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One on one with Jeff Ireland

Following the last round of the draft on Sunday, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland agreed to speak with me privately after his open media availability.

This is how it went:

Mando: Your shining moment in this draft?

"Well, obviously I went after the player [Dion Jordan] I really wanted. That was the highlight, to go up and get the player we really wanted and really coveted and be able to get him at the price we got him was even a bonus."

Mando: Why him?

Jeff Ireland: "He jumps out at me. I don't like to compare players but we do a lot of that in our business. I've seen players like him that have great success. He reminds me of several players that have played that position. They're hard to find. The special ones are hard to find.

"And I think the guy can be special. I think that's why.

"And to follow up with your question, the draft is not only just trying to fill needs. I really don't go into the draft trying to fill this need, then this need and this need. I go into the draft building the board as equal as I can. I put the players up there that are the best football players and then marry needs into the best football players. I understand everybody thinks we have a tackle need. And I would say that's something we need to address whether it's a must or a need. But that player jumped out at me and I felt like I had to go get that player."

Mando: What are you going to do at tackle?

Jeff Ireland: "We'll see. The tackle position is an important position. It's an important position. But I feel like we have some flexibility. There are some options out there. I have some things up my sleeve that might work out. We're going to have to fill the need probably with a veteran guy on the street at some point."

Mando: At left tackle?

Jeff Ireland: "We'll see."

Mando: Why not do the trade with Kansas City for Branden Albert instead of drafting cornerback Jamar Taylor in the second round?

Jeff Ireland: "Because I didn't think it was the right thing for us."

Mando: Why?

Jeff Ireland: "Well, I'm not going into that because I'm not so sure it doesn't work it."

Mando: You mean down the road?

Jeff Ireland: "Yeah. Again, I never say never. I don't want to get into the details of that trade right now when it could or couldn't happen done down the road."

Mando: The moment during this draft you said, 'Dang it, I wish I hadn't done that?' Was it when you traded out of the 82nd pick and then had to trade back in?

Jeff Ireland: "You know, that was not a moment that I said, 'Ahh, crap.' I traded out and got the extra fours. And then there was a run. You have a certain number of players on the board and when you trade out you figure someone is going to be there. You have three or four and you think someone's going to be there. And then all of a sudden, five or six picks, boom, boom, boom, boom, guys went off. And it wasn't only in that round but there were rounds where players on our board were getting picked off like crazy. I felt like I needed to go back in there and get a player we really wanted versus settling on a player."



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Mando: Why not do the trade with Kansas City for Branden Albert instead of drafting cornerback Jamar Taylor in the second round?
Jeff Ireland: "Because I didn't think it was the right thing for us."
Mando: Why?
Jeff Ireland: "Well, I'm not going into that because I'm not so sure it doesn't work it."
Mando: You mean down the road?

There you have it. Ireland's well aware of Albert's often injured history.

Posted by: lol | April 29, 2013 at 01:26 PM

It doesn't make you gay if a gay person makes physical contact with you. It only makes you gay if you have consentual sexual or sexual activity with a same sex gay.

I have shaken the hand of openly gay men before. It does not make me gay and gay is not a physically transmittable disease.

But, if I were a sports star, I would have a problem with a knowingly gay player or teammate tried to give me a butt slap after a great play! LOL...

I can never understand how the same old trolls manage to type with one hand and bugger themselves with the other. That takes skills but excuse me if I don't shake your hand.

Really excited with FA and the Draft and now on to the season. Dolphins forever, baby!

I know a gay nurse that doesn't wash his hands.

....I think the interesting move that was made was the acquisition of QB. Bray from the undrafted rookie free agent pool. I don't know if Bray will ever amount to much. Odds are he will not. But he has the rocket arm of this class. He has the prototype size for the NFL. He was just to inconsistent to be taken seriously. So we signed him as a project.

Best case scenario is that Tannehill develops into a top tier quarterback. During this time Bray develops into a quarterback that can play at this level. He then becomes a commodity, or a very cheap option as our future backup. This guy has much more potential as a traditional passer then anyone on our roster right now. The question is will that potential ever be reached? Can this guy get it together?

A really good signing IMO by the team. One that nobody is talking about.

