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It's a UF day for the Dolphins, Carpenter on notice

The Dolphins have drafted three University of Florida players today, the latest running back Mike Gillislee and kicker Caleb Sturgis were drafted in the fifth round.

Two things:

Dan Carpenter, who struggled through the middle of the 2012 season, is officially on notice that Miami isn't afraid to replace him.

"Coming into the league you know you have to compete against the best," Sturgis said. "I've seen him kick and he's got a great leg. It'll definitely be fun competing against him."

Despite the slump and finishing the year on injured reserve, Carpenter did connect on 16 of his final 17 kicks before getting hurt.

Gillislee, meanwhile, was a rotational running back at Florida. He rushed for 1,152 yards while averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

The happiest guy on the Dolphins?

Center Mike Pouncey, a Florida guy who predicted the Dolphins would pick three Gators player"s.

Wow that's crazy I can't believe I just predicted that" Pouncey tweeted. "I will be handing out gator shirts to all my teammates this coming up week."

The addition of Gillislee puts Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller on notice. Considered the favorites to win the starting job and then split carries, both now have another player that is a legitimate player who can possibly catch the ball as well as they can.

"I'm just ready to compete," Gillislee said.


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Go Miami Gators!


Would have liked to have had Ryan Swope...

I don't even think that Carpenter will be given a chance to compete. You cannot just waste a 5th round pick on a kicker. This guy will be kicking for us next year.

Somewhere Tony Sparano is proud of the fins with a big fist pump.

And the Dolphins picked the wrong Florida school. Gimme Brandon Jenkins, Chris Thompson, and Dustin Hopkins over Jelani Jenkins, Mike Gillislee, and Caleb Sturgis ANY DAY! Ugh....not a great draft. Gotta get Brandon Albert somehow to at least bring some form of stability. Zero day one impact players from this draft. Zero.

Has anyone ever posted more words that were immediately forgotten than YG?

Actually, now that I think about it pretty much everything written here is immediately forgotten...


Guess I watched fr more Gators games than you. Gillislee was far more tha a rotational rb. The rb's behind him were the rotational rb's.

Also, you know better, you dot draft a kicker 5h r to put your incumbent kicker on notice. This is a blatant Dan Carpenter pink slip!

I wonder if Carpenter bothers to even show up or camp?

Wow when was the last time this team went through such a complete overhaul in one season? Never.

Getting rid of Bush, Smith, Fasano and the rest sure seems insignificant now.

Will Fins trade up to 6th and call it day (maybe use some late 2014 picks)?

Rob just curious who won between the gators and seminoles this year? That's right it was the gators.

Be scared of the Pats and the Bills. Both got better. Josh Bosh extremely fast (4.3) an at 6'1 210 did 25 reps and Aron Dobson. Brady will be throwing the ball vertically down field this year. Bills did a good job adding Robert Woods and the fastest wr in the draft Goodwin to join the alpha wr Steve Johnson.

Jets tanked the draft and should be the last fans talking chit. They did just pick up Chris Ivory at rb from the Saints. Very good back...quick..has some long speed and is an upgrade over what they have

Dan Carpenter is extremely wealthy because if his business acumen and a series of wise investments.

Whether his kicking career ends or not he will continue to be much more successful than you.


As A Cane Fan. L. Miller Was Taken Out Of Goalline Play For M. James. Miller Had To Score From Beyond The 20.

They Are Both 1 Cut Runners. They Can Take It In From Inside The 5.

D. Thomas Has Value. But He Is On The Outside Looking In. Philbin Doesn't Like Lazy Players. And He Doesn't Fit Philbin and Sherman RB Prototype.

L. Miller Gillislie M. Thigpen

All around 200lbs and Quick.

Posted by: Dashi | April 27, 2013 at 03:50 PM

It was very easy for fans and teammates to like Bess. Class act. He just wasn't good enough. The Tony Sparano 'popularity contest - I'll cover your back' days are gone.

Shrewdness has arrived.

Everyone wanting a reciever are forgeting Thigpen who I'm sure will play in the slot



Dolphins slowly loading up on the SEC:

1. Tannehill
2. Pouncey
3. Reshad Jones
4. Jelani Jenkins
5. Mike Gillislee
6. Caleb Sturgis

Did I miss anyone?

Rob m, it's clearly obvious Miami is preparing for the future with these players. You're post is naive.

We are losing allot of players the next 2 years. These guys are all coming in to take other jobs.

Don't be shocked to see Miami cut D. Thomas & Carpenter after seeing who we drafted. Cap savings.

