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One on one with Jeff Ireland

Following the last round of the draft on Sunday, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland agreed to speak with me privately after his open media availability.

This is how it went:

Mando: Your shining moment in this draft?

"Well, obviously I went after the player [Dion Jordan] I really wanted. That was the highlight, to go up and get the player we really wanted and really coveted and be able to get him at the price we got him was even a bonus."

Mando: Why him?

Jeff Ireland: "He jumps out at me. I don't like to compare players but we do a lot of that in our business. I've seen players like him that have great success. He reminds me of several players that have played that position. They're hard to find. The special ones are hard to find.

"And I think the guy can be special. I think that's why.

"And to follow up with your question, the draft is not only just trying to fill needs. I really don't go into the draft trying to fill this need, then this need and this need. I go into the draft building the board as equal as I can. I put the players up there that are the best football players and then marry needs into the best football players. I understand everybody thinks we have a tackle need. And I would say that's something we need to address whether it's a must or a need. But that player jumped out at me and I felt like I had to go get that player."

Mando: What are you going to do at tackle?

Jeff Ireland: "We'll see. The tackle position is an important position. It's an important position. But I feel like we have some flexibility. There are some options out there. I have some things up my sleeve that might work out. We're going to have to fill the need probably with a veteran guy on the street at some point."

Mando: At left tackle?

Jeff Ireland: "We'll see."

Mando: Why not do the trade with Kansas City for Branden Albert instead of drafting cornerback Jamar Taylor in the second round?

Jeff Ireland: "Because I didn't think it was the right thing for us."

Mando: Why?

Jeff Ireland: "Well, I'm not going into that because I'm not so sure it doesn't work it."

Mando: You mean down the road?

Jeff Ireland: "Yeah. Again, I never say never. I don't want to get into the details of that trade right now when it could or couldn't happen done down the road."

Mando: The moment during this draft you said, 'Dang it, I wish I hadn't done that?' Was it when you traded out of the 82nd pick and then had to trade back in?

Jeff Ireland: "You know, that was not a moment that I said, 'Ahh, crap.' I traded out and got the extra fours. And then there was a run. You have a certain number of players on the board and when you trade out you figure someone is going to be there. You have three or four and you think someone's going to be there. And then all of a sudden, five or six picks, boom, boom, boom, boom, guys went off. And it wasn't only in that round but there were rounds where players on our board were getting picked off like crazy. I felt like I needed to go back in there and get a player we really wanted versus settling on a player."



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The Miami Dolphins do not have a policy of inclusion because if they did it would include those who believe otherwise about homosexuality. It is obvious that they allow expression of only one view when it comes to that topic. Inclusiveness includes Mike Wallace's opinions too!

As soon as I find a Mike Wallace jersey I will wear it proudly!

Ireland did a great job of following up this draft with easily his best in 2012.

I believe the true measure of a draft is how many of those players are still on your roster 4yrs later.

From 2012, I think these player will be:

1. Ryan Tannehill
2. Jonathan Martin
3. Lamar Miller
4. Olivier Vernon


1. Dion Jordan
2. Jamar Taylor
3. Dallas Thomas
4. Jelani Jenkins(Moreso as a core St'er)
5. Dion Sims
6. Mike Gillislee
7. Caleb Sturgis

Only reason I didn't add 3rd rd pick Will Davis is because he has limited play time(a little green). But, I still think that he could be bust or boom.

& player that can still be on this roster in 4yrs is absolutely HUGE!

YG, Gotchya. I still thank you guys though, I don't have the time to look those things up and don't need to! I just come here and it's wrapped up neatly and tied with a bow. That's why I love fan blogs, best info on the net. x's and o's is my area, that's why I'm in here so much during the season.

& = 7

See what happens when you write irresponsibly like ButchVa did here? You create an adverse atmosphere(and decrease hits). Be it to Wallace or to anybody else. Internet is NOT to play around if you don't think first how to participate on It. It will break your backbone.

Mike Dee ran a 4.3 to get Wallace to delete that tweet. Fastest PR guy in NFL.

It is true, on the occasions that I travel to the Northeast, it always strikes me how ugly the People there are as compared to here.

Posted by: oscar canosa | April 29, 2013 at 04:11 PM

Oscar , I'm dying to see how much better looking you are than all of us up here, please post a pic. People in Florida are just as ugly as everyone else. Stop lying, we all watch Cops, we know the truth. Nice try though!

Also, never register your real name on twitter. LOL...


I cant speak for the entire northeast. But, when I was in Ohio for a year, those were the most plain jane a group of women I've ever in my life seen. Every so often I would see an attractive girl, but, it was far and inbetween.

In FL, on the otherhand, the frequency in which you see beautiful women is nearly off the charts in comparison. Not that Fl naturally produces great looking women. A lot has to also do with Fl's great ability to attract a higher migrance to this State, which naturally includes beautiful women.

