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It's a UF day for the Dolphins, Carpenter on notice

The Dolphins have drafted three University of Florida players today, the latest running back Mike Gillislee and kicker Caleb Sturgis were drafted in the fifth round.

Two things:

Dan Carpenter, who struggled through the middle of the 2012 season, is officially on notice that Miami isn't afraid to replace him.

"Coming into the league you know you have to compete against the best," Sturgis said. "I've seen him kick and he's got a great leg. It'll definitely be fun competing against him."

Despite the slump and finishing the year on injured reserve, Carpenter did connect on 16 of his final 17 kicks before getting hurt.

Gillislee, meanwhile, was a rotational running back at Florida. He rushed for 1,152 yards while averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

The happiest guy on the Dolphins?

Center Mike Pouncey, a Florida guy who predicted the Dolphins would pick three Gators player"s.

Wow that's crazy I can't believe I just predicted that" Pouncey tweeted. "I will be handing out gator shirts to all my teammates this coming up week."

The addition of Gillislee puts Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller on notice. Considered the favorites to win the starting job and then split carries, both now have another player that is a legitimate player who can possibly catch the ball as well as they can.

"I'm just ready to compete," Gillislee said.


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How was it so good? We missed out on Eifert, Austin, Vaccaro, Rhodes, Hunter, Patterson, Fisher, Joeckel, Johnson, Elam, Millner
Posted by: Alvin | April 27, 2013 at 05:22 PM


Dusty what else did you expect from the draft. Some are saying that after the Jordan and Taylor there was no one special drafted. I would say if those two turn out to be special I will be thrilled. The rest of the draft is a complete crap shoot. Most teams in the NFL did not find anyone special after the second round. You find solid starters and developmental players after the second round. Yes you find some surprises beyond round two (like Reshad Jones) but for the most part we don't know how good Dallas Thomas or Dion Simms will be. Did we know how good Reshad Jones or for that matter Tom Brady (6th round pick) would be?


I Can See How some People Don't Like the Draft Because Of Defense Over Offense. And That We Didn't Get A Midget Wr Or A TE That Was Graded Less Than 10 Points More Than The One We Picked.

But Defense Was A Huge Priority. LB Was Definitely A HUGE NEED. If You Ever Read Anything Dashi Said. LBs Are The Only Defensive Players That Rush The Qb, Stop The Run, and Cover The Pass. And We Only Had 2 Before The Draft.

Ireland Isn't Done Making Moves. Plus, We Should Look At The Moves Ireland Didn't Make. Not Getting B. Albert Was Probably The Best Move Ireland Made.

Expect Ireland With His New Cap Room He Will Create From The Draft. About Another $13M. To Go On Another Mini FA Spending Spree.

Would Love To See Ireland Go After. McKinney and J. Abraham. Finish Fixing The O-Line, And Create The Craziest Pass Rush Ever.

dusty < twice used condom.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo glad we got Gillislee from Florida because Daniel Thomas has proven only that he can be "INCONSISTENT". As a player on Offense,I can t remember 1 time when Thomas played well for two consecutive games.SAD.He s given far too much leeway and credit by the team for being a decent player....when EVERYONE in Miami KNOWS....that he is NOT.The Florida RB will get Thomas (thankfully) cut from the Dolphins.Thomas isn t worth his paycheck as based on his body of work which has been severely limited in production overall.


Whoever said Dion was the best pass-rusher in this Draft(5.5sacks)? Werner had 13 sacks, Damontre 12.5.

Agree bobby on clabo for rt but u still dont want martin playing lt. Fair enough orlando

Mike Wallace injury prone?? On what planet??
2009 16 games
2010 16 games
2011 16 games
2012 15 games

He missed ONE game in 4 years

he was a rookie dusty.....not possible he improves in year 2, added some strength/weight--possible?--salary cap move because, no, they dont have "plenty" of space at this point and 2) bess was making almost 3 mill as a 4th receiver....a solid but limited one at that--its called "managing the cap" for a reason.....i liked bess but you're obsessing over an undersized 4th receiver, in the last year of his contract (ie. he wasnt getting re-signed anyway).

Oscar in his defense he dropped into coverage quite a bit

Hey Oscar?

Haven't seen you since 2010. Did you get laid yet or still celibate?

WhoTH is Xavier Nixon? Throw him to the Alligators!

Brian Hartline

2009 16 games
2010 12 games
2011 16 games
2012 16 games

Another one injury prone??

ps....dont know enough about the kickers but just saying that both were considered good, the 2 best in the group by far--not sure couldve gone wrong with either one

We will need bess at some pt but oh well hes gone. Benz u feel comfortable w martin at lt?

agree, still cant figure out that "injury prone" WR comment......Hartline is not, Wallace is not, Keller played 16 games/yr for his first 3-4 yrs in the league, before last year.....who is injury prone there?

Brandon Gibson

2009 9 games
2010 14 games
2011 15 games
2012 16 games

Injury prone??

Great job by Ireland showing he's smarter than the average fan. Even if Grimes return to pro bowl form. Guess who every qb would be throwing at? The #2 corner.

Therefore, 2nd rd, Ireland draft a #2 cb with 1st rd talent. Now if teams throw away from Grimes, they re still throwing straight into the lions mouth at Jamar Taylor.

Also, another tidbit, Jelani Jenkins says he also played some safety at UF. With 4.5 speed, he's already faster than many nfl starting safeties.

Now the only question is, was Jenkins drafted a olb, safety, or combination of both. Right now, Im sure Ireland isn't telling. LOL...

