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It's a UF day for the Dolphins, Carpenter on notice

The Dolphins have drafted three University of Florida players today, the latest running back Mike Gillislee and kicker Caleb Sturgis were drafted in the fifth round.

Two things:

Dan Carpenter, who struggled through the middle of the 2012 season, is officially on notice that Miami isn't afraid to replace him.

"Coming into the league you know you have to compete against the best," Sturgis said. "I've seen him kick and he's got a great leg. It'll definitely be fun competing against him."

Despite the slump and finishing the year on injured reserve, Carpenter did connect on 16 of his final 17 kicks before getting hurt.

Gillislee, meanwhile, was a rotational running back at Florida. He rushed for 1,152 yards while averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

The happiest guy on the Dolphins?

Center Mike Pouncey, a Florida guy who predicted the Dolphins would pick three Gators player"s.

Wow that's crazy I can't believe I just predicted that" Pouncey tweeted. "I will be handing out gator shirts to all my teammates this coming up week."

The addition of Gillislee puts Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller on notice. Considered the favorites to win the starting job and then split carries, both now have another player that is a legitimate player who can possibly catch the ball as well as they can.

"I'm just ready to compete," Gillislee said.


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yeah some idiot on espn said d-. sb nation gave us b+ experts all over the board, means nothing

why do some people feel their opinion rules and nobody else makes sense if they don't agree?

except for pitt who everyone seems to be giving a a+

Everything started with that 3rd. If it weren't, we could have had D.J. Hayden at #12, Menelik Watson at #42, and then on.

oscar they already said eeifert was the pick if they stayed at 12.


I'm sure it is fun for you to proclaim yourself the master of all knowledge.

It still doesn't mean you know anything more than anyone else.

dusty has been reporting the experts are rating our draft a d-
Posted by: jus sayin | April 27, 2013 at 06:21 PM

Those so called experts haven't a clue of our depth needs either. They grade on splash, not substance.

These same experts gave us a B to B+ grade in 2008. We have not 1 player from that draft.

I think they gave Bellichick an A-grade that year. He has not one player left from that draft either. Draft grades can be so over and under estimated.

Do you want a championship football team, or do you just want to win the draft every offseason?

Rams got some hell of a Players.

Da'Rick Rogers if he's there...

rams,vikes,pitt,tenn on paper had best drafts, but i agree with yesterday means nothing

Dashi Gives The Fins A "B".

Ireland Went More BPA, Than Need. I Think He Fooled Us All With That One. Horizontal Drafting.

With The First Pick He Could've Went LT. But He Stuck To His Guns. And Got The Highest Player On His Board. Best Defensive Prospect Available. And At The Value.

Rethink That. The Dolphins Deserve A B+. The Trade Up To #3. And Not Trading For B. Albert Are pluses In My Book.

All 8 of these players will make our team. They will be cheaper and better too. A good draft.

Look at Ozzie N. He got some undersized Players, S and ILB, but I'm sure they are going to be impact Ones.

Drafting has become more of a science since Tom Brady was drafted. I'm still trying to accept what Ireland did trading out of the third round. To me it's not availing the Dolphins to better talent.

Your book is upside down, Dashi. Take Zyprexa.

It takes at least 4yrs to fully evaluate a draft. It comes down to who made impacts, great contributors, and how many are still on your roster 4-5yrs down the line.

Anyone evaluating a draft 30 minutes after all 7 rds are done are complete idiots and youre the ones drinking the Jim Jones koolaid.

You can try and place a grade on the haul. But that is even based on the eye of the beholder. There's nothing truly factual or scientific about trying to grade a draft haul.

We addressed as much as we could address. Picking the best available talent at the time we could find. Now we hope it all works out for the best.

The More I Think About Every Pick! The More I Love Them!!

Ireland. Makes Me Drool!

At least dusty is being objective. Some of you cats are blind homers.

After all the build up I thought it was an average draft.

I obviously like Jordan and Jamar Taylor although I'm not sure how they will use Jordan. And what about Odrick and Vernon??

I like the Dallas Thomas pick. Good athletic o-line help.

Still scratching my head on the Willie Davis pick. Not so much the pick but the fact Ireland again traded away picks to get a guy that would have been there in the 4th.

The Jelani Jenkins pick was good but where will he play? Shamarko Thomas would have been a lot better choice there. I did like the Dion Sims pick in that rd though.

What number is our last pick?

Who will be Fins pick at 250?


Rob M,

You are a DICKHEAD!!!


Then I Am Right Like A Jewish Person.

Dolfan Rick,

I love the 1st 2 picks also. I believe Dallas Thomas is in anticipation to what may happen with Cogs next year. So at least now they have this guy in house and he'll know what the fvck's going on if he has to replace Cogs next season.

