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Jeff Ireland talks draft today

Jeff Ireland, calm, tanned and comfortable, talked about the draft with the media today. I was impressed with how at ease the Dolphins general manager was compared to how he's been at past pre-draft pressers.

Man's growing.

And everything he said was not spin or vague or purposefully unclear.

Some nuggets:

At this time last year, Ireland knew he was picking quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Today, two weeks before the April 25-27 draft, he said he doesn't know who he's picking but has "pretty good idea" about a number of players he really likes. He said he's got three or four candidates.

Ireland and coach Joe Philbin still have several positions to discuss before they nail down whom they really want.

Offensive line will be addressed in this draft. Ireland said he's comfortable with Nate Garner. He said he thinks Jonathan Martin can play either left or right tackle and that coaches will make that call. But ...

"We're going to try to upgrade the offensive line as a whole," he said.

I asked him (inartfully, I might add as I stumbled and bumbled) about spending more high resources on offensive line. The Dolphins have spent a lot of resources on offensive over the years --including first-round picks on Mike Pouncey and Jake Long, a second on Martin, a third on John Jerry. You get the deal.

Ireland said he's not worried about doing it some more.

"If I get another Pouncey and a Jake Longs I'd do it again," Ireland said. "I wish I had a whole team of Mike Pouncey and Jake Longs."

Ireland said he has not begun to talk to other teams about trade-up or trade-down scenarios so the rumors that pretend to know this stuff is going on ... take it with a grain of salt.

Having said that, Ireland said he has the "ammunition" to get up to the first overall pick if he wannted to.

Ireland is very optimistic about cornerback Brent Grimes. The unrestricted free agent addition is "almost to the point in his mind" that he can participate in the offseason conditioning program.

Perhaps that's the reason Ireland says he doesn't have to pick a cornerback high. (But he might).

Ireland confirmed that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, who visited the Dolphins Wednesday and today, is on the radar.

"I think Manti is a good football player that is going to be drafted," he said. "I wanted to spend some time with him."


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So E.Lacy Is Officially A Late First, Early 2nd Round Pick.

Like The Idea Of Not Looking For A FA OT.

Odin Has A Point. If We Get A Linemen It Is To Compete With J.Martin For LT. Because We Are Loaded At RT.

No Winston.

No Clabo.

Ireland Can trade Up To The #1 Pick If He Wants. And Get L.Jockel. or Trade To #6 And Get L.Johnson.

We Shall See.

Grimes Being Almost Ready Means CB Doesn't Seem Like That Big Of A Need.

1-L.Jockel (Traded 1 Of Our 2nd And 3rd Picks For Him, he Protected T-Hill In College)

I am opening a new joint called, "Hose and Helmet", please stop by.

Thanks Double H!

I have a good feeling for once, this year the Fins will impress! Erik Winston will sign, Ireland will pick Warmack or Cooper, and another really good left tackle will be released by another team after the draft. The O-line will be set for a long time. Then after the first round, it'll be all playmakers.

At the end of J.Ireland's press conference he said offensive lineman isn't a priority and skill position=playmakers are he kept raving about the young guys their developting good job Jeffrey !!

Trading up in the draft would be a mistake. We have too many holes to fill and need both our 2nd rounders and 3rd rounders. We still need G, T, RDE, FS, CB, TE and RB. Can't fill all those by trading up.

Ireland can say whatever he wants.
Either Tanne will have time to throw or he won't.
If Tanne has time to throw then maybe we can keep up with the TDs our secondary will be giving up.
Ifr Tanne does not have time then we are doomed this season.
Ireland has to draft LT first pick because if he doesn't, and Tanne has no time, then Ireland will be the scapegoat.
If he drafts a LT first and Tanne has no time then the LT will be the scapegoat.
Remember that Wallace counts $17mil against cap in 2014 and all of these 1 year wonders will be gone next year so Ireland needs a LT more than he does a CB.

I forgot is Daniel Thomas still on the team?

if winston signs this team will suck

That makes no sense. If the Dolphins sign a veteran right tackle the whole team will suck? Maybe too much booze for you.

Winston = Columbus
Martin = Garner
Tannehill < Garrard
Dolphins < Jets

yes trickle down, martin to lt, awful destroys both sides of the oline which will destroy the offense

dusty = board moron

but u said i was a winner earlier,lol make up your mind u silly sob

If i remember corectly Miller had a higher per carry averagen then Bush

Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew? YIKES!

finfan 66 are u illiterate?

most rbs do fin, bush just dances, so glad hes gone. miller big upgrade. marshall was dealt for 2 thirds, great trade just picked egnew over ty hilton so that was a mistake, use the other wisely this year. but wout that trade we would of never gotten wallace

if winston signs this team will suck

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 11, 2013 at 04:12 PM

The team will suck no matter what Winston does. It wont make any difference.

wrong team can be solid and very good within 2 years

On the outset of this draft it seems Ireland still hasn't learned his lesson about using high draft picks on the offensive line. It simply doesn't translate into wins.

The Dullfins always suck. Move the stinkin team to L.A and stop embarrassing S Fla.


The team was solid in 2012. Unfortunately, "solid" gets you 9-7.

Correction 7-9 = SOLID

I think I get it now. Ireland's been waiting to get "a solid" 7-9 team before he began adding real weapons. Brilliant! LOL...

He kept Jeffy. Ross is Boss!

solid? we went 7-9 against an very easy schedule. far from solid

This team wont be competitive until 3-4 years AFTER Ireland is fired.....if they hire a good GM. Thats how long it will take to get the talent up to par.

