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Lemonier among last of private visits Dolphins will host

Today is the final day NFL teams are allowed to bring in prospects for private visits. The Dolphins are taking advantage of this by hosting Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier, a Miami native, whose statistics the past two years are impressive.

The visit, first reported by CBSports.com, began Tuesday evening with dinner.

Lemonier (pronounced Lemon - wah) had a great 2011 season but fell off somewhat in 2012. He recorded 9.5 sacks in '11 but that production dropped to 5.5 in '12. If he'd transposed that production he'd be projected a much higher pick than he currently is. He'd perhaps be a bottom of the first round prospect instead of being considered a second round or third round pick.

It's interesting that Lemonier, playing in the very competitive SEC, still had more sacks than BYU's Ezekiel Ansah (4.5)  and Oregon's Dion Jordan (5.0) last year. Ansah and Jordan are considered high first round selections.

Lemonier also ran the fastest 40 time at the combine when he covered the distance at 4.60 while carrying 255 pounds on his 6-3 frame.

The Dolphins, as you know, are winding down their draft meetings now. And as that is happening, I'm told the club is still trying to identify a couple or three players it truly loves at No. 12 overall where it is scheduled to select in the coming first round.

Lane Johnson? Like. Not love. (By the way, I've consistently reported that GM Jeff Ireland has some concerns about Johnson. I've been told he's not sure about Johnson at No. 12. And he's going to move up to get Johnson? I find that hard to believe . Something significant would have to change).

Tavon Austin? Like. Not love.

Xavier Rhodes? Not even a lot of like.

You know what I see?

I see a team that seems more likely to try and move out of No. 12 than not. And unless the move is to go up to try to land perhaps Eric Fisher, I'm thinking the attempted move will more likely to be down rather than the much-speculated trade up.



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Keller will be expensive next year. I expect him to put up Pro Bowl numbers with the Fins. My understanding—based on his comments—is, he was the one who opted for a 1-year deal this year confident that next year he will have a big pay day. He is smart and knows that because of injury he would not command his asking price this year.

I would absolutely love to see Stedman Bailey starting in the slot position in Miami. Then this would truly be a scary passing attack.

1. Mike Wallace
2. Brian Hartline
3. Stedman Bailey
4. Brandon Gibson
5. Camp battle for this position

Then we have Keller's seam stretching speed at TE. There's absolutely no reason why Tannehill shouldn't have at least 25 passing tds.

This type of receiving unit would go a long ways toward telling us exactly what we have in Ryan Tannehill 2013.

Brady/Manning/Brees/Rogers would throw 25 tds with their eyes closed with this caliber of recievers.

Posted by: Dolphanta (Atlanta) | April 17, 2013 at 12:47 PM

I would have no problem giving Keller 7-8 million in 2014 if the 2013 numbers says he's worth it. Im sure Ireland would have no problems with it either.

Mark LOL i would touch any of these players at 12:

*Sheldon Richardson
Star Lotulelei
Jesse Williams
Desmond Trufant
Ezekiel Ansah
*Barkevious Mingo
*Kevin Minter
*Xavier Rhodes
Chance Warmack

and enough with Ansah, he is not better than Lemenwah

My lasts comment is in response Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! @12:27. That is why they might draft Eifert.

Mark LOL i would NOT touch any of these players at 12:

*Sheldon Richardson
Star Lotulelei
Jesse Williams
Desmond Trufant
Ezekiel Ansah
*Barkevious Mingo
*Kevin Minter
*Xavier Rhodes
Chance Warmack
and enough with Ansah, he is not better than Leme

As an auburn student and 'fins fan, I would love to see Lemonier with the fins. Great during 2011, and did well in 2012 despite being on a 3-9 team, with no heart.

Bailey At #12? NO!!

In The 3rd? Yes!!

That Is Why Drafting T. Austin At #12 Makes No Sense. None!!

You Can Get A Similar Player Later!!

Same Thing With These TE's. You Can Find One Of Equal Value Later.

No one will give us more than 7th rounder for Bess

Safety can be a playmaking position and i agree that Jones has become a good safety, but Vaccaro is able to make more plays in my opinion..

like i said i want the best player at thier position at 12 not the 2nd, 3rd or 4th best.