The rest of the draft, except for kicker, we weren't looking to draft starters. Just great depth and guys who could probably work their way into being starters a few years down line.

When looking at the draft from this standpoint, it looks to be a very successful one.

Dolphin Rick,

IMO, its only your 1st and 2nd rd picks that absolutely have to become starters right away. This, I believe we can give ourselves an A-Grade on.

I know nothing of the Florida kicker....not sure if its a good pick or not. But I know I am not a Carpenter fan....so the idea of selecting a kicker I am all for.

I liked most of the picks except the Jenkins one. Seems to me that LB was not a priority this year. He has been injury prone. He has limited experience.

I Just don't see why they didn't take a WR. They could have had several at that spot with good size, speed and experience. Not saying Jenkins will fail.....just saying that pick struck me as an odd one.

Or is it Ireland that needs the Zyprexa, Dashi? This has been a head-scratcher for Most.

Any clue what Fins will pick with their # 250?

i agree , love the kicker pick,. cut carps arse

Dolfan Rick,

Ireland said he traded back into the 3rd because he began to see guys he had on his board fall off. This means he didn't want to chance Will Davis falling before the 4th rd.

Still the trade out of the 3rd rd netted an extra 4th rd pick even though he had to use one to trade back into the 3rd.

Hestarted with 1 4th rd'er, maxed out with 3 4th rd'ers. Had to use 1 to trade back into the 4th 3rd. Then still ended the day ith 2 4th rd picks. Not Bad.

Oscar Wilde,

Sigh, Said It Best.

The Big Problem With This Draft Is Everyone Was Expecting Ireland To Go Offense, Not Defense.

Once You Get Over That. And Look At The Draft Thru That Perspective. Ireland Did Pretty Good.

And Again, Saving The $9Mil A Year On Albert Was Huge. That Was 1 Move Ireland Didn't Make That Was Good.

Plus, Forcing The Eagles To Go LT. Now The Eagles Are Going To Cut Another Good LT.

The Free Agent LT Market Is Still Pretty Good. And Actually Got Better Thru The Draft.

i agree dashi, our starting lt for this year isnt on the roster yet






Time for a small school pick or Ivy League player?


Most expected offense over defense because last year's final defensive ranking are so deceiving. Except for the run defense ranking, the rest was totally bogus and Philbin knew it.

We played against a bunch of sub par qb's last year. Even Jake Locker light us like a Roman candle.

Time for a small school pick or Ivy League player?
Posted by: NPA | April 27, 2013 at 06:55 PM

Ivy Leaguer? I would much rather Ireland go out and purchase a new smart phone. He'll have much greater usage on game day.


Hopefully The Qb From Arizona.

more cuts come june 1, we will find a player or 2

t brey undrafted so far, amazing. kid was suppose to be cant miss

Q. How do you help your rookie QB move up to the next level in year 2?

A. Take away his pro bowl LT and his 1000+ yard RB and replace them with special teams players.

Only thing that can save Ireland's assss is if Philbin does a magnificent job of Coaching and developing Players because, frankly, this Draft sukkked big dikkk.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 27, 2013 at 04:24 PM

As much as you like to talk about "Big Diks", would you mind elaborating any? I mean can you elucidate any and/or all of the points and circumstances that lead you to this conclusion?

This draft wasn't Sexy, but it was far from Sucking Big Dik.

Jordan will instantly solidify and upgrade Misi's spot! ON PAPER, we have a phenomenal Linebacking Corp. Then, in obvious passing situations, he's the Bookend for Wake. The Bookend we've been DESPERATELY Seeking. Ireland essentially got us a "Two Fer".

Additionally, Ireland nailed it by orchestrating a beautiful, economic Trade Up. The 42nd pick to move up from 12 to 3....? That's unheard of and Ireland pulled it off getting us **THE BEST** Pass Rushing OLB/DE Prospect in the entire draft.

Jamar Taylor will start day 1 along side Grimes, giving us our best CB duo since Madison and Surtain. Plain and simple, this upgrade is **OFF THE HOOK**.

To bolster our Secondary further, he brought in a **KID** that just set the NCAA Record for Passes Defensed in a season. But that's not all. They're both fast, quick, athletic and NOT AFRAID of contact or making the tackles. Will Davis will compete with Marshall and Patterson for the nickel spot starting NOW! My bet is on Davis and like I said, He, with Taylor and Grimes will give us our deepest and most talented group since Madison, Surtain and Terrell Buckley at nickel.

Making this upgrade in conjunction with the pass rush upgrade, equates exponentially to "off the charts"!

