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Not a fan of draft-day trades but if you must then ...

You know how I feel about draft day trades? They have rarely factored to any large degree for the Dolphins, as I demonstrate in this column. They were meh before meh was a thing.

And I do believe if you read the column the proof is indisputable.

But personnel men being personnel men, they still think that despite the fact they bat .500 at best -- meaning they miss as a group on half their picks despite all their meetings and tape study and visits and workouts and interviews -- somebody is definitely going try to jockey around the draft board because he thinks himself smarter than everyone else.

So what's my prediction if the Dolphins end up doing that?

Well, while everyone is predicting a trade up because the Dolphins have assets move up if they wish, I see them moving down. That's right down.


Because if the Dolphins personnel department is smart -- and there are indeed some very intelligent people in that group -- somebody has recognized that there are not 100 percent can't-miss superstars in the top seven picks. Going up in the draft will offer some good but no truly amazing player this year.

The value in this draft, I've been told on multiple occasions by personnel men I speak with is lower in the draft where, they say, the 12th pick might not bring any better a player than the 15th-35th pick. In other words, a lower pick might get you as good a player.

If that is the case, then logic says trade down and augment your number of picks and thus your number of equally talented players.

Following that logic, the Dolphins should trade down in the bottom third of the first round and add another second round pick and possibly another later-round pick in the process. That way, instead of picking up one player at No. 12, you pick up two -- with the lower first-rounder and an additional second-rounder -- and those two players can have about the same value as the one player at No. 12.

Logical, yeah?

Obviously, the Dolphins have to find a partner willing to do that.

Look to the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers are a ready-made team. They are a player or two from winning the Super Bowl. Maybe they want the best wide receiver in the draft and the way to do that is to be at No. 12. They're also locked in a talent war with Seattle. What better way to get the jump on the 'Hawks?

The 49ers have the 31st pick in the first round and have two second-round picks, including No. 34 overall. If they throw in a later-round pick, I'd give them the No. 12 overall pick. (Indeed, they can keep their later-round pick for all I care).

Such a sceaniro would have Miami picking 31st in the first round, three more times in the second round and two more times in the third round. Six picks in the first three rounds in this draft is a treasure.

Now, all of a sudden, fake GM Salguero is adding perhaps OT D.J. Fluker or OT Menelik Watson if Fluker goes earlier. Now I'm adding cornerback D.J. Hayden at the top of the second round with San Fran's second-rounder and I can go chase Stanford tight end Zach Ertz or San Diego State's Gavin Escobar with the 42nd overall knowing that I've already filled my two primary needs. Or maybe Florida safety Matt Elam or FIU safety John Cyprien is the guy at 42.

And the Dolphins would still have another second rounder after that. Imagine?

The Dolphins worked hard to give themselves choices for the draft while operating in free agency. They should be smart and work hard during the draft to give themselves more choices during that very draft.

One way to do that is to trade down, the opposite direction of what most speculation out there has them doing.

If the Dolphins don't trade down and stay at No. 12, they're likely to look at Star Lotulelei, in part because he's a good player and not a reach at that spot. But will he be a tons better NFL player than any of the guys I just mentioned?

No one can guarantee that. And that's the point of trading down in this draft.



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Exactly A Stop Gap Not To Over Draft A TE, This Year.

And I Would Pick Keller As A Receiving Threat Over Any Of These TE's.

J.Finley Will Be A Free Agent Next Year.

Egnew Is More Gifted Than These TE's.

Ireland Found A Good Veteran TE!! That Actually Produces!! While Still Having Egnew and Clay Developing!!

TE isn't That Big Of A Need. Specially When Only 1 Will Be On The Field.


All Complimentary Pieces To Each Other.

Just reading about Ireland's super-Scout grandpa. Back in those Days they didn't have all the information about Players we have these Days. They more or less went on gut feeling about Players. Still applies. Eifert fights for the ball all the way thru. Ertz is always open. Then...




Are All Good For Depth. For This Season.

Egnew Can Line Up At WR in The Red Zone.

The way Ireland drafts we'd be much better off trading draft picks for established players.....

Egnew wont make the team this year.

Egnew wont make the team this year.

Posted by: Just Sayin | April 15, 2013 at 10:33 PM

This is the same fool that guaranteed Wallace wouldn't sign with us LOL

Egnew Can Line Up At WR in The Red Zone.

Posted by: Dolphin Artificial Super Human Intelligence | April 15, 2013 at 10:27 PM

This is also the same fool that guaranteed Chad Henne would be our franchise QB. LMAO!

Egnew Can Line Up At WR in The Red Zone.

Posted by: Dolphin Artificial Super Human Intelligence | April 15, 2013 at 10:27 PM

My Grandma Can Line Up At WR in The Red Zone Too.


Even during a National Crisis. We have a National Tragedy and People here on the Blog are pulling together and sharing prayers for the Dead and Injured.

But not Armando's Pet Monkey. He doesn't miss a beat in showing what a true degenerate he **REALLY IS**. No class, no smarts and obviously, as he proven here over and over again, NO LIFE!

