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Latest: A couple of new possibilities emerge

You guys know I love D.J. Hayden. I have today in The Miami Herald and in private conversations with sources implored the Dolphins to take the Houston cornerback with the No. 12 overall selection.

For those of you that have said Hayden at No. 12 is too high, I present to you today's report from ProFootballtalk.com which states that the Raiders, eager to trade out of the No. 3 spot, are eyeing Hayden as their pick after a trade-down.

And PFT.com is reporting that one source said that many teams view both Hayden's game film and his medical file as better than Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner.

So there is that.

Now this:

The Dolphins are not completely averse to the idea of trading up if, if, if it is for the right guy.

The right guys?

1. Luke Joeckel.

2. Dion Jordan.

I am told that if Joeckel does not go No. 1 to the Kansas City Chiefs -- a very, very strong possibility because they are leaning 60-40 in favor of Eric Fisher -- then the Dolphins will make calls to see about landing Joeckel if he falls to say, No. 3 and Oakland.

Understand that it would take a mint for Miami to go from No. 12 to No. 3. It would probably include next year's No. 1 pick and I don't know if Miami is willing to do that. But if the Branden Albert trade falls through and suddenly Joeckel is dangling out there, Miami may consider it.

By the way, on Albert, the clubs continue to talk (reportedly) and the holdup continues to be draft pick compensation.

Albert remains the preferred choice for the Dolphins. But if that falls through and Joeckel drops, that door opens.

Another player the Dolphins really like who may drop is defensive end Dion Jordan.

Many mock drafts have Jordan, the Oregon Duck, going to Jacksonville at No. 2. But what if he doesn't?

What if Jacksonville picks an offensive tackle? What if Jacksonville prefers Ezekiel Ansah?

Then Jordan will be dangling at No. 3 and Oakland. And as I just stated, the No. 3 overall pick is for sale. The Raiders want to trade down to add picks and remake their team.

Well, the Dolphins have a lot of picks and a desire to add a dynamic pass rusher if possible. Jordan, the club believes, can be a dynamic pass-rusher.

Does that mean the Dolphins will mortgage the draft and possibly part of next year's draft to make the move? Probably not. But can anyone say it definitely, absolutely will not happen?




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If we trade a #1 pick as well as other picks for a LT...I will be back in "have we FIRED IRELAND yet" mode....

Dumbest move ever....

I know that my NEW HERO IRELAND would never do that to me....

The only thing worse then taking an Olineman in the first round is trading up (and giving away next years #1) to pick him. Put Martin at LT and sign Winston on the cheap to play RT and spend your money and picks on dynamic players that either put the ball in the end zone or put the QB on their backs, that is how you win in the NFL these days.


Here's this 'you always take a QB before a LT' stuff attack. This stuff really irks me! Please tell me where that is written? Please tell me why the Chiefs are taking Geno Smith or Matt Barkley over Fisher or Joeckel. Please don't tell me Alex Smith is a top tier QB. Please tell me why the Jaguars aren't taking a QB at 2 or 3. Both teams need one.

I hear this ALL the time and it's NONSENSE. The reality is you take the BEST PLAYER ON THE BOARD. Smith or Barkley clearing aren't the best players on the board. When the Dolphins did their evaluation back in 2008, Long was believed to be the best player available. Most 'experts' agreed with that thinking. There were knocks on Ryan that people conveniently forget. It was clear that most people didn't think he was BPA.

Posted by: Craig M | April 25, 2013 at 01:34 PM

You only make that kind of trade if the guys can put 6 on the board....

If the guy doesn't score TDs....then its not worth it....

I'm sure Ireland knows this....nothing to worry about...

Craig M.....

I mean when the QB is AMONG the top talents....not like this year....but like it was in 08....

if ALL THINGS are equal....you take the QB...

I've said all along that the Raiders are the team we should be trading up with IF the player we want is there. Fisher was the guy I wanted but I would take Joeckel too.

I don't believe it would cost our first next year, as well as our first this year. I believe we could get it done with a first and second this year and something else. Do they have any interest in Bess? To me, this is the team I have always hoped we would target because of their desire to have extra picks.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of adding Jordan also but I think the LT has to be the priority.

