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Not a fan of draft-day trades but if you must then ...

You know how I feel about draft day trades? They have rarely factored to any large degree for the Dolphins, as I demonstrate in this column. They were meh before meh was a thing.

And I do believe if you read the column the proof is indisputable.

But personnel men being personnel men, they still think that despite the fact they bat .500 at best -- meaning they miss as a group on half their picks despite all their meetings and tape study and visits and workouts and interviews -- somebody is definitely going try to jockey around the draft board because he thinks himself smarter than everyone else.

So what's my prediction if the Dolphins end up doing that?

Well, while everyone is predicting a trade up because the Dolphins have assets move up if they wish, I see them moving down. That's right down.


Because if the Dolphins personnel department is smart -- and there are indeed some very intelligent people in that group -- somebody has recognized that there are not 100 percent can't-miss superstars in the top seven picks. Going up in the draft will offer some good but no truly amazing player this year.

The value in this draft, I've been told on multiple occasions by personnel men I speak with is lower in the draft where, they say, the 12th pick might not bring any better a player than the 15th-35th pick. In other words, a lower pick might get you as good a player.

If that is the case, then logic says trade down and augment your number of picks and thus your number of equally talented players.

Following that logic, the Dolphins should trade down in the bottom third of the first round and add another second round pick and possibly another later-round pick in the process. That way, instead of picking up one player at No. 12, you pick up two -- with the lower first-rounder and an additional second-rounder -- and those two players can have about the same value as the one player at No. 12.

Logical, yeah?

Obviously, the Dolphins have to find a partner willing to do that.

Look to the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers are a ready-made team. They are a player or two from winning the Super Bowl. Maybe they want the best wide receiver in the draft and the way to do that is to be at No. 12. They're also locked in a talent war with Seattle. What better way to get the jump on the 'Hawks?

The 49ers have the 31st pick in the first round and have two second-round picks, including No. 34 overall. If they throw in a later-round pick, I'd give them the No. 12 overall pick. (Indeed, they can keep their later-round pick for all I care).

Such a sceaniro would have Miami picking 31st in the first round, three more times in the second round and two more times in the third round. Six picks in the first three rounds in this draft is a treasure.

Now, all of a sudden, fake GM Salguero is adding perhaps OT D.J. Fluker or OT Menelik Watson if Fluker goes earlier. Now I'm adding cornerback D.J. Hayden at the top of the second round with San Fran's second-rounder and I can go chase Stanford tight end Zach Ertz or San Diego State's Gavin Escobar with the 42nd overall knowing that I've already filled my two primary needs. Or maybe Florida safety Matt Elam or FIU safety John Cyprien is the guy at 42.

And the Dolphins would still have another second rounder after that. Imagine?

The Dolphins worked hard to give themselves choices for the draft while operating in free agency. They should be smart and work hard during the draft to give themselves more choices during that very draft.

One way to do that is to trade down, the opposite direction of what most speculation out there has them doing.

If the Dolphins don't trade down and stay at No. 12, they're likely to look at Star Lotulelei, in part because he's a good player and not a reach at that spot. But will he be a tons better NFL player than any of the guys I just mentioned?

No one can guarantee that. And that's the point of trading down in this draft.



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True that the one thing we don't see is what kind of guy these kids are - the intimate knowledge .. we can't comment on that at all.

However, with Moore, I think his numbers overall were good and when you combine that with his production is what makes him an interesting prospect. Everyone that graded out better than him overall at his position did not have even close to his production level.

And his bench from his pro day wasn't great but it wasn't horrible either - 19 reps would rank him 14th amongst DEs. Andy points to his 10 split, but I think his vertical and broad show a lot of explosion. Contradictory information at least. personally I like the kid's upside.
Texas, I do like Mingo. One of the few here that do. I think he's the Ansah of outside LBs.

It may not be wise to under value this.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 15, 2013 at 03:05 PM

I agree, I also agree with most of what you posted on the subject. All except for giving Martin the benefit of the doubt enough to start him at Left Tackle.

It may be MORE un-wise to over value him. Like say, when Tannehill's been sacked for the 40th time by week 3.

All I'm saying is I don't want to have to start a guy as such an important position without him having earned the job. To this point, Martin just BARELY earned the right to start at **RIGHT** Tackle and **SOME** of that was by default.

