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Bryant McKinnie visit could signal legit interest, or not

I was told last week by a Dolphins source the team would have no interest in Bryant McKinnie as a left tackle option because ...

1. There were weight concerns. (He was overweight much of the 2012 season before finally getting in shape just in time for the playoffs with Baltimore).

2. There were culture concerns. (McKinnie is a vet used to doing things his own way. He's had issues with coaches before. Joe Philbin doesn't love that sort of stuff).

3. There were off-field concerns. (McKinnie hasn't been consistently in trouble with the law or anything. In fact, other than an arrest in 2008 in Miami for getting into a fight and then resisting arrest without violence while at a local club during a night of partying, he's been clean lately. The issue is McKinnie's penchant for partying. He has been known to drop $100,000 on liquor in one night. And, as a reminder, the Miami Dolphins are headquartered very near to Miami and South Beach),

3. He's going to be 34 years old. And if the Dolphins want him on a one-year deal, he's going to cost at least $3-$4 million.

So I was pretty confident the Dolphins wouldn't be interested in McKinnie because I was told as much and because of the reasons outlined above.

Well, Bryant McKinnie visited the Dolphins on Monday.

And aside from making me look dumb, the fact the Dolphins are kicking the tires on the veteran left tackle speaks to a handful of possibilities -- not all of them obvious to the average observer.

Possibility 1. The team is simply kicking the tires to see if McKinnie is even a remote option. The visit Monday was said to include a physical. It's called due diligence. It's a date. It's not a marriage.

Possibility 2. The team is trying to gain leverage as it prepares to take another run at Branden Albert. If general manager Jeff Ireland is going to go back to the Chiefs (again) he can't be perceived as having no option other than landing Albert. So getting McKinnie to visit is good for everyone. It gives the perception that McKinnie is an legit option -- even if he really isn't. And that's good for Miami. And it gives the perception that teams are interested in McKinnie -- even if they really aren't. And that's good for McKinnie's market. So feeler visits help everyone.

Possibility 3. The team is trying to gain leverage on Eric Winston. Remember that aside from looking for a left tackle, Miami has a choice of signing a right tackle and putting Jonathan Martin at left tackle. That would mean needing a right tackle. Winston is the most viable right tackle choice out there but the club and he haven't seen eye-to-eye on what it would take to make the idea work. A little leverage doesn't hurt that process.

Possibility 4. The Dolphins are seriously interested in McKinnie. If this is the option, then the Dolphins see McKinnie as a stopgap guy that played well in the playoffs even as he approaches the end of his career. They would be banking they can milk at least a year out of the guy. By the way, if this is the truth, then the Dolphins are seriously down on Martin as a left tackle option.

McKinnie, by the way, texted the Baltimore Sun and told reporter Aaron Wilson that the visit in Miami went well. Yet, no offer was made and McKinnie might take other visits, namely with San Diego.


I still find it hard to believe Bryant McKinnie is a Joe Philbin kind of guy. I find it hard to believe that Jeff Ireland, who doesn't like adding 30-somethings, much less 30-somethings with a checkered history, hasn't learned his lesson that it rarely goes well.

Remember Chad Johnson. How'd that turn out?

And having said that, the Dolphins indeed signed Johnson. So maybe they haven't learned a darn thing from such experiences.


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I don't think he's going to sign

With all you said I hope not.

I dont like any of the three.
A couple of teams just drafted their next LT. That means some "former" LT`s now out of a job.
We should explore this to see if we can find another LT.
Personally I like the idea of having Martin at LT.
He has bulked up, he is motivated and prepared and I think he could do a much better job now.
lets see him in practise before we sign another LT.


do we have a project at lt and/or rt? I like martin at lt but i don't like him at rt. so, if we need a lt, maybe we need a rt too, imho

Marco you're correct, they're not buying Martin which means Martin&Egnew 2&3 round suspect draft picks by Ireland. I see Winston in a dolphins uniform by Mothers Day !!

I don't care if we sign him or not, but what bothers me about this post is this:

(McKinnie is a vet used to doing things his own way. He's had issues with coaches before. Joe Philbin doesn't love that sort of stuff).

Philbin can't expect to have choir boys and expect to win, I know it's been mentioned before but it bothers me that Philbin is still like this, that's why I'm curious how this Mike Wallace thing will turn out because if Philbin bans twitter or some nonsense like that it'll be ridiculous

Joey Phil allowed the signing of C Johnson so I think that means he is open to sign some bad boys. Just wish he give CJ a second chance, Gaither is still out there too from Baltimore

The Media made Wallace's comment seem out of context, his comments were not discriminatory he just did not understand it, I hope Phil does ban Twitter and the complex it has cause to many issues and the media is always trying to make a villain out of someone

Jon Martin might plug in well at LT.. He missed most of last off-season due to final exams, then had to play at RT most of the regular season because we had Jake Long.

