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Bryant McKinnie visit could signal legit interest, or not

I was told last week by a Dolphins source the team would have no interest in Bryant McKinnie as a left tackle option because ...

1. There were weight concerns. (He was overweight much of the 2012 season before finally getting in shape just in time for the playoffs with Baltimore).

2. There were culture concerns. (McKinnie is a vet used to doing things his own way. He's had issues with coaches before. Joe Philbin doesn't love that sort of stuff).

3. There were off-field concerns. (McKinnie hasn't been consistently in trouble with the law or anything. In fact, other than an arrest in 2008 in Miami for getting into a fight and then resisting arrest without violence while at a local club during a night of partying, he's been clean lately. The issue is McKinnie's penchant for partying. He has been known to drop $100,000 on liquor in one night. And, as a reminder, the Miami Dolphins are headquartered very near to Miami and South Beach),

3. He's going to be 34 years old. And if the Dolphins want him on a one-year deal, he's going to cost at least $3-$4 million.

So I was pretty confident the Dolphins wouldn't be interested in McKinnie because I was told as much and because of the reasons outlined above.

Well, Bryant McKinnie visited the Dolphins on Monday.

And aside from making me look dumb, the fact the Dolphins are kicking the tires on the veteran left tackle speaks to a handful of possibilities -- not all of them obvious to the average observer.

Possibility 1. The team is simply kicking the tires to see if McKinnie is even a remote option. The visit Monday was said to include a physical. It's called due diligence. It's a date. It's not a marriage.

Possibility 2. The team is trying to gain leverage as it prepares to take another run at Branden Albert. If general manager Jeff Ireland is going to go back to the Chiefs (again) he can't be perceived as having no option other than landing Albert. So getting McKinnie to visit is good for everyone. It gives the perception that McKinnie is an legit option -- even if he really isn't. And that's good for Miami. And it gives the perception that teams are interested in McKinnie -- even if they really aren't. And that's good for McKinnie's market. So feeler visits help everyone.

Possibility 3. The team is trying to gain leverage on Eric Winston. Remember that aside from looking for a left tackle, Miami has a choice of signing a right tackle and putting Jonathan Martin at left tackle. That would mean needing a right tackle. Winston is the most viable right tackle choice out there but the club and he haven't seen eye-to-eye on what it would take to make the idea work. A little leverage doesn't hurt that process.

Possibility 4. The Dolphins are seriously interested in McKinnie. If this is the option, then the Dolphins see McKinnie as a stopgap guy that played well in the playoffs even as he approaches the end of his career. They would be banking they can milk at least a year out of the guy. By the way, if this is the truth, then the Dolphins are seriously down on Martin as a left tackle option.

McKinnie, by the way, texted the Baltimore Sun and told reporter Aaron Wilson that the visit in Miami went well. Yet, no offer was made and McKinnie might take other visits, namely with San Diego.


I still find it hard to believe Bryant McKinnie is a Joe Philbin kind of guy. I find it hard to believe that Jeff Ireland, who doesn't like adding 30-somethings, much less 30-somethings with a checkered history, hasn't learned his lesson that it rarely goes well.

Remember Chad Johnson. How'd that turn out?

And having said that, the Dolphins indeed signed Johnson. So maybe they haven't learned a darn thing from such experiences.


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I am not against the idea of signing a veteran tackle. Perhaps it is just not as simple as give them both a one year contract for three and five mil.
Perhaps it in not as simple as to cut Patterson and Carpenter to get cap space.
Maybe someone gets hurt and we need Patterson. Maybe Sturgis pulls a hamstring in rookie camp. These are things I think about. How much more do you think Ireland thinks about?

Hello All, back from my weekend getaway. I know we all moved on since the draft but I didn't get a chance to speak on it. Overall, happy with the results. Especially love the two CBs. I went on record before the draft agreeing with Odin that this was the guy we should draft. i also like Will Davis' potential. he's a small school guy so it will take him a little time but he's a great athlete.

Thomas and Jenkins I didn't really get a chance to assess because they didn't have complete workouts but jenkins is fast and really strong indicatesd good athelticism and could be a bargain.

Gillislee and Sims I'm not crazy about but they were late picks anyway.

Anywhoo, sign McKinnie. Despite all the blemishes the guy is still the best player at LT available without giving up a pick. He may be a better LT than Albert right now anyway as long as he keeps himself in shape and his head in the game.

Why do you need OT's when you don't even have a QB.?

m.moore,is that u?

I think the Jenkins pick is good for more than a special teams player. We had to add more depth at LB, especially MLB.