Kickers in reality are the second most important position after QB, Carpenter was very good for a while but not very good the last two years and lost us for sure 2 games at the beggining of last year. I really R. Mathews, when we went to him he caught the ball and made some very tough catches.

Bobby we both watch all mia games. We both know hartline gets nicked up quite easily

The Miami Gators!!

not to be a downer(and im usually pretty optimistic even when there is no hope) but it seams all they did with this draft is get a few situational players and a bunch of special teamers here in this draft..these players( a couple may become average togood later on down the road but we needed help immediately.and the WR ,TE,and tackle positions were ignored.lets say mike wallace gets hurt uh oh what do they do then hartline and gibson ooffa.lets say keller gets hurt who do we got?egnew and clay oofa again//lets say we go into season with um martin at left and john jerry at right//really jerry??or t rex arm martin?reminds me of the entrance to the stadium, a bunch of turnstiles

Steve just stop man

Seems the TALENT EVALUATOR Philbin is cleaning house of all of the borderline Sparano nfl players. Very son we'll no longer have an arena league football team in Miami.

I think you guys are decorating this draft. It was very uninspiring. Ireland always seems to outsmart himself. I'd take the 12 and high second over tweener Dion.

If martin is our lt we are screwed from the start



dusty.....honestly not sure about martin at LT and am concerned that they were pursuing albert, which tells me they're not sold on martin at LT either.....just saying that he has played alot at LT before, says he's more comfortable there.....was a good prospect coming out of school--my hope is they have another move coming, but i can live with martin at LT--just hope Tanny can

Jordan = Another Irescum bust

Agree duncan. Eiifert would of been big


Another way to say it, we are getting rid of all our Lex Hilliards.

Neither Bess or Hartline would start on any other team.

I am not crazy about Winston either but he has to be better than Garner or the rookie at this point. Letting Long go was the only chink in the armor of Ireland this year. Specially since it does not appear like there was a plan B.



Have a hole at dt also with starks not gonna report.

T. Teblows

Had 50Tds As A College Senior And He Sucks In The NFL.

College Production Doesn't Translate To The NFL.

Reason Teams Concentrate On Combine Numbers. And Pro Days. (not Saying Production Doesn't Matter But You Look At The Whole Package)

Technique and Athletic Ability Is What Coaches Really Look At.

D. Jordan Is The Most Athletic Pass Rusher/Defensive Player. 6'7" 250 4.5-40yd.

D. Jordan Is More Agile And Faster Than The Midget Who Got Drafted To Play FS For The Cards. And Dashi Called It. T. Matieu Will Have To Play Safety In The NFL.

Our line depth chart right now.

Right tackle. Will Yeatman
Right Guard. Lance Louis
Center Mike Pouncy
Left Guard Richie Incognito
Left Tacle J. Martin

dusty = negative nancy

Im glad they let long go

Steve are you Sparano. Kicker is the second most important player on the team? Just kidding. LOL

Posted by: Duncan | April 27, 2013 at 06:02 PM




Wow thats ugly bobby. Louis could be a huge wildcard

And Dashi Called It. T. Matieu Will Have To Play Safety In The NFL.

Posted by: Dashi | April 27, 2013 at 06:07 PM

You call a lot of things. Why is it you feel the need to constantly remind us of the 2% you call right?

Starks not reporting??? LMAO. That's not true.
Starks did not report to a VOLUNTARY workout
Just like EVERY SINGLE FRANCHISED PLAYER in the league did not report to this VOLUNTARY workout.

Statistics show Martin is a sucky LT......so should your eyes if u remember him getting beat & T-Hill gettong crushed in a few 4th Qtrs last year.

Worst. Draft. Ever.


Its not like DT hasn't been addressed at all. We did that in fa. If we want to upgrade it more, that can be done over the offseason of 2014.

We're completely set at DT for 2013.

No bobby im just making a prediction since hes pissed off

Yesterday. how the heck do you know he addressed anything beautifully? Those picks have to play well before you can say that

Try to look at it for what it is instead of letting your fandom get in the way. Lackluster.

Ok, I got free tickets to the Marlins, that's ugly but all the booze and food we can eat are included so have a nice night fellas.

dusty do you hate your own life as much as you hate every move the fins make?

Yesterday. how the heck do you know he addressed anything beautifully? Those picks have to play well before you can say that
Try to look at it for what it is instead of letting your fandom get in the way. Lackluster.
Posted by: Duncan | April 27, 2013 at 06:12 PM


Delusions, delusions, Bodine.

true yesterday, we havent a clue if its a good or bad draft. just have to wait and see. go fins!

Take Zyprexa 10 mg bedtime. You'll see things clearer.

I agree YG. No need to continue to address the DL. That is enough. If there are any spots left, lets fill it with some developmental players. Rookie FAs. We can take a look at the DT position next year. We should be able to resign at least one of our DTs next year and Odrick could probably take over the other spot. Any other help can be addressed early in next year's draft.


Your nonexistent IQ as a football evaluator is. Anyone with more than a sub-neanderthal IQ of what's needed on a pro football team would rate this a very nice haul for Ireland.

we could lose solia and starks after season

Your nonexistent IQ as a football evaluator is. Anyone with more than a sub-neanderthal IQ of what's needed on a pro football team would rate this a very nice haul for Ireland.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 27, 2013 at 06:18 PM

dusty has been reporting the experts are rating our draft a d-



Our Top 53 This Year. Will Be Better Than It Has Been In A Long Time.

Ireland Upgraded The Whole Roster.

the idea is to evaluate the draft, not have a kool aid party.

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