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Latest: A couple of new possibilities emerge

You guys know I love D.J. Hayden. I have today in The Miami Herald and in private conversations with sources implored the Dolphins to take the Houston cornerback with the No. 12 overall selection.

For those of you that have said Hayden at No. 12 is too high, I present to you today's report from ProFootballtalk.com which states that the Raiders, eager to trade out of the No. 3 spot, are eyeing Hayden as their pick after a trade-down.

And PFT.com is reporting that one source said that many teams view both Hayden's game film and his medical file as better than Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner.

So there is that.

Now this:

The Dolphins are not completely averse to the idea of trading up if, if, if it is for the right guy.

The right guys?

1. Luke Joeckel.

2. Dion Jordan.

I am told that if Joeckel does not go No. 1 to the Kansas City Chiefs -- a very, very strong possibility because they are leaning 60-40 in favor of Eric Fisher -- then the Dolphins will make calls to see about landing Joeckel if he falls to say, No. 3 and Oakland.

Understand that it would take a mint for Miami to go from No. 12 to No. 3. It would probably include next year's No. 1 pick and I don't know if Miami is willing to do that. But if the Branden Albert trade falls through and suddenly Joeckel is dangling out there, Miami may consider it.

By the way, on Albert, the clubs continue to talk (reportedly) and the holdup continues to be draft pick compensation.

Albert remains the preferred choice for the Dolphins. But if that falls through and Joeckel drops, that door opens.

Another player the Dolphins really like who may drop is defensive end Dion Jordan.

Many mock drafts have Jordan, the Oregon Duck, going to Jacksonville at No. 2. But what if he doesn't?

What if Jacksonville picks an offensive tackle? What if Jacksonville prefers Ezekiel Ansah?

Then Jordan will be dangling at No. 3 and Oakland. And as I just stated, the No. 3 overall pick is for sale. The Raiders want to trade down to add picks and remake their team.

Well, the Dolphins have a lot of picks and a desire to add a dynamic pass rusher if possible. Jordan, the club believes, can be a dynamic pass-rusher.

Does that mean the Dolphins will mortgage the draft and possibly part of next year's draft to make the move? Probably not. But can anyone say it definitely, absolutely will not happen?




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I reiterate, I absolutely would not trade up for Fisher, only Joeckel!

We are not moving up to trade for anyone, nor are we signing Fat Albert. We will draft a tackle in the second round. Eifert will be the pick. This regime is about offense, and I would not be surprised if Ross throws his two cents in either. When you can score, even if you don't win all your games, you put fannies in the seats. We are drafting offense, specifically a skill player.

Just pick the best player available. Take a LT in the 2nd round, and forget about Albert.

we all know that Philbin has a very complex zone blocking scheme that requires a very athletic O-line **no John Jerry types need apply**

That said...it Albert the perfect fit at LT?

Joceckel did protect Tannehill while at A&M so there is chemistry that already exist.

Philbin has a very strict model for how this O-line will be structured and the LT position is the most important piece to the plan.

I say move UP to #3 and grab Joeckel if he's there...and you'll see the explosive offense we've been promised for years emerge from training camp.

If the fins can somehow get Bjoern Werner they need to. He will be a all pro year after year. I am convinced of that. Good guy, great atitude, work ethic, and talent, talent, talent.


Basically, right now, Albert only seems to be the "quick fix". Just that his often injured history could be forewarning us about his longterm future.

If his longterm future isn't bright health wise, Then we've used 2 picks that can be used right now to Land Joeckel. The 2nd rd pick in the trade for Albert. Then the first and perhaps more picks to draft his replacement in 3yrs because his body didn't hold up.

You can pay me now, or you can pay me later. Just like the man said.

..YG..Good posts today. I understand what you said. Totally makes sense. As I said earlier. I think the right thing to do is see what the deals are..We don't know. For instance we don't know that ALbert is going to be 9 mil a year. We don't know if it will take our first second round pick(if either, what if we get him for a 3rd)..Same for ?Joeckel, or Fisher.. So I will take step back before saying a trade is a bad idea. I want to see the details, not just debate the idea. I think those are better factors in this scenario.

BTW..Why Joeckel and not Fisher? Is it the obvious Sherman connection, Level of play? If both are basically rated the same. What is the difference?

Finally, Tonight, after tolerating all sorts of ignominy, I will shine in all My Splendor. You will see I've been right all along.

Nope, we don't need to give our next year's first rounder just to move up and pick a promising rookie LT. In a year when almost every team out there wants to trade-down (and only a few have needs at LT) you can even forget about value chart SUGGESTIONS.

This particular year we can even decide if we want to trade up to #3, #6 or #8. And it looks like the brownies (#6) have already made an offer for Davone Bess (a 5th rounder).