A full Summer of practise, and playing his natural position may be good enough anyway.

Just tell me where he is buying. That sounds like a party. Seriously, why not as a backup for Martin. Didn't he just win a superbowl.

Ireland better get off his ass and deal with tackle now before all options are gone . It was only two years ago when they dicked around and had Colombo . They have no starters at 1 of those positions and are mediocre at the other. All those weapons will go nowhere if there is no one to block . Ireland is always trying to be so slick . I give him credit for what he has done but he's blowing this big time and it will cost the fins dearly . No blocking thill goes down in a heap. Running backs get mauled and injured !! What then

How about competition for the tackle spots?

There is a lot of time left before ota's.

I think they should have just resigned Long - would have closed all the holes on the team. Seems Ireland is going "all in" this year b/c if he doesn't make the playoffs he is out of a job

I think we all need to be a little patient. They need to start working with Dallas right away on the left side.

Well calm down people,by tha way Gaither is from San Diego Chargers dumbass,& also McKinnie would b a 1 year rental not really worth it unless he's coming to play ball no distractions,I'd consider signing him.Theres other possibilities out there, Ireland said he has few tricks up his sleeve so I'm guessing he's using McKinnie to soften Chiefs asking price since Dolphins are really only legit team that could sign Albert to tha contract he's looking for so there's that,then there's Winston who I prefer would b solid RT & let Martin get a shot I mean he can't b worse than last season,Then there's possibly LT Monroe from Jax since they drafted Luke Joeckel maybe Philly's LT Peters since they got Lane Johnson,LT Gaither is out there from Chargers but I think Ireland will get Vet LT for a year till another opportunity presents itself.Regardless Dolphins are on tha up Rise,watch out we're coming,n when we start winning those uniz will look a lot better,I'm out stay positive Phination!

Is Wallace a idiot or what, I agree with everything he said all these woman out here what in the hell would u want a hairy arse. The problem is he put it on tweeter and the media was just waiting for someone to say anything that could b thought to b neg against gays. He fell right into it and that worries me 11 mill a yr guy should not fall into this type of BS.

Sign Winston, trade for Albert, and then let Winston and Martin battle it out in training camp for the RT spot. Doesn't hurt that if Albert goes down, Martin can slide over to LT and Winston can play RT. Or if Winston goes down, Martin can also play RT. Options baby. Options.

The Wallace comment will come and go. There was no malicious intent. Should he of kept quiet yes! This will be forgotten.

Hey Armando, can you tell us what guys are at the faculty working out? Are any of the rookies there. Give me that kind of reporting.

Still a lot of time to work this out. Mckinnie really doesn't sound like a good option for a role model for a young team near South Beach. In the end though it's all about the coaching staff and expectations.

I'm still leaning toward Albert being the best option, especially since it didn't cost any 2013 picks. It's an expensive option but only the Dolphins know how big of a priority it is.

Ridiculous we keep coming back to the tackle issue. Just sign Winston already or anyone else. I don't understand the need to nickle and dime with any of these guys. Just pay someone already. Cut D. Patterson or Carpenter (this is coming anyway)if need be to pay for it. Just get it done!

Dumb Dumb Dumb..The media was just waiting in ambush for someone to say something not politically correct so they could jump on the guy and keep this non football story in the spotlight.

God forbid someone should express their opinion on something...There's always an association somewhere who will feel insulted or offended...Unreal...Did he actually insult anyone? No!!! He just said he doesn't understand it. How is that offensive??? Amazing how you can't say anything anymore...WTF?? Now if a gay person comes out and said the same thing, that he doesn't understand a man being attracted to a woman, do you think that would of made the headlines?? Would I feel insulted about it?? Hell no!! I would laugh it off...Amazing how sensitive some people are...

I'm like Wallace...I just don't understant it...But whatever...Does that mean I hate them? No, not at all...They're the ones missing out on the best thing in the world...Who cares?? I believe it live and let live...But for God Sake, stop being so sensitive...It's like pretty soon we'll have to bow in front of these people or something...Good God...

Could not have said it better myself Montreal Dolphin Fan!!

I agree Sean,Wallace should not have said anything. Did'nt he see ESPN yesterday? With the NFL draft just completed and the NBA playoffs going on,the main topic of discussion is a guy admitting he is gay. WTF? Ellen would be so proud of him,but in today's world,does anyone really care? I have a cousin,a neice, and a good friends brother, that are all gay. It sure does not change things in my life,so who the cares? I just can not believe all of the media frenzy over something that is so common-place today. Just sayin

WTF...is exactly right. I honestly could care less about a players sex life. It's none of my business and wish the media looking to make this a story would just leave these guys alone. It's almost predatory the way the politically correct media are looking to make an example of someone. Memo to all players in every league..saying nothing or no comment work very well to avoid this trap.

