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Draft week: Will Ireland panic on Branden Albert?

Jeff Ireland has generally not been one to panic throughout his tenure as the Dolphins general manager.

Once he realized that Chad Henne was not the answer as Miami's franchise quarterback, he didn't panic and pick Ryan Mallett in the 2011 draft. He didn't panic and make the deal for Kyle Orton later that summer. He didn't panic earlier this offseason and give cornerback Brent Grimes or tight end Dustin Keller multi-year deals. He didn't panic and fill an offensive line need by immediately committing to Eric Winston -- either last year or this year.

Indeed, the only Ireland move I can really think would even come close to being a panic move was the trade up for running back Daniel Thomas in the second round of the 2011 draft. The Dolphins desperately needed running back help after moving on from Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and apparently feared losing out on Thomas so the move was made.

Despite that one apparent indiscretion, Ireland has been a fairly cool customer when it comes to acquiring players. (No, he doesn't always get the right one. No one does. But he doesn't get flustered about going after anyone, either). He certainly played it cool with left tackle Jake Long and that is one reason I've confirmed Long went to the St. Louis Rams.

Seems Long didn't think the Dolphins showed him enough love or respect, probably by the structure of their offers to him, to return to Miami.

And that brings us to the Branden Albert situation.

Albert is the Kansas City Chiefs left tackle who is on the trade block. And the Dolphins have shown considerable interest. But the interest has not been to the point where the Dolphins had offered the Chiefs a trade proposal as of this writing. The interest had not been to the point where the Dolphins had worked out a contract with Albert's agent as of this writing.

Ireland had so far played it cool. 

As of Sunday afternoon, this was still in the pending file.

But as this is officially the dawn of draft week, and all three parties -- the Chiefs, the Dolphins and the Albert camp -- would like a resolution to the issue that involves them all, the pressure on Ireland is about to mount exponentially. And pressure often causes folks to panic.

Because the draft is less than four days away, the Albert camp wants the Dolphins to get a deal done. The Chiefs want to bring this to some sort of conclusion because they'd like to know if Albert is going to be on their roster or if they're going to have an extra draft choice -- a fairly high one apparently -- for Albert.

And there is a certain amount of pressure on the Dolphins to figure out both draft compensation and a contract for Albert if that's the direction they're going to go. And if that's not the direction they're going to go, the Dolphins need to figure out how else they'll solve their left tackle vacancy that apparently they're not thrilled with Jonathan Martin filling.

So, yes, there is pressure. And this is about the time someone might panic.

Will it be Ireland?

He's the most likely choice of the three parties involved.

Albert's camp doesn't have to panic. They've got a signed franchise tag they're holding which guarantees the player $9.8 million in 2013. Yes, they want a multi-year deal. But are they going to cave to get that done?

Absolutely not. Indeed, the Albert camp believes it is working from a position of strength. They have a guaranteed one-year deal. They have a player that can hit the free agent market next year and get major bucks because it's unlikely the Chiefs would franchise him again at 120 percent of this year's cap value. They also have a suitor on the line for a multi-year deal. So there is not real timing pressure on them.

And that's why I'm told Albert wants to get paid. He wants a contract that is better than the four-year, $34 million deal with $16 million guaranteed the Rams gave Jake Long.

Yes, Branden Albert expects to get a better deal from the Dolphins than Jake Long ultimately believed the Dolphins were offering him. Now, one can play with the numbers. It's possible the Dolphins' offer to Long might have been higher than the Rams' but was structured in such a way as to make it easy to get rid of him after one year if he was injured again.

But on the face, Albert wants to do better than the deal Long thought was the best one on the table.

And they're not under undo pressure.

The Chiefs are playing it coy, too. They've not giving Miami permission to speak with Albert personally or give him a physical until they have a signficant trade offer on the table. And as of this writing, that was not yet the case.

They can argue they'll draft as planned and simply keep Albert and there will be opportunities to trade him later. Of course, we know this is posturing. The Chiefs want the draft pick compensation for Albert by Friday the latest. And if they don't get it by then, they're losing the maximum benefit of trading him. But I'm simply telling you what they might be pitching as a stance.

Ireland and the Dolphins?