And even the chefs are willing to play a rookie at LT instead Diva Albert. Buy cheap, pay dear: that's what I think about this whole trade-for-Albert drama.

Andy, remember Jason Pierre Paul he wasnt much in collge but turn out to be a stud in the pros, give him one responsibility get ot the QB>

ARMANDO AND HIS JERK REPORTING! So let me get this straight..this entire Armando article is based on supposition and heresay?! DJ Hayden is better than Milliner because Armando got it from PFT.com who got it from an anonymous source who got it from unknown team officials. What is that, 4-times removed heresay? Whatever happened to professional reporting? "I heard it from 'A' who heard it from 'B' who heard it from 'C' all who are anonymous phantoms.


I'm very happy to hear your comments about trading up for a LT. Some very sound thinking. I could be wrong but I thought I read from other blog posts that you were a big advocate for trading for Albert. Regardless, I'm glad you came to your senses. I believe this is the right way to go and I'll be a happy guy tonight if we land either Joeckel or Fisher (assuming the tradeup isn't crazy).

Well...Once again like Tannehill, Sherman knows Joeckel better than anyone. Personally I like Fisher a little bit better but Joeckel is an excellent football player. If he's the guy & the Jags pass on him then why not trade up to three to get him??? Ireland needs to win NOW not next year so I'm not sure if he cares about trading a first round pick in 2014.


Guess you haven't caught up with all of my post to you yet.

Joeckel over Fisher because Joeckel has already played against nfl caliber pass rushers for at least 3 season in the Big 12 and SEC. That's what truly separates the two. You just sdont see many nfl caliber pass rushes in whatever division Central Michigan is in.

It doesn't mean Fisher isn't a great talent. But it does mean that Joeckel is already well proven against nfl caliber pass rushers over a 3yrs stretch where Fisher isn't.

Fisher has only had 1 week at the Senior Bowl, which sort equates to the nfl pro bowl. No one's looking to get hurt.


Am I reading your post correctly? Are you saying the Raiders or some other team are going to give away their 1ST for a 2nd this year and a 1ST... NEXT year???

I seriously don't see a team giving away their 1st for this year unless they get a player in exchange. Like the Bucs got Revis. Raider fans would be livid. Of course that would be nothing new lol.

Pick Eifert n sleep easy


You'll be happy to hear I just looked at a link on NFL.com and they list Jake Long as the 10th best LT in NFL history. THAT'S how much of a bust they think he's been. He's actually tied with Joe Thomas.

For the record they have Munoz number one and Johnathan Ogden number two. Google it when you get a chance.

..Craig M..Wondering. What would be crazy to you? I mean no offense. But I think any trade that the team does that involves Joeckel or Fisher..You will end up supporting..

I have no idea what a god trade would be. I guess time will tell. But seriously. What is crazy?

"....Buy cheap, pay dear: that's what I think about this whole trade-for-Albert drama."


What the hell does that mean??? Buy cheap, pay dear???

Sounds like you're against trading up for a LT or trading for Albert....


I wouldn't give up our first this year AND next to get one of the tackles. Something like that would be crazy to me. I think we could get it done for our first and second this year and maybe another pick. that should be more than enough. This isn't RGIII we're trading for.

By the way, you asked the question, has anyone every traded up for a LT. I've found Walter Jones so far. I'm sure there's more.

Remember how John Clayton projected Kolb as the savior in AZ and Flynn as the savior in Seattle and Wallace as the savior in Miami?

Remember how Clayton and all the others immediately turned thier backs on the teams, execs and fans of those teams as soon as the draft was over.

By this time next week Clayton and Shefter and Salguero will be back to calling this franchise exactly what it is: a corpse that gets found by a drifter and sodomized.


Yeah like I said Im sure there are examples of plenty of guys but also Jason Pierre Paul was 2nd team all conference so he had some reputation and numbers. Dion Jordan is a Mike Mamula combine freak IMO.

....Craig M..You are missing my point. When I am saying Jake Long was a bust it has nothing to do with his performance with the team..It has everything to do with the fact he was the first pick and is gone..It was a failure here. I don't care if he was the greates LT ever for 3 years..He is not a Phin. How can that be looked back on a success..The other guys you mentioned...How Freeking long were they cornerstones for their respective franchises. Totally different.

To add rub salt on the wound..It makes it even worse if he returns to form for the Rams..This isn't about Long blocking, or doing pushups or his tattoos. It is about how the team has to feel about it's number on pick being gone. It was a failure. Accept it.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 25, 2013 at 03:15 PM

Its about the trade value chart. They get our #12, our 2nd and 3rd this year and 1st rd pick in 2013. That's what the pick's worth on the value chart.

