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Bryant McKinnie visit could signal legit interest, or not

I was told last week by a Dolphins source the team would have no interest in Bryant McKinnie as a left tackle option because ...

1. There were weight concerns. (He was overweight much of the 2012 season before finally getting in shape just in time for the playoffs with Baltimore).

2. There were culture concerns. (McKinnie is a vet used to doing things his own way. He's had issues with coaches before. Joe Philbin doesn't love that sort of stuff).

3. There were off-field concerns. (McKinnie hasn't been consistently in trouble with the law or anything. In fact, other than an arrest in 2008 in Miami for getting into a fight and then resisting arrest without violence while at a local club during a night of partying, he's been clean lately. The issue is McKinnie's penchant for partying. He has been known to drop $100,000 on liquor in one night. And, as a reminder, the Miami Dolphins are headquartered very near to Miami and South Beach),

3. He's going to be 34 years old. And if the Dolphins want him on a one-year deal, he's going to cost at least $3-$4 million.

So I was pretty confident the Dolphins wouldn't be interested in McKinnie because I was told as much and because of the reasons outlined above.

Well, Bryant McKinnie visited the Dolphins on Monday.

And aside from making me look dumb, the fact the Dolphins are kicking the tires on the veteran left tackle speaks to a handful of possibilities -- not all of them obvious to the average observer.

Possibility 1. The team is simply kicking the tires to see if McKinnie is even a remote option. The visit Monday was said to include a physical. It's called due diligence. It's a date. It's not a marriage.

Possibility 2. The team is trying to gain leverage as it prepares to take another run at Branden Albert. If general manager Jeff Ireland is going to go back to the Chiefs (again) he can't be perceived as having no option other than landing Albert. So getting McKinnie to visit is good for everyone. It gives the perception that McKinnie is an legit option -- even if he really isn't. And that's good for Miami. And it gives the perception that teams are interested in McKinnie -- even if they really aren't. And that's good for McKinnie's market. So feeler visits help everyone.

Possibility 3. The team is trying to gain leverage on Eric Winston. Remember that aside from looking for a left tackle, Miami has a choice of signing a right tackle and putting Jonathan Martin at left tackle. That would mean needing a right tackle. Winston is the most viable right tackle choice out there but the club and he haven't seen eye-to-eye on what it would take to make the idea work. A little leverage doesn't hurt that process.

Possibility 4. The Dolphins are seriously interested in McKinnie. If this is the option, then the Dolphins see McKinnie as a stopgap guy that played well in the playoffs even as he approaches the end of his career. They would be banking they can milk at least a year out of the guy. By the way, if this is the truth, then the Dolphins are seriously down on Martin as a left tackle option.

McKinnie, by the way, texted the Baltimore Sun and told reporter Aaron Wilson that the visit in Miami went well. Yet, no offer was made and McKinnie might take other visits, namely with San Diego.


I still find it hard to believe Bryant McKinnie is a Joe Philbin kind of guy. I find it hard to believe that Jeff Ireland, who doesn't like adding 30-somethings, much less 30-somethings with a checkered history, hasn't learned his lesson that it rarely goes well.

Remember Chad Johnson. How'd that turn out?

And having said that, the Dolphins indeed signed Johnson. So maybe they haven't learned a darn thing from such experiences.


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Good read

Andy, I agree with you mostly, but it's a topic of discussion because it's been hidden all this time (pros from the past all said they played with gays, they were just in the closet). And the media is bringing it out in the open. I don't think 1 day of discussion in the offseason is really going to interrupt the blog (though I know how much people here hate talking about race, politics, religion and other topics that divide us).

But I'm with you, I said my peace, I'm ready to see what we do about LT. On that subject, I think Winston at RT and JM at LT is a WORSE IDEA than getting Albert. Winston was horrible last year. Reminds me of the last turnstile we had here in that position. I hope they don't make that mistake (I wouldn't mind McKinnie as a 1-yr stopgap). Then again, is that slowing JM's progression (if he's ever going to be a LT). Maybe we let him just progress this year and kick out Jerry to RT (and we have Louis as RG). Or switch Louis/Jerry.




DC Dolfan, Chris Bosh, really?? LMAO!! He has a gorgeous wife and baby daughter. I don't think so


There are youtube videos of Chris Bosh at male strip joints out there, FYI ... definitely gay.

You Might Say Greek Mythology.

But More Than Half The Bible Is Historically Accurate.