They seem more desperate. They don't have a left tackle. The veil of using Martin as the answer has been removed. That's not what the team wants. That would only be the last resort move.

They aren't going to ransom their entire draft to trade up for Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher as those two left tackles might go No. 1 and No. 2 when the draft begins Thursday. They're not in love with Lane Johnson enough to mortgage a signficant part of their draft to trade up for him. (Maybe if he drops to them, they go with him. But trade up for him? Not in the plans as of today).

So what's left? Pick the fourth-best left tackle and hope?

It's a time for lesser men to panic because there are not wonderful options.

But this is my advice to Jeff Ireland:

Do you. Be yourself. Do not panic.

Paying Branden Albert -- a good but not great left tackle -- like he's an elite left tackle is not a palatable move to begin with. And paying a 2013 second- or third-round pick to Kansas City for the privilege makes it less appealing.

So hold fast.

Offer a 2014 second-rounder instead of 2013.

If it must be a 2013 pick, make absolutely sure that it's the second of Miami's two second-rounders (Nos. 42 and 54) and make sure that a trade down from No. 12 in the first round is available so you can regain that extra pick to mitigate the sting of trading for Albert.

(That likely means waiting until Thursday because very few teams will be willing to make a pre-draft trade for the No. 12 overall selection before then). 

If the Chiefs don't want to budge, call their bluff. Seriously. What are they going to do after picking Joeckel? They have to trade Albert. So wait them out.

If Thursday comes an goes and Friday comes and goes, Braden Albert will still be on the trade block. And then the pressure on K.C. will indeed mount. They're not going to waive the guy. Make the trade for a '14 pick. Give them that second-rounder, tell them they beat you up, shake their hand and call it a day -- all the while knowing they didn't win because they didn't take your current picks.

Remember Jimmy Johnson's old axiom: A second-rounder next year is like giving up a third-rounder this year because experience and maturity will likely cause the third-rounder to produce faster and more. So giving up a second next year for Albert is more of a bargain for Miami.

That strategy would give the team Albert this year, plus its full complement of draft picks this year. And that 2014 pick you trade away might be a lower selection anyway if your moves this year pay the kind of dividends you expect and you're in the playoffs.

Does waiting out K.C. come with risk?

Of course it does. Maybe another team jumps into the picture. Maybe the Chiefs rethink their strategy and keep Albert.

But those risks seem marginal. Albert's been on the market for a while and no one else has stepped up. And Albert has made it known to the Chiefs he's dead set against playing right tackle so he's causing them some pressure on that front.

Look, this deal could be done by Monday night or Tuesday if Jeff Ireland panics. Yes, he'd immediately have the solution to his left tackle issue. But the move would seem unthoughtful in the wake of losing Jake Long because the cost would be higher on multiple fronts (trade compensation as well as big contract compensation to the player).

Or ...

Ireland could strap his belt a notch tighter and hold his breath. He could wait out the Chiefs and the chances he'd get Albert could diminish. There's uncertainty there admittedly.

But sometimes testing that uncertainty is better than being the guy that panics.


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Woodshed, what did you say J. Martin was? A pass rusher friendly OT? Sounds about right.

Obviously they should've paid Jake Long. Ireland never makes the right decisions.

Posted by: Phinmanski | April 22, 2013 at 08:50 AM

Yeah, and your Mom should've used Birth Control too.

What good is crying about it now?

Forgot these guys but still not half the team;

18) Hartline--Very good pick
19) Randall--Too early
20) Soliai--Very good pick

Odin, yeah I would agree that short of having one of the three OTs fall in our lap, that a MckInnie band -aid solution would be my way to go too..

There will be no player trades this week for the fins.

Ireland will see what falls to him in the draft and go from there. Albert is a big me first f*** the team player. 25th best tackle in the league and he can't stay healthy.

Just say no Jeff!!!!!

Woodshed, what did you say J. Martin was? A pass rusher friendly OT? Sounds about right.

LOL!!! That's a very good description. I like when Mayock says a guy is 'speed deficient.' Why can't he just say the guy is slow???

25th best Tackle in the NFL??? Where are these rankings coming from on Albert???