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Posted by: Phins78 | April 15, 2013 at 05:27 PM

But not the Scourge Of The Blog. Not the Low Life, he shows his TRUE COLORS without missing a Low Life Beat:

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Posted by: Damp Azzwipe Soup Heated Internally | April 15, 2013 at 05:24 PM


Let Me Be Your Sole Source Of Information! Nobody Knows All Better Than Your Blog Leader Of Superior Knowledge!

Posted by: Damp Azzwipe Soup Heated Internally | April 15, 2013 at 05:30 PM

And he wonders why People like and talk to Phins78. He wonders why nobody wants him here. He doesn't have to wonder today. All he has to do is look at his "Handiwork" and compare it to others.

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Averaging a TD per Qtr, with our defense should at least get us a Wild Card.

Randy Starks is a Beast in the middle, he just needs help opposite Wake.

Now...what if we had another offensive player to double other than Mike Wallace who Is lighting fast and runs beautiful deep routes? Scary sight...

FIY, if u see Mike Wallace do a 3 step hop right before the snap, watch out...he's gone...

Today I Just Learned That Prescott Bush ... The Grandpa To George W... Owned The Bank The Nazi's Used To Launder Their Money. And Was The Guy That Funded Nixon's Presidency.

Posted by: Dolphin Artificial Super Human Intelligence | April 15, 2013 at 05:31 PM


Prescott Bush's buddy John Rockefeller sold the Nazi's a full assortment of petroleum products through his company Standard Oil. He continued to do so even AFTER the United States declared war upon Germany.

There was a Senate investigation(pssssssfpt)but it failed to find Rockefeller guilty of anything. I guess at the time, it was OK for an American Businessman to provide Hitler with fuel and oil for his Tanks, Planes and Railroads.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Rockefeller Gas that was used on the Jewish populations in the death camps.

Another cute note, his Son Nelson was handpicked as Vice President by Gerald Ford. Who was also handpicked by his predecessor Richard Nixon. Ford, BTW was the only President we've ever had that wasn't ELECTED to office(Well.....I mean other than Bush when he/they stole the election-LOL/PUKE).

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Nelson ran for office himself many times(even tried to get the Republican Presidential Nomination in 1960-64-68. He was never elected.

A bunch of low life criminals, the whole lot. I would've voted for Tony Accardo, Lucky Luciano or Meyer Lansky himself before I would endorse any Prescotts, Bush, Rockefellers or Dulles family members.

Tom Brady may have still looked elite last year, but father time never misses. He never chokes after going 18-0. Tom Brady did.

You no longer need to build a team to dethrone Tom Brady. Father time has his tag number and could be getting pulled over as we speak. Usually there isn't much of warning when a top qb loses it overnight. See Montana, see Marino.

You Brought Up A Good Point. We Need To See If That Little Ching Chong Chump had anything To Do With It.

Posted by: Dolphin Artificial Super Human Intelligence | April 15, 2013 at 05:56 PM

My Favorite Brunette brought this possibility up tonight. Both of us aren't the types to jump to conclusions to quickly(Thank Goodness-LOL). But I just couldn't buy it.

It doesn't make any sense for him, his government or agents to do anything like this. This doesn't mean it's not a possibility. I'm just saying, it's highly unlikely in my opinion.

I stopped watching the coverage quite awhile ago. We were getting too depressed. So I haven't seen any updates. But I suspect it's either the remnants of the Taliban or simply a domestic sicko.

Speculation at this point is just as aggravating as watching the news. At times like these, I just keep Praying.

God Bless ALL!!!!

Oscar, max, yg all same person. talking to himselves, complimenting himselves and proving what an idiot himselves really is lol.

why yg talk to himselves?

it doesn't take cia to figure out lol.






I think we need to sign a veteran LT whether we trade up, down or sideways. McKinnie would be up there on my list of candidates.

With all the trade down talk and Armando verifying where all the "REAL(LOL)" Talent is, I have a trade down scenario of my own.

Sign McKinnie or work out a deal for Albert. Then trade our 1st rounder for "SOMEONES" 1st rounder next year and a 2nd and 4th this year.

This way we have 3-2nds, 2-3rds and 2-4ths this year and 2-1st rounders waiting for us next year.

Matter of fact, as many have stated, I don't see all the advantages of trading down this year just for an extra 2nd or 3rd(If we even got that). We have 11 picks as it is.

The ONLY way I would trade down this year(and not up) is if it did mean we would get another 1st for next year.

Sign Mckinnie and build through the draft this year. With 2-1st rounders awaiting us next year. That's the way we should do it if we trade down. This way we can take a giant step forward this year with 12 picks. And another with 2-1st rounders next year. Then CONTINUE to TRULY build through the draft.


Yep! Dey it IS!

Right on time!

Sit Boo-Boo......SIT!!!!

The Dolphins don't draft well. Never have, why expect that to change this year? Ireland was on board in previous years when Long, Davis, and many others were taken who are no longer here. Just stay in your slot and draft the best available player of need.

Martin was invited to the combine, but got a medical. All of his results were from his Pro Day.

