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It's a UF day for the Dolphins, Carpenter on notice

The Dolphins have drafted three University of Florida players today, the latest running back Mike Gillislee and kicker Caleb Sturgis were drafted in the fifth round.

Two things:

Dan Carpenter, who struggled through the middle of the 2012 season, is officially on notice that Miami isn't afraid to replace him.

"Coming into the league you know you have to compete against the best," Sturgis said. "I've seen him kick and he's got a great leg. It'll definitely be fun competing against him."

Despite the slump and finishing the year on injured reserve, Carpenter did connect on 16 of his final 17 kicks before getting hurt.

Gillislee, meanwhile, was a rotational running back at Florida. He rushed for 1,152 yards while averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

The happiest guy on the Dolphins?

Center Mike Pouncey, a Florida guy who predicted the Dolphins would pick three Gators player"s.

Wow that's crazy I can't believe I just predicted that" Pouncey tweeted. "I will be handing out gator shirts to all my teammates this coming up week."

The addition of Gillislee puts Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller on notice. Considered the favorites to win the starting job and then split carries, both now have another player that is a legitimate player who can possibly catch the ball as well as they can.

"I'm just ready to compete," Gillislee said.


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The Hurricanes have built a 53-9 record in five seasons with Coker at the helm, one of the most successful starts of any coach in the history of college football.

Ron Son, I'm with you, bring back the wild cat. We have better personal for it now.

I am here to be a worthless Troll and show everyone I have no money, no girlfriend and no life.

The kicker pick is questionable at best. A better kicker was taken 11 picks later. I only say he's better because his leg is stronger, he's more accurate, and he set the ncaa record for points during his career...oh and every list I've seen has him as the best kicker in the draft. Cutting Carpenter for this guy seems like a bad move to me. Any explanation why we didn't take the kid from FSU?

"Only thing that can save Ireland's assss is if Philbin does a magnificent job of Coaching and developing Players because, frankly, this Draft sukkked big dikkk."

Whatever. I'll poke holes in your mock draft from now till Christmas. Then I'll drop the mic', cross my arms, nod my head, and enjoy the fact that you "got served" big time.

Thomas was NOT a wasted pick.!!
He was THREE wasted picks!!

after last years draft, which i was very happy with, it had looked to me like maybe philbin and sherman had played a large role in picking most of those players, they were very good picks and it seemed as though it was a lot different then the typical miami drafts of years past which had a knack for making some really bad decisions and a lot there were down right awful. now in the philbin era with the 2011 draft being successful and an offseason freeagency frenzy of more good decisions the momentum and anticipation of this years draft was through the roof, new uniforms and all, but i have to say, this draft(the early three rounds anyway) seemed to have irelands fingerprints all over it(in a bad way), i really doubt that philbin had anything to do with what i see was a complete waiste of our 2012 premium picks. all i know is ireland had better personaly escort this #3 OVERALL PICK to the weight room and dinner table every day. i still can't get over this...crazy right? we could have had a stud right tackle and now were left with rummaging through other teams discards to fill the most important position(other then QB) heading into the season....

I'd rather UM be known as a great educational institution. That will always be FAR more important than football.

College football is for the students and alumni who went to a specific school. Anyone else who follows it is a weirdo.

Rin Son is TheSMF, Pricemsaster, Cadillac, Phuc Yu, MJ, Fin 77, Monte, Zonk and 9 others.

When will you idiots figure this out and stop responding to him?

Miami has the momentum! keep being agressive phil and joe! the football gods are sending their praises!

oscar is dashi and a few others.

Hey LOL, your post at 4:10 hits the nail on the head, good to know there is some other fins fans that know what the hell they are talking about.


That Is The Most Ignorant Statement I Have Ever Heard.

Did You Just Start Watching College Ball?

Have You Been Out The Loop The Last 4 Years.

And Don't Worry The Canes Will Crush The Gators. And The Gators Don't Want To Play The U. They Rescinded.

The Only Real College Football Rivalry In Florida. Is FSU Vs Miami

The Gators Rival Is UGA.


You shouldn't have titled this blog "It's a UF DAY for the Dolphins".

You should have known that you'd be stirring up a hornet's nest because most Fin fans are CANE fans not GATOR fans!

They'd prefer an equally talented player from some other college than from UF. It runs that deep.

You should have worded the blog differently. Maybe "Dolphins Pick Overlooked UF Players". Not UF DAY.

Ons is Dashi and Odin

I think most of the negative bloggers on here today are freakin' jacked up on Budweiser and white grouper. C'mon! It was a good fu.king draft. Just because the experts didn't pick your guy does not mean the draft was a waste. If you feel you could have done a better job, grow some balls and go to Davie Mon. morning and apply for a scouting position. Frickin' morons!!

budtki@verizon.net, 1. please explain to us how taking another "stud" offensive lineman this year would have made us so much better when we have taken "stud" offensive lineman 5 of the last 6 years and have ended up below 500 each year except one??
2. Explain to us how in a taped interview on TV, when Ross said he had dinner with the coaches and THE COACHES, all said they wanted Dion Jordan match up with you sayong the coaches had nothing to do with this? Should we believe you or Mr. Ross??
3. Explain to us how a guy 6:6 250 pds is undersized?