Yep, should've paid Jake Long. $16M guarantee and what is in effect a two year deal was such a small price to pay. major blunder of an otherwise very good off season.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 22, 2013 at 09:21 AM

Agreed Mark and that was my thought from the start.

We were close and Ireland tried squeezing a little too much. You can't blame the guy for trying. But Left Tackle isn't like any of the other Line Positions. It's a bit too important to be playing games.

Still can get through it with McKinnie and drafting Brenan Williams. Anything besides this Albert deal with KC.

Super team this team is still garbage outside of a handful of players this team really blows !@

Posted by: mace taggart | April 22, 2013 at 11:01 AM

And as soon as they start winning, you'll be changing your name again(you PUKE)and telling us all how you told us so.

You Sir are the epitome of "Ass Clown".

Good Day and Thanks for Stopping by.......

WNP,haha, I know. it's a dumb thing to say. Nobody ever says they're job deficient. They're just unemployed ... what a knob.

Yep, should've paid Jake Long. $16M guarantee and what is in effect a two year deal was such a small price to pay. major blunder of an otherwise very good off season.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto
Why? Why lament, cry or whatever about this now it's done. He is breaking down and now plays for a loser that has less receivers than the Dolphins had last season. The Rams can get out of the deal after 2 years. They saw the same thing that the Dolphins saw. Making the change now is better than in season when on a playoff run.

Martin was Colombo mark 2 last year.God hopes he has backbone this year

Posted by: allwhitemaimi | April 22, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Not according to this Coaching Staff or Pro Football Focus(Comparing one year to another). Martin graded out well ahead of Colombo in his last season.

I think Martin will eventually be a Great Left Tackle, but it won't be this year. And ultimately, there's nothing wrong with playing him at Right Tackle for two years FIRST. It's called DEVELOPING Talent. It's what good teams do. Another year of experience(albeit at Right Tackle)and another year of strength and conditioning, I think it's all he needs.

This is another reason why I think the Albert deal.....or NON-Deal makes MORE SENSE. Not for the amount of compensation that being bandied about currently anyways.

Sign McKinnie and maybe take a 3rd to 4th round shot at Brennan Williams.

25th best Tackle in the NFL??? Where are these rankings coming from on Albert???

Posted by: We Need Playmakers
Most likely Pro Football Focus; Jake Long and Brandon Albert are very close in the rankings. Pro Football Focus has them equal based on games played, QB rushes etc......

Odin, there are a few secondary prosepcts I like at OT, Terron Armstead is my favourite but I also like Kyle Long (can't go wrogn with this family), Reid Fragel, David Quessenberry, among others .. Justin Pugh if he can play OT as well.

This story is flawed.
Ireland does not panic he just gets nothing in return for the players he drafted.
And the Phins have had 5 losing seasons in a row.

promichael, it's not crying over spilled milk when it was my stance from the beginning. It just pizzes me off. jake Long for two more years wouyld've been the best bridge to the next LT of the Miami Dolphins...

Jake Long was not that good with speed rushers. The Dolphins will be throwing alot and with the zone blocking scheme finding a quicker OT should be undertaken. We should not rush to judgement just yet. Wait and see what this regime comes up with for a replacement.

Anyone stopped for a moment to ask themselves why Jonathan Martin was taken with a 2nd rd pick in 2012?

Probably not.

We didn't have to spend a 2nd rd pick on a RT, when Winston would have been more than happy to play for us last season. Does anyone besides me find this rather odd?

Jonathan Martin, a LT not a RT, in college. Had Martin dne far better in in his bench at 2012's combine, he's unquestionably a mid 1st rd pick at worst. After all, he protected the blindside for 2012's first overall pick, Andrew Luck, at Stanford. That has to account for something in itself alone.

Which I suspect, Jonathan Martin, has been Ireland's Jake Long insurance policy all along. He drafted that insurance policy in 2012. I just don't understand why many dolfans have written Martin off after only 4 starts at LT to end 2012. Only 1 of those 4 starts have been a little questionable.

That was the final game at New England, and Garner not Martin, easily had the most horrible day in pass protection. It was a pretty suspect day for our pass [protection as a whole, even with the rb pass protection. The Pats recorded 7 sacks that day, Martin was clearly beaten for 1 of those.