Kris @1:38pm,

Thank you for clarifiying. I agree with you. THAT makes sense to me.

I hear this other crap about 'you ALWAYS take the QB' over anything else and I tell you man, it makes my blood boil!

Btw Kris,

I'm excited to see Mallett in action. I want to see what this kid's got. I really hope the trade goes through. Might be time for you to get a new sign-in name....LOL.

Craig, I don't know what there is to debate with what Kris (@ 1:38) and I both said. it's elementary.

I just went back to read your comments from the last blog on this, Kris. Very well said and very level-headed.


Daryl D....

to elaborate....

I think it was the WRONG pick to take Long....you ALWAYS take the QB over the LT....

My issue is ...I think your logic in calling Long a bust...and the math you used to get to that point is horribly flawed....

Long is no bust....and this is comming from a guy who doesn't believe we need the BEST LT in football to win....

Long served admirably in my opinion....he just became to expensive....and the two sides could not come to an understanding.

I like to think of it as buisness...rather than bust....

Posted by: Kris | April 25, 2013 at 01:28 PM

lol @ Craig M...

the sign-in name will be Kris until Kris is no more....

Yes...I have hitched my sign-in name to the success (or lack thereof) of Ryan Mallett....should he fail miserbly....I will be here...under this name....to take my lumps...and eat my crow....

best case scenario for all parties involved (Mallett, me, Pats, Browns)...the trade doesn't get to go thru....and Mallets career is saved from NFL pergatory....


I'm actually agreeing what you guys are saying. I believe that Long over Ryan was the wrong pick when we look back. But remember, Henning and Sparano checked out the three QBs and saw no discernbible difference. In fact, if I remember correctly Henning came back and said something like he actually thought Henne could be the best QB long term.

So the real problem here, IMO, was not necessarily the final decision but who we had doing the evaluating. For that we have to blame Parcells, who did all the hiring. Henning was a PUTZ when he was here and this was probably his biggest mistake.

A 2nd, and our 2014 1st rd pick puts us at #3, based on the value chart.

Albert has injury history, so we cant be sure how long we'll have his services. Plus Joeckel could be a huge upgrade to him. basically if Albert doesn't workout longterm, he's cost us at least a 2nd that could have been used for this trade up.

If Albert doesn't work out we're still looking to spend a 1st rd pick to fin a suitable LT in the near future. So there are your 2014 1st rd pick, and 2013 2nd rd picks.

If we could use a 2013 2nd rd pick and 2014 1st rd pick to solidify what could become a problem in the near future anyway. I would be swimming in tall cotton.

This is unlike the the Long and Henne 2008 saga, we already have our franchise qb, and would also be adding a franchise LT to go with him.

Also, I believe Fisher has greater potential to go bust than Joeckel. KC could end up highly regretting taking Fisher over Joeckel.


Come on now man. He's your guy. Don't be hoping for the trade not to go through. Time for the boy to earn his keep. Let's see if he's any damn good or not.

Cleveland: Where QBs go to die. I wonder if he'll wear Tim Couch's number?....LOL.

For the first time Miami has the opportunity to truly have one of the more dynamic offences in the league. I would highly recommend adding Eifert to the mix. Look how it has helped the Patriots. We can get a corner and right tackle in the second round.


If Mallet doesn't work out in Cleveland. They can always put Ryan Leaf on speed dial. He hasn't played in Cleveland yet, and theyre sure to give him a proper burial too.


Fisher's the guy I like. Hands down. I believe Joeckel comes with some bust risk but I'd still do the move.

You don't think we could get this done for our first this year, our second second and maybe a second next year? I'd do that in a heartbeat.

I really like day of draft talk there are so many rumors on what your team will take 90 percent of them are smokescreens. usually after you get past the first 5 picks most mock drafts go up in smoke i have not even seen one mock draft correct after the 5th pick this year might not even make it past the third pick

I would pay a million dollars to see the look on Jake Long's face if we landed Joeckel. That would bepriceless. LOL...

