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Lemonier among last of private visits Dolphins will host

Today is the final day NFL teams are allowed to bring in prospects for private visits. The Dolphins are taking advantage of this by hosting Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier, a Miami native, whose statistics the past two years are impressive.

The visit, first reported by CBSports.com, began Tuesday evening with dinner.

Lemonier (pronounced Lemon - wah) had a great 2011 season but fell off somewhat in 2012. He recorded 9.5 sacks in '11 but that production dropped to 5.5 in '12. If he'd transposed that production he'd be projected a much higher pick than he currently is. He'd perhaps be a bottom of the first round prospect instead of being considered a second round or third round pick.

It's interesting that Lemonier, playing in the very competitive SEC, still had more sacks than BYU's Ezekiel Ansah (4.5)  and Oregon's Dion Jordan (5.0) last year. Ansah and Jordan are considered high first round selections.

Lemonier also ran the fastest 40 time at the combine when he covered the distance at 4.60 while carrying 255 pounds on his 6-3 frame.

The Dolphins, as you know, are winding down their draft meetings now. And as that is happening, I'm told the club is still trying to identify a couple or three players it truly loves at No. 12 overall where it is scheduled to select in the coming first round.

Lane Johnson? Like. Not love. (By the way, I've consistently reported that GM Jeff Ireland has some concerns about Johnson. I've been told he's not sure about Johnson at No. 12. And he's going to move up to get Johnson? I find that hard to believe . Something significant would have to change).

Tavon Austin? Like. Not love.

Xavier Rhodes? Not even a lot of like.

You know what I see?

I see a team that seems more likely to try and move out of No. 12 than not. And unless the move is to go up to try to land perhaps Eric Fisher, I'm thinking the attempted move will more likely to be down rather than the much-speculated trade up.



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@ Dashi.....

But, but, Ireland is the antithesis of signing long-term contracts this year. They haven't even offered such a one to Starks either. What would happen to JMart's position? My God, My God.


Remember the 1000 yard mark was a very high standard. Only the elite got there, and not every year.

Your point is fair, longer season, more wear and tear. On the other hand, back then the rules didn't favor the passing game like they do now, so things are opened up for RB's more than in the past.

Still, 1200 is a decent benchmark. 1000 is no longer anything special.

J Franklin had 1734 yrds and 333 rec yrds

Two options. Austin or Milliner. Period. Trade up for Milliner if necessary, if not grab Austin. Speed and Versatility. Go big in the 2nd round, adding depth at OL. I don't see a change at RT unless in Free Agency. I see all defensive players and a kicker in later rounds.

And OK Dashi Was Wrong The Fins Didn't Sign Jake.

What Else Was Dashi Wrong About?

And The Fins Are Trying To Find Someone Of Equal Value. Sounds Like L. Jockel Is The Guy.

Have The Fins Brought Any Big FA DE In?

Did They Only Go With The RB's On The Roster?

Wasn't Starks The 2nd Biggest Priority?

S. Smith Was Replaced.

You Guys Are The Hypocrites, Who Here Wants/Wanted L. Miller As The Starting RB Going Into The Season. And Yet, You Complain When I Give You Options To Fix The Running Game. And Do Better Than R. BUSH.

Sound a lot Like A Guy That Said No Way We Can Upgrade From Dansby.

D. Thomas Is Not The Answer.

L. Miller Might Be.

We Need Another Good RB.

Dolphins Priority According To Dashi.


Dashi for what it's worth your troll is no other than Yesterdays Gone 4Ever. Your impersonator at 11:19 was he. He's the only one in here who talks about people repeating what they see on t.v. and he does it every day under his own name. Now he's doing it while he steals your name. He speaks nice to you under Yesterday then stabs you in the back under one of his many aliases. Be done with him.

grab Austin. Speed and Versatility.

Posted by: Thecsonk | April 17, 2013 at 09:00 PM

I don't see Austin going over the middle after his first big collision with an NFL LB. If he does it will be with alligator arms.

I read that Albert was ranked the 25th best OT in the NFL last year...So if that's the case, why would we
a) Give up a 2nd round pick for him
b) Give him a big contract

I don't get it.