That 2nd sack on the left side could also be attributed to miscommunication between he and Cogs. Its wasn't on Martin alone.

Odin, there are a few secondary prosepcts I like at OT, Terron Armstead is my favourite but I also like Kyle Long (can't go wrogn with this family), Reid Fragel, David Quessenberry, among others .. Justin Pugh if he can play OT as well.


Not sure I'd be willing to commit that kind of money for Albert so forget him for a second. Looks like the top three LT's will be gone but if either Warmack or Cooper were there @ 12 that would be my pick. No doubt about it.

Then we have an extra 2nd & an extra 3rd so it's very possible that we could trade back into the first & maybe take a guy like Justin Pugh if we think he can be a LT. The scouts are mixed on him. Some say his arms are too short & he projects better as a Guard & some say he can definitely be a LT in the NFL.

Talk About Making Straw Man Arguments All You Want. You Are The One Trying To Be Specific. Actually Super Specific.

What Do You Consider Mallet, If He Is Not A Success?

Ryan Mallett Career Stats On A Good Team.

3 Year Pro

1 Completion
4 Attempts
0 TD's
17 Yds
5.2 QBR

8 Attempts
-9 Yards

What Makes You Think R. Mallett Is A Success?

Ryan Mallett Is Not Even A M. Flynn.

The Pats Could've Used That Pick On A Weapon For Brady. I Listed A Couple Good NFL Wr's Drafted After Mallett.

R. Mallett Was A 3rd Round Pick, Not A 5th Or 6th.

R. Mallet Got Drafted Higher Than R. Wilson.

Yes, I Understand Different Circumstances. But You Assuming R. Mallett Will Be OK Because He Got Drafted By Belichick Is Asinine.

Specially When He Has As Many INT As Completion In 3 Years.

TJ Yates Has A Better Chance To Be A Better Pro QB Than R. Mallett And He Was Picked About 100 Spots Later.

Again What Makes R. Mallett OK? He Was Picked By The Pats.

I Don't Know If You Know The Pats Haven't Actually Been Killing It At The Draft The Last Couple Of Years. The Probability Of R. Mallett Being A Bust Are Pretty High. Never mind His Play Should Already Have Said Enough.

Jake Long was not that good with speed rushers. The Dolphins will be throwing alot and with the zone blocking scheme finding a quicker OT should be undertaken. We should not rush to judgement just yet. Wait and see what this regime comes up with for a replacement.


Agreed. All we know now is that they're considering ALL options in order to address the LT position. If Sparano was still here I'd be worried but I believe with Philbin we'll come up with something good.

I suspect some dolfans here are so down on Martin, because viewing that last game against the Pats, some here don't even know the difference between RT and LT. I'll even venture to say that some here bashing Martin don't even know his Jersey number.

Some here bashing Martin, when viewing the final 7 sack Pat game, were crediting Martin with sacks Garner was giving up on the right side.

One thing Ive learned in this blog, some fans here wouldn't recognize if a beachball were substituted to for a football on the playing field.

"I Don't Know If You Know The Pats Haven't Actually Been Killing It At The Draft The Last Couple Of Years. The Probability Of R. Mallett Being A Bust Are Pretty High. Never mind His Play Should Already Have Said Enough."


You're missing the point. It's impossible to evaluate Mallett when he hasn't played.

3. Matt Barkley to NY Jets

Draft's loudest boos will come when Jets select Barkley to replace Sanchez. Why? Another USC qb.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 22, 2013 at 02:33 PM


I don't know about all 3 going that high YG. But after hearing about the Revis deal, I was thinking the exact same thing about Barkley.

The only thing that could make me happier is that after drafting Barkley, they re-hire SpOrano to "Brake Him" in properly!

Go SpOrano!!!!

5 of 7 sacks were given up by the right side of our oline in the final game of 2012 vs the Pats. Yet, I've heard no one scream give Garner his walking papers.

My biggest problem with martin is how he was constantly pushed into his own Qb in the Jax and Buffalo game, altering several throws. The embarassing shows against NE and SF are another matter altogether.

And Cocoa Joe, I Know Mallett Played, I Was Expecting Someone To Answer So I Can Post His Stats. I Just Wasn't Expecting You To Answer. I Was Expecting The Person Saying R. Mallett Will Be OK, To Say Something.

