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For me, Hayden if the pick is defense, Eifert or Austin if the pick is offense

I want the Dolphins to pick D.J. Hayden. There's no denying that. I've made the case in the newspaper and I think the need is obvious.

Let's face it, the NFL is a passing league and the Dolphins secondary has been frustratingly inconsistent.

They made Kevin Kolb seem like Joe Montana.

They let Andrew Luck break the NFL record for most third down conversion passes.

And more problems loom because Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Tom Brady (twice), Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco are all on the schedule in 2013. You have to be able to overcome that kind of firepower quarterback play with dynamic pass defense.

But ...

What if the Dolphins go offense? What if the Dolphins continue their offseason upgrade of the offense that included Dustin Keller and Mike Wallace?

Well, a right tackle at No. 12 would be terrible. A guard? Terrible. A running back? Not happening.

Thinks two players: Tavon Austin and Tyler Eifert.

If you are any kind of frequent visitor to this blog you know I believe the Dolphins have underestimated the importance of tight ends for years. They let Anthony Fasano's mediocrity lull them into a false sense of satisfaction. This while the Patriots went crazy turning tight ends into some sort of newfangled weapon.

Eifert would turn that tide back for Miami. He's got prototypical size at 6-5 and 250. He's not fast but he's not slow. He presents a matchup problem for linebackers and some safeties, although he doesn't separate with the consistency I'd expect. His hands are good. He's a good and willing blocker.

Austin, meanwhile, is more a dream pick. It's likely not going to happen. He's probably going to go higher than No. 12. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland doesn't like little guys and Austin is 5-8. He's only just a slot guy. His arms will prove too short to be a factor along sidelines.

But the guy is a playmaker. His tape makes your heart skip a beat. He's dynamic. He is a boom or bust pick, but if he succeeds, he's going to be great. I'd make a leap at being great over a chance to be good.



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Dashi, what value do you place on Mallett as of today? What do you think is fair compensation?

Bye luke

Any chance the Dolphins draft Manti Te'o


dashwad thinks fisher is a bust but lacy is worth a 12? idiot logic by an idiot.

f**k, now he is gone.

Luke Joeckel to Jacksonville. Now the Dolphins can grind on Dion Jordan. We'll see.



The Only Pick Dashi Cares About Is The Dolphins.

Now People here must be really pissed .

Thank God, Joeckel gone!! End of that discussion

Kris , no big deal, I can see how my post could have been misinterpreted. It did come off snarky.

I'll stop watching the draft if they pick another o-lineman!

Phins 78....

Not really here to debate or discuss tonite.....just want to watch...and comment from time to time.....

I shouldn't have engaged you.....

enjoy your night...

Here we go!!! Let's see if the Raiders will screw this up.

Good Pick By Jacksonville.

I Feel For L. Jockel Though. Both His College QB's Were Better Than B. Gabbert.

Probably means we are going to trade for Albert?


KC has Albert and Fisher now.
Phins have Ireland.

Let's hope Raiders make a crazy pick.

What does Oak need?

Now people should start to understand the Brandon Albert talk.

Lane johnson last option for a top LT in the draft.

I predict Geno Smith to the Raiders.

Oak needs to be split yo

Looks like we dodged the LT bullet.....

totally on board with this.......deep CB class so get your CB in Rd 2......trade for Albert......go bold and take Eifert or Austin--love that.

They might trade out.

LOL Kris chill, it's all good man, no debate here. I'm not trying to draw you into something, I was just making a point. I was done on page. Enjoy the draft. Also, Mallett sucks.

I am with Armando. Let's take difference makers. Tavon Austin, Tyler Eifert, Ansah, and Jordan.

Though Cooper would be tempting.

Crypt keeper on Raiders phone?

Where does Geno Smith go? Eagles?

Its all good Phins 78.....

We will have plenty to discuss and disagree about tomorrow.....or the coming days


done on page 2/ Also just kidding on last one!

Well, I hope Dolphins get Lane Johnson or Terron Armstead tonight. But I'm still pissed we didn't got a chance at Luke at all...

OMG, Al Davis is back.


here we go boys!!!

aw crap....

I Spoke to soon....


If I Was BB I Will Ask For A 4th Rounder At Least. Or A Conditional 2nd Rounder Next Year.

F you KC

Is there anyone more consistently desperate to be right about everything than dashi?

He must not have much in his real world.


Uff Trade with Us. Lane Johnson.

holy crap

Holy shyte!

What the heck did we give up? Trading a bunch of picks for a Tackle?

wow what did we give up for that?

You Suck Ireland!!




We Got A LT!

And His Name Is Not B. Albert.

LETS GO HEAT!!!! BEAT THE BUCKS AND GO 3-0!!!!!!!!!!!!

IDIOTIC!!! This is the 1st time i hate jeff ireland!

Dion Jordan?

Not sure I like this trade, depends on value.

Very true Kris. And out of the posters in here you're one of the best imo, we don't always see eye to eye but you challenge me in an intelligent manner and are always respectful. #Respect!


WAKE has help!!!!!!!!!!


Dion Jordan, the first shocker of the night.

Dion JOrdan!!!!


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