His name isn't Gaylord Focker by chance?

Its still great that we're coming into the new season and only talking 1 position seemingly a real weakness. This time a year we're usually talking 3-4 positions as real weaknesses. How far we have come.


The HUGE rap against Tyler Bray is extremely inconsistent. Has the tools, just off the charts inconsistency.

Bray has a couple plays a game he looks like John Elway. Then in the same game looks like Tim Tebow. Then inbetween looks like Cleo Lemon.

Good point, YG4E. And best of all we have a young team. I know they still have to go out and prove it, but my excitement is piqued.

Posted by: Sigh | April 29, 2013 at 01:26 PM

A. Keller never missed a game in his career until last eyar. It's not a trend, it's a coincidence. He's been a very good TE even with some of the worst qb play in the nfl.

B. Gibson is a very good WR. He was not signed to be the teams #1 WR. He was brought in to be #2 & is a more complete WR than Bess with better size & speed. Philbins GB offense didn't have a true #1 WR. They just had 4 really good ones which we should now have.

The Colts were an anomoly last year. Yes, many rookies on O contributed last year but that is not the norm. They usually hit a wall, more than defensive players.

That's why the decision to address the O in FA with proven players puts us in the hunt this year. Proven players gets the O up to speed & retooling the secondary in the draft while having a good vet mix makes us playoff worthy.

You only look at the negative & distort the rest.

This isn't about not being able to stand an opposing viewpoint. It's about refuting the distortions & exaggerations you have put onthis blog.

I've been down on ireland forever. But, if you can't see the good that was done this year & how much he has rebuilt the roster into a contender for the next 2-3 yars, then you are simply a troll & a hater.

...YG..We could have struck gold with Bray if he learns how to play the position. He clearly has the arm, the "measurable"..His interview with Gruden said It all. Gruden asked Bray to rate himself as far as commitment-effort. Bray gave himself a seven. Although it may have been honest..You can't say that as a qb.. You have to be a 10, a 12.. Anyway. I thought it was a good pickup.

As far as the holes on this team...On paper, we look pretty good. Much better then the last few years. Lets see how these units play together. As folks have said. The pressure is on Tannehill. we will only go as far as he takes us.(IMO)

JR Smith elbowed Jason Terry because he is gay.

IMO no way do the Dolphins go into training camp with just the O lineman we currently have. I see Martin at T (don't know which side) D. Thomas at LG Pouncey at C Incognito at RG and an as of yet unsigned vet FA T at the other T spot. I think we will be fine. As long as Tanne improves this year Phins are in playoffs. All you people that say the Phins haven't improved the talent this offseason have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you are talking about. As true fans we need to be more optimistic and a whole lot less negative. I went to my first Phins game when Griese was still the starting QB and have been a die hard fan ever since, even through all the losing seasons and bad drafts and if it don't work out this year I will still be one of their biggest fans because that's what a REAL fan is supposed to do and if ya cant get down with that line of thinking I suggest u go and find someone else to cheer for because this organization and the real fans on this site don't need ya.


Unlike Bess, Gibson can attack the football in the air. He has some Brandon Marshall like attributes, in that at times he's open even when he's not open, because of his physicality against smaller d-backs.

Dear Stephen Ross,

Please, please, please hire Jimmy Johnson as our GM or at the very least, to draft for us!

Jeff Ireland has proven to be a horrible judge of talent and has been wasting draft picks for too long. Who takes a kicker in the 5th rd who's projected to go in the 7th rd or be an undrafted free agent? Stop using the draft to build our special teams units!


Bray is the kind of guy that ends up on your practice squad. Too inconsistent right now for a team to use a roster spot on him.

He's kind of like this year's Pat Devlin. So we already have a Bray on the roster, only ours is already 3yrs into his development.

Unlike Bess, Gibson can attack the football in the air. He has some Brandon Marshall like attributes, in that at times he's open even when he's not open, because of his physicality against smaller d-backs.Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/04/one-on-one-with-jeff-ireland/comments/page/4/#comments#storylink=cpy


Who ever wrote that is an absolute moron... let's hope you never bring kids into society! Brandon Gibson sucks and you insult Brandon Marshall by even including Gibson in the sentence as Marshall.

