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Contradictory reports on Albert, Dolphins contract

I do not understand the media. And I'm in the media.

Last week's heinous and cowardly terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon showed that the media can often go after the same story and come away with contradictory facts.

Remember the New York Post reporting there were 12 deaths when there were three? Remember CNN reporting there had been an arrest and the Boston police having to tweet there had been no arrests because, well, there hadn't been any? Remember the reports of the bomber being dark-skinned? A right winger? A lone wolf?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Are you getting the drift?

We in the media often miss it. I am no exception.

Most of us are doing the best we can with the information others are willing to share. Some of us have good sources. Some of us ... not so much.

And that brings me to Branden Albert.

Remember him?

It's all we've been talking about for several days, it seems. And as the possibility of a trade happening is floating out there, the national media has caught wind and is also working the story.

But, lest you forget, sometimes excellent and well intentioned reporters get contradictory information from their sources. So I present to you the Monday night tweets from NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Rapoport tweeted that the Dolphins have agreed to pay Albert's contract demands, which are basically similar to those Houston LT Duane Brown got from the Texans last season. He added that the deal is thus merely waiting on KC -- obviously meaning the Dolphins and Chiefs have to agree to the trade compensation necessary to complete the deal.


Mortensen, among the best in the business, reported quite the opposite several hours later. He said the Dolphins have been "turned off" by Albert's contract demands. And he said there has been little or no communication for two weeks. 

 Well now, that presents something of a contradiction in my mind. They both cannot be correct if they're saying polar opposite things -- that contract parameters are agreed to and that the contract parameters turned the Dolphins off.

I don't know who is correct. I don't have any tiebreaking information. 

I do know Brown got a seven-year $56.2 million deal in August of 2012 that included a six-year extension worth $53.4 million. Do the math: The extension averages out to $8.9 million per year. And the $22 million in guaranteed money is an armored truck load.

And the Dolphins are going to pay that and give up a draft pick, too?

If that is true, I smell desperation.

Look, Brown was the best left tackle in the AFC and perhaps the NFL last year. He's been elite for a couple of years now. He finally got recognized for his play with a Pro Bowl berth last year -- not that that is the truest measure of his worth. Bottom line, he's worth the money.

Albert, meanwhile, is a good player. There is no arguing that. Scouts say that. The metrics people at ProFootballFocus rated him the 11th best pass blocking left tackle last year. And from what I've seen, my eyes tell me he's solid.

But he's not $8.9 million a year plus a draft pick good. 

Aside from his play when he's healthy, I'd be worried about the guy's durability. Look, the primary reason the Dolphins didn't grease up Jake Long with the love and respect (read big-money contract that didn't question his durability) he wanted is because he had durability issues.

Well, in Albert's five NFL seasons he's played 16 games once -- that in 2011. Last year he missed five starts and three full games because of a back issue. Albert missed more starts than Long last year. 

And the Dolphins are going to give Albert nearly $9 million per year?

Let me put it this way: I hope Mort is right. 


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Trade down with San Fran and get effirt then load up trufant and the long boy and or Washington from Florida state and deffinatly take a chance on the honey badger


I have no interest in playing with Dashi today....

So I will chill out...and let the grown folks talk football....

enjoy fellas....


Are You Confirming That You Are Stalking?

Again, You Are The One That Sounds Angry. And The One Calling Dashi Out. Not The Other Way Around.

And Claiming That Dashi Is Someone Else. Sad!!

I Type Every Word In Capital. I Have An App For That. It Will Actually Be Work Typing In Lowercase. And You Are Not Worth The Work.

Also, If I Wanted To Say Something To Your Little B'tch Ass. Dashi Would. Everyone Knows My M. O.

Yet, You Have This Nasty Pompous Grandiose Attitude.

Craig Is Easier To Talk To. At Least Craig Doesn't Switch and Switch Peoples Words. Without Ever Explaining Their Side Of The Story.

The Blog Has Been Going Great Today And You Want To Ruin It With Your Trolling.

Oh, and R. Mallett Is Still A Bust.

Man, can Vaccaro hit hard. I read a story that he covered Tavon Austin in their Game 1 on 1 from the line of scrimmage and neutralized him. I believe it, somehow, he always makes the play.

I am going to be traveling the next two days and thankfully returning home to FL just as the draft gets started. So, here are my final thoughts/hopes for the draft this year.

Main thought: First round picks should be used on players who score TD's, sack QB's or create INT's. I would NOT draft a DT, G or OT in the first round. Given the current needs and realities I am HOPING they pick TE or CB in round #1.

