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Lemonier among last of private visits Dolphins will host

Today is the final day NFL teams are allowed to bring in prospects for private visits. The Dolphins are taking advantage of this by hosting Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier, a Miami native, whose statistics the past two years are impressive.

The visit, first reported by CBSports.com, began Tuesday evening with dinner.

Lemonier (pronounced Lemon - wah) had a great 2011 season but fell off somewhat in 2012. He recorded 9.5 sacks in '11 but that production dropped to 5.5 in '12. If he'd transposed that production he'd be projected a much higher pick than he currently is. He'd perhaps be a bottom of the first round prospect instead of being considered a second round or third round pick.

It's interesting that Lemonier, playing in the very competitive SEC, still had more sacks than BYU's Ezekiel Ansah (4.5)  and Oregon's Dion Jordan (5.0) last year. Ansah and Jordan are considered high first round selections.

Lemonier also ran the fastest 40 time at the combine when he covered the distance at 4.60 while carrying 255 pounds on his 6-3 frame.

The Dolphins, as you know, are winding down their draft meetings now. And as that is happening, I'm told the club is still trying to identify a couple or three players it truly loves at No. 12 overall where it is scheduled to select in the coming first round.

Lane Johnson? Like. Not love. (By the way, I've consistently reported that GM Jeff Ireland has some concerns about Johnson. I've been told he's not sure about Johnson at No. 12. And he's going to move up to get Johnson? I find that hard to believe . Something significant would have to change).

Tavon Austin? Like. Not love.

Xavier Rhodes? Not even a lot of like.

You know what I see?

I see a team that seems more likely to try and move out of No. 12 than not. And unless the move is to go up to try to land perhaps Eric Fisher, I'm thinking the attempted move will more likely to be down rather than the much-speculated trade up.



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Now that i think about it. Vacarro is Good but he is not #12 Good. You can pick up Elam in the 2nd or 3rd Round.

I would absolutely love to see Stedman Bailey starting in the slot position in Miami. Then this would truly be a scary passing attack.

1. Mike Wallace
2. Brian Hartline
3. Stedman Bailey
4. Brandon Gibson
5. Camp battle for this position
I would agree with the above posted by YG. I would not trade down but might trade up only if offered a good deal to get the desired player. Otherwise stay at number twelve in the draft.


Any Of These At #12 Will Make This Team Better At A Position Of Need.


Damn you! Forced me to research this Aaron Dobson kid. He's rated 14th out 300 wr. Had a combine invite but didn't attend. But ran a 4.4 40 at his pro day.

Funny enough, the Dolphins scouts were in attendance. So he is indeed on our radar. Still, if Bailey were4 6'2 200 lbs, we would be talking 1st, not 3rd pick.

25 2013 tds, enough said.

Woodshed, I have a huge man crush for the four UConn defenders that are fairly highly rated in this draft. Wreh Wilson and Dwayne Gratz (CBs) and espeially Sio Moore and Trevardo Williams (the guys you are referring to) are just beastly. Both guys are physical marvels and produced big numbers in college. Jamie Collins, Zavier Gooden, Barkevious Mingo, Gerald Hodges, Arthur Brown, and Alec Ogletree would also make excellent OLB prospects in my opinion.

Stedman Bailey's also a "natural fit" in Miami itself. Bailey hails from Miami Miramar High, along with Geno Smith.

Both not only played at W Virginia together, they both starred at Miramar High in Miami.

Also love Jamie Collins at OLB. 84 tackles, 10 sacks, great athlete, what's not to like?


The closer it becomes to draft, the more Im feeling trade down. I think one of the keys to a successful trade will be the availability of Tavon Austin.

If Austin's still available, then we may get the absolute best trade down value. Possibly exceeding the value chart.

Terrance Williams should be in the mix as well if he's there...

Due to the contract sizes given to both Wallace and Hartline, I greatly don't forsee a wr being chosen before 3rd rd.