You forget we're trading places in the first rd. We only make up the difference in value points between the two positions.

That basically comes to trading spots, give them our 2013 2nd and a 3rd, plus the 2014 1st rd pick. Then we're there.

We have 2 2nds and 2 3rds, so basically we onmly truly give up a 2014 1st rd pick. We'll still have 1 pick in both the 2nd and 3rd rds this year, so that isn't a dire consequence.

There are quality LT's in latter rounds we need to focus on corner back 's and defensive ends

I would not trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Albert. If we wanted a tackle of his caliber we should have kept long. I say stay at 12 draft Eifert out of ND and take J. Armstead from Ark.Pine Bluff in round 2.


The Rams also traded up for the first pick to get Orlando Pace back in 1997.

And sorry bud, I won't accept that Long was a failure. Why? They made a decision this year not to resign him. They could have franchised him and kept him longer. Is that what you would have preferred? Thye made a decision that Jake Long at $9 million a year wasn't worth it. This was a business decision, just as it was with the Texans letting MArio Williams go. Not sure how you're not seeing that.


I have the point value chart but I still don't see a team sitting their without a 1st rd pick this season.

Last years interception champ, David Amersen, cornerback in the late rounds, a must.

I am sorry but i watch every dolphins game and i saw Jack Long struggle several times...more and more each year. Yes i know he was hurt at times but i fully believe that he did not live up to the standards of what you would expect from the first pick in the draft.
Plus he never scored any TDs. Dont give away all your picks on another LT..go with the TE and work on the LT and CB position with your 4 more picks in the next two rounds.

..CRaig M..Walter Jones was taken 6th. I didn't ask the question to be condescending. We can disagree on Long..I will have to accept that..

Oh yes the Raiders want Hayden... what a good sign.


The value chart says we have to give up a 2014 1st rd pick. along with a 2nd and 3rd rd pick this year and swapping 1st rd spots.

What do you think this kind of deal should be virtually free? Look, we have two 2nd and 3rds, so giving up 1 of both is of no dire consequence.

We're swapping trade spot, #12 to #3. So in true essence, all we give up of consequence is the 2014 1st rd pick. If we make the playoffs this year, in the very least, 2014's 1st rd pick is at #20.

So the #20, 2014 pick is truly the only think in true consequence we're giving up.

The fact that Oakland is interested in Hayden is another reason why we should not take him at 12. Following Oakland on anything is a suicide mission. Armando: C'mon man!

..Also Craig . The question was teams outside of the top 10 who trade into the top 5. Both of the examples you gave fail to meet that criteria. Pace was traded(Ironicaly by Parcells) for the 6th pick(and a bunch of others)..So I still haven't found any examples of teams doing this..

Youre a retard, YG.

We also gave up V. Davis and B. Marshall then as those who we gave up for those picks.


Youre almost as dumb as Ireland.

OK boys, enjoy the draft. My buddies are taking me away this weekend to Miami for my bachelor party - that's the good news. Bad news, these idiots thought it would be a good idea to spend the wekeend doing a Carnival cruise. Sheesh .. what a bunch of queers. How much more PG13 can you get. I'm so disappointed ... it's like they didn't even know me.

Anyway I plan to be plenty drunk as the rigidity and overcrowding of these stupid things makes me extremely anxious and edgy.

Later guys ... hope it's a good one for the phins even if it's a downer for me.

The chart values the first couple picks too much. Oakland will trade the 3 for a first and a third rounder. They need to rebuild their roster and are desperate for picks.


Huh? What are we talking about? You said has anyone ever traded into the first round for a LT. I gave you two examples of Pace and Jones. It's not without precendent and even if it were, who cares. We're not going to get to where we need to get just doing the same thing everyone else is.

'skins made a huge trade for RGIII last year. It remains to be seen if it was the right move or not. But it's clear there is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box.

Ridiculous talk if we give up that much to trade up for a LT. Ireland would be back on the $@#! list. Hope he is not that dumb.

How about just draft where we are or trade down for more picks and stockpile some players! Let's not overthink this thing.

And if Albert is the guy he wants (still not sure why), remember Jeff, you hold the ACES. Don't give a way the hand!

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 25, 2013 at 03:29 PM

You guys aren't putting your thinking caps on today or something. If a team gives up this year's 1st rd pick how the hell did they move up?

Guys you swap your 1st rd pick. Your swapping spots in the 1st rd. Then make up for the discrepancy of the two value places with draft picks based on the point system.

You don't trade your 1st rd pick away, you swap 1st rd places. If you trade your 1st rd pick away, that means the other team now has 2 1st rd picks while you have zero.