(PS: I like it better wehen debate YG as opposed to calling names ;)

Oscar, your men would be Travis Kelce or Vance McDonald. McDonald is a little bigger and stronger but Kelce is the better offesnsive guy while being an in line TE.

Guys Im out, no way I can talk football when no seems to care something far more grave and important has happened.

Will you guys please check your national news!

Explosions happen all the time. Keep up the football talk guys.


So why trade up for a rb that will be drafted lower than #12 anyway? Its a great way to lose your job as gm in the nfl, that's about it.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 15, 2013 at 03:21 PM

Yeah, I totally agree YG.

But take a look at page two. That's who I was referencing with that post. A few different guys wre advocating just that.

Well........God Bless America.

I just wish we could get some Vigilante Style justice for the sick individuals that do these kinds of things.

Don't know what else to say........SMH!

This might be the most Heartfelt time I've typed this:

**!!!! ValHalla !!!!**

go finsssssssss do not trade down and waste picks

Prolly an inside job. Welcome to America! Home of the gun loving psychopaths.


I wonder if ALoco/Money Boy had a front row seat at the Marathon?

I know this would be a bad time for jokes, so just let me say: I'm NOT JOKING!

I hope that Fvcking Moron was sitting right on top of one the Bombs!


Stick that in your Meth pipe and smoke it you Douchebag!

Prolly an inside job. Welcome to America! Home of the gun loving psychopaths.

Posted by: SCFins | April 15, 2013 at 04:13 PM

You're an idiot. Guns save more lives than they take.

99.99999% of gun owners follow the law & don't use their guns to hurt people. Deranged psychpaths do.

Don't like the country? LEAVE.

At least two people died and 22 others were injured Monday after two bomb blasts ripped through the crowd near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The marathon organizers announced the source of the explosions, which occurred in quick succession about 2:50 p.m. on Boylston Street near the intersection of Exeter Street, three hours after the winner had crossed the finish line. Some store fronts were blown out.

Bloodied spectators were carried to medical tent intended for runners. Several of the injured had lost limbs, and at least one police officer was hurt.

"Somebody's leg flew by my head. I gave my belt to stop the blood," spectator John Ross told The BostonHerald.

Organizers immediately stopped the race and locked down the marathon headquarters.

According to the television news, most injuries were "Grievous" meaning more deaths are certainly expected.

You're an idiot. Guns save more lives than they take.

99.99999% of gun owners follow the law & don't use their guns to hurt people. Deranged psychpaths do.

Don't like the country? LEAVE.

Posted by: Just FYI | April 15, 2013 at 04:22 PM

A few chickenshyts and Grandstanding Low Life Politicians will surely try to profit/benefit from these types of things.

Oops, I meant to say: "Preach It" @ 4:22

Prayers to the people of Boston and the families of the perished and injured. Sad day

Keep stockpiling ammo. The American way.

is it bombs for sure?

"Guns save more lives than they take" I'd like to see the statistics on that actually. I'd be willing to bet just the opposite.

Armando if you see this, are there new rules for the blog? Someone posting as VOTE NO wrote something about Ross hiding the fact that the NFL might pay for some of the renovation and I responded by pointing out it has been common knowledge for a month.

Both of our posts were deleted. I understand they were off topic but why are other people allowed to talk about sex and food , (both off topic and have nothing to do with the Dolphins), but when another poster and I debated the stadium deal we were immediately deleted?

Just looking for clarity so I can follow the rules and not be deleted. It's very confusing and seems very arbitrary.

Confirmed they were controlled explosions, dusty. I guess that's the price we have to pay to live in the most envied Country in the World.

Can't even run a marathon without worrying about being blown up..... alot to envy i guess..

Let Me Start By Saying, My Condolences Go Out To the Victims Of This Tragedy.

Hopefully we catch the culprit and Execute Him. (Boston so IRA could Be Involved, Not Just The Muslim Terrorist)

With That Said, I'm Glad To Live In Miami. They Don't Blow Miami Up In Movies Or In Real Life.

Again, I Feel Bad This Happened In Such A Public Event. I Know NY Also Has To Be On High Alert.

The Idiots With Guns Are Going To Try And Say A Gun Would've Protected Everyone.

Which Makes You Wonder? Not Just The IRA, Maybe The NRA Are Behind This.

Keep stockpiling ammo. The American way.

Posted by: SCFins | April 15, 2013 at 04:31 PM

A lot of people invest in Gold. I've been investing in Lead and "Related" products for years.