Maybe, and this is a farfetched maybe, if Patterson is still available mid to late 2nd rd. He may be to great a value to pass up at that point.

1-E.Lacy RB
2-T.Armstead OT
2-Elam FS
3-C.Lemonier OLB
3-S.Bailey WR
4-B.Jones OG
5-V.Mcdonald TE
5-M.Scott Qb
7-D.Hopkins K
7-B.Mcgee CB
7-J.Jenkins OLB

Does anyone know how Will Yeatman is looking(ie has he put on wieght/muscle) Thanks.....

Bess Will Not Be Traded. He Will Play Out The Year. He Can Act As A Security Blanket For T-Hill.

But Agreed YG.


That WR Corp. Will Be Dangerous. Who Needs A TE? Oh And We Would Also Have Keller. Who Can Line Up Anywhere. I Can See Keller Lining Up At FB and Sneaking Out On The Flat. With A Play Fake.

Having Bess Helps. If Not Just For Consistency. Wallace, Hartline, Bess will Be The Top 3 To Start Camp. That Way T-Hill Can Work On Getting His Timing Down With Wallace. He Already Knows Hartline and Bess.

B.Gibson, Will Play Mostly Outside. Replacing Hartline Or Wallace For A Play Or 2. Or Come On When the Fins Go 4 Wide.

S.Bailey Benefits By Being A 3rd Rounder, Compared To A First Like T.Austin. S.Bailey Will Be Allowed To Develop If Need Be. And What Better Guy For Bailey To Learn To Play The Slot than D.Bess For A Year.

Plus, S.Bailey Can See The Field In The Return Game Early On.

And You Know I'm Against Small WR's. But S.Bailey In The 3rd Makes Sense. T.Austin At #12 Doesn't!!

Will Yeatman has put on 35 pounds and is 6'6" 305. Was a former TE and even played Lacrosse for Maryland. Why trade up for Lane Johnson when we have just as an athletic tackle already on the team??


A very concerning Lacy scouting report:

"Eddie Lacy*, RB, Alabama
Height: 5-11. Weight: 231.
Projected 40 Time: 4.55.
Projected Round (2013): 1-2.

3/23/13: Lacy's stock had been rising steadily since late in the 2012 season, but it hit a wall since he has been unable to work out with scouts because of an injury. Eddie Lacy*, RB, Alabama
Height: 5-11. Weight: 231.
Projected 40 Time: 4.55.
Projected Round (2013): 1-2.
3/23/13: Lacy's stock had been rising steadily since late in the 2012 season, but it hit a wall since he has been unable to work out with scouts because of an injury. There are some concerns if Lacy can pick up the passing game as a blocker and receiver. That being said, scouts love his running ability with his power, quickness and elusiveness. Many believe that Lacy is the top back in the 2013 NFL Draft.
That being said, scouts love his running ability with his power, quickness and elusiveness. Many believe that Lacy is the top back in the 2013 NFL Draft."

WOW, what does this part suggest to you? "There are some concerns if Lacy can pick up the passing game as a blocker and receiver."

To me this suggests he could fall to mid 2nd rd. Also suggests he wont be an immediate starter anywhere n the nfl if he cant immediately pick up the passing game as a blocker and reciever.

He would definitely never be on the field on 3rd downs. !st rd is definitely to high to draft a 2 down rb at best.

...YG. I have no idea who we are going to take in the first round. Let alone the 3rd or 4th. I am just throwing my guys name into the hat. If he get drafted by us, and works out.. Cool. You know as well as I do that rarely do any of the guys bloggers here fight for get drafted by the team..It is usualy some who in world is that guy? So we will see.

..Dashi. A asked you earlier. Even last week. What is your infatuation with RB Lacy in round 1 pick 12. I'm with YG here. I see him as a second round guy. Maybe sneaks into the late first. Look at the teams picking. Who needs a running back that they are going to take Lacy Round 1? It doesn't add up.