Havent we been thru this before Is your memory so short? Who the hell drafts a slot wr 1st rd?

Have not we agreed Bailey at slot 3rd rd?

Interesting to see that Philbin has already been named to the NFL's competition committee in only his second year as a Head Coach.

His intelligence was already evident but it's also becoming clear Philbin is quickly garnering a lot of respect among his peers.

I feel very good about him piloting the ship.

rather get R Swope for a slot WR

After reading about Martin yesterday, I am more convinced then ever he will be our LT. They said Martin spent the off season pulling trucks, yes, pulling trucks and lifting weights in California. And on another note, Jerry came in much lighter and looking good.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | April 17, 2013 at 11:59 AM
That is some good news. Where did you read it at?


IMO, Vaccaro doesn't look much better coming out college than Reshad Jones did. Jones slid to mid rds because Georgia had him laying both safety positions during college. Therefore not gaining enough playing experience at either safety position to be a higher pick.

This is probably the only difference between the two. Jones ran a 4.5 40, Vaccaro a 4.63.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 17, 2013 at 01:06 PM

Given the choice if both Swope and Bailey are available. I choose Bailey simply because Swope has a case of the dropsies that followed him to both the Senior Bowl and his pro day.

bobby, great news and not surprising that the A&M players are a focal point. They should be. This is probably the best graduating class of all schools (forget Alabama). These guys all produced and all have shown to eb great athletes. And Mike Sherman recruited them all. I expect at least one A&M player, maybe two. And if they could get Joeckel, thye'd draft him too.

And as far as safety goes, I'd have no problem drafting a safety if he stood out. Vaccaro does not. He would be a good pick at around 20 because he blends in with so many other prospects. The Lts stand out. The DTs stand out. The OG's stand out. Eifert stands out (mainly because the TE class is rubbish).

Cocoa, it was in the Sun-Sentinel yesterday about Martin and Jerry.

Also, coming out of college no one really knew at what safety position to draft Reshad Jones. He played neither safety position long enough to go early rds.

Wallyfin, we will get a lot more then a 7th for Bess.

Yes, YG We Have Been Thru This Before. What Dashi Is Saying Is That Drafting T. Austin At #12 Is Not A Good Decision.

I Would Rather See The Fins Draft S. Bailey In The 3rd. Same Thing With These TE's!! Dashi Would Rather Draft Escobar In The 4th Than 1 Of The 2. In The First.

Trade down! San Fran and Atlanta look like they may want to dance.

Simply da Bess!

Great thing about in Miami, we've settled Reshad Jones at "ONE" safety spot. Now its beginning to pay high dividends. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if he makes his 1st pro bowl this year.

Chris Harper reminds me of Boldin... Big WR with great hands and route running. He'd be nice compliment to Bess crossing the middle...

Personally I see a lot more value taking Eric Reid in the 2nd round than spending a 1st on Vaccaro. A safety at 12? fukk, even Ed Reed was taken much later and Earl Thomas was later than 12 too. And I'd put money on the table that Vaccaro isn't as good as either one of these guys. Talk about the old reach around. Similar to the Bucs taking Baron last year overdraft ....

Posted by:Bobbyd12 | April 17, 2013 at 11:59 AM
Where did you read about Martin and Jerry? More reason for optimism.

Swope > Bailey. But not by much ...

Absolutely would not trade down with San Fran in the 1st. They have the last pick. Trading down to San Fran is effectively trading out of the 1st rd altogether.

We don't need a bunch more good players. We need to find a difference maker 1st rd. We could still do that 1`8-22, but he wont be dominant unless Warmack or Cooper are still available.

..I would be surprised if the Phins took Bailey in round 3. Shocked actually. Compaire his measurable to receivers Ireland has signed during his time alone as GM(from sept-2010 to now) He looks nothing like an Ireland receiver.

Also this idea that you just throw him into the slot at this level and all is good?? I'm not so sure. The guy is 5-9 190 pounds. With average speed. I'm sure that in fantasy land he just keeps producing like he did in college. Bailey IMO is at best a 4th rounder. Not because of Now..But down the road. How much bigger will he get? When will he lose that burst? and when he does. What good is he then? So we are talking about a player with like 3-4 year window at best (IMO)..Will we even know who Stedman Bailey is in 4 years??? Probably not.

