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One on one with Jeff Ireland

Following the last round of the draft on Sunday, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland agreed to speak with me privately after his open media availability.

This is how it went:

Mando: Your shining moment in this draft?

"Well, obviously I went after the player [Dion Jordan] I really wanted. That was the highlight, to go up and get the player we really wanted and really coveted and be able to get him at the price we got him was even a bonus."

Mando: Why him?

Jeff Ireland: "He jumps out at me. I don't like to compare players but we do a lot of that in our business. I've seen players like him that have great success. He reminds me of several players that have played that position. They're hard to find. The special ones are hard to find.

"And I think the guy can be special. I think that's why.

"And to follow up with your question, the draft is not only just trying to fill needs. I really don't go into the draft trying to fill this need, then this need and this need. I go into the draft building the board as equal as I can. I put the players up there that are the best football players and then marry needs into the best football players. I understand everybody thinks we have a tackle need. And I would say that's something we need to address whether it's a must or a need. But that player jumped out at me and I felt like I had to go get that player."

Mando: What are you going to do at tackle?

Jeff Ireland: "We'll see. The tackle position is an important position. It's an important position. But I feel like we have some flexibility. There are some options out there. I have some things up my sleeve that might work out. We're going to have to fill the need probably with a veteran guy on the street at some point."

Mando: At left tackle?

Jeff Ireland: "We'll see."

Mando: Why not do the trade with Kansas City for Branden Albert instead of drafting cornerback Jamar Taylor in the second round?

Jeff Ireland: "Because I didn't think it was the right thing for us."

Mando: Why?

Jeff Ireland: "Well, I'm not going into that because I'm not so sure it doesn't work it."

Mando: You mean down the road?

Jeff Ireland: "Yeah. Again, I never say never. I don't want to get into the details of that trade right now when it could or couldn't happen done down the road."

Mando: The moment during this draft you said, 'Dang it, I wish I hadn't done that?' Was it when you traded out of the 82nd pick and then had to trade back in?

Jeff Ireland: "You know, that was not a moment that I said, 'Ahh, crap.' I traded out and got the extra fours. And then there was a run. You have a certain number of players on the board and when you trade out you figure someone is going to be there. You have three or four and you think someone's going to be there. And then all of a sudden, five or six picks, boom, boom, boom, boom, guys went off. And it wasn't only in that round but there were rounds where players on our board were getting picked off like crazy. I felt like I needed to go back in there and get a player we really wanted versus settling on a player."



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Ireland trying to catch lightening in a bottle again.

I Hate The Jets Just As Much As The Next Fin Fan.

But I Can't Hate On G. Smith. And In The 2nd Round.

The Bills Reached. They Could've Taken Manuel In The 2nd.

I Have Seen Them Both Play.

Manuel Was Throwing To A 6'6" WR and A 6'4" Wr. And He Still Missed. And He Had A Running Game At FSU.

G. Smith Had 2 Midgets. And He Made Them Look Like Superstars. Give Him S. Holmes. That Alone Will Make Him Better. G. Smith Threw For 8 TDs In A Game. Not Saying He Will Do That In The NFL. But When He Is On. He Is On. I Give Him Credit For Hitting Such Small Targets Down field. G. Smith Throws Better With His Left Hand Than Sanchez With His Right. You Remember That Easy TD Sanchez Missed After The WR Killed S. Smith. G. Smith Doesn't Miss That Throw.

Why Couldn't The Jets Draft Barkley.

Dashi @ 8:33....

even if you were talking to me (and I KNOW you weren't)....

I woudn't have any issues with your post....your thoughts are ell written....and your argument is well supported....yuour logic is behind your post is easy to see....and imo...the math makes sense...

if nothing else....it gives me reason to pause...and re-think my own position....

that doesn't mean I think you are right...I am just open to the possibility hat there are other opinions differing from mine that are equally as relevant....if not a more accurate reflection of the FINS stance @ times....

your post @ 8:33 may be one of them....

The Jordan pic was a surprise but a great pic. Brady does not Hav top wrs but has great TEs so getting pressure on him is more of a priority than CB and with all the OTs still available in FA a passrusher with that much upside is the right pic.

