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Draft week: Will Ireland panic on Branden Albert?

Jeff Ireland has generally not been one to panic throughout his tenure as the Dolphins general manager.

Once he realized that Chad Henne was not the answer as Miami's franchise quarterback, he didn't panic and pick Ryan Mallett in the 2011 draft. He didn't panic and make the deal for Kyle Orton later that summer. He didn't panic earlier this offseason and give cornerback Brent Grimes or tight end Dustin Keller multi-year deals. He didn't panic and fill an offensive line need by immediately committing to Eric Winston -- either last year or this year.

Indeed, the only Ireland move I can really think would even come close to being a panic move was the trade up for running back Daniel Thomas in the second round of the 2011 draft. The Dolphins desperately needed running back help after moving on from Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and apparently feared losing out on Thomas so the move was made.

Despite that one apparent indiscretion, Ireland has been a fairly cool customer when it comes to acquiring players. (No, he doesn't always get the right one. No one does. But he doesn't get flustered about going after anyone, either). He certainly played it cool with left tackle Jake Long and that is one reason I've confirmed Long went to the St. Louis Rams.

Seems Long didn't think the Dolphins showed him enough love or respect, probably by the structure of their offers to him, to return to Miami.

And that brings us to the Branden Albert situation.

Albert is the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle who is on the trade block. And the Dolphins have shown considerable interest. But the interest has not been to the point where the Dolphins had offered the Chiefs a trade proposal as of this writing. The interest had not been to the point where the Dolphins had worked out a contract with Albert's agent as of this writing.

Ireland had so far played it cool. 

As of Sunday afternoon, this was still in the pending file.

But as this is officially the dawn of draft week, and all three parties -- the Chiefs, the Dolphins and the Albert camp -- would like a resolution to the issue that involves them all, the pressure on Ireland is about to mount exponentially. And pressure often causes folks to panic.

Because the draft is less than four days away, the Albert camp wants the Dolphins to get a deal done. The Chiefs want to bring this to some sort of conclusion because they'd like to know if Albert is going to be on their roster or if they're going to have an extra draft choice -- a fairly high one apparently -- for Albert.

And there is a certain amount of pressure on the Dolphins to figure out both draft compensation and a contract for Albert if that's the direction they're going to go. And if that's not the direction they're going to go, the Dolphins need to figure out how else they'll solve their left tackle vacancy that apparently they're not thrilled with Jonathan Martin filling.

So, yes, there is pressure. And this is about the time someone might panic.

Will it be Ireland?

He's the most likely choice of the three parties involved.

Albert's camp doesn't have to panic. They've got a signed franchise tag they're holding which guarantees the player $9.8 million in 2013. Yes, they want a multi-year deal. But are they going to cave to get that done?

Absolutely not. Indeed, the Albert camp believes it is working from a position of strength. They have a guaranteed one-year deal. They have a player that can hit the free agent market next year and get major bucks because it's unlikely the Chiefs would franchise him again at 120 percent of this year's cap value. They also have a suitor on the line for a multi-year deal. So there is not real timing pressure on them.

And that's why I'm told Albert wants to get paid. He wants a contract that is better than the four-year, $34 million deal with $16 million guaranteed the Rams gave Jake Long.

Yes, Branden Albert expects to get a better deal from the Dolphins than Jake Long ultimately believed the Dolphins were offering him. Now, one can play with the numbers. It's possible the Dolphins' offer to Long might have been higher than the Rams' but was structured in such a way as to make it easy to get rid of him after one year if he was injured again.

But on the face, Albert wants to do better than the deal Long thought was the best one on the table.

And they're not under undo pressure.

The Chiefs are playing it coy, too. They've not giving Miami permission to speak with Albert personally or give him a physical until they have a signficant trade offer on the table. And as of this writing, that was not yet the case.

They can argue they'll draft as planned and simply keep Albert and there will be opportunities to trade him later. Of course, we know this is posturing. The Chiefs want the draft pick compensation for Albert by Friday the latest. And if they don't get it by then, they're losing the maximum benefit of trading him. But I'm simply telling you what they might be pitching as a stance.

Ireland and the Dolphins?

They seem more desperate. They don't have a left tackle. The veil of using Martin as the answer has been removed. That's not what the team wants. That would only be the last resort move.

They aren't going to ransom their entire draft to trade up for Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher as those two left tackles might go No. 1 and No. 2 when the draft begins Thursday. They're not in love with Lane Johnson enough to mortgage a signficant part of their draft to trade up for him. (Maybe if he drops to them, they go with him. But trade up for him? Not in the plans as of today).