Don't be surprised when Miami makes no effort to resign Misi & Odrick because we drafted Jordan & Jenkins (who many view as starter material in a year or two).

Don't be shocked to se Jerry, Icognito or both not resigned this year because we took Dallas Thomas.

Don't be shocked to see Mrshall, Patterson, Carrol or 2 of the 3 cut or simply not resigned because we drafted 2 CB's.

We won't have much cap space. These draft picks are critical with an eye on the future. What's abundantly clear from this draft is that Miami is confident in mMtthews as the #4 WR & with Martin at LT.

Rob M....don't ruin our 1st name....our Phins have done well!

Like Orlando Said.

You Don't Draft Kickers In The 5th to Maybe Replace Carpenter.

Carpenter Is Done. It Will Be Cheaper To Keep Sturgis For 4 Years. Than Pay Carpenter For 1.

Plus, Carpenter Has Seem To Have Lost Leg Strength. Not Just Accuracy.

And Carp Did Cost Us 3 Games.

Anyone that is a Hurricane fan respects FSU and hates Florida.

I don't mind the Fins getting good players even if they played for Florida.

Just don't ever dare to call the Fins the Miami Gators!

This is Cane country!

Did we really just take a #$@# K w/ a 5th rd pick as opposed to taking Swope who already has a chemistry w/ Tannehill, ran a 4.3+ at the combine and who would nicely fill the slot role just vacated by Bess? Makes zero sense, especially considering Sturgis would EASILY have been there w/ our 7th rd pick. Ugh...overall a good draft, but that's a swing and a miss Jeff.

Solid draft. I get the feeling Ireland and Philbin have more faith in Jonathan Martin and Rishard Matthews than previously thought.

Gillislee can tote the rock. He has low mileage and should get major touches out of our backfield. I'll go ahead right now and say he's better than Daniel Thomas.

Lamar Miller and Ryan Tannehill are the most important question marks going into the season. If they're good, the Dolphins will be good. If they're not, the Dolphins will be mediocre to bad for years.

Gillislee and Sturgis Will See Time.

Sturgis Will Be A Starter.

Dallas Thomas is sec

Dave K, who knows Swope better, you or his ex coach Sherman? I'd say his opinion carries a teeny tiny bit more weight than yours. Swopes runs fast, so do track stars, neither can catch the damn ball though.

NFL teams don't have 90 man rosters, guys.

Most of these players being drafted now will never even make their teams.


Maybe Fuller or Moore?

The 2013 Dolphins will be a defensive and kicking team. Fist pumps for field goals redux.


Tannehill as Henne
Wallance as Marshall
Jordan as Mini-Me Taylor
Gibson as Ankle Weights
Keller as Man in Infirmary # 1
Louis as Man in Infirmary # 2
Jenkins as Man in Infirmary # 3
Ross as Man with Begging Cup asking for 200,000,000
Philbin as Man with Headache
Ireland as Himself

Featuring a cast of hundreds as fans in the stands.

The offense will be lucky to finish as high as last year's 27th ranked powerhouse.


Dallas Thomas can pull, Incognito cant. Both play the left side.

Also possible Cogs goes to right guard, Jerry doesn't bring his fat ass to camp in shape.

Jerry was issue an ultimatum by Philbin at the end of the season. He's been assigned a weight he must report at. I hope he's taking Philbin seriously. This draft suggests every player on this team had better take Philbin seriously!

Yea, I was expecting either Swope or Da'Rick Rogers, maybe JI can back in Rd6
So is the Albert deal def off?

Gilleslie was the Gator workhorse - north/south runner and a good change of pace to Miller. Thomas is on notice...

I wanted Ryan Swope as well. But the fact is the dolphins did not feel the same. Who would know better than our own Mike Sherman. The fact he wasn't picked is says a lot about his skill set. Like I said if they didn't pick him, something must be wrong or he does not fit our scheme correctly.

Screw Albert and the Chiefs. Albert wants too much money and the Chiefs wanted too much in return.

So what do the Chiefs do now? Start the #1 overall pick at right tackle? Please. That ain't happening. You teach the #1 overall pick proper technique and reps by playing his natural position. Albert may refuse to play RT. He could be traded for a lower round pick next year, if he will lower his contract demands.

So Far Ireland Has Drafted 3-4 Starters And 2-3 Players That Add Depth And Can Develop Into Contributors.