I will b looking to c how they use him ( more of a 3-4 olb right now than a de with his size) maybe a hybrid defense this yr with big Paul move back to nose and wake and Jordan as olbs. And Jordan playing olb in the 4-3 at least intil he fills out with muscle mass.

We said this before. It is almost impossible to evaluate DJs ability as an all passing-downs pass rusher as he was used half the time in coverage at Oregon. Still, I love his versatility and if well used he could be a dominant force.

Either way, it is merely a game and of no real importance in life at all.

We spend far too much time worrying about such a meaningless thing, actually.

Jeff Ireland is done here in Miami thank GOD!!! His "tricks up his sleeve" not gonna produce SQUAT!!! Should have been putting a team together since he got here & Ross is a bigger idiot for keeping him here & changing the logo!!!

I c Dallas starting if he works out well in preseason. He has the skill set to play G right now and maybe T down the road ( played both RT and LT in his junior yr). He will have to match the vets in training camp tie goes to the cheaper rookie lol.

I'm a conspiracy theory kinda guy....

but I NEVER bought in to the one about ESPN and possibly the NFL holding a grudge against my beloved FINS....I always figured we only got about 30 seconds of air time on pre-game shows because we haven't won much in the last 15 years....and thus hadn't earned the air time....

Having said that....

There is NO WAY the media shoudn't be hailing Ireland as some sort of GM GENIUS....afyer having puilled off the Jordan move....and ONLY giving up a 2nd RDer....i mean c'mon.....

instead....the move HARDLY gets mentioned all weekend....

The FINS need to win to make the jack @ss media types eat crow....

Much smarter to draft Jamar Taylor than trading for Albert...



What people forget is that when you have 11 picks, you have to trade up some. There aren't 11 roster spots for rookies. SF had the same issue.


Totally agree with you Kris!!! That is Irelands job to pull off deals like that & it's amazing that it only started to happen when his job is on the line this year!!! The Fins have NEVER been a media favorite even in the WINNING years so I too am hoping for a winning season finally bet it begins with beating the patsies atleast once & we haven't done that since 2008!!! GO FINS 2013!!!

We will miss Bess on 3rd and 5..... Just wait.
Worst move of the offseason. Gibson is no Bess.
Should have kept him, and then I would have had a great feeling about our WR's

Thanks Kris.

Just Trying To Be Preemptive Here.

Ron Jawarski praised the Dolphins yesterday and said Ireland definatley closed the gap on the Pats....Kiper of course disagreed and said still another 2 years away..

i guess Jaws will be fired from ESPN soon....


Yes, you could make that argument. You'd lose that argument but you could make it.

Kris @9:59am,

Dead right! If the Pats or Giants had made a move like they would have been all over it.

As I mentioned to DD over the weekend, I LOVE the logic and execution of the move. Now whether it works out or not reamins to be seen but people can't roast a guy for the logic.

You're right....we're going to have to start winning consistently to shut the media up. Tough season ahead. Let's get it done!


beatin the PATS would be nice...and if we could do it before Brady is in a rocking chair...ALL THE BETTER....

I don't want to wait until Brady retires...and the Division is up for grabs to start beating them....I want to TAKE IT....

Brady's last 6 years can read...

2 SB losses...

No AFC EAST Crown in the last 3 years....

Nice job by Ireland on the weekend. The picks I'm most excited about:

the kicker

Don't know enough about Simms, Thomas or Jenkins but I certainly get the logic in the moves. I wonder if the drafting of Thomas helps Martin's play. Not saying Cogs isn't a good player, I just wonder if Thomas might not be a better fit. Time will tell.

Craig M @ 10:25....

it kinda sucks that we're excited about a kicker....but i'm with you....

thats what happens when the kicker on your roster cost you @ least 3 games....and a shot (Carpenter)@ the playoffs last year....

imo..he is as good as gone...his long ball is gone (nothing over 5 yards)....and you don't waste a 5th rd pick on a kicker unless he is making the team....


somebody posted that like 11 picks later another team took a kickker that is better than our kid....he set the NCAA record for points scored and a few other interesting tid-bits....

If what the poster said was true....then it is certainly odd for Ireland to choose this guy over the NCAA ponts leader....

I would assume to set the record....you would have to be pretty accurate....