Ok, Jason La Canfora tweeting the Albert story. But what he says in the story after is surprising. Claims the Dolphins want to Draft Millner or, surprise, Tavon Austin, saying the Fins really love Austin. Interesting

@JasonLaCanfora: Dolphins interest in Branden Albert not new. They'd like a deal soon so they can target which guy in the draft? : http://t.co/maq9Ag1BIO

Bobby, if they give up a 2nd rounder for Albert, that's our ammunition to trade up...No way Milliner falls to 12...How could they end up with both Albert and Milliner? I don't see it...I'd rather keep the picks...The talent level from the top of round 1 to the bottom is about the same...Not a huge difference...

These are all good Players. I'm not against anyone of them. Roll'em.

Let's not be too easily fooled by pre-draft smokescreens. I think Ireland brought in Manti only for strategy, to make some team think he is interested, bait them into a bad trade. Austin is a hot commodity, again, Ireland can play the game to his interest, or at least try.

That might be the smokescreen boys and girls. The "intriguing" Draft. Tavon Austin

Imagine Wallace on the outside and Austin in the slot...You think Miller would have to run the ball against 8 defenders in the box? Highly unlikely...How would you defend that???

I don't see Ireland drafting Austin. I really don't. I'd be shocked. Likes to play it safe in round 1...

You Guys Are The Hypocrites, Who Here Wants/Wanted L. Miller As The Starting RB Going Into The Season. And Yet, You Complain When I Give You Options To Fix The Running Game. And Do Better Than R. BUSH.


I am perfectly happy to see Lamar Miller as the lead RB -and much happier than I would be to waste a first round pick on a RB who is not elite and for whom we have no need. If the Jets want to waste their first rounder on Lacy, let them. Not that they are going to when they managed to pick up a cheap free agent (Mike Goodson) to tote the rock and are at least trying to trade a lower round pick to get Chris Ivory.

You can find a good, solid RB in later rounds. The Fins need playmakers and a better O-line. If you don't fix the O-line, Tannehill can't get to the next stage, which means the team isn't going much of anywhere either and the new weapons are going to be extremely expensive and useless.

Really it all adds up when you think about it. The reports of the Dolphins trading Bess in the Draft. The intriguing comment by Darlington. Their target is Austin

Ireland is still young and learning. He has shown he has a mind of his own and is not stuck on the Parcells way. If anything, he appears to be learning a lot from Philbin and Sherman.

I like it. I think it is too hard for anyone now to guess what he will do.


I knew Oscar Was One Of Them. And I Thought YG Had Stopped. But It Makes Sense.

I Also Expect The One That Always Says I'm One Of The Regulars. Trying To Catch Fame. Is Somebody That Use To Post But Has Since Disappeared Since Dansby Left.

Or Someone Else. But I'm Not Saying Any Names. Since They Want To Act More Self Righteous Than Everyone Else.

Dashi is full of Sushi.

. But I'm Not Saying Any Names. Since They Want To Act More Self Righteous Than Everyone Else.

Posted by: Dashi | April 17, 2013 at 09:23 PM

Translation - you don't really know.

Dashi is full of Sushi.

Posted by: oscar canosa
So that's what happened to Parcells. No wonder Dashi's been making such odd predictions - he's possessed by the Tuna!


Thanks for the link. Austin would be very interesting. That seems like over kill at WR but the more I see Austin the more I think that he is the best offensive player in the draft. As great as I think Austin is, I cannot see Ireland taking another WR. Does that make Bess your #5 Wr?

I do think think that Ireland is putting up some smoke screens and getting people like Armando to spread misinformation. For all we know, Ireland may love Lane Johnson but wants Armando to make everyone think he ddoes not. Why would Ireland tip his hand?

I Know Because The Person Holds A Grudge.

And Stopped Saying What You Are Doing At 9:27 As Trolling.

Why would anyone believe any single thing any GM says pre-draft?

