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For me, Hayden if the pick is defense, Eifert or Austin if the pick is offense

I want the Dolphins to pick D.J. Hayden. There's no denying that. I've made the case in the newspaper and I think the need is obvious.

Let's face it, the NFL is a passing league and the Dolphins secondary has been frustratingly inconsistent.

They made Kevin Kolb seem like Joe Montana.

They let Andrew Luck break the NFL record for most third down conversion passes.

And more problems loom because Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Tom Brady (twice), Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco are all on the schedule in 2013. You have to be able to overcome that kind of firepower quarterback play with dynamic pass defense.

But ...

What if the Dolphins go offense? What if the Dolphins continue their offseason upgrade of the offense that included Dustin Keller and Mike Wallace?

Well, a right tackle at No. 12 would be terrible. A guard? Terrible. A running back? Not happening.

Thinks two players: Tavon Austin and Tyler Eifert.

If you are any kind of frequent visitor to this blog you know I believe the Dolphins have underestimated the importance of tight ends for years. They let Anthony Fasano's mediocrity lull them into a false sense of satisfaction. This while the Patriots went crazy turning tight ends into some sort of newfangled weapon.

Eifert would turn that tide back for Miami. He's got prototypical size at 6-5 and 250. He's not fast but he's not slow. He presents a matchup problem for linebackers and some safeties, although he doesn't separate with the consistency I'd expect. His hands are good. He's a good and willing blocker.

Austin, meanwhile, is more a dream pick. It's likely not going to happen. He's probably going to go higher than No. 12. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland doesn't like little guys and Austin is 5-8. He's only just a slot guy. His arms will prove too short to be a factor along sidelines.

But the guy is a playmaker. His tape makes your heart skip a beat. He's dynamic. He is a boom or bust pick, but if he succeeds, he's going to be great. I'd make a leap at being great over a chance to be good.



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The Cardinals got it right.

Right on. We could've traded to #1 and taken Fisher or Joeckel and they would still complain. Freaking pats lovers

I don't see why everyone is being so critical of Ireland. It's a good pick. Beefs up the DL and Wake won't be double teamed. Move Odrick in the middle next year and you won't have to pay Starks tons of money or you could let him walk.

The Giants had a bad secondary when they won their SuperBowl against the Pats, but the pass rushers made them look All-Pro.

Good pick Ireland!

Right on. We could've traded to #1 and taken Fisher or Joeckel and they would still complain. Freaking pats lovers


Personally I saw Fisher & Joeckel as the top two players in the draft & we need a LT. That's a perfect marriage of value & need. Jordan??? He's a great athlete BUT is he strong enough???

Here comes Tavon Austin. I can't believe how high some of these guys are going.

Did you see what St. Louis gave up, makes our deal look like a steal

Well, it looks like the LB coach and their health & nutrition guy have their work cut out for them.

Won't argue there. I wonder if Ireland tried moving up there and what it would cost. My guess is that KC and Jax were asking too much. Giving up only a 2nd is is pretty good

Considering the trade, it means only one thing. Ireland wants to put pressure on Brady and Win the Division. This is the Year to do that, for sure.

Wow did you guys see the highlights of Tavon Austin. That guy is dynamic. Rams fans are going to be entertained. The guy is a human highlight film.

The Dolphins just took pans from the Raiders ( a 12 and 42 for the third over all) WHO THE HELL IS RUNING THE RAIDERS WAR ROOM???

Will the JETS give up on Sanchez and take a QB with one of their two 1st rd picks?

And take Milliner?

Well were heard it for over a month. They didn't like Lane Johnson. I guess they didn't.

We are shocked because we felt that 9:14:22 PM was the biggest concern. I guess it isn't for Ireland and that staff.

For me I really wanted one of the guards or Eifert.

Make no mistake about it, this kid can play.

Now I know Bess and Odrick will be traded in this draft.

Milliner sounds like a logical a choice after losing Revis

Nahh, it's going to be Milliner.

Called it! With Hayden and better players they take him

Is Ireland getting too cute? We'll see.

C'mon Ireland, give us some more excitement this Rd.

I believe Ireland will trade into the bottom of the 1st round if Cyprien or Hayden are still available.

Won't argue there. I wonder if Ireland tried moving up there and what it would cost. My guess is that KC and Jax were asking too much. Giving up only a 2nd is is pretty good


You know what??? That's a great point. VERY possible. We only gave up a 2nd round pick. That's nothing to move up from 12 to 3.

I just hope Jordan is as good as our scouts think he is. I've heard him compared to JT & Julian Peterson. If he's in that conversation as a pro then we nailed the pick.

And if we give our other 2nd for Albert we are out of second round picks What do you People think? Good? Bad?


How far down do you think HAYDEN fall?

Do you think Fins will trade up to get him or Cyprien?

At what pick, 24 to 32?

There is no possibility that Jordan has the same degree of intelligence as Jason Taylor does. Right, Armando?

Jets take Hayden and shore up their secondary. Imagine that.


Ireland has officially gone INSANE! This guy would have easily been available at the 12th pick. No need to trade up. I am a hardcore college football fan who watch many games and analyst shows on and off season. I have never even heard Dion Jordan's name mentioned other than maybe while watching an Oregon game. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Totally shocked by this move! I have been a lifelong (40 years) Dolphins fan and have lately been seriously considering giving up watching the Dolphins and the NFL alltogether. This move and draft may just push me over the EDGE!




IF the Pats take Eifert, Imma puke.

I'm OK with the pick. Let's hope he's an impact player.

Did you really get excited about drafting an LT (again)?

The season will ultimately depend on RT's development anyway...

Fingers crossed...

All of Salguero's favorites are gone now. Nobody, absolutely nobody predicted Jordan for Miami. Like nobody predicted Ted Ginn Jr at the time. Well, let's see if Ireland's exotic pick pays off, like the free agent moves. We fans are fed up about this GM. We'll see if tomorrow something exciting happens in the draft for the dolphins.

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