And Just Like Greek Mythology Or Chinese Mythology. You Read It For The Moral Purpose. Not For The Literal Sense.

That Is What Religion Is There For.

That You Want To Be A Contrarian. FINE With Dashi.

Dashi Doesn't Believe In Religion. I Believe In God. And In Any Book That Was Inspired By Him. You Read The Story And Make Your Own Decision. Good Gave You Free Will. If You Chose To Be Ignorant, That Is Your Problem. Dashi Loves To Be Enlightened By All His Teachings. And All His Bibles. Whether It Is The Christian Bible, The Torah, the Qu'ran, The Sutra Or The Sanskrit.

God Has Given Us The Information. Some Of Us Only Concentrate On 1 Scripture, Some Want To Laugh And Concentrate On No Scripture. Others Study God And Enlighten Themselves With What Ever We Can Get Our Hands On. God Gave Us Free Will.

You Chose To Be Ignorant. That Is On You.

You Don't Have To Follow Religion To Follow God.

What Religion Did Jesus Follow?

Jesus Came To Break The Hypocrisy Of Religion. And What Did They Do? Same Thing They Did When Moses When He Came Down From Mt. Sinai. They Made An Idol Out Of Him.

Buddha Said It Best. 64,000 Ways To Find The Truth. You Have To Find Your Own Way. But Not Looking Is Even Worst.

This does affect the football team if Philbin busts on Wallace's a** about this. It will hurt their working relationship.

Philbin, support Wallace in this. Mando did.

Make a public statement in Wallace's favor and he will run through walls for you. You were right about Davis, Smith, Long, Johnson and all the other malcontents.

Now you need to be on the right side and support your player who did nothing but state his feelings.

Ireland put the Dolphins in this mess concerning this left tackle story. Now he has to find a quick and most of all a good solution.
He shouldn't have left Long in first place. Ireland, moron incompetent.
Posted by: marchcool | April 30, 2013 at 10:54 AM

I couldn't DISAGREE more....Ireland has played this quite well in my mind.

Long - injured too often, play declining and not worth the $ he was demanding. Loved him but also happy to see him move on. Ireland handled it perfectly.

Albert - Been saying for weeks, he is a very solid and proven starting LT worth pursuing. Probably worth the second 2nd round pick but not worth more than $7.5m per year. Ireland saw it through and didn't cave. Handled this perfectly.

Martin - Everyone knows he has only one year under his belt and nobody knows if he can really handle the LT position in year two. Ireland and Philbin have never said yes or no on Martin at LT. This leaves their options open without hurting Martin publicly. Ireland handled it perfectly.

Winston - A decent but not great RT option if needed. Ireland courted him and kept him on the line. Can use him as the fall back if/when neeed. Will need to make a final call likely in the next week or two max. Ireland played it perfectly.

Lance Louis/John Jerry - Ireland picked up Louis who has been a very reliable RG for Chicago. This gives Philbin the option to move Jerry to RT where he has played before and his body type is probably better suited. Again it gives flexibility. Ireland played this perfectly.

Draft Options - Ireland could have sat pat at 12 and picked Fluker but everyone rated him as RT not LT. He could have traded up and got Johnson but decided he has enough options at OT and prioritized Pass Rush. He picked up Dallas Thomas in the 3rd who played started OL in the SEC for three years at both LT and LG. He offers flexibility in a fluid situation. I think he played they draft perfectly.

McKinnie - High level LT for many years including the past playoff/superbowl run. Brining him in for an interview and physical to determine if he can be a 1-2 stop gap makes sense to me. I'd be happy to have him to protect THILL this year and hopefully assist a few of the younger players. Ireland played it perfectly.

NOW...Ireland needs to make a call. I'd like to see it happen this week to give the OLINE time to work out together and form a strong reliable unit for opening day.

Bobby, see Mark's comments. And watch the guy. DEFINITELY feminine tendencies, lol.

Irescum had no plan B when Big Jake didnt sign.

If Chris Bosh Isn't Gay He Is At Least Bi.

And Spo Is A Huge Flamer. They Even Tried To Cover It Up With He Dates A Heat Dancer.

Think About That For A Second. A Heat Dancer.

That Is Like Saying Philbin Goes Out With A Cheerleader.

And The Fin Cheerleaders Are Hotter Than The Heat Dancers.