45 yards...

I have been an outspoken Ireland critic, and yet I believe this is his best draft since he's been here.
Understand, I do NOT agree with many of his choices, and omissions. SanFran picked up 2 tremendous players late, when all we did was fill back-up spots. But considering his last few wasted drafts (... check the roster for those players), this one is golden for him.
He could've picked up potential stars at both WR and RB even in the late rounds, but went with role-fillers. Ah well.

D. Jordan = Poential superstar. Also potential bust. But that's what a 1st round pick is about. This was a fair choice. Could've been others, sure, but I'm good with this. LT instead? Heyalll NO. We've drafted enough top round linemen; time to try a new course.

J. Taylor = ? No clue. Rated high. We'll see. CB here wasn't a bad idea.

D. Thomas = Likely a guard. 3rd round is as high as I'd ever pick a guard, so... I can live with this.

W. Davis = OK, now we're slipping into Ireland's ole' acorn ethic. Were far better picks, and needs here. Thumbs down.

J. Jenkins = Not a bad pick, has some roles that he'd excel at, but doubt he's a starter. There were high value starters still in the 4th at other key positions. In a void, this is fine, but with what was still left in the 4th to pick... on the fence.

D. Sims = Blocking TE. Didn't we just get rid of one of those? Unimpressed.

M. Gillislee = He'll be fine as 3rd down back, and change of pace. Could've had Lattimore, Taylor, Franklin, Barner, etc, though. Should I be impressed?

C. Sturgis = Sure why not.

D. Jones = Whatevs.

i heard from analysts the Jenkins is a great player that got hurt last year or would have beed one of the first linebackers off the board.


I have no clue about kickers in College, but I like that we're in a position to pick a kicker we want, rather than some 5th round guy who makes the parctice squad. Carpenter's been a good 'Phin but I agree with you....I think he's as good as gone.

I'm looking forward to the cap saving and I would imagine some time in the not too distant future we'll see a long term deal done by the team for Rashad Jones.

Ireland Finally Got It Done , Nice Draft And Thinking Ahead , Replacement For Misi , Incognito ,Jerry ,Keller , Thomas , Patterson ,And Grimes For Next Year , They All Be Out Of The Books, Very Good Draft , Dolphins Will Be 30 Millions Under The Cap Again Next Year. I Was Hoping For A Defensive Tackle To Replace Either Soliai or Starks Next Year , Love The Running Back From Florida Starter Day 1, And Watch For Kaddu, Could Replace Misi , It's Going To Be Fun This Coming Season

Ireland can't draft, or manage player personnel. This year will go down as his biggest failure. Jordan is not going to be a star, he's average. The corners are more middling talent, and he failed to secure a LT. He took a crucial draft for the Dolphins and tanked it. Fire this man.

I have lived all over the country and the truth of the matter is that fans in EVERY city believe the media is "biased" against their teams.

It's complete rubbish, as untrue in Miami as it is in Los Angeles or Boston or Minneapolis, but it's one of those falsehoods fans WANT to believe as some kind of totemic 'us against the world' shared identity.

It's as stupid a statement and/or belief as fans everywhere also stating that their city "loves a winner."

Well, duh.

A nice job with jordan but maybe it was better to take hertz at 12 and a tackle or a de who can start against browns at 42. we don't know where jordan will play. and he 'll miss offseason practices.
we took davis (!) and jenkins, instead patton... no wr to develop and i don't remember a promise wr in the roster...

"The refs are out to get us" is another good one.

Uh, no...actually they aren't. But you go on believing that.

The GOOD news:
Although we didn't improve as much as we could have, we did improve, and significantly, in our division.
The Bills will be figuring themselves out for several years, and will likely find Manual isn't a franchise guy. SCORE!
The Jets will have another QB circus, even without Tebow, and that won't work itself out either for a couple years. Both Smith and Manual will fail as top notch starters, and we'll be sniffing at the Patriots heels.

Both Smith and Manual will fail as top notch starters,

Posted by: JS_in_LA | April 29, 2013 at 10:44 AM


Maybe they will, maybe they won't.

You have absolutely no way of knowing.

martin was very bad at rt. so if we need a lt than maybe we need a rt too. what about trading martin?