Well Martin is said to be stronger and now more experienced for RT or LT. Moreover Jerry is in better shape. Yeatman the former TE is now a tackle and the drafted Dallas Thomas is an addition that needs consideration. Getting a released OT may only be for depth. Why is Winston such a viable option? KC should keep their expensive tackle Brandon Albert to improve their line along with the number one overall selection of Fisher. I know having a solid OL facilitates the offense but this is a Coaching/GM decision that should be played out with individuals better than last season and a rookie addition who fits the offensive scheme.

Okay..maybe I'm crazy...but why can't Ireland sign Mckinnie AND Winston...both together would cost LESS than Albert at 9 million...

Then we would have two veterans at LT and RT...the Martin "project" would have time to develope further, and there would be more time for new draftee Dallas Thomas to get acclimated , as well as time for John Jerry and others to continue improving....

It would be a one year solution that would buy time needed to find a solid LT and RT for the future...


Now back to the topic at hand...Armando, McKinney might be getting old and likes to party...But I can tell you one thing...After the way he played in last year's playoffs, he's worth the gamble...The guy is a rock...I remember Martin getting pushed backwards by a defensive back last year...Well, that's not going to happen with McKinney...Take a chance...And let him and Martin compete...Stick Jerry at RT...

do not sign this lazy bum

Thomas will be a starting guard...Yeatman could compete for RT...I doubt Albert is still in the picture...

if thomas starts for us we are in deep trouble

We all just blasted Vontae Davis a few weeks back for his stupid comments on twitter about Sean Smith talking with the Chiefs. I think some of these guys don't realize their talking to the whole world, right or wrong.

Hopefully Wallace will learn to zip it. I get the media and the bleeding hearts are too sensitive but theres no point in drawing attention when you represent more than just yourself. It seems like most have moved on from the Wallace comments though but obviously not the Collins story.

dusty, you've never seen Thomas play in your life...Stop your usual bs...Wasn't Albert a dolphin last week or something? LOL!!

The liberal media is constantly looking to manipulate the minds of the public. They will conjure up any ghost or goblin if it will promote their agenda.
Some one earlier made reference to Philbin banning twits or tweets, just to offer an opinion; I think it is very unwise for anyone to use these social media, especially people of notoriety.
The thing about is that it appears that the gay kid doesn't give a rat's ass about the statement. I am sure the media has been trying to get comments from him, but as yet I have seen none.
Enough said, back to football.

Mando, another option is hat they move Martin to LT, sign McKinney to compete with him, and sign Winston to play RT and compete with Jerry who you also move to RT. You then plug in the Guard (Dallas) we drafted to play LG or RG and have Incognito play the other. This is a much better, more experienced line with strong competition to help everyone improve, and the contracts you pay McKinney and Winston add up to less than what you would pay Albert.

wallace a idiot for opening his mouth

I'm sure if McKinnie is seriously being considered, Philbin will have a long talk with him.

Now...I'd like to weigh in on Coach Philbin and the dictatoresque crap I've been reading. This is the 21st century. A coach, an owner, or anyone in a leadership role cannot control the lives of their personnel. They are not the players caretakers.

Coaches/owners/GM's can raise their children as they see fit, but mature, college educated adults are not children. Censorship of players from using social outlets such as Twitter and Facebook is absurd.

If a player criticizes his team or teammates, then fine him. If he makes a comment toward social issues that have team-related sensitivity, fine him for those comments.

However, trying to control the lives of ALL the players because one of them MAY make a politically incorrect comment is a totally unacceptable policy, and should not be implemented nor tolerated.

Ridiculous we keep coming back to the tackle issue. Just sign Winston already or anyone else. I don't understand the need to nickle and dime with any of these guys. Just pay someone already. Cut D. Patterson or Carpenter (this is coming anyway) if need be to pay for it. Just get it done!

Posted by: dadsmithwest | April 30, 2013 at 07:27 AM

I completely agree. We know that it's highly likely that Patterson or Marshall will not be playing on the team at the start of the season. Why not make a cut now based upon their health and coaching assessments. Add that salary savings to the cap space already not used to sign TWO new veteran Tackles and create some real competition at the position.

The OL almost always wears out mid season so having starting caliber depth is important. Get McKinnie knowing he played well in the playoffs and that if he screws up he is cut (like Johnson). Get Winston and know that he is here to push Martin and back him up if it turns out that way. These guys are 'stop gaps' and there is nothing wrong with that approach this season.