The good on Pat Devlin is that he has developed and shown enough to legitimately earn a roster spot.

The bad is that the fo isn't 100% comfortable with him at #2 just yet. If so, Matt Moore's not resigned under any scenario.

Why not ask him why the hell he gave away Davon Bess? Why not ask him how on earth he could let Reggie Bush walk away? Why not ask questions we really want to hear him address instead of the usual, "Tell me what you like about this draft." Come on. You're getting worse than Cole.

Posted by: Fireland | April 29, 2013 at 12:40

Fireland are you still here? Let me ask you a question, are you actually a fan of the Miami Dolphins?

If so, why is it that you don't understand why Bush and Bess were allowed to walk/be traded? I mean this is football 101 bud, the answers are as obvious as they can be. So obvious I'm not going to answer them, you should already know.

Armando didn't ask the questions because all of us (except you)already know the answers and have been talking about it for weeks. SHEESH

Posted by: former season ticket holder | April 29, 2013 at 02:06 PM

After reading some your posts, somehow I just don't feel insulted, being called a moron by you.

It actually feels like a compliment. Thanks brother!


The difference is of opinion. Some believe the roster has been rebuilt to the level of a good team. Others believe differently. Both of us used facts or analysis to argue our opinions.

It is still my opinion that the offense is weak and will be a serious problem in the upcoming season absent Tannehill becoming elite.

Cheers. :-)



Posted by: Dashi | April 29, 2013 at 01:13 PM


No one will let u guard them closely.

Posted by: lol | April 29, 2013 at 01:26 PM

Why not? Why wouldn't someone let him guard them closely? This doesn't make sense.

I think the Bray to the Dolphins rumor was false. I think he is on Kansas City. The thing I like about Gibson over Bess is that Gibson actually managed to put it in the endzone 5 times.

Oh dear god Mike Wallace tweets about Jason Collins coming out:

I'm not bashing anybody don't have anything against anyone I just don't understand it

— Mike Wallace (@Wallace17_daKid) April 29, 2013

All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH...

— Mike Wallace (@Wallace17_daKid) April 29, 2013


This isn't about not being able to stand an opposing viewpoint. It's about refuting the distortions & exaggerations you have put on this blog.

Posted by: LOL | April 29, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Best point I've read in here for a while now. Every time one of these incessantly negative non fans of the Dolphins accuses someone of not being tolerant of their viewpoint use this answer. It's point on, 100% accurate.

Looks like Wallace is taking the Brandon Marshall way out.

"It is still my opinion that the offense is weak and will be a serious problem in the upcoming season"

I just don't understand (like LOL) what you are basing this opinion on when you haven't even watched these guys play together yet.

Are you one of those guys who has been saying the Bills will be in the playoffs every year and the Eagles are the dream team going to the Superbowl? Seems like you are basing your opinion on fantasy because it certainly isn't being based on facts. There are no facts to use as a basis yet, why not wait until training camp is over to turn the crystal ball on? ;)



Posted by: Dashi | April 29, 2013 at 01:13 PM


Posted by: Phins78 | April 29, 2013 at 02:13 PM

I agree with Phins78 on this one. Incognito was in the Pro Bowl last year. He may not have been anyones 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice but he was obviously considered one of the top 5 players at is position last year just to even be selected as an alternate. You don't cut those players because they suck. You only cut them for cap reasons. Do I think you still try to upgrade the position? Of course I do and I think they may have with D. Thomas. But unless you have 2 new G's that are just as skilled or better and making less money you don't cut him. Just my opinion.

Wallace stated his opinion. He's not gay and doesn't understand why some guys don't like women.

Lets not turn this into something it's not. This f%$^ing country, more importantly men in this country are turning into pansies. The politically correct BS has to stop.

Did he bash gays? NO So what's the problem? Who gives a f%$k about twitter?lol

Looks like Wallace is taking the Brandon Marshall way out.

Posted by: Vontae's Grandma | April 29, 2013 at 02:22 PM

Not even ignorant, just a VERY STUPID POST. Makes no sense. That seems to be a theme here.

he's a freaky queen.lol


Twitter has become the #1 news source/information site in the world. It shows a lack of brainpower by Wallace to tweet those views knowing very well the whole world will see it shortly. It's disconcerting to have a new free agent star wide receiver have those views and publicly express them.