Like It Really Is....

Thanks for clearing that up for me....

I mean....really....

I never in a MILLION years have thought somebody might have a thought contradictory to mine....

you REALLY opened my eyes....set me straight....


I'm actually more pumped about Taylor than I am about Jordan!!

I really think this kid is going to make a big impact on this team.

If you read into the Ireland's statement about the OL, I think they believe that the guard position is very weak and needs competition if they are still looking at Winston or Albert.

I also think they know Cogs will not be back next year.

You're most welcome.

Posted by: Like It Really Is | April 29, 2013 at 10:41 AM

^^Have to disagree. Certain teams get a pass with the main stream media. Pretty sure Tom Brady could take a crap on the 50 yard line and it would be a sportcenter top 10.

Like remember when the Pats picked up Haynesworth, ochocinco, and they were Great Moves?

Pats, Dallas (for some reason) seem to get better press (positive).

There is only a hand full of analysts that I respect their opinion, and Jaws is one of them.

Fukk Mel Kiper!

Alot of Trolls are out today.

Bill Belichick and Jerry Jones always get positive press?!?


This Dolphin team is the 2nd youngest team in the NFL. Forget Winston and Albert.

I want young pups that bite!! Not guys looking for pay days.

There is no need to go and sign either of these guys till OTA's to see what type of players we got on the OL.

Who knows, maybe the guy from Tennessee can be the answer.

Did I say BB or JJ? Or the Pats/Cowboys...

And yeah, usually positive... Aren't the Cowboys always this years Superbowl team though they sucked since the 90s?

How many of those record setting kicks were chipshots. Maybe our kicker had a stronger leg and is just as accurate? Wasnt mike nugent a 2nd round pic? So getting one in the 5th is no problem and unlike most picked by then, he will out points up.Jordan's shoulder looked fine when he was slapping that heavy bag around in the sports science video.

They give these Draft grades out like it holds any weight. It holds nothing.

Maybe Egnew will surprise all of us. If he has any heart at all, he should bounce back from all the negative press he has gotten.

Caleb Sturgis, K, Florida
Height: 5-11. Weight: 184.
Projected Round (2013): 5-7.
4/23/13: The first kicker to be selected will be either Sturgis or Hopkins. It is a coin flip as they are graded out equally.

Sturgis made 24-of-28 field goals in 2012. He had clutch kicks in the season opener against Texas A&M to help the Gators win on the road 20-17. Sturgis was 3-for-3 against Tennessee.

A few of Sturgis' misses came at inconsequential times against Bowling Green, Jacksonville State and Kentucky. He had three field goals against Vanderbilt that were valuable in a 31-17 win. Sturgis was clutch in the regular-season finale, going three-for-three on field goals against Florida State in an 11-point road victory for the Gators.

Sturgis was tremendous at the East-West Shrine. He was nailing kicks in the mid-50s with ease - straight down the middle. Sturgis had plenty of leg while showing a consistent motion to maintain accuracy. He had an impressive collegiate career and looks worthy of a draft pick on the third day of the 2013 NFL Draft.

9/3/12: Sturgis kicked well in 2011, making 22-of-26 field goals and 31-of-31 extra points. He was a Second-Team AP All-American selection. Sturgis was injured for the majority of 2010, and he missed Florida's game last year against Georgia with another injury.

If Sturgis can stay healthy in 2012, he could be the best kicker in the nation. Sturgis was 22-of-30 on field goal attempts and 44-of-47 on extra points in 2009.

Who is picking the Cowboys to play in the Super Bowl? Can you provide a link to that? I haven't heard anyone even remotely suggest that.

And did Bill Belichick and Jerry Jones somehow divorce themselves from their respective teams? Perhaps you haven't noticed, but generally commentators are talking about the PEOPLE that constitute a specific team when praising and/or criticizing. They're normally not going on about the uniform colors or beer selection in their stadiums.

Number 1 ranked kicker in college in the 5th round, I'll take it.

When you look at Jordan's physique and speed and potential I can see what Ireland envisions. He sees the next Ware, Williams, JT etc., a dominating physical specimen that don't come out of college every day. The pick is still really risky and based on how he's used this season may not have as much impact as we would all like. That said who knows Jordan may come into camp like a machine and wow everyone, and bring it all season long. I tend to believe he will have an impact but most likely not on every down as he's a rookie. But with injuries he may be called on a lot next season, I hope he produces.