Again Before I Get Lambasted.

Doesn't This Sound Familiar?

"Whatever. I'll poke holes in your mock draft from now till Christmas. Then I'll drop the mic', cross my arms, nod my head, and enjoy the fact that you "got served" big time."

Dashi Is Not Posting Any Names. But Doesn't This Sound Familiar?



How was it so good? We missed out on Eifert, Austin, Vaccaro, Rhodes, Hunter, Patterson, Fisher, Joeckel, Johnson, Elam, Millner

We All Know,

People Might Confuse Dashi With You Than Ons.

Specially Since I Have Used The Sign In Name "We All Know" Before.

And That You Typed In Mostly Capitals.

Oscar is dashi, that much is obvious, and a few others. Inside info says so.


Gillislee Is A One Cut Runner. A Slightly Slower Version Of L. Miller.

Why is it that those who say the draft should have been different are 'trolls' while those that say the draft was wonderful are 'true fans?'

Is there no room for polite debate on even a topic as un-important as profootball?

Most of us are fans - some are just accepting the reality that most of the past 13 drafts or so have been dreadful.

Was a sub par draft. Id give it a c- the d minus they gave us was a little harsh. Our oline still sucks and giving bess away a mistake. Taylor was my fav pick.

dusty, what time is Albert signing today?


Where is "soiled bottoms"?

Oscar Aka Ons,

We Are 2 Different People.

Unlike Some Here Who Like To Troll.

Dashi Talks Dolphin Football 95% Of The Time. And Under The Name Dashi About 95% Of The Time.

U spell hilarious like this. Unreal the education in here. And we cant sign a guy on another team. Any educated fin fans here?

Most of the Draft analysts will give our Draft a D. You'll see. And I agree.

You spell you like this. Unreal the education in here. Any educated fin fans here?

Dusty, how do you spell Albert. LOL.

Dusty Bottoms,

Taylor was my favorite pick as well. He and Sturgis might be the best players picked.

One hopes that Jordan does well; he seems like a decent young man.

Still, overall, I would say the Dolphins did not help themselves on offense in this draft. I know they got a lot of free agents, but outside of Wallace, I'm not convinced our offense will be much better unless Tannehill takes his game to Kaepernik's level.

Dusty who gave us a d-? A little while ago I heard Trent Dilfer lauding the fins for the job they have done this off season. He was talking about how they have improved the speed of the defense in fa and the draft. This was all prior to the Dion Simms pick. The other analysts seemed to agree with him.

Only flaw this off season was letting Long walk and not having a plan to replace him. Everything else has been great. I beleive that they will bring in a fa to play RT. RT will be a weakness this year but hopefully it will not be as bad as when we had Colombo.

Would Tebow be successful playing fullback?


This Was A Good Draft. Wouldn't Say Great. 3-4 Sure Year 1 Guys. 2 Guys That Can Develop In A Year Or 2. And Then 3 Question Marks. But They All Have Good Potential.

But You Guys On The Other Side Sound More Like Trolls Than Concerned Fans. WHICH IS THE REASON US TRUE FANS!! REACT SO AGGRESSIVE! The Fins Didn't Miss On Every Pick.

We Can Have A Civil Discussion. Specially Now That The Draft Is Basically Over. Which Is All Dashi Was Asking For.

Jets will be cutting Tebow.

His only option to remain in NFL will be as a fullback.

I don't know of anyone will give him a chance at QB or backup QB.

ps.....both hopkins and sturgis were highly regarded/rated.....the top 2 kickers by far.....nfl network compared sturgis to phil dawson, which works for me--they're cutting Carpenter because he's gonna make almost 3 mill this year.....and its not like he's been money lately, to say the least--late round picks help manage the cap, and this is an example

Tannehill will tell us how successfull last year's draft was.

This year it is about how good Jordan will be. That will tell us if this was a B+ draft. If Dion proves that he is worthy of the # 3 overall selection then this draft is a success. No doubt Taylor will be a starting caliber CB. We will hit and miss on all the other picks like all the other teams. We will probably find one nugget, and a couple of other solid NFL contributors after the 2nd round. Jordan is the difference between a B+ and a C grade.

Ireland Drafted 3 Guys That Could've Been First Rounders With His Top 3 Pick. D. Thomas was Rated Higher Than 3 Linemen Drafted In The First. J. Taylor Was Also Drafted After A Couple Guys Graded Lower Than Him.

Yet, Keep Speaking Your Blasphemy Oscar.

