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Lemonier among last of private visits Dolphins will host

Today is the final day NFL teams are allowed to bring in prospects for private visits. The Dolphins are taking advantage of this by hosting Auburn defensive end Corey Lemonier, a Miami native, whose statistics the past two years are impressive.

The visit, first reported by CBSports.com, began Tuesday evening with dinner.

Lemonier (pronounced Lemon - wah) had a great 2011 season but fell off somewhat in 2012. He recorded 9.5 sacks in '11 but that production dropped to 5.5 in '12. If he'd transposed that production he'd be projected a much higher pick than he currently is. He'd perhaps be a bottom of the first round prospect instead of being considered a second round or third round pick.

It's interesting that Lemonier, playing in the very competitive SEC, still had more sacks than BYU's Ezekiel Ansah (4.5)  and Oregon's Dion Jordan (5.0) last year. Ansah and Jordan are considered high first round selections.

Lemonier also ran the fastest 40 time at the combine when he covered the distance at 4.60 while carrying 255 pounds on his 6-3 frame.

The Dolphins, as you know, are winding down their draft meetings now. And as that is happening, I'm told the club is still trying to identify a couple or three players it truly loves at No. 12 overall where it is scheduled to select in the coming first round.

Lane Johnson? Like. Not love. (By the way, I've consistently reported that GM Jeff Ireland has some concerns about Johnson. I've been told he's not sure about Johnson at No. 12. And he's going to move up to get Johnson? I find that hard to believe . Something significant would have to change).

Tavon Austin? Like. Not love.

Xavier Rhodes? Not even a lot of like.

You know what I see?

I see a team that seems more likely to try and move out of No. 12 than not. And unless the move is to go up to try to land perhaps Eric Fisher, I'm thinking the attempted move will more likely to be down rather than the much-speculated trade up.



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Signing Albert will be Ireland admitting he botched the Long deal. He could have had Long cheaper. Albert is not the answer. Better to trade up and take one of the top.

albert is 100 percent much better than long now. he allowed only one sack last year. great at pass protection and avg at run. very solid left tackle

if he was really a very solid LT then KC would use their #1 pick more wisely on another position.

Its all an Ireland smokescreen. He's going to trade up for a bust kicker.

Draft Star at pick 12 if he is there. There are no CBs worth the #12 pick except Dee Milliner. Snap up two in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

FinsoFury: Albert is a very good OT,and worth a second-pick while Long seems to be in decline which is why Ireland let him walk; you cannot trust Tanny's health with Garner + a rookie.
I would also bring in Winston for a backup.
Keep the #12 pick for a DE, and maybe use next couple picks on a corner.

Star takes too many plays off. He will take the whole year off once he gets paid.

I think the whole draft perspective that the media is feeding is flawed. I will digress:
I don't think our OL is in a state of desperation.
I don't think we are in dire need of a pass rusher.
I think we have our starting DBs for game one.
I don't think we are fulfilled at WR.
I do think we will take a TE in this draft, but I don't think it will be in the first round.

desmon and take who at one/ theres a reason why kc is begging to get out of the first pick. if not they take fisher and play him at rt if albert decides to report. fisher has played rt before

I do agree that Albert has been a good OT in his years in the league. But I think he is on his way down, much like our boy Jake.
I see players on the second day that are more valuable than him. In fact, I think there are players on day three, that I would rather have than Albert.

It sounds as if you've got a pretty sweet Valhalla.

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If I were Ireland for a day, I would trade a 3rd or maybe a 2nd for LT Branden Albert… With the 1st rd pick, move down a few spots to acquire an additional 2nd or 3rd, then select Warmack or Cooper… Move back into the 1st by trading this year’s 2nd and a 2nd or 3rd next year to draft Eifert.. Then address CB and DE depth with the other picks. You’ll take care of the LT, a beast at LG, cut or trade Incognito and save almost $3M, get your future TE, and get young CBs and a DE to learn from the vets. Prepare to perhaps become a dynasty.