Just that here are so many beautiful women here, that you naturally expect to see them anytime you leave the house. Still, there are some ugly here too. It just doesn't get noticed quite as much.

I'm sure Mike Wallace was just letting all the available girls in South Beach know that he was in town and available for them. If you have ever been to South Beach you know there are many genders available, including transgender persons walking the streets at night. Now the public of attractive heterosexual females know that Mike is in town available for them as a straight male companion.

Wally is right on Montana but there is more to it. He was in a tremendous west coast offense throwing to arguably the best receiver of all time.

You can succeed in the NFL with a weaker arm. You just better hope that the team around you is tremendous. You have to be put in the right situation and who knows, maybe the Eagles are perfect for him. As long as the coach recognizes his limitations and plans around them.

Also, Joe's arm wasn't the best but he was smart as hell. Could read any defense and was incredibly accurate. Barkley doesn't possess those traits as of now and that's the problem.

On a side not, Montana didn't start until midway through his second season. He was a back up to Steve DeBerg. Expect the same route for Barkley.

Please understand I'm not saying they are the same player, but you never know what could happen. I laughed when the Pats took a QB in the 6th round. I was with my cousin and said something like,'how many bad qbs is this team going to draft'?

Kris where in the heck are you?! Will you set these guys straight on this "Kellers injuries" thing. Hasn't he only been injured once in his career? One injury I think you told me.


Just like I posted earlier, Montana also benifitted from playing with a great defense. Put Montana on the NY Jets at the same time period and he never wins 1 championship ring. Its even arguable he ever has 1 playoff victory.


That's funny about "how many bad QB's is this team going to draft?" when NE picked Brady. I could not stand him the first two years he played but can respect and admire him now.

You do have to be careful when you sit down next to any beautiful Lady at some Bars around here , Mike. She could have a hidden barrel, ready for you. Talk to the Bartender first. Our advice.

Oscar didn't you say you weren't born in this country and never played a down of football in your life?

How in the heck are you going to throw out a draft grade? Especially when coaches and players have all been giving the Dolphins a B. And then top that off with the fact that draft grades are wrong more than 50% of the time and the experts ,,,,who cover the game every day of their lives, usually are throwing darts and guessing.

And then someone who has never played the game and didn't even grow up around it is going to GRADE IT?! HAHAHAHA STOP IT, YOU'RE KILLING ME! ;)

I'm going now, I have to get started on my grades for the Asociación de Fútbol de Cuba, after all I do watch some matches on t.v. smh

I think Keller had a hamstring then an ankle injury in 2012.

The media's going to be on this Jason Collins thing for weeks now.

Its only te media that's far behind on this issue. Women have never had a problem with gay men. Heck, they even feel more comfortable around gay men over straight men.

Even the vast majority of straight men have no issue against gay men. Just the sexual practice side of it. Like Mike Wallace said, that's the part we don't understand nor care to understand.

Im sure that most straight men have zero problems with gay men personally. Not unless they make a unnatural sexual proposition to them.

These are the areas where the media is far behind on this issue. Its not the people themselves that are detested, its the unnatural sexual act that is detested by heterosexuals. still we're all in the gray area of the pot calling the kettle black.

That's where the true problems of society's ills truly stems. we're all the kettle. We're all the pot.

Well God Bless Mike for COMING OUT as a straight male companion for some of the beautiful heterosexual ladies of South Beach. LOL

btw, all these shows about Miami, Miami Vice, CSI, others, are portrayed by milky white Anglos as detectives. Nothing farther from the truth. 90% of the Detectives here are Cuban or of Cuban descent.

Maybe by week's end, Cogs will come out of the closet. His offseason Jake Long tweets seemed awfully suspect. LOL...

But to pretend that there can NEVER be repercussions for said opinions is utterly ridiculous and a total and complete cop out. Go tell your boss what you really think about them...and then play the 1st Ammendment card at the unemployment office.

Posted by D.

D. Here's the problem with that. You people who are so offended by this aren't even debating the right thing. You keep making things up to support your position and it zaps your credibility.

Here's how. When did Mike Wallace tell his boss what he really thought of him? You can't make up scenarios that have nothing to do with the story and then act like they're the same exact thing. That was a bad example, I'm sure you can do better.

Wallace didn't tell anyone what he thinks of them. What aren't you guys getting about this and why do you continue to shove words down his throat? He said he doesn't understand something, THAT IS ALL. HE DIDN'T SAY IT WAS WRONG!

Repercussions for stating your offensive opinion at work? YOU BETCHYA! But where did Mike state an opinion? Please, one of you people debating this point out where he stated an opinion please.

It's not an opinion that you don't understand something. That's called a fact. The fact is, you don't understand something. Whether that is math,science, or the mating habits of the serengeti spider monkey, you just don't understand it.

