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Lemonier among last of private visits Dolphins will host

Today is the final day NFL teams are allowed to bring in prospects for private visits. The Dolphins are taking advantage of this by hosting Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier, a Miami native, whose statistics the past two years are impressive.

The visit, first reported by CBSports.com, began Tuesday evening with dinner.

Lemonier (pronounced Lemon - wah) had a great 2011 season but fell off somewhat in 2012. He recorded 9.5 sacks in '11 but that production dropped to 5.5 in '12. If he'd transposed that production he'd be projected a much higher pick than he currently is. He'd perhaps be a bottom of the first round prospect instead of being considered a second round or third round pick.

It's interesting that Lemonier, playing in the very competitive SEC, still had more sacks than BYU's Ezekiel Ansah (4.5)  and Oregon's Dion Jordan (5.0) last year. Ansah and Jordan are considered high first round selections.

Lemonier also ran the fastest 40 time at the combine when he covered the distance at 4.60 while carrying 255 pounds on his 6-3 frame.

The Dolphins, as you know, are winding down their draft meetings now. And as that is happening, I'm told the club is still trying to identify a couple or three players it truly loves at No. 12 overall where it is scheduled to select in the coming first round.

Lane Johnson? Like. Not love. (By the way, I've consistently reported that GM Jeff Ireland has some concerns about Johnson. I've been told he's not sure about Johnson at No. 12. And he's going to move up to get Johnson? I find that hard to believe . Something significant would have to change).

Tavon Austin? Like. Not love.

Xavier Rhodes? Not even a lot of like.

You know what I see?

I see a team that seems more likely to try and move out of No. 12 than not. And unless the move is to go up to try to land perhaps Eric Fisher, I'm thinking the attempted move will more likely to be down rather than the much-speculated trade up.



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Oscar, when was I being unfriendly. Just stating facts and asking questions. And yes, I am very partial to Lane. Take him at 12 in a sec if he was there.

And Craig, think outside the box a bit. You can take Star, flip Starks for Albert voila DT is improved, O line is improved. Regardless Star is special. Will be better soon than Starks or Big Paul.

You don't write as a Canadian would, Mark.

I'll say one thing about the trade up scenario - if it happens, I think they'll want Eric Fisher rather than Lane Johnson. I don't believe that Fisher will fall lower than the fourth pick, which would make for a pretty expensive trade, if Ireland decided to go for it. Given that he's spent time and effort to accumulate so many picks, I don't see him being immensely eager to give up so many of them for one player.

My bet would be that they keep Martin at LT and either draft a RT in the 2nd/3rd round or bring in Winston once the draft is over. I would like to see them upgrade the guard position, because if you have a good pulling left guard you enhance Lamar Miller's chance of making an impact considerably, not to mention helping Tannehill by improving the O-line. Add to that the fact that Incognito is getting to the end of his deal and taking a high quality guard at 12 becomes a logical move.
If the Fins decide not to take a guard at 12,I wouldn't be surprised to see them trading up in/from the second round to go after Justin Pugh, who would make a pretty useful guard - and whom they reportedly like.

I disagree with trading up for anybody. We didn't do it for Julio Jones,Andrew Luck or RG3 so why do it for any linemen?

We took the third best qb in last years draft which I think is a dummy move but I'm feeling Tanny some what.

We need to surround him with as much weapons as possible.

Of cause we need to address the line I just don't wanna waste the 12th overall pick on another linemen. Whether it's on the offensive or defensive lines.

I'm On The Record E.Lacy Will Gain 1000 yds As A Rookie.

Dashi Don't Hide. So If This Doesn't Happen. I Will Be Here For You To Say I Told You So.

Posted by: Dashi | April 17, 2013 at 03:13 PM


This sounds just like you being on the record Ireland would sign Long. You couldn't say I told you so, but you couldn't admit you were dead wrong either...twisted your words around.

If you are going to spout off about being on the record, be MAN enough to own up to it!

I don't get this Albert talk. If they wouldn't pay over 8 mil for Long, no way are they paying more for Albert plus a pick.

I am amused to see Dashi not committing to a prediction about the Dolphins picking Lacy.

How about it Dashi, going to put your money where your mouth is and tell us that Lacy's the pick at 12?