So He Can Explain Why Drafting R. Mallett Is Not A Bust When Someone about 100 Picks Later Already Has A Playoff Win. TJ Yates.


worst argument EVER......

but thats what happens when you have to BACK TRACK and talk out your @SS......

Odin, there are a few secondary prosepcts I like at OT, Terron Armstead is my favourite but I also like Kyle Long (can't go wrogn with this family), Reid Fragel, David Quessenberry, among others .. Justin Pugh if he can play OT as well.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 22, 2013 at 03:45 PM

I think Armstead is probably the best of the rest. Manilek Watson has all kinds of potential and upside and just as much, if not more Red Flags and question marks.

For all of Longs inexperience on the football field(imagine that), I agree, it's hard to bet against ANYONE in that family.

Pugh I just can't get a handle on. For as high as he's projected, I would have to pass. If he slides a little I MIGHT try and take a flyer on him.

Having said that, Toe to toe, I'd prefer Brennen Williams over all of them save for Armstead. Depending on where they shake out, that's how close I think they are. I prefer Williams only because I think I can get him with one of our 3rd rounder's. I don't see Armstead getting out of the 2nd.


Him Not Playing Is Reason Enough. Mallett Is A Bust.

Do You Know The QB Taken Before That By The Patriots?

2008 3rd Round QB K. O'Connell.

So The Pats Have Chosen 2 Qbs In The 3rd Round In The Last 5 Years And Have Nothing To Show For It.

But Still Mallett Should Be Rated On A Curve.

G. McElroy Was Drafted In The 7th And Has Done A Better Job When Need Be.

But Still Mallett Should Be Rated On A Curve.

When you have to BACK TRACK and talk out your @SS you will do dumb things....


Compare a THIRD RD QB playing behind arguably the best QB of all time to a 3ed RD TE playing behind arguably one of the WORST starting TEs in the league....

CLAIM that that the person you are talking says WORDS they NEVER wrote "like success"....you you are dumb enough to use words like BUST....

Be SURPRISED when OTHERS call you on your BS.....as if I am the ONLY that can see thru your facade......

Talk about what OTHER QBs have done taken after him....because the situations are SO SIMILAR...again....BEST QB EVER...HELLO.....

Take 4 passes thrown....and think you are making some kind of point.....

The above are examples of things that you HAVE to do when BACK TRACKING and talking side ways....in other words...TAP DANCING....

Odin, yeah, brennan would be a worthy 3rd round pick and I don't expect Armstead to get out of the 2nd. He may even be one of the first picks of the 2nd round. As far as Watson goes ... sheesh, another 19 rep bench press expected to start early ... slow guy too... man I just don't ahve the stomach for that.

That 2nd sack on the left side could also be attributed to miscommunication between he and Cogs. Its wasn't on Martin alone.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 22, 2013 at 04:03 PM

YG, I think that 2nd one goes against Martin. But it's really a non factor at this point.

In response to your question as to why Martin was taken where he was, I believe it's like I posted above.

I think Ireland drafted Martin to eventually replace Long. I think that was his plan all along. What I liked about it, Ireland did it, knowing full well that Martin could gain some fantastic experience at Right Tackle.

I haven't given up on Martin. I still think he eventually ends up being a very good to great Left Tackle.

He's started as a Rookie and is gaining valuable experience. Once he bulks up, I think he'll be ready to go at Left Tackle for the next 8 years.

It might not be this year, it might be next year. But I think that's where he ends up and I think Ireland intended to do this all along. Nothing wrong with drafting and DEVELOPING your own players!

Kris @4:32 You Are Trolling Again.

Now I Know, Responding To Something Is Considered Back Tracking. I Guess You Need To Have The Last Word And Can't Accept Someone Explaining Their Viewpoint.

Kris, I Don't Have To Spend Time Denigrating You Or Your Attitude. Like You Do To Distract From Your Point. Or Be Extra Specific To Be Correct.

Apparently I Have Higher Standards When It Comes To Qbs.

I Tend To Forget You Are The One That Thinks Joe Flacco Is Elite.