I live on the edge of the Hiawatha National Forest. I've owned weapons and hunted all my life. All of my Sons have been taught to hunt. Even my 8 year old targets shoots with a Red Dot equipped .22 and he's very accurate, surprisingly accurate. They've all had Gun Safety classes(except my 8 year old because he's to young according to our great govt. I taught him myself nonetheless). I trust all of them with their weapons and I trust that their very safety conscious.

The "Punch Line".......none of us have ever used any of our weapons to commit any crimes. On the contrary, there were a couple of incidents where we used our weapons as deterrent.

Aside from the fact that this was a **BOMB ATTACK**, not a Gun Attack, **PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE** with whatever means they deem necessary.

I mean, if Jim Bob beats Billy Bob to death with a Rock, are we going to outlaw Rocks and confiscate them?

I'm sure some poosy liberal Senator would try, but you get my drift......?

Don't worry guys, according to one of our regulars it really didn't affect anyone important because it happened up here in the northeast,,,,,(AGAIN). And according to a few stupid idiots in here we are all garbage . No sweat, it's just us northeasterners. Right bud? Families are mourning again up here but who cares because we are all worthless.

You know who you are but unfortunately you are unaware of your stupidity.

I'm gonna go on a lil rant here!

Proud to be a gun owner. If more responsible civilians carried their weapons, some tragedies could be avoided or limited in scope.

Funny that most public areas are considered "gun free zones" & that's where most shootings occur. Why? The law abiding gun owner doesn't bring his gun but the criminal or mentally ill does.

It's not the law abiding citizen breaking the law but rather, criminals or mentally ill people hell bent on causing pain.

You never hear about the registered gun owner gunning people down in a mnovie theater. Why? I wonder! It's always the sick or career criminal using his guns on defenseless people. Many of whom cannot carry their weapon on them to protect themselves.

More gun checks, registries etc...these do nothing. The OVERWHELMING majority of people applying for gun licenses are everyday people. Do you REALLY think criminals or the ill purchase or apply for their guns legally? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The registries, checks etc...are already in place. Adding more does nothign except frustrate the legal & law abiding gun owners. All politicans do is wait for the next shooting to publicize it to try to demolish the Constitution.

Guns don't kill, people do. Guns are the excuse for people to seek to limit the 2nd ammendment.

DOesn't matter if their a terrorist or mentally ill, they will find ways to hurt people. They don't need guns. Guns are the excuse for people who are too dumb to accept reality.

"Boston so IRA could Be Involved"

Please explain. Why would the Irish Republican Army , A group formed to oppose british rule in Ireland bomb (mostly) Americans in Boston Massachusetts?

Local job? We don't buy it. Never have. We are going after your Asss.

Just looking for clarity so I can follow the rules and not be deleted. It's very confusing and seems very arbitrary.

Posted by: Phins78 | April 15, 2013 at 04:38 PM

Glad to see you're still here Man.

I'm serious, right after I thought of the Troll claiming to live in Boston, I thought about you being a Sports Fan and being (Kind Of)close to Boston.

FWIW, Glad you're still here.

Guns Save More Lives Than They Take.

When Has A Gun Saved A Life?

I've Seen People Get Their Ass Whooped and Walk Away. I've Seen People Get Shot 1 Time and That Is It.

If People Still Had To Go To War With Fist And Knives, War Wouldn't Be So Profitable/Probable.

Not Everyone Who Owns A Gun Shoots For Sport.

And I've Said It Before. People Can Buy All The Guns They Want. It Is The Bullets That Kill People. Instead Of Bullets Costing an Avg Of .50¢ A Round. Make Each Bullet Cost About $100.00. That If You Want To Load A Clip It Will Cost You $1300-1600 a Clip.

Make It A Luxury To Shoot. Criminals Won't Use Guns If They Have To Spend 1k Plus,Just To Get In A Shootout. It Would Be To Expensive To Pull A Crime With A Loaded Gun.

Many Ways To Curb The Violence. Educate The Public. Give Them Awareness. Why Has Smoking Gone Down? Cigarettes Are Still Legal But Less And Less People Are Using Them.

Events like this in Boston should be condemned by everyone. No place for crap like this anywhere, anytime; but as a sports fan, it hurts even more that an event such like this, which brings together people from all over the world to bond and have fun, ends in tragedy.

My thoughts and prayers for all the families that will go to sleep devastated by the loss of loved ones. And to my Fin family in the NE, stay strong and safe.