Dancers And Cheerleaders Are Like Snacks For Athletes. They Use A Different One Every Week. Why Do You Think They Change Them Out Every Year? So The Athletes Can Play With The New Models.

What Do You Think Wallace Is Doing?

Winston was not a turnstile last year for KC. He also defended his QB when the fans cheered when Matt Cassell went down to injury. He ranked well for RT position last year- look at the numbers. As far as Mckinnie- hes a risk but the potential payoff is there. Another guy I have been abdicating for is Gaither. Hes 27, didnt mesh with SD coaching staff and was cut along with his big contract. He was a beast for BALT. Right now, hes hungry and will sign on the cheap. IF you all dont like Winston, how about Clabo for RT- another highly rated RT according to the stats.

There are tackles out there available to sign. WE need to jump on one before SD takes the one we want.

As far as the Wallace comment, it was fairly tame. However, the Dolphins had to make that statement bc an organization cant say that they dont understand homosexuality-its politically incorrect. No organization would. Thank goodness Wallace didnt say something like "THe Bible decries homosexuality, homosexuals are sinners and will burn in hell." He merely stated that there are so many fine looking women out there how can a man desire another man. Pretty tame stuff there if you ask me.

winston was awful in kc last year, penalties from him killed them. awful at pass blocking


Moving Misi inside also lets us rotate him in with Elerbee. Keeping people fresh is also a big thing with these coaches.

And versatility is a must. Different fronts makes your defense harder to prepare for. That is another reason you have to love Jordan.

Wow didn't take long for the gay athlete thing to take over. A player came out which is a good personal achievement for him. Mike Wallace's comments aren't a problem at all and him being truthful is not a bad thing at all, it's a non-issue to anyone mature enough to have their own opinion on the topic.

u dont HAVE to love jordan, hasnt played a down yet


I had a nice and respectful post all written to you about why this forum is as good as any to discuss this topic...

but when I hit send...the computer locked up....

I also realized that your post to us while not vile...wasn't neccesarilly without hostility either...


you get the short version....

I'll post what I ffel is relevant...and you continue to do the same....

If/when you decide that my stuff isn't worth reading....then be my guest and skip it.....



Penalties do not make Winston a turnstile- thats the wrong word to use. How about Clabo then? OR the two LT I mentioned. I would much rather the 4 players I mentioned over Lane Johnson- who had 1.5 years of experience playing LT.

Now if Joekel was there there at 3- I think the Dolphins still make the trade but beleive it or not, it probably would have cost more to do it. The Raiders knew we needed a LT so when Jax took Joeckel, they lost all bargaining leverage with us on the pick. Ireland made a half hearted call to them saying "Will take your #1 for our #1 and 1 of our #2's". If Joeckel was there- Im guessing it would have cost 1-2 more picksto move up.


Still enjoy reading yourself tho....

I'll be clear so there is no mis-interpertation....I have no issues with you...or anything you wrote....

it is you who have issue with what I have conveyed on this blog....

anywy...no hard feelings....and I look forward to more FOOTBALL related discussions in the future...

but today....this is what's on my mind.

Who Out Of The Remaining LT's Has Been To A Pro Bowl? Or Was A Top 10 Pick? Or Won A SB?

To Some This Means Zero. But I Wouldn't Mind The Player Replacing Jake To Have Some Credentials That Are Similar To Jake.

Winston Was A 6th Rd Pick If I Remember. He Overachieved His Whole Career. Age Usually Affects These Players Faster. Since They Usually Have Less Natural Talent. Watch Bess Regress Quick Once He Hits 32. If He Gets To See 32 In The NFL. Welker Will Be Happy To Catch 60 Passes This Year.

"Possibility 2. The team is trying to gain leverage as it prepares to take another run at Branden Albert. If general manager Jeff Ireland is going to go back to the Chiefs (again) he can't be perceived as having no option other than landing Albert. So getting McKinnie to visit is good for everyone. It gives the perception that McKinnie is an legit option -- even if he really isn't. And that's good for Miami. And it gives the perception that teams are interested in McKinnie -- even if they really aren't. And that's good for McKinnie's market. So feeler visits helps everyone."


Signing McKinnie for that kind of money seems odd & signing Winston who doesn't solve the LT position makes NO sense. If we have the money to do it (which we do) then I'd like to see us make the trade for Albert. He's the best LT out there.

I believe that trading a 'conditional' 2nd round pick is fair which would stipulate that Albert needs to start a certain number of games in 2013. If Albert doesn't b/c of his back or another type of injury then the draft pick becomes a 3rd round draft pick.