So what's left? Pick the fourth-best left tackle and hope?

It's a time for lesser men to panic because there are not wonderful options.

But this is my advice to Jeff Ireland:

Do you. Be yourself. Do not panic.

Paying Branden Albert -- a good but not great left tackle -- like he's an elite left tackle is not a palatable move to begin with. And paying a 2013 second- or third-round pick to Kansas City for the privilege makes it less appealing.

So hold fast.

Offer a 2014 second-rounder instead of 2013.

If it must be a 2013 pick, make absolutely sure that it's the second of Miami's two second-rounders (Nos. 42 and 54) and make sure that a trade down from No. 12 in the first round is available so you can regain that extra pick to mitigate the sting of trading for Albert.

(That likely means waiting until Thursday because very few teams will be willing to make a pre-draft trade for the No. 12 overall selection before then). 

If the Chiefs don't want to budge, call their bluff. Seriously. What are they going to do after picking Joeckel? They have to trade Albert. So wait them out.

If Thursday comes an goes and Friday comes and goes, Braden Albert will still be on the trade block. And then the pressure on K.C. will indeed mount. They're not going to waive the guy. Make the trade for a '14 pick. Give them that second-rounder, tell them they beat you up, shake their hand and call it a day -- all the while knowing they didn't win because they didn't take your current picks.

Remember Jimmy Johnson's old axiom: A second-rounder next year is like giving up a third-rounder this year because experience and maturity will likely cause the third-rounder to produce faster and more. So giving up a second next year for Albert is more of a bargain for Miami.

That strategy would give the team Albert this year, plus its full complement of draft picks this year. And that 2014 pick you trade away might be a lower selection anyway if your moves this year pay the kind of dividends you expect and you're in the playoffs.

Does waiting out K.C. come with risk?

Of course it does. Maybe another team jumps into the picture. Maybe the Chiefs rethink their strategy and keep Albert.

But those risks seem marginal. Albert's been on the market for a while and no one else has stepped up. And Albert has made it known to the Chiefs he's dead set against playing right tackle so he's causing them some pressure on that front.

Look, this deal could be done by Monday night or Tuesday if Jeff Ireland panics. Yes, he'd immediately have the solution to his left tackle issue. But the move would seem unthoughtful in the wake of losing Jake Long because the cost would be higher on multiple fronts (trade compensation as well as big contract compensation to the player).

Or ...

Ireland could strap his belt a notch tighter and hold his breath. He could wait out the Chiefs and the chances he'd get Albert could diminish. There's uncertainty there admittedly.

But sometimes testing that uncertainty is better than being the guy that panics.


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Ireland is on the clock right now, he must draft the playmakers he needs on defense by midnight Saturday morning period period !! Most NFL experts truly believe this team can get off to a 1-4-0-5 start this season !! B.Violin of the p.beach post said it yesterday, if the dolphins get off to an 1-4-0-5 start it will be armageddon for J.Ireland in Miami !!

"Once he realized that Chad Henne was not the answer as Miami's franchise quarterback, he didn't panic and pick Ryan Mallett in the 2011 draft. He didn't panic and make the deal for Kyle Orton later that summer."

Mando Weren't You Against Both These Moves?

"Remember Jimmy Johnson's old axiom: A second-rounder next year is like giving up a third-rounder this year because experience and maturity will likely cause the third-rounder to produce faster and more."

And This Is Why Jimmy Isn't In The NFL. Because Of This Backward Thinking.

If A 3rd Rounder Plays Like A 2nd Next Year? Wouldn't A 2nd Play Like A 1st, Using The Same Logic?

Future Draft Picks Are Important. Else We Would Look Like The Jets. No Depth. Or A. J. Feeley, Remember Him?

If The Fins Don't Make The Playoffs They Will Be Giving Up A Pick Closer To 42 Than 54.

Trading Away Future Picks Is The Worst Thing You Could Do. Now Getting Future Picks Different Story. If The Fins Trade Down Into The 20's I Would Prefer Ireland Pick Up A Future #1, Instead Of Another 2nd This Year.

agreed mando. Don't do anything until friday. An albert is dreaming if he thinks he;s gonna get Long type money. Once the chiefs draft a tackle albert would have to move to right side. and right tackles don't make the type of money albert wants. he needs to take our deal or get hosed later

Im fine with the trade for Albert- as long as he signs at the right price in a deal with us. Cap friendly contract. Its got to be that way.