I see two final scenarios playing out.

Scenario #1 - Albert trade is done for later 2nd round pick.

Rnd1 - Eifert
Rnd2 - CB
Rnd 3 - DE
Rnd 3 - G
Rnd 4 - S

Scenario #2 - Albert trade is not done and the team decides Martin is the LT for the new season.

Rnd1 - Eifert
Rnd2 - CB
Rnd 2 - RT
Rnd 3 - DE
Rnd 3 - G
Rnd 4 - S

I really like Eifert as a red zone threat, an additional blocker and good character guy. He will score TD's with THILL for many years to come. I think he is Philbin guy and I think that is what drives the pick ultimately.

Jason-you are an idiot. if you don't like the blog, don't read it. I happen to enjoy it. I don't always agree with him, but Armando talks about the right issues and provides worthwhile insight in the process.

oscar canosa,

Nah Vaccaro covered Austin a few plays here and there and stuck with him on 1 particular play that could of been a huge gain but Vaccaro was able to break down and make a great 1 on 1 play but Austin still had a 100 yards receiving that game. but I like Vaccaro and at 1 time he was one of my favorites for Miami @ #12. Thats cooled off and he's still one of my favs and I would be ok with that pick but theres several other guys that if their there I would prefer.

Vaccaro could be good but far from making any real difference IMO.

Again You Little H O!!

It Wasn't Me. But I Agree. You Retract To F'ing Much Kris.


...But again...@ 11:45....that is where my heart is....

We had the BEST LT in football for half a decade...and paid a pretty penny for him..5 years later...we have ONE winning season to show for it.....

5 OTHER TEAMS have hoiste the Lombardie TROPHY with either the 2nd best LT in football...or worse.....

I guess I am back on the don't really need either of them kick....

Posted by: Kris | April 23, 2013 at 11:49 AM



I have no interest in playing with Dashi today....

So I will chill out...and let the grown folks talk football....

enjoy fellas....

Posted by: Kris | April 23, 2013 at 12:04 PM


So In Less Than 30 Minutes You Retracted Twice. First On The Albert Thing.

Then You Antagonize Dashi, And Retract On That.

Also, If You Noticed Your Little Sensitive Ass Posted Earlier And Dashi Didn't Pay It Any Mind. Yet, Someone Says Something And Dashi Is To Blame.



I Don't Want An Apology Or For You To Admit That You Are Wrong. Dashi Can Care Less. I Gives A F'ck.

What Dashi Wants Is For You To Move On After I Exposed You The Other Day.

Stop Holding A Grudge. That Is A Childish Emotion. It Makes You Look Silly That You Are Still Mad From Yesterday.

The QUESTION to ask is:


I believe it will be Albert or some other free agent for the o-line. Then drop down to re-gain any lost pick.

JPAO: I'm in agreement with your thinking. If there is a kernel of truth to Ireland's interest in Albert, then they have no plans to move up to land an LT. Rather, they may trade down (to land Eifert) and still pick up a late #2 to make up for the trade with KC. My only concern is trading a late #2 for Albert is way too high.

This story about McShay is why I have always believed all these mock drafters function in basis of $ paid to them by their employees to select their picks. Mr. McShay had the Jets picking Dee Milliner at #9 before the Revis trade. Now, AFTER the Revis trade, he has the Jets picking , with the same 9, Barkevius Mingo. Jets lost their best CB and now suddenly they don't want the CB that they were poised to acquire and rather a DE. Logic? Reasoning? Anybody?


I Don't Know About Vacarro.

But I Saw 2 Different Syracuse CBs, Shutdown Austin and Bailey So Bad That They Gave The Syracuse Coach An NFL HC Job. Those 2 Midgets Couldn't Get Off The Line Against The Press.

I bet most of these media Draft pickers won't even watch the Draft. Their job is done, they don't care one way or another. They'll probably watch Game of Thrones instead.


I know Everyone Has His Own Opinion. But Eifert At #12?

Do You Think Egnew Is A Bust Already?

The Fins Have Way Bigger Needs Than A TE. And The 5th Ranked TE Isn't Rated That Much Lower Than Eifert. You Have A Bigger Gap Between The 3rd LT and The 4th LT.

Wouldn't C. Patterson Make More Sense At #12. And More Value.

Assuming Fins have a losing record again this year,


If yes, don't you agree he'll do everything possible to save his job?

If Ross is willing to pay or over-pay for Albert or any other FA, Ireland WILL SPEND IT (to save his job)!

Hey Dashi....I think there are a lot of different definitions of Value.