I cannot see Ireland drafting an undersized guy with average speed in any round..Not his history. So YG I know you love this kid. Talk about him with the conviction you show for all the players you support. But there is no evidence that Bailey will be a Phin from how we have drafted in the past. He may look great on a highlight reel. But he doesn't fit into this program IMO...

This is a pretty deep safety class. No true superstars, but very deep. Solid safeties can be had as deep as 5th rd in this draft.

All that's truly needed is a great "complimentary" safety to Jones. Or someone that pushes Clemons hard enugh to kick his ass in gear.

Yes but the problem is we need alot of help in the secondary, we were horrendous against the pass last year and with no CB worthy of pick 12 i go safety or TE. We can get good value at CB in round 2 as well as OT. i agree that trading back and still getting Vaccaro or Eifert would be a slam dunk....


Something to be said about a DT that can not only clog up the middle & take on double teams BUT also still get pressure on the QB. Starks started the season playing like that but then his played tailed off for whatever reason. Look at guys like Geno Atkins, Vince Wilfork, & Justin Smith. These guys are CLEARLY the heart of their defenses. Can Star Lotulelei be one of those players in the NFL??? I believe he can but I also believe he'll be off the board before 12.
If he's still there then barring something unforeseen in this draft he'll be the highest rated prospect left. Although I'm a HUGE fan of both Cooper & Warmack I just feel the value of a top DT trumps the value of a top Guard.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers | April 17, 2013 at 12:05 PM
I was critical of the D-line this past year for this very reason. Get to the QB, knock the ball down, get your hands up (this is drilled into their heads starting at the Pee Wee level). But a big part of this is coaching. I don't like Coyle's bend but don't break philosophy. Attack! Attack is what I say.

I hat to play the 'draft projection' game because (like any other year) you can be 100% certain we will be 90% wrong about these guys.

I know a few of you probably don't want to hear that but it's true.

That said, I would really have no problem with the team trading down. If we've learned anything from Belihick and Co, the past decade it's that the only way to tilt the draft in your favor is by having a LOT of picks--knowing full well you will miss on some (as the Pats routinely do, along with hitting on others).

Very hard to argue against that blueprint even if it's not as sexy as trading up.

Pass Defense and Pass Offense are needing immediate attention

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | April 17, 2013 at 01:32 PM

Bess is 5'10 193, so what are you saying? Bailey is also classified as a very good route runner, so why couldn't he play in the slot?

Bailey also has 4.5 40 speed, Bess more like 4.6 to 4.7. DD, don't over analize this. You have a great tendancy to over analize things at times.

...The receiver IMO that we should be targeting in round 3..(If we are debating third round receivers) Aaron Dobson WR. Marshall. This is a bigger physical guy(something we lack) A guy that has perhaps the best hands in the draft(better then Hopkins IMO). A clone of Brandon Marshall that can catch the ball..This is the kind of guy you take a chance on in the 3rd round...A guy that will be around in a few years. That is big enough to be durable.

What is the biggest, the number one attribute Ireland talks about with receivers?? Guys who can catch. You want spectacular catches? Check this guy out.

He isn't the fastest guy, but he gets open using his body, and long arms. Bailey..has short arms, similar speed, and is smaller. You tell me. Who is a better fit?

..I would be surprised if the Phins took Bailey in round 3. Shocked actually. Compaire his measurable to receivers Ireland has signed during his time alone as GM(from sept-2010 to now) He looks nothing like an Ireland receiver

We are drafting different players now for a different system. he is a Philin type player, Ireland needs to pick the type of palyers Philbin needs not Paarcells or Sparano types.

personally I don't see any team need that huge that we absolutely NEED to take that position. That speaks to the job the team did in free agency and promises to do in free agency after the draft.

The draft shouldn't be for plugging holes. It should be for acquiring the best talent period. Pro Bowlers in their prime are not generally availble in free agency and if they are - it costs a tonne to get them. Look at Wallace and Manning for the last two examples. It's the pipeline. If two players are of equal ability then fine choose the position for the weakest part of the team if you have nothing else to go on. Otherwise BPA period.