As far as trading up- whoever suggested that instead of signing a proven veteran like Mckinnie, Gaither, Winston, or Clabo is foolish. What if, just what if, the tackle you trade up for ends up on a slow learning curve? Now, you spent valuable draft picks which you really could use and then need more time to develop the player you drafted? The more I think about this, I think this is pretty obvious what must be done. Mckinnie, Gaither, Clabo, or Winston need to be signed and Martin gets moved to whatever tackle position one of those 4 dont occupy. You keep your 5 picks in the first 100 or even trade down, if you can find another willing partner and pick up a 6th pick in the first three rounds. This is how you build a team.

Im glad Ireland explored the Albert scenario. But common sense says its too expensive at Albert's asking price. The above scenario is the best way to ensure Tannehill and offensive success this year.

This has turned out to be an unfavorable deal for the Phins in more ways than one. Time to move on to the next plan. It was good to explore but why go further? One thing this FO doesn't do is overpay guys.

How do people on this blog compute that trading up and giving up our #1 and our #2 is better than giving up our #2 to KC?
We want to win this year. Give up the #2, spend the money, keep our #1 and sort it out in training camp. I would like at least his kind of talent in front of Tannehill THIS year. It will be hard to draft his kind of talent at #42 or 54.
Worst case, we trade him for a #3 or 4 next year.

Right on the money Armando! I agree with everything you said and hopefully Ireland does not panic and wait this situation out.

The offense is going to stink without Long and Bush. What was Ireland thinking? Save money and its ok to stink?

You bet against Ireland this Year, you're going to lose. He had a huge amount of $ available with which he acquired much better Players than we had, plus 11 draft picks in 7 Rds to choose from on Thursday. The forming of a SuperTeam.

My concern is that they don't have enough faith in Martin to take over at LT. I was dissappointed last year when we used a 2 on him as he had a rep in college for being soft. I gave that pick a D grade. Another bad 2nd round pick?

Ross should pay Kiper or Mayock to do the Dolphin draft.

A very important fact remains. That is if Miami want Albert they'll have to make a deal before the draft. Alberta contract is too big to be signed under the rule of 51 . A deal mst exist for less than the 9048988 that they still have to spend. Alberts contract is for 9828000.
If the team wants him they're going to have to have a reduced contract in hand before the draft. And also remember that the team ,if they sign Branden, would not be able to sign any of their own draft picks until June when Dansbys and Burnetts contracts are off the books.


So much for that bullshyte you were spewing Thursday. Want to tel us again how the deal was done and 'would be announced Friday at the latest':

'But the interest has not been to the point where the Dolphins had offered the Chiefs a trade proposal as of this writing. The interest had not been to the point where the Dolphins had worked out a contract with Albert's agent as of this writing'.

Clabo, Winston and McKinnie are all out there as a one year tackle stop gap. Only one is a LT but I think LT has been overvalued especially with a mobile QB.

A full off season will benefit Martin greatly. Let's not forget that last year he only got a small amount of camp due to school rules.

Stay the course, keep the picks and don't overpay the 25th tackle in the league.

Harveyc, Fluker is not a system fit(WC), not athletic with questionable feet, he's a very large reach at 12. Fluker is more of a late 1st or 2nd round pick. He's also strictly a RT, Philbin like versatility in is players.

MassDolphan, and he was rated a 1st round pick by most. Everyone thought Martin was a great 2nd round pick. Give me a break with that D grade. You're the only one that thought that. Did you really?????????

Yep, should've paid Jake Long. $16M guarantee and what is in effect a two year deal was such a small price to pay. major blunder of an otherwise very good off season.

Albert's a dinminishing asset. He's not going to gt better but rather worse. It may not happen right away but it will happen. He's had issues with weight and issues with injuries. Nine sacks given up in 2009. Doesn't spell elite or top ten to me.

If we're unable to get one of the top LT's in the draft (and I still believe we could) then we should draft a guy like Cooper and add Winston in FA. Cooper would make Martin better. If Martin can't get it done then he goes back to RT next and we draft a LT next year. Simple.

I wouldn't mind having Albert, I just hope that the phins F/O is looking at the future and won't get in salary cap trouble in a few years. Some players are worth a lot of money some aren't. If they can figure the math and keep this team competitive for years to come then do it, just don't break the bank for a few guys on the team.