The way I would like to see the draft play out follows.
Round 1 DL-DE
Round 2 OL
Round 2 CB
Round 3 OLB
Round 3 WR
Round 4 RB
Round 5 TE(Levine Toiolo)
Round 7 CB
Round 7 K
Round 7 OL


He Doesn't Need To Know How To Pass Protect As A Rookie.

E.Lacy Averaged 6.8 Yards For His Career In The SEC!!

Not M.Lattimore(4.8yds)

Not T.Richardson(5.8yds)

Not M.Ingram(5.7yds)

Not CJ Spiller(5.9yds)

Not G.Beornard (5.9yds)

Give The Ball To E.Lacy 200 Times He Will Gain 1000 Yds As A Rookie. And Give L.Miller 200 Carries. 2 RB's Over 1000 Yds Each. Better Than Reggie Bush's Whole Career As A Dolphin.

Make L.Miller The 3rd Down And Long Back, And E.Lacy The 3rd And Short Back.

They Can Split Time. With D.Thomas Learning To Play FB If He Wants To See The Field.

..Oh year round 5 pick 2..Saftey

..You have to be able to pass protect, or you will not see the field. See Lamar Miller..See CJ Spiller.

We under-estimate, or have no idea about how difficult, and important it is to be able to do this. Jon Frankilin UCLA..Good pass blocker..Fits this scheme to a tee. Mike Gillisee Another guy. Both would be better players for this team then Eddy Lacy..


I Like E.Lacy.

To Me The Guy Will Probably Win Rookie Of The Year.

I've Said It. The 2 Players On Offense That Will Have The Biggest Impact Is E.Lacy Or G.Smith. The Linemen Might Be Better. But These 2 Are The Best Offensive Playmakers In This Draft.


I'm On The Record E.Lacy Will Gain 1000 yds As A Rookie.

Dashi Don't Hide. So If This Doesn't Happen. I Will Be Here For You To Say I Told You So.

How Many Guys You See They Say. What You Do Well Is Not Allowed In The NFL Anymore. E.Lacy Drops His Shoulder On People.

And T-Hill Played Better Against The Blitz.

rather have rex burkhead

I still think it was a big mistake letting Jake Long go. Elite left tackles are not easy to find and and the injury concern was that Jake kept playing when he was injured which caused him to miss the rest of the season. Left tackle is a very important position, even though Armando doesn't think so :-). LT doesn't score touch downs but it will protect the QB who does. sometimes the differnece between scoring a touch down or a sack, that extra second of protection.

It is so great to live in a world where both electronic cigarettes and designer color toilets are available.

These are our childhood dreams come to life!!


I cant speak for other hc/oc's, but Philbin/Sherman absolutely will not put Lacy on the field unless his pass blocking is upto par. We learned this last year.

They absolutely will not have a blitzing lb rip Tannehill's head off in lieu of seeing Lacy on the field. No matter where he's drafted if he became a dolphin.


Tannehill's numbers against the blitz only shows his blocking consistently picked it up. Then Tannehill did his job by quickly getting the ball out of his.

No one, no matter what pedigree the qb is, performs well against an unabated blitz. If your rb is terrible in blitz pickup, you may as well have an unabated blitz.

...Dashi. I'm not big on calling guys out when they are wrong. I know I offered to make a friendly bet with YG over Dobson and Bailey. but I realize that we are just giving opinions. Sometimes we are right(Like you were with the LB's)Most of the time we are wrong(Like Craig M was with the LB's) I don't need to throw it anyones face down the line if they are wrong about something...

Anyway..You caould be right. On a team where Lacy dominates the carries. He could get 1000 yards. You know this is an over-rated stat these days. Give me 1300 plus..And to me that is the new 1000. Even with so many passing teams. I just don't see Lacy as a fit here in balance with where we would have to take him. Which IMO is the second round. If he were to fall to our second pick of round 2...I would say heck yes. But IMO the horizontal strategy says that there are bigger needs in the first 2 picks then a RB..