Lane Johnson did attend combine and stands on his numbers(Position Drills only at his Pro Day).

Martin was rated 4th out of 92 OT and 28th overall by NFLDraftScouts.

Johnson was rated 3rd out of 113 OT and 5th overall per NFLDraftScouts.

Martin is/was 6-5 313....Johnson 6-6 305

40 yard dash..5.27...............4.69.

20 yard dash..3.03...............2.73.

10 yard dash.....1.78...............1.68.


Vert. Jump.......30.................34.

Broad Jump.......8'-8''.............9'-10''

20 yard Shuttle..4.68...............4.52.

3 cone drill.....7.69...............7.31.

Johnson edges out Martin in EVERY single category. Most notably his 40 Yard Dash Time, The 225 Bench, and the Broad Jump he totally annihilates him.

Martin can improve and I hope he does. It would be awesome if it turns out that Ireland got us a Great Starting Left Tackle with a 2nd round pick. Having said that, I don't see anything from Johnson that would make me think he shouldn't also be on "Our Team".

This doesn't prove anything. But YG mentioned people not doing their homework and shortly after said he sees nothing that would indicate that Johnson would be an upgrade over Martin.

That was enough to motivate me to do a little "Homework(@ 3:00 AM-LOL)". Thanks YG, this right here is why we're football junkies!

MY Conclusion: I wouldn't want to give up much if we had to trade up for Johnson. I definitely wouldn't mind if we landed him at 12. The good thing I think about drafting Johnson is that He and Martin have both spent time at Left and Right Tackles as well as Guard! I think it would be awesome having these two youngsters battling it out for the starting jobs.

Unless we find some kind of answer at Tackle, I would be all for drafting Lane Johnson in the 1st round!

Guys Im out, no way I can talk football when no seems to care something far more grave and important has happened.

Will you guys please check your national news!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 15, 2013 at 03:38 PM

Then this Idiot continues to post for 8 more hours, Just like the other day.
He's more be more pitiful then OdinDouche.


I totally agree with you on how unlikely it would be. But Man, talk about sitting pretty. Maybe some team like Minnesota that already has two first round picks.

You never know, but If I were the GM, I'd be exploring this opportunity.

I know this scenario is out there, but it's what I do. Especially as we get closer and closer to "The Day".

You should have seen my last scenario. It had us moving up with our 1st rounder and trading a 2nd up into the First for another "Double 1st rounder."

In it I had us getting Fisher with our 1st-1st rounder and Chance Warmack with our 2nd! I know it's a Pipe Dream, but it would solidify our Line for as long as it takes us to "Make a Run".


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Odin, You've been postng non-stop for 12 hours, Will you be trying to break your record of 33 hours?
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Then this Idiot continues to post for 8 more hours, Just like the other day.
He's more be more pitiful then OdinDouche.

Posted by: Bark Odin,Bark. | April 16, 2013 at 03:16 AM

He spoke on it, took a time out and checked it out like we ALL did. So he's not dwelling on it, what's the problem?

Just because you made an ASS of yourself(again-LOL).

What do you want the guy to do? Shed some tears? Send Flowers?

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Man, we have to get some new "MATERIAL"

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Odin, While "Hunting" How often do you usr Morphine?
Just wondering.
But not really.

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Hunt? Morphine?

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Agree odin, we need new Materal.
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And you're right Buddy, NOBODY EVER complains out here in the Sticks!

Odin hasn't it ever occurred to you that the person consistently turning you into a mexican jumping bean is one of the others here that you like and blog with frequently?

Notice how odin comes to defend bloggers that talk about vile things? You know who I mean. Odin's 'she boy's can spout spit and swallow every day but ne never attacks them. Those are his pet monkey boys.

Double standard, no? How is it he routinely defends the likes of the following:

Don't Worry. Your Mom Is A Swallower!! We Have Nothing To Worry About!

Posted by: Dashi | March 05, 2013 at 07:23 PM


And You Know My Repertoire Is More Than Me Putting It In Your Mouth!! And 1 Of You Spitting, While The Other One Swallows!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM

Some of you are saying trade for SF first pick next year instead of their first and second round this year. You do realize, SF is one of the favorites for the SB? meaning if they win it will be pick 32, thats only one pick from a second rounder.

I agree with the trade down scenareo. The number 12 pick gets you nothing spectacular. I'd trade down and hope to grab Trufant. Then I'd trade a second rounder to KC for Branden Albert. You've locked up a zone corner, an NFL tested LT (although an expensive one), and you still have 2 second rounders.

Trade up for Millner or trade down to mid 20's if you can get Trufant. If the Dolphins are stuck at the 12th, pick up a passrusher if a better value is available or best player available and draft DB and OT in the seccond round.

I disagree. The Dolphins have a TERRIBLE/HORRENDOUS TRACK RECORD with trading down and good success with staying put or trading up. TRADING DOWN = Jared Odrick. Staying put = Jake Long, Mike Pouncey, and Ryan Tannehill (not sure yet). Our 2nd round picks and later the last few years have not yielded any STAR POWER. Get STAR POWER and trade picks for high 1st rounders like OT and CB!

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