And please NOOOOO to a trade down. Why trade yourself out of a position of drafting one of the few elite talents in this draft? (all world guards and DTs are still extrememly valuable) Why? Because we give up a 2nd round pick when we have two anyway? Didn't we learn this lesson when we traded away from JPP, Earl Thomas, Derrick Morgan just so we could draft Koa Misi???


I disagree not signing Long was a blunder. It would be if do the deal with Albert. Let's see how it all plays out first before we label it a blunder.

Remember (and you said this), Long was all about himself and making sure HE got paid. There was no loyalty to the 'Phins even after they gave him $61mil. Bit Long fan but that shipped sailed.

Forget Milliner now. Have to concentrate on other position of need.

I'd rather put my LT position in Bryant McKinnie's hands than Johnathan Martin ... Even a fat out of shape McKInnie is better than that putz.

Phinmanski 8:50AM
Not cowering to Jake Long's demands was the right move. I would be shocked if Jake completes 12 games for the Rams. This idea of panic belongs to Armando; he's the one in panic mode, and is transferring his panic to Ireland. With 11 picks and a draft loaded with tackles, if Ireland thinks he needs Albert, then he's no GM at all.
Not every team has an elite LT. Good coaches know how to use what they have to win games. Look at the Falcons O-line 2012 year and this upcoming season, and they are not panicking. Ireland should stay put.The Fins are under no pressure with Albert. This is a K.C. problem. Let them sort it out.

Break the bank!!
I want the best available talent to win THIS year.
If at the end of training camp we have 2 great LT's, wonderful!
As a matter of fact, Having a LT to trade at the end of training camp when all the draft picks have gone bust might be a good thing.

Craig, How much did Long actually get paid by StL?? $16M up front amounting to an average of $7M overall and he can be cut after two years. If I told you this is what it would take to sign Jake Long in March, you wouldn't have gone for it??? Come on man, you said as much going back ... we both argued to this point. Singn him to a fair contract that protects the team. Exactly what the Rams did.

I know you like to back the team as do I but we both know how difficult that spot is to fill and with that little risk and exposure to the team, it was stupid not to.

Compare the price of trading up or trading for Albert or the risk of signing one of the vets or putting martin there to offering Jake this moderate contract and tell me still how it wasn't a mistake?

Again with the obsession with the Left Tackle position. We had the best left tackle in the game from 2009 - 2011 and didn't win squat. Get a serviceable left tackle and we will be fine. Don't overpay or give up draft picks for just another guy. Left Tackles don't win games or Superbowls.

So it's kind of a crazy thought but any way the Jets trade down with us thus allowing us to get that LT? Think about it for a second. The Jets are in complete rebuild move after the Revis trade. The talk is they want extra picks. They could do a deal with us, move down three picks and pick up an extra pick or two.

And before everyone jumps all over this, they're not going to be good any time soon. Getting the extra picks is more important to them than anything.

Mark in Toronto | April 22, 2013 at 09:29 AM
Come on Mark, cut the guy some slack. He joined camp late because of school, was rushed into action, then asked to adjust to NFL speed. He has been doing the things asked of him during the offseason. He needs time. Patience Bro!

I also think Miami could just go with what they have , draft a couple of guys in the later rounds of the draft, Mark I know you don't like J. Martin on the left side but I still think he may develop and be solid over there, I hate to judge after just seeing him there for a few games last year, had he not played that position in college I would tend to agree with you, but I would like to see a little more out of him at least during the pre season, and see if the game has slowed down for him. Again Albert would be a good addition but not if it breaks the bank and screws up the draft.

Good article but I don't see Ireland having to panic. Come Friday the pressure is all on KC. There are to many options out there for the Dolphins to be cornered into a bad deal.

Why Do You Care About Only Winning This Year?

That Makes No Sense. Real Dolphin Fans Want To Dominate For A Decade.

Ireland Is Building This Thing To Win For A Long Time. We Have One Of The Youngest Teams In The NFL. We Don't Have A Team Full Of 30 year Olds. We Are Not The Pats, The Steelers, The Cowboys. We Have A Young Team That We Can Build On.


I just think it's too early to say it was a 'blunder'. If Long goes down early in the season again or plays poorly would it still be a blunder?

I agree with all you said above, I just think we need to see how it all plays out. If Ireland lands us a top LT for the next 5-7 years at a fraction of what they would have paid Long then it's not a blunder. I believe his plan all along was to add via the draft. Let's see.

Dashi, I agree with almost everything you post, but we need to win NOW.
We have all been led down the primrose path over and over.
Show me you know how to win. Then we can talk about dominating for a decade.

