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Jeff Ireland talks draft today

Jeff Ireland, calm, tanned and comfortable, talked about the draft with the media today. I was impressed with how at ease the Dolphins general manager was compared to how he's been at past pre-draft pressers.

Man's growing.

And everything he said was not spin or vague or purposefully unclear.

Some nuggets:

At this time last year, Ireland knew he was picking quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Today, two weeks before the April 25-27 draft, he said he doesn't know who he's picking but has "pretty good idea" about a number of players he really likes. He said he's got three or four candidates.

Ireland and coach Joe Philbin still have several positions to discuss before they nail down whom they really want.

Offensive line will be addressed in this draft. Ireland said he's comfortable with Nate Garner. He said he thinks Jonathan Martin can play either left or right tackle and that coaches will make that call. But ...

"We're going to try to upgrade the offensive line as a whole," he said.

I asked him (inartfully, I might add as I stumbled and bumbled) about spending more high resources on offensive line. The Dolphins have spent a lot of resources on offensive over the years --including first-round picks on Mike Pouncey and Jake Long, a second on Martin, a third on John Jerry. You get the deal.

Ireland said he's not worried about doing it some more.

"If I get another Pouncey and a Jake Longs I'd do it again," Ireland said. "I wish I had a whole team of Mike Pouncey and Jake Longs."

Ireland said he has not begun to talk to other teams about trade-up or trade-down scenarios so the rumors that pretend to know this stuff is going on ... take it with a grain of salt.

Having said that, Ireland said he has the "ammunition" to get up to the first overall pick if he wannted to.

Ireland is very optimistic about cornerback Brent Grimes. The unrestricted free agent addition is "almost to the point in his mind" that he can participate in the offseason conditioning program.

Perhaps that's the reason Ireland says he doesn't have to pick a cornerback high. (But he might).

Ireland confirmed that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, who visited the Dolphins Wednesday and today, is on the radar.

"I think Manti is a good football player that is going to be drafted," he said. "I wanted to spend some time with him."


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Damn, I forgot to turn in my homework. No GED for me this year. Again.

If Lane Johnson is available get him...if not, Eifert is a difference maker at TE..get him. Trufant will slip down to 2nd rd. Take a chance on the Honey Badger and/or Denard Robinson.these two kids are playmakers..Monte Ball in 4th or 5th would be a better option than Thomas. There are plenty of Trusnik types in the later rounds to fill out LB/ST depth. Bottom line is this draft needs to yield an OL stud and playmakers...and sign Winston already!!!

Ireland dont want lonebacker te"o...big slow and soft....ask running back lacey from alabama.....really be a poor pick....we got ellerbe and wheeler already...even if we needed a linebacker which we dont....he is not at all close to being the man....

We dont know who we will draft, but one thing we do know is new york jets will finish last place in afc east...and marky sancheezy is on his way out.....ah hahahahaha

I think there will be teams interested in wr bess for trade....so miami might land an extra draft pick or two....be nice....we just dont need a stock pile of slot wr"s...we got slot wr gibson now...adding a wr like patterson at 6ft. 2....and runs a 4.2...moves like percy harvin...shifty speedy playmaker..

Wont be shocked if ireland drafts a pretty good running back neither...

Travon austins a playmaker!!!! But why would phins draft a guy to play slot wr??? When already on roster is slot wr"s gibson and bess??? Dont make any logic...miami has to many other glaring needs to put first......if they get a wr in draft....seems like they want a wr to play outside...more needy.....

Trade up for dee milliner

I honestly think the best option for the dolphins is 1 of 2 choices.. thats either trade with Oakland for the 3rd overall pick to secure a game changing tackle or to trade back and get picks.. i think those are the best choices for us Phins at the moment.. either Eric Fisher or Luke Lockel which ever Kansas City doesnt take

also if the dolphins take Teo with any of our picks i will offically disown the Miami Franchise... He is a special team contributor at best. Lacks the size to shed blocks, also with his little frame he is slow.

the best choice the dolphins have are 1 of 2 thats trade with Oakland to take either Eric Fisher or Luke Lockel whoever Kansas City doesnt take, or trade back in the first with the vikings for there 23rd and 25th overall, Vikings are looking to move up to get a playmaker like Corrdelle Patterson or Tavon Austin to fill the void left by Percy Harvin going to the Seahawks.. there are a lot of hungry teams trying to move up id be ok with trading back and getting Lacy or Xavier Rhodes. That would Address the corner and Running back incase Lamar doesnt live to the hype also gives us another corner and in the 2nd and 3rd we get some Oline to mold. if he is that okay with Martin and Garner.

Te'o got smoked by true NFL talent in the National Championship game. Don't want him...he will be on his back more than making tackles.

i couldnt agree with you more UPSNY

We just learned almost nothing from what Ireland said.
Useless and boring stuff.

Irelands moronic comments are remarkable. The day he leaves the team we'll make the party everywhere.
And Salguero always wiping Irelands dirty ass.
Of course Ireland would love see the team full of Longs and Pounceys. Helas Long step away.
"Teo is a good football player, he's going to be drafted ". This is a thing that a 3 year old kid can say without being payed millions.

Ireland does some kind of cargo-cult management. Well, what can we expect from a senile owner. Let's see if a miracle happens this coming draft.

I see this is a board full of Ireland hating trollers as usual. What is it with you idiots ?

There is no way that some of your comments against what the team has done could possibly be coming from true Dolphin fans. WTF do you all want this man to do?You REALLY think you know more about putting a team together than he does? There is a reason why you are flipping burgers ar 6.00 per and he is directing a billion dollar team. You will be the typical hypocrites jumping in the bandwagon when this team is in the hunt for the playoffs. No wonder the rest of the country thinks so low about fans in South Florida, You all sound like monkeys fu...g a football.

best player avilable Vacarro

no to ansah
no to rhodes
no to fluker

How about wide receivers? We have nothing there. Brian Hartline is a 3rd option in any other team.

Carlos have you been watching freee agencey? We signed mike wallace our deep threat, we got brandon gibson from the rams signed dustin keller, and to be fair Hartline is a two option..

round 1 - vaccaro S
round 2 - justin pugh OT
round 2 - best CB
round 3 - stedman bailey WR
round 3 - best CB or TE
round 4 - best d-lineman
round 5 - best OG
round 5 - best LB
round 7 - 3 picks trade them to move up to round 6

1. Lane Johnson OT. 2. Desmond trufant or Jonathan banks CB. 3 Ryan swipe WR. 4 Jordan Reed TE those I believe will be close to there first 4 picks

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