Eugene Monroe - STB former tackle for the Jax Jags
Roger Safford - STB former tackle for the Stl Rams

Joekle and Long replaced a couple of pretty good young LTs.

Give The Jaguars A Call About Monroe , Propose A Trade For Odrick And Maybe A 3rd Round Pick Next Year Assuming Offensive Tackle Has A Lot More Value Than Defensive Tackles , Good Trade For Both Teams


Monroe Is Younger Than Albert, Jacksonville Gets A Stud Defensive Player In Odrick And We Get The Offensive Tackle We Need

Saffold is staying on as a RT and will play LT a couple of times a year when Jake is out. he's prety cheap.

Why would jax get rid of Monroe unless someone blows them away with an offer? he can play RT too.

The only reason KC is willing to ship out Albert is because he's in a walk year and will not re-sign to play RT or G.

Why not try and trade for Eugene Monroe.he's young in the last year of his contract and is a pretty good left tackle.Jags just picked left tackle with first overall pick.he's not going to want to play right tackle.why not try to give a pic from next year and see what happens.

When you guys capitalize the first letter in every word, do you actually push the shift button that many times or is there a set up for that?

Did anyone watch the Ravens in the playoffs last year? Few LTs have ever been so dominant in the playoffs. McKinnie is certainly worth "the gamble," if it can even be called that. He knows he's not getting a long term deal. Why not sign both McKinnie and Winston? You can get them both for the same price as Albert, who really is not even that good. Is Philbon at the point already where he has "his guys" like Parcells? A good coach should be able to coach up anyone.

Finsfanforlife @ 8:50....

LOVE THE COMMENTS....the first paragraph a little more than the 2nd...but still agree with both statements.

ESPN and the like are proggraming the public that there is no free speech...if you have a thought different from the collective...you will be SHAMED back in to line...

Debate is dead.....even Mrs. Obama told you...."they have his back".....

lol @ 9:31....

They also better get another Wr because these guys at the end of the day don't scare anybody !! I'm not buying Matthews&Binns please !! Should've taken Patton Ertz Eifert or Swope !! 2 more guys would've been sweet but Jeff and his scouts did a helluva job with no reaching for anyone in this draft !!

I liked that we picked up Wallace. I liked his speed. Now I really like him. This guy has grit. Leave him alone Joe, his preference also has a place in society. The other guy is the one who needs to be censored.

Armando, I love what you tweeted immediately after Wallace. Way to stand up for Wallace.

Martin is a very good right tackle. The question is can he be a very good Left tackle. I think he is smart enough and athletic enough. I just don't know if he is strong enough. Strength can be improved to a point by lifting. But,like speed, it cannot be taught.

Our problem is we have no depth at tackle. Ireland does not want to just add a body. He wants a very good starter. Some one that the young guys can aspire to.

Albert trade shouldnt happen he wants long money, hes 28, and a future pick is needed...he's not worth a potential star with a 2nd RD pick.

This guy is disaster and Philbin/ireland know it, hopefully this is leverage for a 1 yr. winston deal

Just noticed Da'Rick Rogers signed with the Bills. Come on, we couldn't bring this guy in as undrafted free agent? Where's the risk there? Guy is as talented as any WR picked on the weekend. And he's that big body we don't have.

Mark This The Last Year For Monroe Too , Jacksonville Will Have To Make A Decision Next Year Maybe Let Him Go Without Getting Nothing In Return, He Won't Move To Right Tackle Because The Money Gap Is Too Big . And They Won't Franchise Him Ala KC Chiefs , Look At The Mess In KC

Maybe, maybe not Ivan. But Jax is almost $27M under the cap .. they could afford to franchise the guy ..

If GOD said it not way make us to live with it keep to your self it your life

Just read Wallace's comment ...

Don't know waht the big deal. Just basically saying that's not what he would do I think. Just like gay people wouldn't want to engage with the opposite sex. Or when people are attracted to a particular culture of people doesn't make them racist against the others. Just personal choices in the end. People need to stop being so sensitive.

Yeah Mark They Can Franchise The Guy If They Want Too ,Not Doubt About It , But They Will Have The Same Problem KC Has Today , Irelnad Will Lose Nothing Asking

Are we forgetting this guy played on the Super Bowl champions and dominated the playoffs? He is better than ANYONE we have right now... If we can get him for a 1 year for cheap... HELLO! We can draft our replacement next year...

way is people comeing out saying there gay, it not right and if you belive in GOD,you know it right way do you have tell us it your don't force it on us what happen to wade how can you cosign that your mother is a leader in GOD house.