Dion Jordan

He's got the biggest bust factor in the entire draft. He was average in college. He's this "super rare" athlete but where was the production. He had 5 sacks last year and was 3rd on his own team in TFLs. He's a combine freak and a future bust. I would be highly disappointed if they traded up for this WR playing DE.

Ha Ha Ha stupid Phins phans.
You so desperate.
You so stupid.
You have no LT.
You have no RB.
You have no CB.
3 rookie starters gonna change all that?

We stay put at 12 and draft Mingo. Heard it here first


Im not saying Fisher will be a bust, just that I like Joeckel over him because Joeckel has been playing against nfl caliber pass rushers the last 3-4yrs. Fisher only got a small taste of it in the Senior Bowl.

I also believe Fisher will be more likely to hit the rookie wall a lot sooner because Joeckel's already used to playing against high caliber pass rushers for 12-13 games a year over 3-4yrs. Fisher isn't.

In the long run, It wouldn't surprise me if Lane Johnson doesn't surpass Fisher as a top LT.

Again, not saying Fisher will be a bust or total bust. He may be very good, but It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't become as elite as some are projecting him.

I'm hoping all this trade up business is just a smoke screen to force KC to accept a lower pick for the Albert trade. I could be wrong but I sort of remember reading in one of Mandos blogs that Ireland doesn't trade up unless he thinks the guy walks on water. I don't see anyone walking on water in this draft...


I don't think Dion Jordan will be a bust, but I do think his true success could be system dependent. In the right system, he could be a perennial pro bowler.

But in the not so right system, he could just be another very good player at best.

Thank GOD Henning and Sparano aren't making any more decisions around here.

Thats it for me men....

i'll see those that are around @ the draft....

and yes Craig M....I want to protect my Mallett...and put him in the BEST possible postion to succeed...

I think the ideal situation for him is a trade to Houston (as a back-up to challenge Shaub in a year or two)...or even minnisotta (to challenge ponder NOW)....really like the Vikings trade possibility...but they are to STUBBORN to move on from the ONE GUY who is holding AP and that offence back....

@ 1:50 no doubt that the Swiss Chalet early bird special crowd that we had making the decisions was clearly awful.

What did I tell you?

Moving up for NON SKILL position players!


YG 4Ever,

I don't see what anyone see's in D. Jordan. Again, where was the production from him? 5 sacks and 10 TFL was good enough for 3rd on his own team. I just don't see what's so special about him. Meanwhile Jarvis Jones put up monster numbers over 20 TFL and 14 sacks and is considered a top 20 pick ar best. Jones dominated the SEC. D. Jordan didn't even flash signs of greatness in the PAC-12.

Jordan reminds me of basketball player in the way he's built and also the way he's being projected. He's being projected off potential and average production.

According to Incarcerated Bob they are already considering a trade up to #3, #6 or #8 :)


This would be so much better than giving Albert his diva paycheck, although the worst could still happen :(

Mando, You live blogging tonight?

If all the Dolphins needed was a LT to have our first round pick next year be somewhere between 29-32, then by all means get it done. I would love to have a season like that but I don't see it happening this year. Don't give away future draft picks.

@AdamSchefter: Oregon LB Dion Jordan and Alabama CB Dee Milliner, who underwent off-season labrum surgery, are expected to open training camp on PUP list.

I'd move up for Joekel but not for Jordan.

Just get Leon Sandcastle with #12 and we will be fine.....lol


Oregon played offense a mile a minute. Not only did they wear opposing defenses out, they probably wore their own defenders down too.

So who really knows if that played a part in Dion Jordan's production too. Im not advocating trading up to get him.

I thin he'll be very good, but, I only think he would be great in the right system. That,s why Im not advocating going up to get him. We have enough very good players. We need to add a great player or two.

...I sure hope we don't trade up to 2,3,4 for a tackle. I understand that we need to fill a void. To me Albert is the better solution over what it may take to get all the way up to 2,3,4(again, I have no idea)..