...the "much-speculated" trade-up??? most people here have been talking about a trade-down since january, Mando, please catch on!!!

Some people briefly considered a trade-up a few weeks ago (before realizing FO and HC seem OK with Martin at LT) only because Jake Long went to the rams, that would be the exception not the rule anyway.

If Bailey were 3 inches taller and 10 lbs heavier, we're easily talking a 1st rd pick.

Even at present size, had he run a 4.3 40 like teammate Austin, we're still talking 1st rd.

So why in the hellwould it shock anyone if Bailey is a 3rd rd selection? I truly don't get this.

..YG..Ireland didn't draft Bess. So no. I am not over anaylizing anything. Bailey is not a prototype Ireland guy. Dobson yes..Bailey no. Sorry just fact. Aaron Dobson is not only faster then Bailey. He is bigger. He catches the ball better. And will be willing to wager a friendly bet with you he is picked before Steadman Bailey..


SPEED in the slot my man. Why the hell do you think Brandon Gibson was signed? He's the big physical possession wr when we put him on the field.

We need as much speed as possible on the field now. Not adding more possession types.


No choice but to agree to greatly disagree with you. Thursday is only a week away.

late round WR - JOSH BOYCE... nobody and I mean nobody talks about this guy. But on his measurables alone with a 5th round grade ... man, take a chance with speed and strength... 5.11, 206lbs. 4.38 40, 22 reps on the bench. And being 1st in the cone and 6th in the shuttle screams slot WR. And with that frame and strength he will be a load to handle. Also 4th in the broad jump indicates he has nice explosion.

890 yards and 7 tds .. is not bad for a 5th round pick production wise. This would be my guy...

Cocoa, it was in the Sun-Sentinel yesterday about Martin and Jerry.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | April 17, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Thanks buddy

...YG..So do we have a friendly bet.. I could be wrong. I'm just throwing my opinion out there. I have no problem acknowledging an error of my judgement. It won't be the first time or the last..So what do you say? I think Dobson is Chosen before Bailey. Double it up..and I will add that Steadman Bailey will not be taken in the third round by us.

..Also it isn't like Dobson is slow..He ran a 4.43

By the way, he ran that 4.38 on a broken foot. he was unable to work out on his pro day because of that fracture.

..This is by far the best time of year n Ye' ole blog. Love the debate..Everyone has their favorite greatest hits list that we have to have.. Some of us may even get a few right! Usually not the case.

DJ Fluker at #12. It's a no-brainer.

J Martin will do very well back at the position he played for 4 years with Luck. LT.

Dustin Keller is an excellent and still young TE.

There is no premium pass rusher at 12 this year.

DJ Fluker at RT makes the most sense - there is no such thing as a sure thing in any draft, but he's as close as they come.

anyone else like Rex Burkhead for RB in 5th-6th rd?

I noticed same thing on Beasley story Frank. Don't get yourself all in a bunch. If Beasley says one thing and Mando says something else, I trust Mando.

One need that hasn't been mentioned is a 4-3 OLB. I've heard reports that Misi may be used as a DE this year. That would give us Wake, Odrick, Vernon,Shelby, Misi at DE.
Our LB corps is thin and Kaddu has gotten a lot of high marks this offseason but we need to challenge him. There are 2 guys out of UCONN that both project well as 4-3 OLB.

Boyce in the 5th would be a great pick I fully agree

I think I almost had a seizure when I read MJZ's post conding DJ Fluker at 12.

Sio Moore in the 2nd would work but I think I go with Corey Lemonier based on size and athleticism, Moore has great intangibles though and would be happy with either. Also like Khaseem Greene with that 2nd 2nd

If the pick is Fluker I will puke. I don't see him being on the Dolphin radar at all

..I have to say this..What happened in Boston was horrible. I have stayed at Copley Plaza many times at the Fairmont..It is like a block away from where the bomb went off. Know the area well. But the media coverage of this is over the top. I understand this was tragic. I understand that it is unacceptable. But todays NBC backdrop reads "Terror in Boston" Yeah no s^!T. The CNN broadcst just said there was a person in custody..The suspect was a brown person..A Brown person. What does that mean, how is that relevant to the report? The news cycle just pounds you to death with this stuff to the point where the real point is missed, and you become numb to what really happened.

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