered favorably.



your like a puppy dog nipping @ my heels....how embarrasing for you...

We know ALL your opinions are FACTS....but for us mere mortals on this blog....we like to discuss....debate...and be prepared to have our opinions swayed or changed based apioun the information made available to us....either thru news repors...or information that other bloggers may provide....

I am sure that is ODD concept to you....but it works for me....


I like Cote's mock draft particularly for Miami. Agree or disagree with the pick Eifert is an element this offense hasn't had since Keith Jackson it seems like. A TE who is a legit red zone target and matchup problem.

Eifert and Keller together would give Miami a great combination at the position and 2 different sort of threats similar to New England in Gronk and Hernandez. Now Im not saying either are as good but similar size and skill sets which is a problem in itself.

I would love the Eifert pick at 12.

We need a decent RB to at least take some of the load. Probably in rd 2-4.

Want to know WITHOUT a doubt that you HANDED SOMEBODY THEIR @SS on this blog the day before....

they will lay and wait for you to post the next day...and regardless of what you say....they attack you....NOT your post...you.....

That is STALKERism 101....and 100% proof that you are in their head....

I give you the post @ 11:50 as definitive evidence....


Agreed, That Having Only 1 or 2 Players On The Line. Sucks.

But Trading Starks?

Hope Not.

This Draft Is Super Deep In DTs. You Don't Have To Draft One In The First. A 3rd Round DT Will Give You A Similar Player To A First Round DT. This Is Probably The Deepest Position In The Draft.

Doubt Starks Is A System Fit In KC. Plus, I Believe KC Is Tired Of Spending On DTs. Dusty Can Probably Confirm This. KC Still Has Some Big Money Tied Up On The D-Line.

Isn't it your job to find out which story is true?

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