As far as the Long debate. This is why it is so great. So many feel so different about what happened. Then and now. Yg said it best after I posted the idea..As an organization. IMO there is no other way to look at Jake Longs carrer here as a disappointment. A bust, a wasted pick. For the team. There is no other way to look at it IMO. Jake long as a player. He was great for 3 years. Better then average for another. And average for the last. During that time the team digressed. Now I get it that he is a left Tackle. It is a team game. Lots of factors outside of Jake Long that contributed to us not re-signing him. I'm not blaming Long..I am blaming the organization and the way it used to think. Every team that picks at one hopes that that pick is the cornerstone of their franchise for a period of time much longer then what Long was here. Argue it, Debate it..Be frustrated with me.But to me, the pick of Long by the Miami Dolphins was a busted choice.

Just get Leon Sandcastle with #12 and we will be fine.....lol
Posted by: Al in Ft. Myers | April 25, 2013 at 02:24 PM

20yrs earlier we should have moved up to get Dion Sanders. All that's left now is Leon Sandcastle. Talking about a day at the beach. LOL...

Strange that Eric Reid, S, LSU is among the 23 attendees invited tonight. He hasn't been mentioned much.


If we believe in Tannehill as franchise qb, then why not go for the franchise LT. With Martin Joeckel we have possible booends for the next 10yrs. We als have Pouncey in the middle.

So all that would be left is within the next 2-3 seasons adding at least one upper echelon OG and one very good OG.

YG 4Ever,

Good point on the fact the D had to be gassed with that style of play but I guess I just dont like him. Oregon blew out their opponents week in and out until they played Stanford and maybe 1 or 2 other teams so I would think that means the other team is in obvious passing situations and this "rare" athlete pass rusher could have done better then just 5 tackles.

But I hear ya man. Like I said Im just not big on the guy at all. Those rare athlete or great 40 time guys usually bust more then they pan out.



Like it was said on Espn by Bill Polian:

"It's not about winning the draft, it's about giving yourself the best chance to win games. Top LT's never come cheap.

You either have to be at the top of the heap to get one. Or depend on getting extremely lucky. Far more top LT's have been found being near the top of the draft heap.

We'll have to lose a lot of games to ever have that chance again. Losing a lot of games isn't what youre looking for, is it Mr DD?

Just draft Ted Ginn's grandmother.

...Fellas..Just a quick point about the Oregon defense and how they practice v that offense. They don't practice against the first team in game speed situations..The University of Montana ran the same offense 2 years ago. Their coach came from Oregon..Same philosophy. Now Watching the Girz practices(I am assuming they were structured similar because of the speed of the offense, and amount of plays)..Everything was run off cards, and script. The offense did their own thing. The defense their own thing. Hardly any hitting in practices because of the rules in college that are put into place to protect the players...Remember teams only practice about 1 hour and a half per day during the season. That's it. That is all that is allowed by the rules. Hardly any teams practice full pads during the season. It is all about installation of the weeks gameplan..

So while players may go harder during the offseason...During the year..It is not that way..Those are the rules.

YG..As far as a bookend left tackle. My opinion is the best solution is a deal for Brendan Albert. We wouldn't make a trade for a quarterback in 20 years. and we are going to trade up into the top 5 for a tackle this year? I understand that the pickings are slim. But in my opinion. No way do I trade up for one of these tackles. I think it would be a mistake.

It would be totally stupid to trade up for a LT when you can have Albert for a 2nd or 3rd, and you can grab an elite RT or guard in the second round with Winston still out there. They have 5 picks in the top 82, the CB's that fit our system can all be had after the 2nd. Draft Eifert or Austin and fill in the blanks. This team could not score, it's time to become the Dolphins again instead of this mess Jimmy Johnson made!

Who is Leon Sandcastle?

Mortage everything for an LT , i am not sold on that.
I think that would be a big mistake, but Ireland has done worse. When you can get a starting LT from KC for just one of your second round picks, instead of selling the farm. Seems faulty thinking to me.
I am still sold on the TE with our first pick if this KC trade happens.

Are you really, seriously using something the Oakland Raiders may do as support for your position?