I think Patterson is a real project and after brining Wallace and Gibson and resigning Hartline I don't think Ireland will spend a first round pick on a WR. These receivers have long terms deals and I think Ireland views it as locked up. They may use a 2nd or 3rd round pick on WR but that would surprise me as well.

I see Philbin liking TE's to run his offense. Remember he is an offensive minded coach. He knows that Keller is only signed for one year. I think Eifert fits the Philbin mold.

I don't know if Egnew is a bust. I am not saying he is. If he pans out this season then there is less need for Keller.

I really like a 6ft 7" TE in the red zone. I think it adds a great go to receiver for THILL for many years to come.

I will by OK with Cooper, Warmack, Star, Milliner, Rhodes, Werner if they happen to be chosen by the Fins. But I think the Eifert pick is solid.

Mark, wasn't Long in the game when they got beat by Buffalo? Didn't he get pancaked in that one? SF DL makes pretty much any teams OL look like crap as well. Plenty of teams would have been happy to have the OL the fins had last year. Wasn't great, but wasn't terrible.

Long didn't make that big of a difference.

There's only about 5 Transnational Media Corporations in the World. We obtain the News from the World only thru them and what they want to publish. You have to learn how to read them as there is much more information to be had in what they don't publish.

Don't sign Albert. If Jeff Ireland signs him, he will not be the GM for long with the Dolphins. You don't let go of Jake Long, because of the money, and sign Albert for more money. They both had injuries. If he is worth the money, Arizona and other teams that really need LT, would have done it long time ago.

Im giving Ireland the benefit of the doubt on this one. He didnt want to overpay Long- who has shown signs of breaking down. The top 3 LT prospects in the draft have universally been regarded as sure fire top 10 picks- well its looking like top 5 as of right now. Lane Johnson will not get past Detroit. I think as the value of the top three prospects rose, Ireland back pedaled and tried to resign Long but it was too late. We are now faced with bringing in Albert and signing him to a big contract, or bring in another free agent to hold down the fort, or trade up for of the three LT. Lets be real here- trading up is not going to happen- too many picks to give up plain and simple to draft what should be a sure thing but what if its not?

So the dilemma for Ireland becomes- do you give up a pick and sign Albert to big money or do you sign a stop gap free agent to man the RT/LT. I am all for bringing in Mckinnie, Gaither, Clabo, or Winston and starting Martin opposite them. That is what I would do if Im in Jeff Ireland's shoes. Joe Philbin says we need a LT- I bring in Mckinnie or Gaither. Joe Philbin says he likes Martin at LT, I bring in Clabo or Winston.

Obviously, there is value in bringing in Albert for a second round pick- he ranks in the top 10 in pass blocking the last few years and we do have another second round pick after all. The problem most of us on these blogs are having is that we will have a LT that is going to make 8-9 million per year and has been slightly injury prone, just not the way Long has been breaking down but still injury prone. I just dont want the salary cap to become a mess for future years. I cant believe Ireland and Aponte would let it get that messed up.

mace taggart you are the biggest idiot that spews negative sewage. Crawl back under your rock you posing poser loser.

Its about time you showed up with some facts, I was getting concerned Jeffery was going to do something he have to esplain to Lucy. I read the first story and was dumb struck, then the opposite story came online and no one knew what was going on the least was you Mondo, Ive been waiting three days for clarification. Fat Albert can stay in KC, lets move on, as in far away from Albert. Gotta tell ya I like ND TE in first rd if Jeffery doesn't trade down, and I still like him at 22 or so. Hell I like him at 32 or 33,,,lol,,lol,,

mando + 1 for you on the lame-stream media, look who they helped elect.

You just figured out that Ireland is desperate?

If the Phins fail this year and it can blamed on LT and/or CB and/or RB then who is that blame going to fall on?

If you gvie this dude 8-9 mil a year with $24 mil guarnateed and give up one of our second rounders this year, you ned to be fired Ireland....

The Dolphins are talking to the Chiefs to take the 1st overall pick. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.

Trade Starks???!!! Are u crazy or high? In my opinion, Starks has been and currently is our best player. If we don't have him then we will be desperately trying to find a DL. Our defense was excellent against the run last year. Simply Ridiculous.

As for Marino - People can say whatever they want. DM was by far the best QB to ever play the game. Superbowls do not determine this IMO. Steve Young played in Tampa and looked ridiculous. They lost so many games it wasn't funny. Had Dan Marino played for the 49ERS at the time. With a line that could block, a running game and a defense, he would have won 5 - 10 Superbowls. Dan Marino would put 48 points on the board and our defense would allow 50.

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