The Day you write under your own name, also depending on what or how you write it, will be the Day that some recognition(for balls, at least) will be given to you. Meanwhile, you're on an Internet Limbo, being subject to be influenced, but influencing no One.

Can you imagine Wallace and Austin with 4.3 speed taking the top off a defense and then Hartline with 4.5 speed underneath. Then you add Kellar down the seam and Miller out of the backfield. Our offense goes from being pedestrian to dynamic. Who knows what approach Ireland is going to take.

Ansah would be my top choice and I would run to the podium if he is available at 12. Next to QB, a Pass rusher may be the most important player to get. If Ansah is as advertised (next Pierre Paul), can you imagine Ansah and Wake coming after Tom Brady?

Orlando Dolphin, it all goes back to Jeff Darlington saying the Fins Draft looked "intriguing". Lane Johnson is not "intriguing". The reports out there that said the Fins were interested in trading Bess in the Draft. You pick Austin, you don't keep Bess. We will see but to me that makes sense.

I think that the Dolphins should give Martin a year to show what he can do. He's supposedly gotten stronger in the off-season - and was a pretty good LT in college.

Posted by: NickT | April 17, 2013 at 08:20 PM

It's the "Supposedly" and the "Was" "Pretty Goods" that concern me.

I hope Martin capitalizes on this opportunity, it would "Fast Track" our offense overall and especially in developing some badly needed continuity early on.

Martin, by all accounts I've seen, has a mean streak and plays with a nasty(Pouncey & Cogs Like)disposition. I like it. He's athletic enough, but the strength is still a concern.

Having said that, I think it's far too important a situation to go in with Big question marks at both tackle spots(like a Martin/Winston scenario).

I think a Vet or one of the top 3 in the draft are an absolute necessity. Then we can afford to let Martin battle it out with them in camp and the Pre Season. He'll have every opportunity to Prove and earn whatever it is he achieves.

I just don't believe Philbin goes in without a VIABLE/PROVEN alternative. No backup plan and just hand the job to Martin ain't going to happen. They'll need to see at least a LOT MORE than what Martin's shown so far.

I mean, lets be honest, they way they handled the Long situation suggested they weren't real confident in Martin. And now were hearing reports that we've had **EXTENSIVE TALKS** with KC about trading for Albert.

All indications suggest the Coaching is anything but satisfied with Martin's Play at Left Tackle.......Thus Far.

PS: Not ragging on you Nik, just stating my opposing view.

Valhalla Bro!!!!

No need to guess anymore. Ireland just posted his draft board and his detailed plans on the fin's site.

For the very first time in a long, long time...this team finally seems to be in 'WIN RIGHT NOW' mode.

No more slow gradual plans for the future going on this year. It's been attack, attack, and attack some more.

Maybe Thor can play left tacke and Lokie can back him up

Does anyone think this team needs 11 rookies??? After all we did in FA?

I see more than one trade up. I won't be surprised if Ireland parlays the 11 picks into 5 or 6.

C'mon, C'mon, post your true names here, odin, YG, Bodine. Would be interesting, and to your benefit. Guaranteed.

if they took austin bess would be traded for sure

If we get Austin we may as well get Stedman Baily in the third deadly ya think

Lets clean house

I would definately trade Bess to obtain Austin. It would be nice if Bess can net us a 3rd round pick. That would make it easier to give up a pick for Albert (2nd or 3rd round pick).

I have a question though, I find it difficult to beleive that the fins would share their draft plan with Darlington. I would be worried if I was Ireland, that he would leak it to other teams. I just found that odd when it was reported.

You see, you don't have to Play any Games to get into the Metaphysics. You're well into It now and don't even know It.


I agree with you that we can't be sure - but then, we wouldn't really know how good Fisher/Joeckel/Johnson are going to be in the NFL. I am not convinced at all that Albert is the answer, and he's not going to be cheap. You can't bring him in to 'compete' for the LT spot for the salary he's going to want - and he's been vehement about playing LT and only LT. If you bring Albert in, you basically have to give up on Martin as a LT - and he was arguably worse at RT. Do the Fins bring in Winston as well to play RT? What do we do with Martin at that point? I suppose they could try and convert him to a guard, but that would be a third change of position in two years, which doesn't sound like the best strategy to me. Either way, I don't think Albert is worth a second rounder for what he offers and the salary he wants.

millner starting to drop, if hes there it shouldnt be a question who we take, team him up with grimes!


