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For me, Hayden if the pick is defense, Eifert or Austin if the pick is offense

I want the Dolphins to pick D.J. Hayden. There's no denying that. I've made the case in the newspaper and I think the need is obvious.

Let's face it, the NFL is a passing league and the Dolphins secondary has been frustratingly inconsistent.

They made Kevin Kolb seem like Joe Montana.

They let Andrew Luck break the NFL record for most third down conversion passes.

And more problems loom because Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Tom Brady (twice), Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco are all on the schedule in 2013. You have to be able to overcome that kind of firepower quarterback play with dynamic pass defense.

But ...

What if the Dolphins go offense? What if the Dolphins continue their offseason upgrade of the offense that included Dustin Keller and Mike Wallace?

Well, a right tackle at No. 12 would be terrible. A guard? Terrible. A running back? Not happening.

Thinks two players: Tavon Austin and Tyler Eifert.

If you are any kind of frequent visitor to this blog you know I believe the Dolphins have underestimated the importance of tight ends for years. They let Anthony Fasano's mediocrity lull them into a false sense of satisfaction. This while the Patriots went crazy turning tight ends into some sort of newfangled weapon.

Eifert would turn that tide back for Miami. He's got prototypical size at 6-5 and 250. He's not fast but he's not slow. He presents a matchup problem for linebackers and some safeties, although he doesn't separate with the consistency I'd expect. His hands are good. He's a good and willing blocker.

Austin, meanwhile, is more a dream pick. It's likely not going to happen. He's probably going to go higher than No. 12. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland doesn't like little guys and Austin is 5-8. He's only just a slot guy. His arms will prove too short to be a factor along sidelines.

But the guy is a playmaker. His tape makes your heart skip a beat. He's dynamic. He is a boom or bust pick, but if he succeeds, he's going to be great. I'd make a leap at being great over a chance to be good.



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First - Go Fins!!!

Happy Draftmas Dolphin fans.

Mando, I would be happy with Eifert, Austin, Mingo or Jordan.

We will see shortly.

I'd be happy with either of those guys. Please just no more defensive lineman.

I agree Mando. If they pick a guard, I'm going to blow up my mom's Olla de precion! Just kidding but I will be pissed.

Fins Jumpin for Joeckle tonight boys, jeeeeeeeaaaaah!

..Armando...We will see. We have all had a chance to debate these choices. Not everyone will be happy with the first pick. I'm sure all of us will change our tune once the pick is announced. That player will be a Dolphin. We will all be pulling for the guy. Hopefully whoever it is contributes. And those who were in that players corner can tell us all "We told you"..

At this point. I have no idea who the pick will be. So I will sit back and watch like the rest. GO PHINS!

But, Joeckle is a clone of Jonathan Martin. And less intelligent. I don't believe it.

DD - I second that thought. I do have my wish list but whomever the pick, they will be a Dolphin so I will be pulling for that guy.

^^^ Pre Draft Tech Advice ^^^

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Oh, looks like you've come around a bit on Austin, eh Mando?!?!? That being said, I still don't want the Fins to draft him and he'll be gone at #9 to the Jets.

Mando All 3 Of Your Picks Are Egregiously Bad.

The Fins Will Pick Neither Of The 3 Bust You Want.

Austin has alligater arms. Maybe as a return guy and occasional slot guy.

hes at the 20, 10, 5, Touchdown Miami!

Best article yet Mando!! Finally making sense.

dashee, they will all be better than 4.63 lacee.

People chickening out of their picks now. dusty, your Picks?

Tyler eifert is our pick

Everyone in here knows that by the time Monday rolls around this Miami draft will be considered a disaster. And when the $12mil/season Ireland gave to Wallace is seen in that light Miami will once again by regarded as a perennial loser.

That's right mofo's I've stayed away for 4 months and now

Pear, This is not a blog for your gay never kissed a girl computer chip BS. Go play with your inflatable girlfriend. This is draft night. I know that is difficult for a nerd who is allergic to sports. Run Ricky Run!!

It will be a tackle or guard, book it. Armanda, your opinion is - as always - absolutely worthless.

Eifert, Vacarro, Austin....
Off to Sun Life for the Draft Party!!
Go Fins
Just Do It Ireland!!!