Wallace's comments were/are fine....its OK to disagree...or @ least it used to be....

now if you like APPLES...and rest of us perfer ORANGES....you had better learn to love organes...cause if you don't....you are an ORANGE HATER...as opposed to an APPLE LOVER....which is all you ever wanted to be....

Differing opinions is almost a thing of the past...

The problem is that for years and years and years, Miami's O-line has not been well put together. Today, I believe Pouncey is the only one that is worth keeping. Way too many young draft busts that proved obviously these guys didn't know what the heck they were doing. Both Jerry and Martin just don't have it. Garner gets killed by fast outside pass rushers. Jake Long played extremely well in the beginning but ended up being well... another draft bust. Incognito is a one dimensional blocker. Good size that can pass protect, not a good pulling guard. So now once again the O-line is the problem. The Patriots have had a consistent O-line for years and is one reason Brady kills defenses. McKinney-old and overweight. Winston-suprisingly to me, John Gruden said last season was disastrous for him. What 's left. Lets just pray!


To me, Wallace's tweet wasn't really homophobic (like the media are spinning it). But it was pretty stupid. I mean, what's to understand? There's men who like men. Women who like women. I remember growing up in the 80's my friends and I questioning if Michael Jackson was gay. I was maybe 8 years old (long before I had any type of sexual relationships). So I knew WAY BACK THEN there were gay people around. Wallace said he doesn't understand with all the beautiful women why men would prefer men. BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY, THAT'S WHY. Who CARES? Heterosexual men should be THRILLED with gays, because that leaves more women for us.

It's not about not being able to have freedom of speech. It's about discrimination and prejudice. Gay men can play sports AND be out. They can be in the military AND be out. Doesn't mean they are feeling on the next guy's junk in the locker room/weight room. And if someone perceives a gay guy looking at his junk in the shower, then can confront him and ask him what he's looking at.

But that's someone's sick, twisted fantasy or something. The truth is nothing will change for the most part if gays are open, because in the end, it's all about the W's.

And that's my main issue with this. I'm not gay, so it's really not my issue. But the Miami Dolphins IS my issue, and for as bad as they've been, I wish that EVERY PLAYER in the organization has ONE THING on his mind, how to win more games this year then they lose. And get to the Playoffs. And win a Playoff game. Do that, and then I'll accept the other things to do and say when you're not working. But until you do that, Dolphins player, I could give a F*CK what you think, because you're a loser punk who can't bring a winning culture to a franchise stuck in mediocrity.

Cedric is cracking me up....

Its like reading Aloco...only funny....

I just clicked on the lead "Should Mike Wallace be forgiven for his tweet". They had a spot for a Yes and a No answer. However the Yes included the statement "everyone does stupid things occasionally". I did not vote.

I do not think the tweet was stupid. I think he was being sympathetic to the guy's problem, in his own way.

Mike, I am sorry that you are being hung for being honest and Manley.


I don't disagree with anything you said....

but I do have a question if are around for a few minutes....

Good morning guys. WHAT A DRAFT!

1. Dion Jordan - Everyone knows I was knocking his game before the draft even began and didn't like the pick. Im starting to change my tone considering I finally saw the vision as other picks came in. The Dolphins are changing their philosophy for the better and going fast, athletic compared to big and strong, prehistoric Parcells/Sparano football. I wish our guy D. Jordan the best. I was unaware how often he did play in space and wasn't a primary pass rusher and was the reason he only had 5 sacks. He fits the new mold of this team. LETS GO DION!

2. Jamar Taylor - I really like Taylor. He's a player that hasn't even peaked yet. He's still an ascending player. He's got good size 5'11 190 and he's very fast a 4.39. 40. He had 4 ints, 3 FF and 2.5 sacks as a Senior shows he is a playmaker!

3. Dallas Thomas - A nice versatile swing player which is always needed for depth on game days. Only 7 Olinemen dress and they need to be able to play multiple spots. Maybe he challenges Jerry. The scouting report on him is that he stepped up his game vs top SEC players like John Jenkins of GA. But like all athletic Olinemen needs to add strength (J. Martin)

3. Will Davis - I didnt know much on him and I did some research and this is the opening line of his scouting report "special athleticism". He had 5 straight games with an int this year so he has nice playmaking skills. What a change!

4. Jelani Jenkins - The first thing Todd McShay said was his durability was what caused him to slip but he had him rated as the #1 Cover LB in the entire draft. He runs a 4.55. This continues the theme of athletic playmakers. McShay said if Jenkins comes back for his Senior season he could of been a 2nd round pick. He also was up for some sort of scholar award for African Americans this past year which fits Philbins kind of guys, smart.