Possible Year 1 Starters

D. Jordan OLB
J. Taylor CB
D. Thomas LG
C. Sturgis K

Depth At Needs That Will Develop

W. Davis CB
M. Gillislee RB
D. Sims TE
J. Jenkins OLB

We are too stacked to draft another reciever we need help on the OL

Xavier Nixon could still be available at 7th round together with Bacarri Rambo and Rodney Smith. And Ryan Swope is already gone to the Cardinals.

Now, if Matt Scott falls into our hands I say take him.



Miami Is Hurricane County.

I Wouldn't Even Respect FSU Fans.

The Only Colleges That Should Lay Claim To Sfla Are

The U

In That Order.

Gator Country Is Tampa And Jacksonville. The Same For FSU.

I Would Say Tampa Is FSU. And Jax Is Gator County.

You Will Get The Taste Slapped Out Your Mouth. SAYING Miami Gaytor In Miami.

Did we really just take a #$@# K w/ a 5th rd pick as opposed to taking Swope who already has a chemistry w/ Tannehill, ran a 4.3+ at the combine and who would nicely fill the slot role just vacated by Bess? Makes zero sense, especially considering Sturgis would EASILY have been there w/ our 7th rd pick. Ugh...overall a good draft, but that's a swing and a miss Jeff.

Posted by: Dave K | April 27, 2013 at 03:57 PM

Swope is concussion prone & can't catch. He`ll be out of the nfl in 2-3 years.

Also, WCO offenses don't utilize the slot WR. In GB, all 4 WR's can play all positions. Bess could only play 1. That means he's gone.

That's what Philbin wants in his WR's. Bess wasn't a fit. If they would use a "slot" type player, do you think they would have traded him? COME ON!

BTW, if you didn't know, carpenter cost us 3 games last year & makes alot of money for a KR. This kid from FL is good & will come a hell of alot cheaper.

It's been a good draft with an eye on the future. Jordan, Jenkins & both Corners will all be starters within 2 years.


I posted yesterday Xavier Nixon 7th rd. Kids good, just has brain farts at the most inopportune times. If not for that, he would have went somewhere in the 1st 3 rds.

Dashi must use the Ireland brand of dental floss.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 04:10 PM

Yes, actually I found out about this guy by reading your posts! he would be quite a nice addition to our roster.

I predict Fins will draft another QB in 2014 if Tannehill can't deliver a 9-7 record or better with the new FAs and assuming the draft class plays to their potential.

Hazan,do you watch any college football whatsoever? Swope leaves A&M as their ALL-TIME LEADING RECEIVER--this isn't some clueless track guy they plucked from the track team and stuck a football uniform on him. In fact, he was a RB before he moved to WR, so he has a high football IQ. If anything, his concussion history scared some teams away, possibly including the Fins.

And Your Broad Uses My D'ck As A Toothbrush.

carpenter aint on notice......he's cut

You Will Get The Taste Slapped Out Your Mouth. SAYING Miami Gaytor In Miami.
Posted by: Dashi | April 27, 2013 at 04:09 PM


Who are you kidding? The Miami Gators hosted a tribute to Tebow!

There are more Gator grads living in Broward and Dade, than UM Grads. The U just has a bunch of hood rat fans from Miami Gardens and Hialeah.


Agreed on Carpenter if Sturgis is any good at all.

South Florida hates the Gators. Way to further alienate the fan base.

and sturgis is a good pick in rd 5, even with swope on the board.....its about managing that cap too, all these guys arent free, and they'll save over 2 mill with sturgis instead of carpenter--makes more sense, all things considered.....relax with swope already......and sturgis very likely gone by rd 7

Tannehill will be more experienced but expectations will be much higher now that he has the weapons (and has a stronger defense).

Let's hope he can deal with the pressure to perform and the sophomore jinx.

Maybe the other Nigerian receiver Uzoma Nwachukwu Texas a&m WR


This is ONLY a joke.

Will the Dolphins be the Miami Gators if they trade for Tebow?

Just kidding. :)

Here we go again with the negative bullchit again. SIGH why dont you take your F%^#@*n troll ass and jump off a cliff you stupid SOB. Your witt an intalect just floor us.

Posted by: Tapeworm | April 27, 2013 at 04:18 PM

Weren't you the guy caught buying crack in Pork and Bean projects?

I like Ray Polk for safety

Rob M,

As an FSU alum, ill agree with you on Hopkins (Though missing on 2 game winning field goals in his career probably scared them off). However, Brandon Jenkins is projected as a LB at the next level and I just don't see the athletic ability. Plus he's coming off a serious injury. Chris Thomas is coming off an ACL and this is after breaking his BACK last season. He's a priority FA at best.

Hate the Gators, but the guys they got can play.

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