Kris, I Don't Have To Spend Time Denigrating You Or Your Attitude. Like You Do To Distract From Your Point. Or Be Extra Specific To Be Correct.

Posted by: Dashi | April 22, 2013 at 04:49 PM

Add this to my list.....

pretend your FEELINGS are hurt......by my HARSH writing style....

oh....and the best one yet....

claim the person you are talking with is "TOO SPECIFIC".....lol....has anybody EVER been accused of such a thing.....and now I am told that is a BAD thing....to be TOO SPECIFIC......and that ALSO makes me a TROLL...

I'll translate for Dashi...AKA...Mr. FACTS.....

"Kris you have just handed me my @ss (again)......so please leave me alone...so that I may spout my OPINIONS as FACTS unchallenged"....

"Oh...and Kris...one more thing...you're a TROLL for calling me out"......."when you hand me my @ss....its called trolling".....when I (Dashi) pollute the blog with my non OPINIONS that I tout as facts....its called being a model blogger"......



Didn't we get the Colts second round pick next season also for Vonte?

I think we need to use our crystal ball to see what the strengths of next years draft are going to be. I think we are going to draft the best player available this draft at 12. I think DE is the position. But TE would be smart also.

If we dont draft a pass rusher early then I hope they use some of that cap money on Freeney or Abrahms. I prefer Freeney.

Go Dolphins. New Logo Sucks!! Worse rebranding since Coke tried to change formula. Hope our new logo last less time, bet we have a retro Jersey next year.

I'm done with you Dashi....

your ALL USED UP.....

Just remember.....you engaged me FIRST.....

1. with the fake accusation....

2. today....when you commented on my comments about Mallett.....

Stick with Oscar and Aloco....your not ready for the big boys yet.....this story will end the same 9 times out of 10.....

The new logo does suck. Fat and lazy dolphin but that's the least of my concerns.

Feelings Hurt?

Again Someone Please Explain To This Moron That Dashi Has No Feelings. And This Is A Blog.

Now You On The Other Hand... ARE RANTING.

Trust Me I Would Answer To Your Little B'tch Ass. But It Has Been Proven Time And Again You Are One Of The Most Dense People Here.

And Again, If You Consider Every Time You Respond To Me Handing Me My Ass. I Must Back Track And Hide From The Onslaught You Are About To Unleash.

Again, Talk About Taking Things Personal.

How Are You Handing Me My Ass, When It Is You That Sounds Angry.

And Don't Come With Some BS That You Are Not Angry. Everyone Can See That You Are Angry.

Stop Acting Like A Little Girl Kris.

The new logo belongs a box of feminine napkins.

I always thought that DENIAL was a river in Egypt....

But its PAINFULLY CLEAR that DENIAL can be found on this blog...@ 5:14 PM.......

who knew....

The old logo was an anthropomorphic, cartoon porpoise wearing a football helmet.

It looked like a stuffed children's toy.

It also had no real history behind it, dating to only 1997. It was the logo worn in the Wannstedt years..the Saban years..the 1-15 year.

It was the logo of Cleo Lemon and Daunte Culpepper, not Paul Warfield and Jake Scott. It was the logo that represented the worst era in Miami Dolphins football.

Had THAT moronic cartoon of a logo just been unveiled as the new one, people would be leaping off rooftops.

I'll take a fresh, new version not made for children...I'll enjoy seeing the ORIGINAL logo during throwback games...and I hope the 1997-2012 logo winds up in a toxic waste dump, never to be seen again.

How Can A Accusation Be Fake?

Did I Accuse Your Dumbass and Back Tracked?

What That I Commented On Your Asinine Statement About Mallett


I would like to make one correction to your post....

Ireland SHOULD have drafted Ryan Mallett...and it woudn't have been cosidered panick....they could have had him in the 3rd rd....altho...I would have taken him in the 1st...Ireland STILL could have played it cool...and had him in the 3rd....perhaps even the 2nd...."

Again That Statement Is Asinine. So By Your Own Words You Would Still Draft M. Ryan Ahead Of A. Dalton Or C. Kaepernick.

What Makes You Think R. Mallett Will Be A Success? Cause I Haven't Seen It.