All valid points about the kicker.....

Like I said....what that poster wrote...may...or may NOT even be true....

but sill...the first obvious question has to be...how manyof those were gimme's....and claerly Ireland and the Special Teams staff thought it was too many...

Last year ESPN/NFL had them as favorites the last couple years, sorry I don't have dates, times, and notary... I'll get back to you...

Wow, the ego on you.

he will be used situationally like Venon was year one. Vernon should get more snaps than Jordan..

you know what they say, you can't get enough pass rushers

So what is Sturgis's nickname, Legimus Prime? Lol I still think Legatron has to be the best nickname ever for a kicker.

I think we should have had competition in camp for both kickers last season but the front office thought we were set there an we had lots of searching to do throughout the roster at other positions.

There was FAR more talk about teams such as the Texans, Packers, and--yes--the eventual champion Ravens being serious title contenders last year. I don't recall anyoe suggesting the Cowboys would be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

But if you'd like to believe that, that's your prerogative.

You should of asked him this:
The Miami Dolphins Offense has been ranked outside the top 20 for 17 straight years, not to mention 27th last year, how do you justify NOT drafting any offensive playmakers in this draft?!?! (And don't tell me Mike Gillislee & a KICKER Caleb Sturgis in the 5th round are Offensive playmakers and I'm a GATOR fan!!!)
You OVERPAID for Mike Wallace($12mil/yr) in the offseason (see Victor Cruz, who's a better WR getting $8mil/yr from the Giants)
You EXTREMELY OVERPAID for Brian Hartline (a guy who was a starting WR all year & managed only 1 TD, yet you pay him over $6mil/yr???)
You draft Jake Long 1st in the draft in '08 over Matt Ryan only to let him go 5yrs later!!
QUIT Sugarcoating the Dolphins draft like they did something special giving up their #42 pick in the 2nd round to jump up & draft a guy #3 out of a school who doesn't know what the word DEFENSE means, that had to outscore teams 60-50 cause their DEFENSE was so BAD!! You can't tell me that Dion Jordan is that much better than any of the other D-Linemen that got drafted out of the SEC in the 1st round!!
Until the Dolphins get rid of Stephen Ross & Jeff Ireland, I'll root for the BRONCOS!!
Good Luck w/ ANOTHER MEDIOCRE 8-8 season!

"Ego," i.e. making cogent, rational statements in lieu of irrational beliefs that have absolutely no factual basis behind them.

(learned that in Internet Message Board 101)

Until the Dolphins get rid of Stephen Ross & Jeff Ireland, I'll root for the BRONCOS!!

Posted by: Mark | April 29, 2013 at 11:16 AM


You won't be missed.

we did not overpay Wallace... that is the going rate...wait till the next receiver contract comes out and it will be higher..this was a huge need for us and it will show up in a much higher offensive rank...we will be a top 10 offense this year.

go be a Bronco fan, we don't need you!!!!!!!

He Has Done More In 1 Offseason, Than Tannenbaum Did The Last 5.

Posted by: Dashi
He does seem to be making the right moves. However Tannenbaum did get the Jet's to two AFC Championship games with his overspending on free agents. The former NY Jet GM did what the New Yorkers wanted. Not good for the long term but the Dolphins have much less to speak about in terms of playoffs in recent years. I hope that changes.

I remember them as the team that was projected out of the NFC East. Not many had Redskins, lot of Giants doubters. Though I do remember them being picked a few times, though those August/September picks might as well be done out of a hat : )

I do think there is some bias in the media with popular teams. (no crazy conspiracies). Think my example with 85/Haynesworth were valid. When/If fins did that they would be bad moves from the start. Pats were praised on both...

Ego," i.e. making cogent, rational statements in lieu of irrational beliefs that have absolutely no factual basis behind them.

(learned that in Internet Message Board 101)

Posted by: Like It Really Is | April 29, 2013 at 11:19 AM

No, that was because you think you're opinions are infallible and though chastise me for not giving examples (though I do). You provide none...

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