Jerry is a bigger beast than Warmack and more versatile:

Warmack 6'2 317
Jerry 6'5 345

Posted by: Bodine | April 17, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Lance Louis is nothing to sneeze at. Louis will be 28 next week and is probably already an upgrade to John Jerry.

At 6-3 320, Louis clocked a BLAZING 4.7 - 40!!!!

Warmack and any other Guards in the draft aside, Louis and Samuda(6-3 315) will be chomping at the bit.

Cogs and Jerry should consider themselves: "On Notice".

I have been screaming for weeks for the Fins to trade a #2 for Albert. A veteran LT who has been very solid in his career and is 29 is well worth a #2 pick. I really hope this works out before draft day.

It allows the Fins to keep their #12 pick and they could possibly trade down and regain a 2nd or another 3rd round pick. I would support the trade down if they can remain in the top 20. That would ensure they could land one of the following players who would end up starting; Warmack, Cooper, Trufant, Eifert, Star, Vacarro, Werner. They obviously won't all be there at 20 but at least one should be there. A couple will be there at 12 if they stay pat. I'd be happy with any of them.

On top of that #1 pick we would have Albert. We could use the other #2 pick still remaining for Ertz or a CB (I keep hearing the draft is deep on CB's).

I too believe Lance Louis and Samdua offer potential and could be replacements for Jerry and Incognito if there are injuries or just in flat out competition. Warmack and Cooper are really solid but Guard is not a must have position this year in my mind. But again, if they are still on the board when the Fins pick in the first round they would have to give them real consideration.

My posts are continually cut.
I make logical and forthright interjections. Apparently, this form of commentary is a problem.

Maybe I can get this through , Albert is not worth an early round pick. If the Chiefs can get rid of him for a late round pick they will take it.

100 percent false fury, kc wont give him away. they want 2 picks for him

shouldve kept Big Jake....

If the Chiefs have a LT, why would they be drafting a LT? This is what is the consensus. Albert is done.
They are just trying to sell a pig in a poke.

I could be wrong, but I think some of you are writing off Jerry too soon. He finally had a real coach for the first time and had his best season. Also as a 3rd round pick, it's only natural to expect he'd need a few years to hit stride.

Philbin tried him briefly at LT and he seemed to hold his own, but I think that was preseason. Early reports are that he came into camp in much better shape. It could be there is much more upside to him still. Ireland will answer this question next week. If they see promise in Jerry, no way we even need to think guard this year with who we already have at G.

wrong again fins, they dont want to even take a lt but if they get stuck with first pick they will take fisher and play him at rt

If we trade up, it will only be for two or three spots at the most. But, I really do not expect a player that we covet that much to fall.

Dusty, I can't see it.
Either of the two OTs they take it is irrelevant, Albert is gone, this year or next. They are just trying to get something for Albert now, that is worth more than his value.


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Posted by: odinseye | April 16, 2013 at 10:58 PM


NO TRADE 2nd round pick this year.

Picks much to valuable.

KC has to dump him either way.

In the second round we need to get Jordan Poyer. His the perfect corner for our system.

Dusty, since you are up there and watch him play so I respect your opinion about Albert

I'm surprised no one is mentioning Jarvis Jones, he's arguably the best pass rusher in this class. Yeah sure his pro day was lackluster but that doesn't take away from his stellar play (the tape doesn't lie). There was another guy who didn't exactly light it up at the combine and raised concerns despite being touted the best rusher, what was his name again? Oh that's right Terrell Suggs.

If anyone missed the Jason La Canfora story last night, Jason claimed there are two players the Fins love and believe are "elite" talent pick at 12 and that's Millner and Austin.

TRADE UP to get Eric Fisher. I am thinking if he gets by Oakland, Philly may be looking to trade down. Maybe our #13 overall, #54 overall (from Colts) and #77 overall (from Bears), may get it done. Then go after the best CB available with the #42 overall.

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