Dallas Thomas at the least offers up some very badly needed depth along the O-Line. He might not come in and start right away, but he looks to be ready for Back Up duties already. The Bottom Line, his upside and potential DWARFS that of Garner and probably even Samuda(at least as a Guard).

Dion Sims was another example of marrying need to value. He's the prototypical TE that compliments the others already on our roster. Including all, Keller, Egnew and Clay. Sims ALMOST amounts to a steal.

I believe Sims starts Day 1 as our no. 2 TE. That sounds like a misnomer, but I think you get the drift. He'll play often and my guess is he's the guy on run downs or play action pass downs(like 2nd and shorts).

So it wasn't a Sexy Draft, but it DEFINITELY WASN'T one that Sucked Big Dik(as Oscar so eloquently surmises).

In fact, I believe that Ireland landed us, arguably, 4 Day 1 Starters. I say arguably because Will Davis will start at nickel and Sims will get the majority of snaps in obvious Run Situations.

4 Upgrades/Starters in one Draft is very acceptable to me in this particular draft. Overall, he'll have 6 or 7 guys from this draft starting or making heavy contributions. Gillislee, The Kicker, Jenkins and/or Dallas Thomas could put us over the Top!

Sign McKinnie and take a look at our Roster. Then compare it to last year or the year before.

Ireland and Philbin are Methodically building a Monster!


So glad the national media are telling the truth about this sucky draft. You FanBoyz almost had me convinced Ireland was not a nincompoop.

I didn't mention I like the kicker pick as well. He would not have lasted until the 7th.

There is a new trend of using young kickers in the NFL. Noone wants to pay a kicker big bucks anymore.


QB pressure was non existent after C-Wake. and the only reason we didn't surrender far more points is because we played against many more crappy qb's.

That;s why I said, aside from our run defense, the rest of our defensive stats in 2012 would have been far worse with the qb's we face in 2013.

11 of 13 games are against very good to elite qb's. We were not going to get of so easily this year if not vastly improving the defensive personnel as a whole.

long wasnt a pro bowler and no rb rushed for 1000 yards

Im sorry but stop with the "better worry about the Bills" BS. When are you people going to learn? How many years are people going to tell us to worry about the Bills because they had a good draft? We're going on a decade of this same p$#sy mentality from you gals. The Bills blow, every year, nothing changes because their management and coaches suck and their owner is senile. And every year espn tells us how great their draft was, some of you gullible fools fall for it, and then disappear at the end of the year.

Ill tell you what, this year please come back and admit how stupid you are when the Bills once again suck. You want to know who to watch out for? THE MIAMI DOLPHINS! Grow a pair and wake up already.

Any Hispanic player available for the Miami Cuban fans?

You're delusional, odin. Probably all that stuff you consume.

Kim Bokamper is on local tv doing a draft show. He seems pretty down on the draft. Not certain if these guys will contribute or make it.

I agree Da'Rick Rogers could be a steal for the fins. I know that he was a

You have made some really good points YG. In terms of this year you want to see the first two guys become starters and to see potential star power in them. That makes this a successfull draft. You hope a couple of the others eventually become solid starters. I think Dallas Thomas can eventually become a starter. The kid from Utah and the LB from Florida are a roll of the dice with the LB having the best chance of becoming an immidiate special teams contributor. My expectation of Simms is that he becomes an Anthony Fasano caliber player. I like drafting a Kicker to replace Carpenter.

Missed on getting Hernandez last year.

yesssssss phins 78!


Now we have a chance to keep games reasonably close no matter who we play. Now with the additions we have on offense, we have a much better chance to snatch victories from out of the mouth of defeat!

There wasn't one single offensive player in this draft who could help us win shootouts against premium offensive teams, while we still ahd a crappy defense.

I did not finsh my thought on Da'Rick Rogers but I started to say that he had a lot of immaturity and disciplinary issues in college. However, at this point why not take a chance on a player that has 1st or 2nd round talent. If he acts up Philbin will have the ax ready to cut him.

fins up in 4 picks

Orlando we haven't got one of their picks right yet.lol

I don't think there gonna pick Rogers either.

disagree on that yesterday, eeifert sure could of


On the contrary, you always have to worry about the Bills.


FOR ABOUT A HALF SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jordan is to upgrade Misi/Odrick? Gillislee is to upgrade Thomas and Miller? The CBs from Boise Stte and Utah St are an upgrade over Smith and Davis?

With the exception of Jordan Ireland is picking later round guys to replace the early round guys he drafted with the past few years.

Tapeworm has no place here with his racism! UM has Hall OF Fame "hood rats"foolish little ignorant man.(Lewis,Irvin,Reed...?)

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