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For me, Hayden if the pick is defense, Eifert or Austin if the pick is offense

I want the Dolphins to pick D.J. Hayden. There's no denying that. I've made the case in the newspaper and I think the need is obvious.

Let's face it, the NFL is a passing league and the Dolphins secondary has been frustratingly inconsistent.

They made Kevin Kolb seem like Joe Montana.

They let Andrew Luck break the NFL record for most third down conversion passes.

And more problems loom because Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Tom Brady (twice), Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco are all on the schedule in 2013. You have to be able to overcome that kind of firepower quarterback play with dynamic pass defense.

But ...

What if the Dolphins go offense? What if the Dolphins continue their offseason upgrade of the offense that included Dustin Keller and Mike Wallace?

Well, a right tackle at No. 12 would be terrible. A guard? Terrible. A running back? Not happening.

Thinks two players: Tavon Austin and Tyler Eifert.

If you are any kind of frequent visitor to this blog you know I believe the Dolphins have underestimated the importance of tight ends for years. They let Anthony Fasano's mediocrity lull them into a false sense of satisfaction. This while the Patriots went crazy turning tight ends into some sort of newfangled weapon.

Eifert would turn that tide back for Miami. He's got prototypical size at 6-5 and 250. He's not fast but he's not slow. He presents a matchup problem for linebackers and some safeties, although he doesn't separate with the consistency I'd expect. His hands are good. He's a good and willing blocker.

Austin, meanwhile, is more a dream pick. It's likely not going to happen. He's probably going to go higher than No. 12. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland doesn't like little guys and Austin is 5-8. He's only just a slot guy. His arms will prove too short to be a factor along sidelines.

But the guy is a playmaker. His tape makes your heart skip a beat. He's dynamic. He is a boom or bust pick, but if he succeeds, he's going to be great. I'd make a leap at being great over a chance to be good.



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Dansby Replaces C. Crowder As Worst MLB I Have Ever Seen Wearing A Dolphins Uniform.

So Yes, When I want To Make A LB Joke. I Will Use The Self Proclaimed Best MLB Ever As An Example.

I haven't really been an Austin guy but where are those who said he wouldn't even go in the 1st rd. It's looking like he could go top 10.

Get off the stage JOE WILLY!!!

Joe Willie Willie

Phins your comment applies to 4 out of 5 NFL idiot moron clueless players. They are mostly ignorant, swept through college dumb grunts with a talent for football and nothing else. They'd be working stocking shelves in a warehouse if not for the NFL

Hey Mallett fans, apparently Belichick doesn't want him anymore, the Pats are trying to trade him for a low round pick.

Hello everyone. I'm here.And the Chiefs are on the clock.

The Honey Badger will be in drug rehab before training camp is over.

Can't Wait!!

After Today We Will Have Real Football To Talk About.

No More Speculation.

I AM a common blogger, man. You?

The Honey Badger is hitting the L right now! Who we kidding!

Armando, do you really think Austin can handle the NFL hits? The kid has got game but I do not see him being durable, common physics rules.

Funny Lester, you may be right! I like intelligent players though and I'm not a big fan of loud mouth divas.

And Armando answers the call, a true man of the people

Fins need to create more turnovers.

I'm starting to believe that a CB could do that and also contribute to more coverage sacks. So Hayden, Cyprien (or Milliner if he drops to #12)could be the pick.

And a pass rusher in the 2nd round.

KC Taking A Minute To Make The First Pick.

Welcome to your blog Armando.lol

If the Dolphins pick a G, RT or DT, I'd be very, very, very disappointed.

Fisher looks like a mean dude!!!

Eiffert is the guy, HUUUGE red zone threat, 6'6 TE towering over 5'10 corners....

ARMANDO!!' No O Line tonite, PLEASE

Phins 78....

don't see how your comments.......are a dig @ Mallett or the Mallett fans.....

Have you heard about Davon Bess....

Mando- just remember Tannehill would be #1 this year. We are already winning this draft!

I'd trade Tannehill for Mallet in a heartbeat.

Lol Fisher phone just rang....oops

I'm fine with Eifert or Hayden but Armando is right, we need help in the secondary and if they don't take Hayden they better double down on cbs in the second and/or third.

Dashi we certainly hope you don't plan on calling the play by play on the blog. Please don't spoil draft night.


You went ballistic during the national championship game when I said the Dolphins pick Chance Warmack. Might not be Warmack but I smell an OL coming.

Too late Eisen

If anything Phins 78....

it talks about the TALENT of Mallett to go from the bench of the PATS...to the starting line up of another team....one that drafted a QB in the 1st rd last year...and now want to upgrade with a 3rd rder......

Are The Chiefs Trading The Pick?

Mort just mentioned the scenario of Dolphins wanting Joeckel I reported earlier. Probably won't happen, tho.



Hi good evening guys ....
If the Dolphins don't trade down the perfect pick is Hayden

I am so damn tired of Leon Sandcastle jokes

NPA, Clayton and Duper were avg receivers made great by the greatest, Marino.

Did Mark Clayton Go #12?

If T. Austin Is S. Smith You Austin Fans Will Be Lucky.

Most of these trades are made beforehand. Still, they are exciting.

Kris you don't see it because it wasn't a dig. Just letting Mallett fans know he may be playing for a new team next year.

One tackle gone.

You see?

Horrible Pick.

E. Fisher Has Bust Written All Over Him.

And now Luke Joeckel is availabe in trade.

Marino was the greatest choker. Thats about it.

Joeckel is still there guys...

If he gets past Jacksonville I seriously hope Dolphins pick him next. If Sherman likes him that much, that's it.

Kansas is going to be less demand with Albert now, or will transfer him to RT?

Come on Jags, take a kicker

Ah Ha! A Michigan Boy as the First overall pick!

Hope they have better luck than we did with Long.......**NOT**!

Considering the level of competition he played against, The Chiefs are IDIOTS for taking such a big chance.

Don't get me wrong, Fisher is very good, but NO SLAM DUNK IMO.

Chiefs SUCK - LOL!

Armando, we going to settle for second best?

Kris you don't see it because it wasn't a dig. Just letting Mallett fans know he may be playing for a new team next year.

Posted by: Phins78 | April 25, 2013 at 08:17 PM

My bad Phins 78.....totally mis-interperted your post....I apologize.....

Fisher will play RT for KC next year.

Chiefs SUCK - LOL!

Posted by: odinseye | April 25, 2013 at 08:19 PM

No suprise the first word that comes to your mind is SUCK.

The reason (90%) there were so many Mallett debates was because the mega Mallett fans insisted that Belichick knows qbs and he drafted him to replace Brady who only has a few years left. The news he is trying to be traded kind of contradicts that contention. I don't care either way, I don't like him or hate him, he is not a Dolphin and I don't really care about his career.

Joeckel will never score a point in the red zone!! 5 out of 6 years our first pick has been a lineman. 3 years ago we has THE most expensive line in the NFL, for what?? ZIP, ZERO, NADA!!

Dashi got pissed now. Imagine later on!

And if my memory is serving me well no one ever said Bess was drafted to replace a hall of famer. Apples and oranges.

Joeckle to the Jags???

*cough* *cough*

Who Said Mallett's Trade Value Will Be At Its Highest This Draft?

Anyone else borderline drunk

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