4. Dion Sims - A former All State basketball player at 6'5 265 lbs is always an interesting prospect. Sims led the Spartans in receptions before going down for 3 games with an ankle injury. I like the size of Sims combined with the skill set of Keller. Promising player if he figures it all out.

5. Mike Gillislee - He's a tough runner, good speed although not exceptional but very elusive and athletic. He was also rated as the top pass blocker in the draft among RBs. A very good player to get in the 5th to push and perhaps even compete for the starting job if Lamar Miller doesn't capitalize off a promising rookie season (4.9 per carry)

5. Caleb Sturgis - rated as the #1 kicker in the draft. Has a big leg and was hitting 50 yarders right down the middle in the East-West Shrine game. Made 85% of his kicks. 3 were blocked and according to coach Will Muschamp none were his fault.

7. Don Carey - couldn't find anything on this guy other then Walterfootball gave it a B grade as a decent 7th rounder.

the bible say:Leviticus18:22"you shall not lie with a male as with a woman. tit is an abomination. talk to a man.

Mark in Toronto really Rodgers is in Buffalo, Buffalo has had a very good draft doing it the right 3 wr's !!

Bring back the old logo,the new one looks ghey.


You know I think about things on different levels….and to me…this reeks of CONSPIRACY….i don’t know another way to put it….and the conspiracy has little to due with this guy’s sexual preference….and EVERYTHING to do with shaping the public’s minds…and how they are to think…act…and feel about certain subjects….

Let’s think about this for a second….THIS IS NOT a bombshell…..This dude came out in a SI magazine article….not a radio interview…not a TV spot…..he came out in an article that was written weeks to MONTHS ago….c’mon man......they sat on this until the NBA playoffs…..coincidence….I think not….

DC…I know you listen to Larvar and Dukes on occasion (like myself)…and possibly other shows on 106.7 the fan…..

Do you remember Larvar in Dukes in particular talking about the “possibility” of a gay athlete in the NFL…..I do….many times…it seemed to be the topic @ least once a week for perhaps the past 6-8 weeks….and once during a lunch time drive….I heard Holden and Danny talking the same topic….I was like WTF….who cares….

Well….Now I understand….they already had (knew of)_ this info….and they were prepping our (the listeners) minds to be tolerant of such an athlete should the time come that an announcement would be made…..and lo and behold….here it is…..and people are falling in line just as they were trained to do…..perhaps this wasn’t just a Northern, VA topic…maybe many local sports shows talked this topic….All I know for sure…is that the station that you and I listen to on occasion….spoke about this on many an occasion over the past 2 month…..and I don’t believe that Lavar and Dukes are psychic in the least….

Guess it wasn't a question...as much as itwas a long-winded statement....

armando,when is the ota's?

We are going into camps with our OL pretty much as it sits I imagine. Then if they see that we are having some serious problems on the left side they will extend an offer to KC and Albert. IMO.

Andy, One thing you shouldn't look past is not only are these new guys very atheltic but for the msot part very strong. Jordand and Thomas didn't lift due to shoulder issues but Davis (4th among Cbs), Taylor (1st among CBs), and Jenkins (3rd among OLBs) are very, very strong..

Philbin, leave Wallace alone.

He loves women and feels sorry for the guy that doesn't.

Is that a bad thing???

The only pick I was disappointed with was Jenkins. He has been injury prone (I believe 3-4 different injuries sidelined him in college). But what I really didn't like was the position choice at the first 4th round spot. At that point they had traded Bess and there were receivers like Patton still available.

I thought for sure they were going WR with the 4th round pick and they went LB. This after signing Ellerbe, Wheeler, Trusnik and Jordan. Just didn't make sense to me.

BTW...I know Jenkins is supposed to have solid cover skills but I just don't see OLB as a NEED position.

the bible say:Leviticus18:22"you shall not lie with a male as with a woman. tit is an abomination. talk to a man.
Posted by: cedric | April 30, 2013 at 10:10 AM

I love how bible thumpers pick out certain pieces of the bible and use it for their own agendas. You know what a real abomination is?? What "religion" has done to the perception of "God."

Why Do Gay People Feel The Need To Be Accepted.

We Respect You.

Doesn't Mean We Have To Accept It.

Wallace Was Right. He Was Stating His Opinion.

These FFs!! Think That We Need To Be At Their Feet Because They Are Gay.