Please stop confusing swapping 1st rd positions as trading away your position. You can only trade away your current 1st rd pick by completely trading out of the 1st rd.

And with the 12th pick of the 2013 draft, the Miami Dolphins pick John Lotulelie, LB, UNLV - mistaking him for Star Lotulelie, DT, Utah.
I just have this horrible feeling that after a pretty successful free agency period, Ireland is somehow gonna mess up this draft.

If this is true then here's to hoping the Chief draft JL.

Craig M,
You need to read up on the definition of Free Agent; start with the word 'Free'.

Free: the player is free to sign with whomever he wants.

The Phins didn't give up on Long.
Ireland made him a lowball offer of $8mil after he gave Wallace $12mil.

When Ireland lowballs a player, and the player signs elsewhere, all Ireland did was hurt the team.

Mark one last thing........ DONT DO ITTTTT! Just kidding.. Enjoy..

..Craig M..The original question I asked was..Has there ever been a team outside of the top 1 that traded into the top 5 for a left tackle..Go back and see. As I said. I really didn't know if there ever has been(There are probably examples that obviously I don't know)..

We will see..Look anything that makes the team better I will be fine with. Time will tell. Enjoy the first round. I'm sure there will be plenty of debate the next few days..Have a good one!

Boy are some of you terribly confuse about the difference in swapping 1st rd draft spots and trading out of the 1st rd and not having a 1st rd draft pick period.

How the hell do you trade up if youre not going to have a 1st rd draft pick. Someone please teach me that miracle.

Had Ireland re-signed Long and Smith, we would draft best available WR, RB, TE with first 3 picks.

But he couldn't because none of the players want to play here with the exception of Wallace and Hartline who would not make nearly that much on any of the other 31 teams in the league.

We need to sign Winston and Mckinny, Let Mckinny and Martin go at it to get your starter. Bamm no more need for a LT in the draft pick the best guy from this point on. and thats Eifert.

This whole thing reminds me of when I was a kid at a school dance and it was getting late and I had not yet danced with any girl. A t the beginning of the night I was only looking at the pretty girls. Midway through the dance I began to settle for the cute ones. But now its late and I will settle for an ugly one, just as long as I danced once. Thus you have the Dolphins today. They could of signed Jake Long. They did not. They could of signed the Free agent from the U (forgot his name) Now they are desperate and are going to settle for Fat Albert or give up the farm for a rookie LT. Sad.

Mckinny bashed the Dolphins logo on WQAM no way Ross lets Ireland sign him

tick tock fellas. almost time

Swapping of the first round pick isn't all it is going to cost the Fins. If that were the case, it would be a no brainer. The Fins have 5 high draft picks this year.

Why in the world would you trade two more of those away to move up for a LT? That's what they are saying, at a MINIMUM, it is going to take. For once the Fins have a surplus of solid picks. Let's not mortgage the farm because we need a LT. This team needs Corners, another safety, and a pass rusher. Let's fill the holes!

This terrible feeling on anxiety keeps coming on. I just know, somehow, Ireland is gonna mess up this draft. Please, please let me be wrong. I can't take losing anymore!


I think you're being a bit too technical here. The 'Hawks moved up from 12 to 6 to get their LT in Jones. Is it REALLY that much of a stretch to imagine a team moving from 12 to 3 to get a LT? Keep in mind the contracts these guys are paid are FAR less than what they used to get paid, so the incentive to move up was far less. I'm just not sure why you think this is such a far out idea.

Having said that, I know what the chart says YG. I think I'd have a lot of hesitation giving up a 1,2,3 this year and a first NEXT year for a LT. That seems a bit outrageous to me.

Agreed Craig. Giving up that much is a problem for me.

THis team is not one or two players away. It is several.

Hell, we don't even know if we have a capable RB core yet. Some seem to forget that.

Wow, many here rather have pretty draft, that nets perennial one and done playoffs appearances, over a ugly but right and deep playoff runs.

Then in the next few season have not a clue why the team cant get past the first rd. Some of you really don't pay attention to the true makeup of teams that perrenially make deep playoff runs.

Any playoff team can sneak thru every now and then.




I'd argue that the Raiders will be eager to trade for more picks. The franchise is a mess, they're missing picks this year and the GM really wants to make a mark. I think we could do something similar to what you discussed but sub a first next year for a second next year. I'd be a lot more willing to do that. Let's see if it comes off. Keep in mind, the chart is only a guide. It's not etched in stone. Raiders could get NOTHING and Ireland could go in other directions. It might be possible to pull this off.

Posted by: tvegas897 | April 25, 2013 at 03:46 PM

Youre late, late, late to the party. Im not reposting everything again. You've seen 1 post and have ran with it. Go back and read my last 20 or so post and then you may catch up.

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