Glenn @ 9:36...

LOVE the post....

If Ireland and Philbin don't win now....then they won't be around to win later....

its will be 6 years for Ireland....and while I am starting to buy the Parcells ANCHOR around his neck....

the bottom line is....its been 6 years....and thus far...one winning season....they have to win now....

Maybe Philbin can survive....but I doubt Ireland can withstand another losing season....

Why trade for fat Albert and pay him more then they would pay Jake Long who's the better of the two tackles and Albert also has injury issues? Makes no sense or cents. Winston is still out there and after the draft his asking price will come down. I can see Albert and Winston being available before training camp. I don't think Martin is the guy either, this yr. He might work at RT ok but he's not fast or strong enough for
LT. Didn't someone say last yr. that Martin was a mauler?


I would agree with your post @9:53am. As a guy that sticks up for Ireland a lot, if we have a losing season again this year it means this offseason didn't go well. Yeah guys are going to argue that it's a tougher schedule this year but at the end of the day that's just excuses. I'm with you on this one Kris....we need to see improvement from Ireland's team this year or it's time to give someone else a try. I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear me say that but THIS was the offseason to make his mark. Another losing season means he missed.

Dolphanta, I blame Ireland as much for Martin as I do the kid. He wasn't physically mature enough to handle life in the NFL. Combine and pro day results spelled that out. They should've known better. he isn't good enough yet ...

He can't panic. Dawn aponte keeps him in check. if he breaks down dawn veto's him

We have the cap space, the money, the pick and the opportunity. Make the trade.

I do not like the thought of Wallace wide open down the left sideline and the ball getting batted down at the line of scrimmage, or Tannehill flat on his back.

You do not spend 65$ million on a wide receiver and then cheap out on the O-line.

Make the trade!

Craig, I agree that's the only way not signing Long is if he's physically finished but the fact that Miami was willing to re-sign him and that the Rams checked him out thooroughly then handed him a big cheques tells me otherwise.

I would concede that his pro bowl days may be over but even at his worst last year I still felt safe with him out there. With Martin I held my breaht every single snap.

And when it does become a blunder? When Miami has to mortgage this draft to move up? When they give up another 2nd and a bigger contract for a lesser talent? When we hold our breath with mcKinnie? When we watch Martin have Tannehill get knocked out for the season? I think all those things are greater risks to the franchise than paying jake that fair sized contract.

So what EXACTLY are Albert's options this year?

He does nothing and plays for $9.8mil. Very likely he's chopped next year and looking for a contract as a 30 year old. Sounds like he's got his nose of joint this off-season and there's talk he may be moved to RT or guard which apparently he's not excited about.

If this guy were SMART he'd shut up and be accomodating on a long term deal (let's say in the $6-8 mil a year range). He doesn't strike me as smart, so very likely he has a mediocre year, maybe plays out of position and probably doesn't the money he thinks he's entitled to next year. If he's smart he takes the GUARANTEED money now. Like I said, I don't think he's smart.

Excellent post Mando.

Mob, Albert won't play right tackle but you think he's going to play guard? You're nuts.

Dashi, in a trade with Carolina, Jimmy Johnson got a second round pick in 1998 and gave up a first round pick in 1999. With that second rounder he picked Patrick Surtain. I think he did just fine. And the facts are even though he had some epic misses, he also drafted a HOF player in Jason Taylor, he drafted a great player in Zach Thomas, he drafted Madison, Surtain and others. So he did better than anyone has done since. Get a clue.


I'd just like to see how it all plays out before I call it a blunder. If Eric Fisher is playing LT for the 'Phins next year at half of what Long's making then I'll be happy. I'm not that interested in giving up the picks. Get the guys we want and NEED. How many of our second round picks have worked out in the first place? Not many. Get a guy who can play the position for the next 5 years at around $4mil a year. Great move!

There are teams that are supposedly very interested in moving down. If you listen to reports, count the Jags, Raiders, Browns, Jets and possibly the Cards as candidates. Play one against the other and get the best deal you can. There's a deal there to be made. Let's see if Ireland can make it.

Craig, let's see if we can get you outside today.


Posted by: mace taggart | April 22, 2013 at 08:56 AM
the same Ben Violin that said Reggie Bush was def back in Miami and a contract was emminent? He lost all of his creditability. Philbin wont allow this team to go 1-4..

Craig M....

I concur @ 9:58....

I have been ALL IN on Irelands ALL IN off-season....