I still feel Miami will either stay put at #12. If Cooper is still in the mix they may grab him. If Lane Johnson falls to 12 they may grab him. If neither is there I agree with another local Dolphin beat writer (whom is not my favorite person but I think he has this one mocked right) and Miami will take Tyler Eifert. If Miami could move down to say #15 or #16, pick up another 3rd round or 4th round selection, and still take Eifert, It would be the perfect situation.
Of all the elite, difference making, red zone stomping, QB saving, Line Backer Punking draft picks in this draft... There are only about 5 who are 100% safe day 1 550 play starters... and Eifert is one of um. I think with the people he'd have around him stretching the field... Eifert could be a top 5 TE in the NFL and a perennial pro bowler. He's that good and he's that safe of a pick who will produce from day 1 IMAO....


I don't see him being immensely eager to give up so many of them for one player.

...because if you have a good pulling left guard you enhance Lamar Miller's chance of making an impact considerably,

Add to that the fact that Incognito is getting to the end of his deal and taking a high quality guard at 12 becomes a logical move.

If the Fins decide not to take a guard at 12,I wouldn't be surprised to see them trading up in/from the second round...

Posted by: NickT | April 17, 2013 at 05:16 PM

The dolphins are reportingly working on a trade for Brandon Alberts as we speak that would be awesome !!!!!!!

How about Starks for Alberts straight up what do you think


I no longer think we touch WR or TE in the first 2 rounds. We just brought in 3 excellent players there in FA. We just signed Hartline. We have two young TE's in development. They need this season to develop as make or break. There is just no room at the Inn for a high pick in these areas.

It makes more sense to focus on OT, DE, CB, S.

We won't need a tackle anymore how awesome

We will attack in all phases of the game remember that pledge attack attack attack

De will be our pick at 12 we need pass rushers

I see that someone has decided to endorse my views by copying and pasting them.

Thank you, my anonymous little friend with the copycat name.

According to league sources, the Dolphins have had extensive talks with Kansas City about acquiring Branden Albert for a second-round pick, and team sources acknowledge a trade could be finalized before next Thursday's NFL draft.

Get Albert signed, sealed and delivered and I'll be a Happy DolFan.

Do this BEFORE the draft and **EVERYTHING CHANGES**.

If this happens we'll **TRULY** be able to go BPA Full Blown and Top Down!



how many TIMES ,DID YOU SAY (( I TOLD YOU SO )) ?????


Odin you are the man my brother vahala !!!!!!!!,

Jeff Ireland is a warrior I love this guy!!!!!!!!

We might be the best team in football when the smoke clears


Draft J. Cooper at #12. Trade 1 Of Our 2nd Rounders For Albert.

Oline Would Be Ready For The Season.

Are you suckers going to believe sucking Omar?

Interesting. Dashi has suddenly decided to forget about Lacy and follow the smart money for the pick at 12.

You are learning, Dashi padawan.


dashi is more than just soup - in his own words!

Odin is here once again to feed the trolls. Get ready for 5 hours of cut and paste monkey bwah!

Dolphins working on a trade for Offensive Tackle Branden Albert of K.C, in return for 2nd round pick in this years Draft. GOOD MOVE.

No Albert please. Commit to a Zone Blocking Scheme. If we need a LT that bad trade up with the Raiders, get one that fits the scheme!!!!!

Jeremy thinks he knows more about our scheme than Jeff and Joe.

Trade our 12th pick, Bess, our 3rd pick next year, and 5th pick this year, to the Jags for their 2nd overall pick, with that pick select Fischer. Problem solved in draft, make sure you target Swoopes in the 3rd to replace Bess.

I love good bacon. Especially thick cut

Good move more like Great move get it done Albert , cogs , pouncy , cooper , Martin sounds pretty solid

Alan that's stupid so we trade our whole draft

Alan, only problem with that scenario is the Jags are not as dumb as you are.

If Albert was so good the worst team in the league wouldn't be looking to dump him.

We need our picks

And how do we know what fisher really is huh

I am not a fan of trading up at all

The problem with the Albert story is there is only one "source" reporting this, which is the Sun Sentinel. I put more credence into a story when I see it being reported by multiple sources. I don't have a problem trading for Albert but I sorta question the move . I would hope if this happens, we can trade down a few spots in the first with maybe Dallas and recoup that pick. The one thing I don't want is to "trade up" and lose a 1st and second for an OT

If you trade up it has to be for a player with amazing talen a guy like Julio jones

I wouldn't give a second rounder for Albert. He's had problems with weight, performance and attitude. The Chiefs obviously want to upgrade with the first pick and it doesn't make sense for us to pay for their problem.