"Do you REALLY think criminals or the ill purchase or apply for their guns legally? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

LOL aren't you basically saying we should only pass laws that criminals will follow?

I'm a proud gun owner as well and in saying so I am well aware that it is FAR too easy to buy a gun. I'm fine with making it more difficult to attain weapons, that is one way to start weeding out people who are buying them for the wrong reasons. Laws have to start somewhere.

There were a lot of people mad about the drunk driving laws too. Since 1982 underage drunk driving deaths have decreased by 57% and drunk driving deaths by adults have decreased by 53% in that time. That's substantial. If you are an upstanding citizen, job, family, no criminal record, you will have no problem getting a gun. You may have to fill out a few more forms but who cares. Maybe it will keep the morons from buying them ya know?

The IRA Is Known To Have A Major Influence In Boston. Most Of Boston Mobsters Were Irish Decent.


Here is from Today's Morning News



You Know I don't Talk To Just Talk. I Try and Give Insight when I Can.

11 picks can't make the game 1 roster so adding picks makes no sense. I think you trade up if it gets you a player you really like or trade your lower round picks this year for a higher round next year.

LOL, Here are some of the stats on how criminals purchase their guns. This is from Fox News, Brett Beir.

Weak laws and loopholes backed by the gun lobby make it easier to get guns illegally.
• Around 40% of all legal gun sales involve private sellers and don't require background checks. 40% of prison inmates who used guns in their crimes got them this way.
• An investigation found 62% of online gun sellers were willing to sell to buyers who said they couldn't pass a background check.
• 20% of licensed California gun dealers agreed to sell handguns to researchers posing as illegal "straw" buyers.
• The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has not had a permanent director for 6 years, due to an NRA-backed requirement that the Senate approve nominees.

I wonder when some low life scum will bomb an NFL game?

The day will come when it'll be as difficult to get in the game as it is to get on a Plane.

What a world we live in. And I thought Caesar's Rome had issues.

I don't care which group or organization you claim, this is a crime against Humanity and the perpetrators have to be Low-Life, Chicken Shyt Scum!

"You Know I don't Talk To Just Talk. I Try and Give Insight when I Can."

I believe you , the problem is I haven't been in for a while and I'm not sure who you are. I wasn't here for the name change party :) You may have announced a name change and I might have missed it.

I'm still confused as to why the IRA would attack Americans.

In a word: DISGUSTING!

Again. Cease to hound Us. There is no possible way for you to Overcome. You do not do so, you will be immediately and totally exterminated from this World. More, if you have found a way to achieve your wishes, be sure all of Us will accompany you in our Last Goodbyes.

It's shame to see how many Americans are so cold and insensitive to the human race beyond our borders. While you mourn for these cold, cruel and senseless deaths, please don't forget your government routinely kills perfectecly innocent people with there drones and their guesswork bombing.

Few of you care to acknowledge our dark side. It's there, loud and clear....and to a degree instigating tragic events like what happened today.

Pat Nee


Boston Mobster With IRA Ties.

Chicago and New York, the most restrictive gun laws in the Nation. Chicago is a slaughterhouse. These gun laws do nothing but give innocent people no chance against a criminal with a gun. That said, background checks absolutely need to be tightened and responsible gun owners not criminalized. The Manchin-Toomey Bill will do things I like, tighten background checks AND give a concealed weapons permit gun owner the right to carry concealed in all 50 States. I agree

Thanks odinseye, I stay away from big city events up here for this reason. Too many crazy things going on and every time I see a crowd in NY or Boston (both of my brothers live there and are fine) I try to stay away.

Also been very busy with my business, just got done with the home how up here. I probably shouldn't be messing around in the blog but I need a distraction and you guys have some interesting conversations going.

Let's say, while the Rain fell, the Ground shook, here.


It confused me for second too.

It's Dashi and he's using his name as an acronym-LOL.

Oscar obviously forgot to take his meds......AGAIN-LOL.

No.....SERIOUSLY.......Oscar, WTF are you going on about?

No automatic weapons. Want to protect yer home? A rubber bullet does the trick. Outlaw all ammunition that has nothing to do with hunting. Hunters dont need handguns. Technically people are only supposed to have guns when their country is at war. Last I checked the U.S. Fights elsewhere these days. Nobody needs guns.They only want them cuz they are " cool".