I like Garner but he is a true backup - good for a game or two. I like Martin but he should be pushed to compete and show that he truly is ready to be a top starter.

And yes, we do need to hurry on this position because we need to get these guys into the offseason camps, working out and getting them connected as a OLine unit.

Get it done....

I just hope they don't plan on keeping Jerry at guard...He's not a guard...He's a tackle...

montreal seen thomas play more than a few times. sec player, most have seen him a lot. hes not gonna come in here and start right away unless our line is awful

no thanks on wisnton either, he was awful last year

The progression of events that Ireland is taking seems to be very logical and systematic.
Some of you may have heard the old adage,"Patience is a virtue". Perhaps impetulance is not as prevalent in our front office as it is in our fan base.

he was in shape 3 months ago.wasn't he?
u'r sources sux armando.

ireland will wait for june 1, more cuts come and he may find a guy we actually want.

bill connors, why can't he start? He played both guard and tackle and allowed 1 sack the entire year...Most people believe he's better at guard, but pass protection is obviously something he's really good at...He's got an excellent chance to start...

phanz r patient alright,
they r mental patients 4 waiting 40 seasons+ since an sb.

disagree and big time montreal, he didnt go till 3rd rd for a reason. watch tape on this guy, nothing special. i agree hes mucccch better playing guard. will be a decent backup that can play couple positions. maybe 2014 if he shows anything he might have chance to start. incogs starts this year, and thomas no chance at lt

Paralysis by analysis is what I would call it. Just make a decision before these guys start signing elsewhere. Ireland told us he was going to build the oline in the draft...fine that didn't happen but let's end all of this uncertainty. It's time to pay up and move on. So what if we don't get these vets at a bargain rate? Is it going to be worth it when the Oline is struggling? All it takes is one position on the oline to weaken the whole unit. I'm in agreement with jpao sign a couple of these guys and let it all play out.

after mw's 1st 80yd bomb 4 a td, all u fairies will be kixxing his axx.

I am glad to see someone else that can see the value in Jerry is at tackle. I think you also commented that you thought Yeatman will be in competition for a tackle spot this year; I strongly agree. He was a road grader at TE, and after adding forty pounds of mostly muscle and working all off season with OL coaches; I am very optimistic about his potential.

bill connors, so he went in the 3rd round...So what?? You think every linemen starting in the NFL went in the first or second round??? WTH are you talking about??? You make no sense bro...Again...

Literacy teeters.

hilarious montreal if thats all u got out of that then nobody can help u. thomas wont start, sorry man if hes your bro or something

Potential.....I love the concept and the theory of it. I love Ireland for picking players with it and hoping to maximize it. But if I'm Ireland I can't feel comfortable staring the season with a line full of POTENTIAL. I need to start the season with PROVEN STARTING EXPERIENCE to protect my new franchise QB.

Pouncey - Stud - PROVEN
Incognito - Solid - PROVEN
Louis - Solid - injured last year - PROVEN
Martin - decent first year - POTENTIAL
Jerry - Inconsistent for 3 years - POTENTIAL better materialize or he is out
Yeatman - Project - POTENTIAL
Garner - backup - no real upside
Thomas - rookie - flexible by position - POTENTIAL

I review this line up and think that the Louis signing was a good one. I think he, Cogs and Pouncey start this year and provide PROVEN leadership and experience to the middle of the OLINE.

I think the Tackle position is where we have nothing but POTENTIAL. Jerry may shift there. Martin needs to grab and hold a spot. Yeatman needs to prove he can actually play there.

Thomas will have a great shot to learn from the veterans and will likely be groomed to back fill Cogs when his contract is up. Could be a backup OT as well this year.

We NEED to get at least one Veteran tackle now with PROVEN NFL EXPERIENCE to sure up this OLINE.

Why is it ok for J Collins to publicly announce his sexuality, which is a form of advocacy and it not be ok for anyone who might disagree to express their opinion? And why is any disagreement on this subject considered hate? Who defines hate and what is its proper definition as it relates to this subject?

Back to our team, I agree with the comments that suggests we could sign both. At his age Mckinnie will sign for one year for insurance at about 3 mil and we sign Winston also and play the best 5. If not Mckinnie, then another vet backup but we have the money and no other glaring holes so why not sure up that important position.

if louis healthy yeah hes a very solid starter.

Time t o run...bill connors, 8:48Am, that's what someone says when they don't know what to answer...Yeah, he's my bro...LOL!!! Have a good one...

wow now the "lol" form montreal, the retarded monkey of the room. happy canada

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