Respectfully yours,



It was an opinion. No different from the opinions of those who think the Dolphins are on the right track. All any of us have now are guesses and opinions. The season is when the results are determined. In that, we're in agreement I think.

Butch that was my only point. There are probably 20 guys I would let go of to create cap space before I would let go og Cogs. Not to mention what that does to the cohesion of the line. You CAN NOT lose the entire left side of your line in one offseason and expect the new guys to gel right away. It just doesn't happen. Any new player on the left side needs Cogs there to show him the ropes, help him with calls at the line of scrimmage, point out switches that cause an adjustment in this offense. Cogs stays, no way we can afford to lose him right now.

Glenn he didn't tweet anything wrong.

You disagree? Please point out exactly what he said that was wrong.

Have any of you haters of the Dolphins WR core looked at the udfa WR Taylor Stockemer from Ark St.? He looks good to me: 6' 5" - 215 4.35/40,BP15, VJ39",BJ10'11", 3C 7.36.

What views? That he doesn't understand being gay? What if a gay guy said he didn't understand wanting to be with a woman? Do you honestly think anyone would care?

He didn't say he doesn't accept it, he said he doesn't understand it. There's a difference so you have to stop reaching here.

Cogs will be going into his 10th season in 2014's fa year. so a longterm contract is extremely doubtful. Therefore Dallas Thomas looks like great insurance should we're not able to resign him.

I don't think Ireland went into this year's draft looking for Cogs replacement. Just that Dallas Thomas may have been a guy on their draftboards that fits what Philbin likes in his olineman. They knew that this guy would not be on their board with a later pick, so they pulled the trigger.

They may be able to resign Cogs nxt season, then maybe not. But getting Dallas Thomas this season takes some of the sting out of potentially losing Cogs next season.


My issue was that he Tweeted it at all. I have no problem with his views. It is his personal opinions and I won't infringe on them. I just think it shows stupidity/lack of awareness to share them with the world. The fact that he didn't have the foresight to understand that there would be backlash gives me pause for concern.

Respectfully yours,


No problem sigh, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Lets hope you're wrong. (IMO you are wrong :)

Funny thing about being a fan of one if the 32 NFL teams, if you follow them close enough. You'll also get a fair read on other franchises.

Good interview Mando! You've been spot on this off season!!! I think Ireland and crew did a great job this draftbut obviously, nothing matters till you get boots on the ground and missiles in the air! GEAUX FINS!!!!

Speaking of udfa rookie wr's:

Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union
Height: 6-0. Weight: 190.
40 Time: 4.47.
Projected Round (2013): 5-7.
4/23/13: Mount Union has produced some quality NFL receivers with Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts. Collins is the latest in line and showed some nice ability at the East-West Shrine. Collins is very fast and runs good routes with quickness. The East-West quarterbacks struggled to get Collins the ball, but he was regularly getting separation from defensive backs. Collins ran well at his pro day and performed well.

Collins had 92 receptions for 1,694 yards with 22 touchdowns as a senior. He averaged 18.4 yards per catch. Collins is a crafty receiver. The success of Shorts and Garcon should help Collins. He may not make it into the mid-rounds, but his receiving and special teams return ability could get him drafted.

Collins is coming to Dolphins camp. Walter had him rated 5th to 7th rd. This is the guy that could be the real gem at wr as an undrafted rookie fa.

Glenn I will agree with you that he should have more awareness for a 27 year old. I wasn't aware of any backlash, where are you hearing that people are upset by this? But this is confusing, you said;

"It is his personal opinions and I won't infringe on them."

He didn't give an opinion one way or the other. He said he doesn't understand something. How many straight people do understand it?

Gay guys are the same way, they don't understand how we can be with women because they don't want to be with women.

An opinion would be "I don't condone Collins coming out because I don't agree with homosexuality".