If this the season doesn't show signs of improvement....IF Tanne and Wallace don't become a top tandem in the league....IF were not scoring 25 PPG...then Ireland will have issues....and this GREAT off-season will NOT be seen as a success....

Craig @ 10:15, I think getting Fisher and giving up this draft has the franchise moving sideways. I want to move forward. If we trade up and give ups erious assets for a LT - I will not be a happy fan...

Joe Rose, former Dolphin and WQAM talking head says the Dolphins have NO plans in drafting an offensive lineman in the first 5 rounds. In fact, he put up a nice bit of money to back this up. "Intriguing"

Jimmy Knew Better Than To Use A First Round Pick In Miami By 1999.

1999-No First Rounder, First Player Picked J. Johnson RB
1998-John Avery
1997-Y. Green

Ireland Picked Better First Rounders.

And This Has Nothing To Do With My Original Statement.

My Point Is If You Think A 3rd This Year Is Better Than A 2nd Next Year!

Wouldn't With The Same Logic! Stay With Me Genius.

Wouldn't A 2nd Next Year Be Better Than A First The Year After!!

What Jimmy Johnson Was Probably Trying To Explain But You Or Armando Didn't Comprehend WAS DRAFTING UNDERCLASSMEN IS BETTER THAN DRAFTING SENIORS.

But That Statement Drafting This 3rd Rounder Over Next Years 2nd, Makes No Sense. Only If You Know The Next Draft Will Be Weak. Would This Statement Make Sense. And This Is One Of The Weakest Draft In Decades.

The Top 5 In The Next Draft Are Already Better Than The 5 Coming Out This Year.

Heck, If S. Morris Came Out This Year He Would Probably Be The 2nd QB Taken.

X. Lee
S. Watkins
J. Manziel
C. Boyd

Are All Better Than Any Player Coming Out In This Draft.

the same Ben Violin that said Reggie Bush was def back in Miami and a contract was emminent?

Posted by: mattybfromnc | April 22, 2013 at 10:24 AM


"Imminent" is the word you were looking for.

"Eminent" (which you misspelled anyway) has an entirely different meaning.

The headline was enough for me. Armando, you are a complete idiot. Can't even read this garbage. We need a man as our football guy.


I would like to make one correction to your post....

Ireland SHOULD have drafted Ryan Mallett...and it woudn't have been cosidered panick....they could have had him in the 3rd rd....altho...I would have taken him in the 1st...Ireland STILL could have played it cool...and had him in the 3rd....perhaps even the 2nd....

Anyway....Ireland was rught to stand firm on Orton....and I am convinced that P. Mnnings arm will fall off this year...so even tho my HEART said pay him....the Broncos will feel te pain this season as they tak the 10 yard out...and the 12 yard comeback out of there playbook this year...

I disagree that this is the Chiefs headache. They have an opportunity to keep Albert and trade next year while moving the number one pick to RT or trading Albert this year while keeping the number one pick at LT. They aren't as desperate as some are thinking here. It's really about what they may be able to pick up.

I see the Fins are in a more desperate situation at Tackle unless they're willing to sign a FA here, but this is just a Chiefs fans point of view.

In 2011 Would You Have Traded A 2nd Round Pick For The Colts 2012 First Pick?

If The Browns Were Smarter. They Could've Turned The Julio Jones Trade Into Something Better. Like RG3. Future Picks Are More Important Than Current Picks.

Some Of You Are The Biggest Hypocrites. No Consistency In Your Arguments.

What Is Bill Belicheks Philosophy?

Dashi Says The Pats Drafting Has Sucked. I Have Never Criticized BB For Stockpiling Picks. What I Say Is He Doesn't Know How To Pick College Players. He Needs A Good Personnel Guy.

You Have Suddenly Switched To The Trade Away Picks Axiom. And Then Future Picks On Top Of That.

Albert is too expensive.You don't let Long go and then sign a worse player for more money,
As for Jonathan Martin? last year he was NOT a turnstile but more of a doormat seeing how he was so often walked over.

Yo Oscar news flash amigo, most nfl experts are not even picking Miami to make the playoffs dude. Most of you in here seems to forget, 1playoff appearance in 12 yesrs and people in here make it seem like you're the Pittsburgh Steelers come'on now get real dude !! You're not Denver San Francisco Seattle Green Bay Atlanta that's why guys in here are bunch of half-a** clowns in here !! Super team this team is still garbage outside of a handful of players this team really blows !@

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