And Don't Hide From The F'ing Question. You Have Been Talking Trash Distracting Everyone From This Point. You Even Back Tracked From It. What Makes R. Mallett A Potential Success Other Than He Played For The Pats.

According To You R. Mallett Will Be Successful. You Would Still Pick Him In The First. Ahead Of M. Pouncey, A. Dalton, And C. Kaepernick.

That Is What You, Kris, Said With Your Own Words. And Dashi Isn't Twisting A Word.

If I can chime in on Mallet, I have my OWN PERSONAL OPINION.

I also have an OPINION on Kris and Dashi's.........ah.......um......."Back and Forth?"

I think Kris may be a little overly optimistic when it comes to Mallet. For the record, at least he's been consistent(remember you and I going "Back and Forth" about Mallet-LOL?).

Dashi, if you called him a "Bust".......that also could be a bit premature.

As far as Mallet goes, we can only judge by what limited amount of info we have.

Initially, he struggled to beat out the Old MSU back up they had(Can't remember his name). Then in his few live game reps, he didn't do too well.

My OPINION: Mallett was slightly over rated and has limited mobility. As far as being a Pro, he's DOOMED! Much like the QB's we had Post Marino, Mallett will never live up to Brady. And therefor he'll be, judge unnecessarily harsh by his own Home Town Fans!

Unless the Pats have an All-World supporting cast for Mallett when he takes over, he'll be judged unfairly and never have a chance.

In short, I think the Kid is DOOMED......REGARDLESS.

Hose and helmet.
Why do you have the rag on for the new logo.

Again Dashi....the word SUCCESS id your not mine.....

You can have WHATEVER opinion on my post that you like....that what the BLOG is about....

HOWEVER.....you HAVE to be SMARTER than to use words I clearly didn't.....even with your trick of OMITTING where my post would have been signed in hopes that you can trick others into thinking our words run together...how SLOPPY...I mean convenient of you.....

It Was Cleary Time To Change New Logo.


dashi is a man of many tenets ..................




that is fair....






This is where everyone who wants to talk about football leaves and lets you girls fight it out.

dashi is a man of many tenets ..................


Posted by: ALoco | April 22, 2013 at 05:37 PM


Who the hell taught you to spell? A Chihuahua?

Seriously, it's beyond abysmal.


BE /.............


Martin - Left Tackle
2nd Round - Right Guard
Jerry - Right Tackle

Dashi, if you can't see the elementary wisdom in the following post, then it simply renders any debate or discussion with you completely useless (and I don't expect you to confront anything that confronts your fallibility):

do you ever read anything that ANYBODY else writes...or are you to busy reading and RE-READING...and then congratulating yourself on your own hot garbarge that got posted....

and as far as playingtime...

I didn't know that Egnew was sitting behind 3X SB CHAMP and 5 time SB apperance TE Anthony Fasano....

You know...

Like Mallett is....behind Brady....

Great comparison....I mean the playing feild is equal....QBs get rotated OUT ALL the time...just like TEs do....

Posted by: Kris | April 22, 2013 at 12:42 PM


I don't completely disagree with you especially the latter part of your prose, however Ireland must do everything he can to protect the quarterback.

Plain and simple protect his blind side and if it means the 54 pick (what is projected on NFL network) then that's a admirable solution for a year or two no matter if he gets Jack Long money. At this point based on Long recent injury bug-his value is gone and I don't think Long will ever play up to his first 3 and a half seasons when he was complete stud.

We should get this done asap and move on I don't see signing him up sooner rather than later as panic move.
Yet, if we make the move for Albert and trade down in the draft and make up that pick or better, then Ireland looks like a genius which is something that does not happen. Yet look at the Brandon Marshall trade to the Bears...though getting him made him look bad back then, trading him for 2 third rounder's made up for his mistake.
So he is not afraid to add a player he feels we may need now yet, he had the propensity to make up for his mistakes and moving on without players he may have drafted in early rounds. In other words he doesn't compound a bad early round pick by hanging on to long with that player.
Ireland is among other things adaptable, because in life, much like the NFL "change is constant and change is good"
Here's to a good draft!
GoDolphins4life Out!

sure they will drag it out till day of draft. then announce deal . albert will lower his demands some

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