Nice response and I do agree with a lot of it.

I really don't like the idea of Albert, it's kind of like: He's Better Than Nothing.

Personally, **RATHER THAN ALBERT**, I would prefer McKinnie. Then draft one of the later Tackles like Armstead. Martin, Armstead and Mckinnie battle it out and set their Spots.

This way, in a worse case scenario, we at least have a proven Vet(McKinnie)that can make sure our Left Tackle Spot doesn't end up in a Colombo Like Turnstile.

(PS: Sharing the PC with my Fav. Brunette at the moment. But I'll be popping in and out-Valhalla!!!!)


Your "Favourite Brunette at the moment"?

How many brunettes are there in your stable exactly?

It sounds as if you've got a pretty sweet Valhalla.

Orlando, I'm not surprised the Fins would share some info with Darlington. He spent many years following and writing down here in Miami. He is now a National writer. He said the Fins draft looked "intriguing" That really isn't leaking info.

Wow Omar Kelly cannot make up his mind. Now he is leaning towards Jonathen Cooper as the pick at 12. A couple of days ago he said that it would be Eifert. A week ago it was Rhodes. He does not appear to have a conviction on the pick. He certainly has no insight from the fins. He must not have good sources witht the fins.

You guys can't be that naive. Teams leak things intentionally to throw the hounds off the scent. Nobody is telling Darlington or anyone else anything of value.

It amazes me how easily every season fans take whatever bait the media funnels out there.


I am not saying he leaked the information. I am just saying that Ireland should keep his draft plan close to the vest. Someone from the media COULD potentially leak it. Darlington does not work for the Dolphins so he has no loyalty to them and could easily leak the information to another team. That is why I have doubts about Ireland giving his draft plan to a member of the media.

It sounds as if you've got a pretty sweet Valhalla.

Posted by: NickT | April 17, 2013 at 10:08 PM

You must be new to the blog. He has has the same to hotties for over five years now, Righty and Lefty,

It sounds as if you've got a pretty sweet Valhalla.

Posted by: NickT | April 17, 2013 at 10:08 PM

You must be new to the blog. He has had the same two hotties for over five years now, Righty and Lefty.

Reports are that a trade is already in the works for Albert. I just wish that they can make the trade for a third round pick and not a second rounder. Reports are saying that the trade could happen before the draft.

got to go for Albert for one of the 2nd rounders; the cap space is there, and you don't protect Tanny with Gardner + a rookie. Fins can still trade down to recoup the pick, but I would use #12 for a DE (if Albert trade goes down)

Looks like seveal different sources now reporting the Dolphins have serious interest in Branden Albert.



It's bout to be on!!

That is why I have doubts about Ireland giving his draft plan to a member of the media.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | April 17, 2013 at 10:15 PM

No way in hell any GM would do that. They guard that stuff for dear life.

That being said, corruption exists in all corners, and you never know which insider on any team might succumb to a 'kind and generous offer'.

One source said the Dolphins are trying to get KC to take the latter 2nd rder(54th).

If Fins drafted Pouncey at 15th, why not Warmack at 12th. Warmack is a beast!!! Just ask Te'o.

I'm pretty sure the Fins didn't invite Te'o over to ask him about his game...he was asked about Warmack dominance over him in the championship game.

I can not understand the reasoning to trade a 2nd round pick for Albert. To begin with, he was never as good as Long. His injury situation is more dire than that of Long. If we give a high 2nd round pick for him, we still have to sign him for the future. He is going to cost at least as much in the future as in the present.
I see the only way get Albert, is that we take him off the Chiefs hands for almost free.

and Albert has to agree on the Dolphin contract-which could be only thing holding this up; I would also consider bringing in Winston for insurance

Jerry is a bigger beast than Warmack and more versatile:

Warmack 6'2 317
Jerry 6'5 345

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