Tannehill can audible to different plays depending on the defensive look. If the rb in the backfield is a poor pass blocker, then that totally eliminates Tannehill from audibling into a pass play when the huddle play is a run.

..So I wanted to share this... I am stoked today..Big day. I came to an agreement with a horticultural expert to grow the vegetables that will be used on the menu this summer. All localy grown, only 80 miles from the restaurant. Good day for me!


You are so correct. A rb need only average less than 60yds per game to have 1000yds rushing. 60yds per game is far from dominant.

In 1963, when Jim Brown had 1,863yds rushing for season, that was absolutely mind-boggling. They only played 12 game season back then.

Hell, 1,800yds rushing in a 16 game is dominate. What Brown did in only 12gms is totally off the charts.

Congrats DD!

Keep shouting for Eddie lacy but I bet they go to A&M if they draft a RB. Christine Michael is one skilled dude.

To be a very effective nfl rb, ground wise, this runner needs to at least avg 80yds per game in 20 carries or less.

This gives him 1280yds for the season at 4.5 per carry or more. Step 1 t getting to being this type of rb, he must be an effective pass blocker so that he can see the playing field often enough to put up these type of numbers, no matter how talented his running abilities may be.

...B33RCA53..I notice you like to do a lot of Mocks. Would you have Burkhead in the later rounds? 6-7? He is a good pass catcher out of the backfield. He blocks well. A blue collar running back for sure. He would be a good special teams player to boot. Interesting possibility.

DD, congrats!! That's very important. Unfortunately I think there's somethign wrong with most of our food today. people are so big - unnaturally large and man - cancer - don't even get me started there ... seems everyone and their dog gets it nowadays ... all comes back to the food I suspect.

And perhaps your horticultural expert can provide you with some other "home grown" stuff... for medicinal purpose only of course... I joke ...

Also, playing against the top qb's and passing attacks in this league, in those matchups a rb will be lucky to see 15 carries in those games. Even less if his team is behind by 10pts or more.

glad to ghear ireland isnt big on johnson, do not take that bust

and even more if his team is ahead by 10 pts

...Mark in Toronto..LOL Yeah, the irony is that "The other stuff" is legal with a prescription here. So lots of people are growing. I'm not one of them. But I know a lot of "herbalisits"

DD, same here. I don't either - I'm more of a scotch (or cognac) and cigar guy myself. However, I know a lot of guys who grow. Legal limits are pretty high too. I was told you can grow up to 12 plants or something for your own use. man, that is a lot of mediciene, haha

For those that are trying to confuse this Draft on purpose: don't waste your Time, you will wind up confusing yourselves even further.

Lane Johnson is small.

This is not going to be, #1-Andrew Luck, #2- RGIII, #3- Matt Kalil, but Something completely different.

305 will not make it as a LT anymore. Less say ~ 315. Those DEs have just become too strong.

Agreed A RB Needs To Get 1200yds To Be Considered Good. But You Have People Thinking That Reggie Gaining 1000yds Was A Big Deal.

I'm Being cautious, We Still Don't Know Who He Is Going To Get Drafted By.

I'm Just Trying To Make A Point That E. Lacy Is The Best Offensive Weapon In The Draft.

I Also Believe R. Bush And Fasano Were Progress Stoppers.

Yeah, we used to watch Jim Brown go into a pile at the line of scrimmage.. and come out of it in the clear. And he was fast as hell. WTH!


Since when does weight directly tie into strength? Lane at 305 is stronger than most of the DEs - only two had a stronger bench (and Lane had a stronger bench than Joeckel or Fisher). Lane is plenty strong enough.


it doesn't matter HOW many times you say it....its still an OUT RIGHT LIE.....

people talked about what BUSH brought to the table....not necessarily his skills as a rusher....

please read this as many times as necessary so that it may sink in to the level that you need NOT continue and post the same fraudulent line any more....


have a great day....