I read your link man. Yeah, def a lot of IRA members hiding out and living in Boston now. But I really don't think they would have anything to do with this. Their agenda is and was pretty clear, they just hate the British being in their country but unfortunately the whole country is not united in this feeling.

Oh crap! Was up Dash man!? Didn't know it was you bro, I'll try to pay attention next time. ;)



Dolphin Artificial Super Human Intelligence.

C'mon Man. You Know Dashi Is Dashi.

odinseye, every time I go to Yankee stadium I think the same thing. One of these days someone will pull something at a stadium. I'm thinking it will be baseball because the people who would do this aren't very smart and probably think that's still our favorite sport.

They will probably do it during the national anthem. And at that point immigration laws are going to be completely altered. If bombings like that occur we are going to have to close the borders, period.


I have to disagree about Hunters with Handguns.

Where we hunt there are lots of Bears and wolves(the wolf population has exploded up here. The wolves really aren't a concern, but the possibility exists).

Anyways, I like to carry a BIG side arm when I hunt. Mainly for the threat of a Bear attack. They almost always know where you are, BEFORE you know where they are.

In the event of a Bear attack, you might not be able to get your rifle or shotgun around quick enough. And even then, sometimes your long weapons might only slow them down. I feel much more comfortable with the side arm and a "Last Chance" shot to try and stop him-LOL.

I know this is tangential to the point, but I still wanted to speak on it.

Have to go guys. God bless, we are all Americans and need to stand together against outside forces. Enough bickering between parties and states, we are one nation and need to start acting like it. A strong front against our aggressors.



The IRA Wouldn't Intentionally Harm The Public. They Usually Have A Target In Mind.

Dashi Just Loves Conspiracies, and Never Believes What The Media Says the Gov't Said.

Today I Just Learned That Prescott Bush ... The Grandpa To George W... Owned The Bank The Nazi's Used To Launder Their Money. And Was The Guy That Funded Nixon's Presidency.

Posted by: Phins78 | April 15, 2013 at 05:27 PM

Don't want to start a political discussion, but I disagree with you here. This is the time for ALL THE WORLD to stand together and act like humans. The Boston Marathon has people from all over the globe participating in it and the injured and dead could be from other nationalities.
The US is a great country, but it does bear some responsibilty for some of the hatred towards you; this as a result of a terrible foreign policy dating back to some time back.

Few of you care to acknowledge our dark side.

Before I go citizen I agree to a certain extent.

In saying that I also have to point out that no matter what America does someone is going to hate us. We could close up the borders and stay put and other countries will come after us. They don't like our values and don't agree with our way of life.

The fact that we commit violent acts in other countries is only a small part of why others hate us. The way we live threatens their way of life because the countries that dislike us don't want equal rights for women, they don't want voting rights, they don't want their dictatorships and communism questioned by their own people. Hel Kim Jung Un is threatening us even though it was a unanimous UN decision to impose sanctions.

I agree that most times others are motivated by revenge. But their definitions and understandings of revenge are very broad.


You Try To Hard.

Just Cause The Sum Of Your Words Spell Dashi. They Make No Sense. It Just Shows Somebody Trying To Hard.

Pay Attention Fool!! Dashi Makes It Look Easy.

Sorry , their understanding is limited, definition is broad.

I here ya Arturo and don't disagree too much. I know there were others at the marathon, not just americans.

I'm just not sure if I care anymore about the rest of the world. I'm sick and tired of being everyones daddy and protector. We help one country from oppression and their aggressors hate us. We give one country money and the one we didn't give money too hates us. It's never ending.

I know you are saying this is time for all the world to stand together, and there have been MANY times in the past that this was the case as well. Now sit back and watch how no one does a thing because they don't care about us. It's time we stop worrying about the rest of the world and fix our own house imo.


We Have Talked Guns Before.

Agree. Some People Use Guns For The Right Purpose.

For Those I Will Give A Special Exemption. Bullets Will Cost Regular Price.

Make It Like How State Controls Hunting Seasons. Where You Buy Tags For The Amount You Are Going To Kill.

No Need For People In Big Cities Buying 100's Of Bullets On A Weekly Basis.

People Need To Have ID Checks and Background Checks To Get A Gun.

Most Places Don't Even Check If You Are 18 Before Buying Bullets.

You Can get An Illegal Gun But without Legal Bullets. You Just Have a 3-4 Lb Paper Weight. Make The Bullets A Little Harder To Come By.

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