What Injustice Have Gay People Faced?

Seriously. One Or 2 Random Beatings.

Blacks, Jews, Spanish, Native Americans, Women, and The Disabled Have Been Discriminated, Denigrated, And Desecrated Against.

Heck, Look Throughout History. Homosexuality Has Been Secretly Accepted. Persians, Greeks, even The Roman Hierarchy All Practiced In This Debauchery.

Society Has Gone Soft. Accepting Everything. We Have Become A Bunch Of Sensitive Nancy's.

Not Saying We All Should Follow The Bible. But It Is A Good Moral Compass. The New Testament. Cause The Old Is A Little More Strict.

Society Evolves. And We Are Actually Devolving.

Seriously...this Wallace stuff is all B.S. Who cares what he said. It wasn't anything that crazy and it doesn't mean anything. It's nonsensical that we even give it two minutes of our life to address it.


Good stuff! I was unaware of that. I'm excited that it's not these big mauler types anymore. The fast and athletic, combined with strong is refreshing. The big, mauler, physical thing didn't pan out in the Parcell/Sparano era.

This J. Collins story is already annoying and it's even on our MIAMI DOLPHINS football blog.

I could care less if Collins is gay. I also could care less what Mike Wallace. This isn't a clear cut issue IMO. There are many reasons why people support gay rights and there are reasons, specifically religious reasons why people are against it.

Can we talk JUST MIAMI football on here.

The Bible is made up stories just like Greek mythology. In time we'll find out its a bunch of fantasies.


Wallace helped to make it a Miami Dolphins football issue....

Sorry if that bothers you...but there is a CLEAR connection..and therfore relevant to the blog...imo.....

There are at least 2 gays on the Dolphins.

Wallace is a F'n MORON! LOL

Kris, up here the morning talk show guys have been banging this topic for months too. And the general consensus was that you're subhuman if you don't greet it with courage and triumph. Alost seemed coincidental to the Manti T'eo saga.

I could care less if someone is gay or straight myself. Doubt anybody really does ... but at the same time I found nothing wrong with MW's comments. he was just stating his love for women and his own preferences.


This has nothing to do with football. I won't say another word on this subject. A waste of time.

Kris, I am 100% with you on this conspiracy. I've been saying the same thing. Yes, I remember Lavar/Dukes prepping us. As was Brendon Ayanbedejo (sp). As was the rest of the media. You're right, they want acceptance of gays, and this is a well-orchestrated campaign to make it palatable.

So we agree fully there. That's why to me this won't really explode until it's a bigger star (not some nobody). Let Chris Bosh (who my co-worker believes is in the closet) come out, and then it'll be a legit story. Right now, this is part of the culture wanting to push the subject on everyone else.

I think Jenkins lets them move Misi inside. Misi is getting bigger and stronger each year. He is also very adaptable and makes a great 1 2 punch with Elerbee.

Our wide receivers were good last year, we just did not have the speed guy to make the safeties back up.

It does not make sense to have 6 starting quality wide receivers and 4 starting quality linebackers.

Does Mike Wallace's comment impact the team's play? No. Even if there are Fins who are gay and they took offense to his comments, it won't effect their play. This is NOT a football issue. It's a day time talk show issue.

Go on talk to Dr. Phil or Ellen if you want to address this B.S. Otherwise lets hear your thoughts and suggestions for how this team improves this offseason to ultimately become a consistent playoff caliber team.

That's what we, as Fins fans, should be concerned with.

Get sense makes no sense anf clearly dont know or underdtand history.

Only a fool lives his life thinking there is no judgement.

There have been people trying to dis prove the Bible for thousands of years.

And please explain how thet found chariot wheels in the sea if Pharoah story were not true?
And why does the body lose 21 grams of weight after death? Is it not the soul?

FYI, Greek methology is PAGAN!

Ireland put the Dolphins in this mess concerning this left tackle story. Now he has to find a quick and most of all a good solution.
He shouldn't have left Long in first place. Ireland, moron incompetent.

Everybody Knows - I am past the issue with Jenkins vs. WR. It just hit me weird during the draft. The Misi move inside only applies in a 3-4 scheme. The Fins moved to a 4-3 last year. The 4-3 that Coyle put in place will use Misi OLB, Ellerbe ILB and Wheeler OLB.
This would put Jordan as a DE with Wake and Odrick.

They could go use both 3-4 and 4-3 as their talent allows.

The 'tweeners' are Vernon, Jordan, Wake and now Jenkins. Can they all play 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE? That to me will be interesting to watch this year.

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