Andy Reid & John Dorsey know that Albert doesn't want to move to RT & that he will probably hold out in KC for as long as he can until he MUST report in order to get paid. I HIGHLY doubt that Andy Reid wants this type of distraction in his first season as HC so Ireland definitely has leverage here.

i never said turnstill? id take clabo anyday over awful winston. but still doesnt solve left tackle issue

dashi mckinnie did all of that but sucks now, lazy bum

dashi ill be u whatever u want welker catches more than 60. he will have 60 at the mid point of season

When are we going to get the rundown on the UDFA signings Armando? I'm sure that could be the subject of several blogs during the week as we talk about them.

John In Springs

I hope Wallace has a Hall of Fame career......but as a person, he' an inconsiderate, ignorant, insensitive jerk.

If a gay person said that he can't understand how someone is straight with all those gorgeously handsome men out there, I'd say the same thing about him.

The Wallace tweet disrespects the gay person's right to have whatever sexual preference he chooses.

And as far as those folks quoting the Bible..when you start following all the other rules and regulations in there, then you can spout your self-righteous crap.

Until then I say live and let live; we all make mistakes in life. So what? None of us are perfect; just take a look in the mirror.

I know it's not football specifically related, but I just had to say something, because I'm weary of all the hypocracy. What a banal civilization we remain!

Fluker went 11th to chargers

Could This All Be A Smokescreen And Ireland Goes After Nobody.

Why Give Up A Pick For Albert Now?

He Will Be A Free Agent Next Year.

And Dusty, McKinnie Played So Well They Moved M. Oher To RT.

Irescum had no plan B when Big Jake didnt sign.

Fire Ireland Now,

My guess is that Ireland is here for good unless the team totally bombs. As a fan I hate that b/c he should be held to a standard of winning THIS year or else....

Although I believe our roster has improved I aslo believe that making the playoffs this year is going to be a minor challenge or the result of a major injury to a QB. These teams are still ahead of us;

1) Denver
2) NE
3) Ravens (Maybe they fall off due to a SB hangover)
4) Bengals
5) Indy
6) Houston

WHP....why can't we wait and see how we play the 16 games before we start preparing for a letdown?....


Thanks for that info….somehow I find it hard to believe that my little piece of the pie in Northern, VA….and your piece of heaven in Canada are the ONLY places that the local DJ spoke about this stuff in the past few months….so again….I say it was conditioning the public….and perhaps even polling them/us….

DC….I see we are on the same page with this one…

I don't know why everyone thinking kc has to get rid of Albert.

They could keep him for the year at lt then let him go.

It would be just more protection for Smith.

Kris - I honestly was not going after you personally. I didn't even read the posters' names that were spewing on about Wallace. It's just the topic that ticks me off. I think it was DC who said that most of us get pissed when others go on and on about politics, race, religion, etc.

If I wanted to hear about those topics, or even express my opinions about them, I wouldn't be doing it on a Miami Dolphins blog.

I am really passionate about the Fins. Been so for 35 years now. I know many of you are as well. I am sooo excited about this upcoming season and really want to see the team make the push forward, which is long overdue.

So, please don't take me as attacking you personally. I just hate seeing this board get overrun with nonsense.


I think we can get Indy.....the Bengals...and the Bengals play the Ravens and Steelers twice a year...that is @ least 3 losses...and USUALLY 4 for them....

we are in good shape....

P. Manning Distributes The Ball Better Than Brady.

Wes Welker Won't Be P. Manning #1 Or #2 Target.

P. Manning Usually Throws To 3 Wrs And 1 TE. Not 2 TEs And 1 WR.

Our Offense Is More Peyton Manning Like. Than Brady Like.

cause he will be a huge distraction justin

kris no more 11-5 predictions ,ok

then take the bet dashi

Anyone check out the Miami Dolphins UDFAs?

Two I find very intriguing. SS Keelan Johnson I thought tested out very well. He will make the team.

The other one is WR from Northern Iowa that ran the 4.19 .. what's his name .. Sinkfield??? No production at all in college but that is faaast..

great mark a fast guy who sucks at football

Maybe Eric Steinbach is ready for a cold tub and a cig.

Here's the bottom line. We have interest in Albert, Winston and McKinnie. Maybe we're interested in others too. There are plenty of options out there so sit back and relax. Soon someone will cave and meet Ireland's demands whether it be over trade compensation or signing price.