Saying you don't understand something is hardly cause for public outcry. Maybe people who have too much time on their hands care but do you ,,,,,,do you reallyyyyyy care that he doesn't understand why some guys don't like women? Come on my man! lol

Posted by: Glenn | April 29, 2013 at 02:37 PM

Youre right. Twitter is the modern day version of the double-edged sword. Have to be extra careful what you tweet. The smallest thing can come back to bite you in the ass.


I freely admit I may be wrong. ;)

Just seen that story on nfl.com and all I could think was Why even tweet that? With the logo change and offensive changes we are making and the possible stadium improvements, miami has enough on it's plate so why add this to it?

By the way Glenn thank you for keeping me entertained because I had a few minutes here and did NOT want to talk about undrafted free agents! No offense to anyone else, I just have no clue who would be good and who we should take a chance on. I know Bess was found via this route but whatever, most of these guys never stick. And I don't follow college enough to be able to assess the bottom of the barrell/middle of the barrell guys. God bless you guys who follow that far down but how in the hell do you have time?! lol I will trust YG and the rest on who might be a keeper.


The difference is of opinion. Some believe the roster has been rebuilt to the level of a good team. Others believe differently. Both of us used facts or analysis to argue our opinions.

It is still my opinion that the offense is weak and will be a serious problem in the upcoming season absent Tannehill becoming elite.

Cheers. :-)

Posted by: Sigh | April 29, 2013 at 02:13 PM

You used not a single fact or relevant analysis to make any sort of point. You used exaggerations & flat out ASSumptions.

You are simply being negative & stretching the truth to it's furthest extreme to try to validate it.

I refuted every one of your "points" with facts. Like the Keller one or the Gibson one.

Again, this isn't a difference of opinion. It's about you not accepting the reality of the situation or not having a clue as to what the team was trying to accomplish in FA or the draft.



If you have access to Twitter please search "Mike Wallace". There is a lot of backlash from what I can see. Also, PR must have gotten to him because he deleted his tweets.

Deadspin article:

Mike Wallace has dumb thoughts about gay people: http://deadspin.com/mike-wallace-has-dumb-thoughts-about-gay-people-484560789?

Sigh, lol, nice one. Once again, I REALLY hope you are but I understand why you have questions. And it's been a long time since the Phins have done anything special on offense. That brings out a little bit of cynicism in all of us. They definitely have to prove themselves before we all buy in 100%.


I didn't spend a ton of time on it(udfas'). Once I saw our udfa list, I checked to see if any were rated on Walter Campbell. That's how I found this Jasper Collins kid.

came from the same school as Pierre Garcon. Dominated his level of competition. Had a very nice East-west shrine game. Walter Camp had him rated as high as 5th rd, as low as 7th.

Now we get him for a slice of bologna in comparison. That's it.

Glenn I'll trust you that here are people who are upset. I don't give a crap about fans who might be upset but if NFL people are disgruntled by his comments fine.

I still stick by my opinion of this country being overly sensitive, it's a shame. We used to be allowed out own opinions in America, now you're only allowed to have an opinion of your own if it's okay with everyone else. It's actually pretty sad. We are making Kim Jung Un proud.

And here we go:

Sports Biz ‏@CNBCSportsBiz
NFL to review comment made by Dolphins' Mike Wallace: "This underscores the importance of education and awareness."

So now the NFL going to get involved. Not what the Dolphins needed in their push for the Superbowl/stadium funding.


Definitely no one's projecting us a top 2013 offense. However, with the seemingly great offseason job with the defense, I do believe we have just enough horsepower on offense to be in great position to win games.

I do believe our overall 2013 defensive rankings will shoot huge leaps skywards in comparisons to 2012's defensive rankings.

Even had we drafted Tavon Austin and Tyler Eiffert. I still don't think it would have been enough to overcome deficiencies still existing on defense. Especially with 11 games this season against the leagues top 13 to 15 qb's this season.

Hahaha Glenn this thing is being blown out of proportion! REALLY? Because Mike Wallace said he doesn't understand being gay the NFL is going to put the kibosh on our stadium deal!? roflmao! no way.

What if he said he didn't understand people who like McDonalds Big Macs? What if he said I don't understand why people can drink beer when there is so many great vodkas out there?

Should the makers of Beer be offended? This is ridiculous to say the least.

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