FishBoy - your name is gay and you are a queer who can't use your regular name.

The pick is LT or CB.
1st and 2nd.
And they'll both be starting.
In fact both of the CBs we take in this draft will be starting.

fins get another speed receiver in 3rd round with either Goodwin, King, or Wilson; would opt for a speed rusher at 12 Werner, Mingo, Tank, or one of top DT's

E. Lacy Will Score More TD's Than T. Austin And T. Eifert Combined.

Man, those OTs must be 6'6" or more.

Mark Clayton was 5'9" compared to Austin's 5'8" WHO'S FASTER.


Oscar your the best bro! Hilarious!

You are correct. Eddie Lacy will score more than those other 2 combined.
He will also score more than Wallace and Schuler combined.
Nothing's changed.
Just read the depth chart.

Dolphins entering season with no running back, unbelievable.


Dear Mr. Salguero,

We here at the blog would just love to enjoy your presence tonight.

We were just wondering if maybe you could put aside everyone else's picks, say Goodnight to all your High Fah-Luting Friends.......

And Hang Out here where YOU BELONG!

Yes Armando(may we call you Armando), we took a vote and have elected you to lead our very own **2013 NFL Draft** Live Blog, right here at Dolphins In Depth!

Whaddaya Say Big Guy....?

What's it gonn be....?

Wow Greg, how long did it take you to think of such a witty, thought provoking response. It is painfully apparent you have the IQ of room temperature.

Expect huge wheeling and dealings maybe even beginning with KC itself.

Thankfully, the Brandon Albert talks have stopped until both teams select in the first round.

Let's call'um off Roger!!!!!!!

This draft will be legendary book it loser


I just got married six months ago. All is grand. You must have been referring to the guy you see in the mirror.

I guess we can't expect you to have anything useful to say.

We may go cb og ol but I think it will be Eifert we can go anywhere

Te'o Audibles Better Than Dansby.

So basically BPA

Dashi hes does. Dansby was horrible!!!

So glad he is gone.


The Dolphins can shock the world by trading up and taking Tavon Austin. I really feel like the fact that they are trading Bess means that they are taking a WR early. The fins cannot go into next season with just three reliable receivers. The fins will take a WR in the first or second round. My guess is that it will be either Austin in the first or Swope in the second.


It will be a tackle or guard, book it. Armanda, your opinion is - as always - absolutely worthless.

Posted by: Jason | April 25, 2013 at 07:35 PM

That sounds about right.

Te'o Audibles Better Than Dansby.

Posted by: Dashi | April 25, 2013 at 07:46 PM

We can expect dashi to find new angles to gloat about his call on dansby until approximately Novemnber 2047.

Which defensive pick would provide more impact?

1) A shut down CB


2) A complement to Wake so he doesn't get double-teamed?

Remember folks, and of course I am stating the obvious, but trade up or trade down doesn't happen without a partner.

You can't just do it because you want to.

Doesn't really sound like Milliner will fall as far as some sources were saying earlier.

Thinking only of Brady, of course, we would prefer a pass rusher up the middle(end rushers Brady can avoid). So, I think this year, a shut-down corner.

Somebody picks Tavon high, Rick, Milliner might be only 2-3 picks away from Us.

Oscar I expected more from you. Oh well. I miscalculated.

The honey badger is better than any DB on our roster.

Just heard an interview with Austin and the kid can't speak english. Didn't he just finish four years of college? I have a lot of questions about his intelligence and that's not good in this offense. He's lived in the country his entire life and hasn't learned english but he's going to learn this playbook in the next 3 months? Please do not pick Austin, too risky. He also seemed to be very focused on his "swag", I would have rather seen him being humble, grateful, or a little nervous. None of the above, came off like a punk.

You always miscalculate, pal. You'll see now.

I haven't commented the draft much...and certainly haven't touted this player or that player.....


I'm all IN...on AustIN.......

Let's make the pick..IrelIN.....


Oscar you sound more and more like the common bloggers every day.

If Teo slides into late 20' or into the 2nd will Ireland pull the Trade up trigger to snag him? What do yu guys think, would yu do it or should Ireland?

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