All I know is we have time and we have options which is all we need.

Let me know when all the options are gone and frankly at that point I'd have to assume the answer is already on the roster one way or another.

The Wallace tweet disrespects the gay person's right to have whatever sexual preference he chooses.


But it's not a choice. That's what Wallace & a lot of other people don't understand. Obviously Wallace doesn't understand or get it b/c he's heterosexual & prefers woman. People aren't gay b/c they want to be, they're gay because they were born that way. I give Collins a LOT of credit for coming out on this & people need to stop being so judgmental about what other people do in their life.

Wallace is clearly not a very enlightened thinker & probably should have said nothing. More harm than good comes from athletes having Twitter accounts.

ireland will wait for june 1, more cuts come and he may find a guy we actually want.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 30, 2013 at 08:26 AM
I agree. Didn't make a move in FA, didn't draft a OT, what's the hurry now?

june 1 more players become avail

Dusty....just give me a bit of time.....

This schedule is a bit tougher...but we ar also a bit better talent wise.....i'll get back to you on that....

I believe we're going to be competitive this year; i feel like we can make the playoffs if things fall into place.

Surely there is no guarantee, but at the outset, before camp even begins, it's only a belief or a gut feeling or an intuition.

How, at this early stage, could it be anything else?

GO FINS!!! 11-5 !!!! Playoff Bound!!!!

fair enough kris


were good...sometimes mis-understandings happen in tis forum...any friend of the FINS is a friend of mine....

and I have been talking more football.....

shamed back into line....lol....

Dusty is an idiot because well.......some things are just self explanatory.

Remember this name amongst our udfa's:


WNP...you're correct...poor selection of words...should have read: person's right to their individual sexuality......

It isn't a choice.....but society's traditional dim view of it has caused many to struggle with their own reality......

Thanks for your input....

no thanks yesterday wont make team anyways


I think we can get Indy.....the Bengals...and the Bengals play the Ravens and Steelers twice a year...that is @ least 3 losses...and USUALLY 4 for them....

we are in good shape....


I don't know about that. I believe Andrew Luck is the next great NFL QB. Tannehill had an up & down rookie season which is fine BUT he's going to have REALLY take charge of this offense. IMO--He's going to have to throw AT LEAST 20 TD passes & keep his turnovers/mistakes low for us to have a chance.


I Was Giving You Info To Help Make Your Decision.

Yea, I'll Take It.

Here Is One Last Little Bit Of Info On Peyton. R. Wayne Who Played 10 Seasons With Peyton Only Caught 100 Passes 3 Times.

And Wes Welker Is No Reggie Wayne.

Wes Welker Is Replacing B. Stokely, A. Collie. His #3 Wr. 50-60 Catches.

Peyton Manning Throws The Deep Ball Way More Than Brady. He Doesn't Dink And Dunk As Much As Brady.

YG is so lame. I've been working with people who are openly gay for years.

No one ever gave them an award.

Being gay is a choice. U were Not born in the act of same sex gender, u chose to.



cocoajoe....I agree....why jump the gun? Time to wait and see who becomes available as pre-season develops....

I hate this Wallace discussion.

All I know is I'm pro choice and really found nothing wrong with what he said. He gave an honest opinion. He genuinely doesn't understand. He should understand but is it a big deal if he doesn't? As long as he's not against it is all that matters to me.

He wasn't insulting in any way towards the homosexual community. All he did was show a low level of intelligence and decision making ability.

You can't knock him without knocking the right to free speech because he stated an opinion without saying it was wrong.

The best analogy I can come up with would be saying "why do people become vegetarians when there are so many great places to eat meat?

Does that sound insulting to vegetarians? No, the person just doesn't understand.

If Tannehill throws only 20tds is highly likely we finish no better than 9-7, then narrowly miss the playoffs. To be a team that makes the playoffs and makes noise while in the, Tannehill needs to thro at least 25tds.

I believe we're going to be competitive this year; i feel like we can make the playoffs if things fall into place.

Surely there is no guarantee, but at the outset, before camp even begins, it's only a belief or a gut feeling or an intuition.

How, at this early stage, could it be anything else?

GO FINS!!! 11-5 !!!! Playoff Bound!!!!


I believe we have a chance to be a good. However a lot has to do with Tannehill's progress & if he can take our offense to the next level. Can he do that in his 2nd season??? We don't know yet.

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