And when was the last time you saw DE's bigger than 300 lbs on the regular not named Reggie White?

HoHo! I just thought that, everything equal, a heavier Guy would be harder to move than a lighter Guy.

So now we know that Toronto is partial to Lane and not so friendly towards Us(or does not know how to express himself. In Canada?). Hmm... You taking notes, Paul? OK, this is important.

yes Burkhead in the 6th would be a good fit I think... the next peyton hillis maybe?


A qb should be your team's best offensive weapons. You just surround him with weapons he can maximize or best effectively used. Unless a rb can pass block or become a proven receiving threat out of the backfield, he isn't of great use to his qb, nor his team as a whole.

Great rb's are usually at least great pass blockers too. If Lacy isn't adequate at pass blocking and can be utilized in the passing game. It's far short to label him best offensive weapon in the draft. Because this also gives him great limitations.

I'm not getting all the people calling for the team to draft Star. And play him where? Seriously, play it out.....

Starks, Soliai, Odrick, Wake, Martin....and somewhere we're supposed to fit in Star? How? So you're going to pay Soliai something like $10 mil a year and Starks over $8mil a year and you're going to sit them for Star? HUH? Or you're going to sit you're number 12 pick. Doesn't make sense. The 12 pick needs to have impact from day one, not sit on the bench. So this strategy makes NO sense to me. If you need a DT, then draft him NEXT year.

So for me it's still LT in the first. I'd go get Fisher or Johnson if need be. If the team believes Fisher is the real deal then go and get him. Haven't we spent all FA filling holes (and pretty well, IMO). So spend a premium pikc or picks on the real deal at LT. I don't want any of these 'project' guys they are talking about. Waste of picks, IMO.

Failing that, I'd trade down and pick Eiffert. Why not? Keller's OK, but is he REALLY the long term answer? Then get a guy who can step in and start next year. I think he can help this year, in a two-TE set and if we get an extra second out of the tradedown then all the better.

There's really not a lot of guys I like at 12. Vaccarro? Meh. Milliner? No thanks. Austin? Pass. If we're stuck at 12 and HAVE to pick someone, then yeah maybe Vaccarro but I'm not sure we aren't reaching at 12.

By the way, I like Lemonier a lot 2nd or 3rd round.

hehe, reinforcements. You guys should be eating your Livers by now. Desist. You have no chance.

By the way, if there were a way to trade Starks for Albert when it's our time to pick and for us to draft Star, then this MIGHT make sense. I'm not crazy about shelling out big bucks for Albert but if we got our LT (even for a year) and Star to play DT, then this might work. Otherwise, I think it's a complete waste to ppick him at 12.

How many People here are YG? C'mon be truthful. AI. hehe

Picking Lacy at 12 would be absolutely idiotic. He's a borderline first round talent and the Fins are very high on Lamar Miller. And no, he isn't close to the best offensive weapon in the draft. The idea that he might be even in consideration for us at 12 is simply delusional.

Similarly, Fluker isn't going to be the pick. He doesn't fit what we do and 12 is too high for a leadenfooted RT.

As for the idea that Philbin and Ireland will take Ogletree, you've got to be kidding. He's exactly the sort of problem child they stay away from. And no, they aren't wasting the 12th pick on Manti Teo either. He's slow, looked mediocre in the biggest game of the season and has all sorts of character questions hanging over him.

If Ireland doesn't trade up for a LT, which I doubt, he'll either take Cooper, Vaccaro or just possibly Eifert at 12. I think it's more likely that he'll trade down to around the 16-18 pick if he can.


Very good post. I agree with a great deal of what you've said there. Fluker at 12 would be just plain dumb. He's a RT, not a LT and I actually question just how good he's going to be. I'd rather someone else made the mistake on him. I'm confident this won't be the pick at 12.

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