..After re -reading some of the posts..I get you guys were probably referring to the defense being on the field so much during game situations because of the pace of the Oregon offense? Nothing to do with practices.


'the Swiss Chalet early-bird crowd'......LMFAO!! Priceless!! That one might be lost on our friends to the South.


One of these days you and I will agree on something. I LOVE Jordan and I'd take him in a heartbeat if he fell to us at 12. I see this guy as the next Jason Taylor athletically. I'm not a big stats guy, so I put very little stock into the fact he had 5 sacks last year. That means nothing to me. Who did they play? What were the schemes? What were the scores? Lots of reason go into that.

The true test for me on him will be if Chip Kelly picks him. I mean, how does he not? they have a need. they have MANY needs. I just thing this guy's going to be a star. Time will tell!

And no I'm not adovacting for us to trade up and get him.

There's actually oxy-morons on this site who really believe thag giving the raiders our #1 next year just sums up how STUPID you S.Florida sports fans really are !!

I find it funny that so many people are thinking it's so great to take a tackle with any of the top draft picks. Since I so regularly hear how we screwed up by taking Jake instead of Matt Ryan, whom btw was not highly thought of coming into the draft, kinda like Geno Smith is now.


I'm just surprised you don't value a LT more. You're obviously not from that school. I don't get the point of shelling out big bucks to a guy like Albert, who's 29 and has had back problems. I don't get how we're any further ahead than when we had Jake Long. All I've heard on here the last couple of years is, 'I can't believe we're paying that much money for our LT. What have we ever one with him'. And yet you and others want to run out and pay a guy around $9 mil a year. Doesn't anybody get the insanity in that?

...About the possible trade up for a tackle..To be fair. I kept saying that the Albert trade should be judged on exactly what the trade is. What the deal ultimately is. Well I suppose the same could be said for a trade up. I can't assume what the details will be. Perhaps it would be wise to see what happens before commenting.

I understand why Ireland would do the trade. I understand the importance of having a LT..In my mind the Brendan Albert deal is a better option. It may not be..Perhaps a trade up gives us a better player, for cheaper, for longer. That would be great. I'm just saying If I were the GM. This trade up would be the worst case scenario(as far as all options have run their course)


Yes maybe one of these days lol. I'm a big stats guy when it comes to pass rushers. I know there's plenty of guys who were productive in college who did nothing in the pros and vice versa plenty of late bloomers in college who were stars in the NFL but the averages to me tell me you want the guy who was productive in college.

If Dion Jordan was at 12 and a pass rusher is what you want Im taking Jarvis Jones, Damontre Moore, Bjoern Werner all over this guy. I just don't like him. I wish him the best, Im not a hater in that sense but his game and size just don't add up to me.


If you have to give up your top 2nd rd pick for Albert, then you've already used 1 pick that could be used for a franchise Lt like Joeckel.

Now throw in Albert has an extensive injury, including missing 3 games and 5 starts last season with the bad back. Albert's extensive injury history, plus, the bad back, suggests its possible he could be out of the league in 3 season.

Then youre back to looking to use a 1st rd pick to find a very good LT. So in essence, if Albert fails in 3 seasons, as his extensive injury history suggests is possible, we're still out a 1st and the 2nd rd pick used to land Albert.

So why not use that same 1st and 2nd rd pick, and perhaps even a 3rd, to move up and get a guy like Joeckle whose younger, stronger, better, and doesn't have an injury history.

Like the commercial use to say back in the dey:

"You can pay me now, or you can pay me later."

BTW, I wouldn't trade up for Fisher, only Joeckel. Joeckel has played against nfl caliber pass rushers for at least 3yrs already in the SEC. Fisher hasn't.


That is just stupid. If that is the case it would have been a lot easier and better for the ball club to re-sign Jake Long.

..Blog..I am asking because I don't know. In the history of the NFL draft. How many times have teams trade up from out of the top 10 inside the top 5 for a left tackle? Has it ever happened? I know every year is different. That there aren't any top tier quarterbacks so the LT's are more desireable..(We picked a bad year to need a LT..I get that)..

My point..Every team needs a LT. Right? Where is the precedent of this?

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