So you are all in to give up at least a1st and a 2nd and possibly another pick for an OT?
Just asking.

no way, just give up a second for albert

@Tampa Fin fan

No, I am not. I think that the Dolphins should give Martin a year to show what he can do. He's supposedly gotten stronger in the off-season - and was a pretty good LT in college. I'd rather see the team find a good guard, and bring in Winston as their RT. This is a good draft for depth, not for throwing picks at the possibly elite top 5 or so players.

How About Trade Our 1ST, 2ND, And A 3rd. For The Chiefs 1st Overall!!

Draft L. Jockel


What Is The Dolphins Biggest Need Right Now?

Replacing J. Long.

The Fins Have The Cap!! Resigning Jake Would've Made The Draft Foolproof!!

Dashi Wasn't Wrong. Ireland Just Better Have A Better Plan. What I Like Is Ireland Wants to Fix The Whole O-Line, Not Just The LT. If We Can Get 2 Rookies To Develop On The O-Line For This Year And The Future. Makes More Sense To Dashi Than To Go After A TE Or A De In The First.

I'm On The Record E.Lacy Will Gain 1000 yds As A Rookie.

Dashi Don't Hide. So If This Doesn't Happen. I Will Be Here For You To Say I Told You So.

Posted by: Dashi | April 17, 2013 at 03:13 PM


i'm not one to pile on....


wasn't it you just a page or so back telling us that 1,000 yards is sh@t.....(btw)....I agree with that statement.....


now you use the LOWLY 1.000 yard threshold to pump your boy Lacy as a standard of success.....

c'mon man....out of respect for you I won't tell you how that sounds.....

albert is very good. and they arent wanting to dump him. he has said he wont show up for camp without a long term deal


sorry....i tried.....but I couldn't stop myself....

dashi kc trying to give away first pick, it wouldnt take near that much to move up to number one. kc wont take joekel either if they pick first

lacy nowhere near best back in draft , no thanks on him

Dashi, we DO NOT NEED Lacy. We have Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas, plus Thigpen and Grey. Picking Lacy would be a waste of a pick that we could use for better things. And no, we aren't going to spend the picks we would need to trade up into first place. Nor would there be any good reason to do so. You could get a perfectly good LT by trading up with say the Lions at 5 and not surrender 3 picks.

Lots of very good Teams are going to get even better in this Draft with the wealth of very good Players there from 11 to 32.

The 1000 yard mark was a standard of high success....back when it was a 12 game season. With today's 16 game season, 1000 yards is a hair above average.

They never raised the standard because 1000 yards has a nice ring to it, but it should now be 1400.

Doing the math....

1000 yards in a 12 game season is an average of 83.3 yards a game. For a 16 game season it translates to gaining 1333.3 yards.


It Is Called Hedging My Bets.

I know Lacy Can Sleep Walk To 1000yds. Lacy Doesn't Get Negative Yards. He Falls
Forward. That Is An Easy Bet In My Book.

Like I Said I Need To See Who He Goes To. Before Saying He Will Get 1200yds. What If E. Lacy Falls To The Cowboys? E. LACY WILL GAIN 1200YDS EASILY.

Even The Jets Can Use Him To Protect M. Sanchez. Give The Ball To Lacy 300 Times. Play The Clock. E. Lacy Would Gain 1500yds Playing For The Jets.

Again, E. LACY DOESN'T HAVE A TEAM. So Saying 1000yds Is Playing It Safe.

Tell Me 1 Rookie RB You See Having A Better Season. Running The Ball.

Say T. Austin Will Have A Better Season. Catching The Ball.


With That Being Said Dashi Expects L. Miller To Gain 1000yds This Season. With or Without E. Lacy On The Team.


The math sounds right (1400).....but it is so rare.....and causes such wear and tear on the body that I wouldn't expect a RB to do that year in and year out and last very long....

I would be satisfied with 1,200 being the new "realistic" bench-mark....

Those are some bold predictions.....

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