Tannehill will throw 35tds this year. Ive seen it on the yet to be released MADDEN.


Unfortunately, the nfl's so good, that 7-9 to 9-7 means youre solid. That's what solid gets you in today's nfl.

Posted by: Fire Irescum | April 11, 2013 at 04:25 PM

The pick that was used for Egnew wasnt a 3rd for BM... DUH

disagree 100 percent, 7-9 sucks balls. we lost to awful teams like the jets and bills,titans,etc


2012, we were only 5-6 plays going in an entirely different direction from being 10-6. The only blowouts were to the Titans and Pat at the end.

All the rest of the 2012 games, ne or two plays go differently and we have an entirely different outcome. Im sure even you can agree to this.

but they didnt. bad teams make bad plays

matty @ 4:42 you are dead wrong.

The Titans demolished the Dolphins on their home field.


Making 1 or two more plays, or having one or two plays go differently, we easily win at least 3 more 2012 games. Youre a smart guy, Im sure you can remember this.

i just said i rem this, bad teams dont make those plays, good opnes do.plus it all evens out, rams make one play we lose at home to them. sea game same way.etc

If you take away Mike Wallace what have we done in free agency?
Brandon Gibson.
Mickey Schuler.
Ellerbee and Wheeler.
A crippled Brent Grimes.
A crippled Lance Louis.
This whole thing sinks or swims based on Wallace producing while Tanne avoids the sophomore slump behind the blocking of Nate Garner and Juan Jerry.
Good luck.

The margin of victory or defeat is so, so slim in the nfl. Unfortunately, many times, only one significant play determines the winners from the loser.

Doesn't always means youre better than that team or that team is better than you. Many times it boils down do who makes that extra play on that given day.

YG, you could say that about any team any year. 5-6 plays....poor reasoning IMO.

Dont expect Mike Wallace to be as productive with Tannehill as he was with Big Ben. I would expect about 50% less TD's with Tannehill.

lol mickey shuler





Vegas Mike,

On the contrary, Mike Wallace will be as productive in Miami as he was in Pittsburgh. Even if he scores only 6tds.

You greatly underestimate what his presence alone brings to the playing field. How it will open up a seam stretching TE like Keller. How it makes life a little easier for chain moving wr's like Hartline-Bess-Gibson to operate.

Not even to mention defenses now will have to loosen up in the run box or risk Wallace going bombs away over the top. The all around value of a MikwWallace can not be fully measured in number of td catches alone.

He'll sleepwalk to at least 6td catches this season. Count on it.

so true yesterday, just having wallace opens up field a lot





Im so optimistic the Tannehill/Wallace connection will be so exceptional. I'll go out on the limb and say Wallace scores 8-12 tds this season. Reason being:

First half of the season dc's will force Tannehill to try and beat them over the top. They'll try and force him to prove he can be "deep ball accurate". I believe Tannehill passes this test.

Once he does, and that deep ball chemistry is built with Wallace, this 2013 offense can become something very extremely special.

better find a oline then yesterday

Basically, very early in 2013, we'll find out how special this Tannehill/Wallace connection can be. DC's will be testing Tannehill to prove he can deliver.

With Wallace, Tannehill only needs throw it as far as he can and let Wallace go get it. There wont be many occasions where you see Wallace get overthrown deep. He has a special gear in the open field.


Im not overly concerned about protection with Tannehill, because with his great athleticism, if there are protection issues Im sure we'll see more designed roll out calls. If he were an immobile qb, then I would be.

As part of his natural development last season, much more of his development was centralized around getting him acclimated to the nfl passing pocket. I expect in 2013, much more of his development will be centralized around using his great athleticism.

Call me a homer, but I don't think this protection issue many of forecast, will be much of an issue at all, due to Tannehill's great athleticism.

disagree big time, seen him under pressure and those bad throws he made off back foot. needs albert at lt

Some of the 2012 issue was that Philbin/Sherman had to both start and develop Tannehill on the fly. The first thing a rookie nfl qb needs to learn is play in the pocket. That should not be and issue this year.

In 2014, much more can be centralized around Tannehill's athleticism as a qb as equally.

albert allowed one sack last year


Some of the Tannehill's best 2012 throws were outside of the pocket. He did make a couple rookie qb mistakes of throwing back across the middle late, but learned from it.

Outside pass rushers will now have to focus maintaining discipline in the outside lanes. Because I believe in 2013 Tannehill will be given a little more latitude to beat the pass rush with his feet.

Whe this happens, that buy that extra milli-second in the pocket to complete more throws.

So if the outside pass rush tries to crash down inside of him. Tannehill can run around him. If they come wide outside of him. He cuts inside of them. Tane'sfeet may become more of a designed weapon against hard charging outside pass rushers too.

yesterday rolling out i agree he makes good throws but those are by design. under pressure i wasnt a big fan of his throws but he was a rookie


As long as the protection isn't completely awful, then I believe we should be fine. I do expect to see the designed rollouts and I also expect to see some designed Tannehill runs off of pass looks.

All designed to give the outside pass rush something else to think about before crashing in hard like their hair's on fire.

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Jeff Ireland happens to be my brother and if any of you "know it alls" had so much
damn knowledge about football and draft picks why the hell aren't y'all sitting in a GM position or a big shot in a ball club?

I am in fact a moron. The Patsies haven't signed Sanders. The Steelers have several days left in which they can match the Patsies' pitiable offer.

You should ignore my other mindless babblings as I watch Tom Brady whining for calls in the nude.

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