Orlando draft wise. Not free agency. I thought we did good there. Not a good draft though

Again this is at best just an average draft.
I like moving up to get Jordan (most morons don't get it) - and drafting Jamar Taylor. After that Ireland must have come out of a coma to make nothing but crappy picks.
EVERY PICK maimi made after Jamar Taylor is just another guy, nothing special about any - ANY of the picks. Average average, average. I've heard of east coast bias - but gator bias? Wake up douche bags just because they were gators doesn't make them any good. ALL average back ups in the NFL. Ireland will be out of a job next spring. The free agents signed will not be enough. To see how to draft intelligently - look at ALL Ravens Picks AFTER the average players that Miami slected - maimi did great job selecting bench warmers and special teamers.

Do fins still have 3 picks in 7th?

217, 224 and 250?

Skip Bayless Killed T. Tebows Career.

Sort Of Like How Dashi Killed Dansby Career. Just Kidding.

through 5 rounds, every one of these picks should make the roster.....the CB from Utah might be the exception but he'll be practice squad at worst, at a valuable position (and will come up when someone gets hurt or when marshall or patterson are cut)--thats a pretty solid job......upgrades the roster further.....could question some picks by every team

Still need a lot of help on oline. We will miss bess with other Top 3 wrs alk injury prone


I agree the fins did not miss on every pick. No disagreement there.

It's not so much the individual picks, but the overall focus of the draft (defense vs. offense) that concerns those with reservations about the draft.

Anyway, the draft is in the books and another period of free agency is coming tonight and tomorrow.

Then, there will be mostly work to get ready for 2013.

It should be an interesting year. I believe a lot will depend on Tannehill's development, but nearly everyone has already said that.

Ireland and his team were probably on the phone with Winston's agent after the second round. It would not surprise me if we sign Winston this week. Drafting the kicker and cutting Carpenter will allow us to feel OK about overspending on Winston.

At this point Winston is in the drivers seat. The fins cannot go into next year with a line that features Martin and Garner at OT. Dallas Thomas will not be ready to start this year. He is a project.

Lets see,
1. We drafted the THIRD best player in this Draft. A guy who will stop the double teams on Wake, be able to cover practically any RB or TE out of the backfield and has the chance to become the elite pass rusher in the league with a little work and weight.
2. We drafted Jamal Taylor, a guy who will be an immediate starter, a guy who runs 4.3 40 and was Round one talent. He will be opposite Brent Grimes, who if back 100% will give us an outstanding CB tandem.
3. Dallas Thomas, depth on the O Line. A guy who will probably replace Incognito next year to open up cap space.
4. Gisselle, a running back which we needed because of Daniel Thomas injury history.
5. A kicker who will either replace Carpenter or make him compete even harder to keep his job. Opens up 3 million in cap space
6. A blocking TE which the coaching staff seems to have wanted.

I think Ireland and the coaching staff did a fine job.
Draft grade B- which turns into an A if Jordan becomes what everyone believes he will become.

dusty--agree we need oline help but my guess is they sign winston or clabo, or trade a pick next yr for albert--bess was a nice player, but its a salary cap move.....gibson is solid and matthews can fill in if needed--and how are the other WRs injury prone?--how many games has wallace or hartline missed?--keller missed none until last year--?

Winston is awful and martin at lt would be a disaster

It's almost a certainty they will sign Winston. One of his relatives works for the Dolphins.

How is it a cap.move. they have plenty of cap left. Wallace missed games last year and hart always does. If dion is covering rbs and tes then he isnt taking double teams off of wake

winston aint awful, jerry could play RT if needed......thomas too.....and the king, jim harbaugh, seemed to be just fine with martin protecting the blindside of the anointed one for a few years--whats the problem?--you know more than jim harbaugh?

How was it so good? We missed out on Eifert, Austin, Vaccaro, Rhodes, Hunter, Patterson, Fisher, Joeckel, Johnson, Elam, Millner
Posted by: Alvin | April 27, 2013 at 05:22 PM


Xavier Nixon in the 7th? Go for the hat trick!

I thought, unfortunately, that the 49ers had yet another solid draft. They seem to always get good value. However, they are so talented at this point that they might have been best served by trading most of their 13 picks for higher impact players - especially at DT.

The Dolphins, in my opinion get a 'C'. Unless Jordan is the next JT and Taylor is the next Surtain. AND Wallace and Keller combine for about 25 TD's.

Now, time to go out and sign Clabo, Winston or McKinnie.

dusty why do you make stuff up? what is your problem.

Show us where you see others rating our draft a d-.

Show us. Bet you can't you loser fool dumb fuhk.

I get why we would take a kicker, but not why not take the best kicker. Just hoping we don't have any games against the Bills that come down to kickers....

Benz come on man that was in college. Hugeeee difference. Winston is awful. Go bavk and watch games last year. Hes horrible

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