An opinion would be;
1. I hate math
2. I hate Science
3. I love serengeti spider monkeys, those horny ba%$ards.

Those are opinions. I don't know where the disconnect is on this.

If same sex compilation became an acceptable norm. Then more power to those who wish to practice. Its just that I will never include myself in the practice of the norm. LOL...

- When I saw those ballls hanging down...I knew I wasn't one of them -. A friend.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever | April 29, 2013 at 06:17 PM


And in my OPINION, that would be just fine.

I agree that what Wallace tweeted was more ignorant than hostile. It didn't come across as genuinely mean-spirited.

That said, I also think it's cool this 'final barrier' is coming down. All of us have no doubt cheered for gay athletes without ever knowing it and I don't think anybody should have to live in the shadows or not be proud of who they are.

I also think the supposed hostility among teammates may be something rapidly fading away, just as it is in society at large.

Athletes are by their very nature part of the younger generation, the same generation that overwhelmingly could care less about the sexual orientation of others and sees it as none of their business. Yes, there may be more of a 'macho culture' in sports but these guys are not from another planet, either. Society changes and so do they.

The ones displaying raw hostility and anger (however much it is their right to do so) will be seen as a fading, sad minority that is simply out of touch with today's sensibilities---no less than how some people only a generation ago were scandalized by things such as interracial marriage or other inconsequential nonsense that didn't affect their lives at all.

So do I think Mike Wallace is a bad guy? Not at all. I just think perhaps he needs to grow up a bit.

Im out, have a great day all, no matter your sexuality. LOL...

This thing is being waaay overblown in today's always sensitive society.

No wonder why crime is so rampant in Florida. Number one in murders and rapes, way to go Florida!

Hey oscar, maybe you could use some "milky white" people who will actually do the job properly.

Ya make racist comments you open yourself up to this kind of post. Stop being stupid.


There was neither anything mean nor ignorant about Wallace's post. Only "politically incorrect" in light of what is now being considered as "groundbreaking atmosphere".

Best Tweet I saw all day on Twitter. This guy is so right.

@brentelder7: 2 gay athletes come out of the closet and they get praised, but Tim Tebow is bold in his Christian faith and he gets mocked #unreal #sad

Nothing against milky white People, Phins 78. As a matter of fact I had this gal that had this very Red P...., well.

Yesterday's Gone--

Totally agreed it wasn't mean-spirited...not so much that it wasn't ignorant.

I mean, I'm a straight guy but what is it about gay people I'm not supposed to "get?" Some folks are simply attracted to the same sex, that's all. Always been that way and always will.

The only part of that I don't "get" or "understand" is why I should care at all about it or treat anyone different because of it.

"We'll see" -Jeff ireland

Yep, we have a real GM at Miami.

Tim Tebow is almost as religious as YG has become. Hmm...

Oscar I herd you like being tea bagged is it true?

This in mike Wallace likes hot chicks ,,,,,,cool go get um

I used to like hot chicks too ,,,,,,,,,,,then I got married

So what does Ireland have up his sleeve any feed back

I don't know the term, Marc. Yo no sirvo para muchas cosas. And I'm glad. Do you?

Nothing wrong with a Big Fat moon, with a split underneath, staring at you. Now, you have to be sure you reach in there.

The only part of that I don't "get" or "understand" is why I should care at all about it or treat anyone different because of it.

Posted by: pompano fin | April 29, 2013 at 06:34 PM

FIRELAND comes off as an arrogant smarmy A hole.

Oscar I have no idea what you just said but I'm sure I deserved it pece my brother you are the best man

I'm glad you don't know the term but if you did you would be quite angry

Mike Wallace inspired me to post that


Oscar I'm sorry

Oscar, who is cuter, you or odins Hotties?

It's time we start congratulating Ireland and his crew for the excellent job they've done this offseason.

They got the coaching staff the ingredients, it's time for them to cook something!!!

It's time we start congratulating Ireland and his crew for the excellent job they've done this offseason.

They got the coaching staff the ingredients, it's time for them to cook something!!!

Posted by: Dfins006 | April 29, 2013 at 07:14 PM

How do you know it was excellent? You are obviously not a Raider fan.

Bunch of queers here...

What to 99% of SB winners have in common?

Many years of the same offense, same OC, time to gel and perfect. We couldn't be further away from this.

That punter for the Vikings said that it was possible the Vikes drafted a punter because of his views and stance on same sex marriage (he is for it). Doesn't he think that maybe they want someone who can help with field position? Maybe he's not as good a punter as he thinks? That's what I was saying earlier , if you don't agree with they're opinion or stance then you must be wrong or your against them. People used to ( and still do) pull the race card, now they're going to pull the gay card. And just to let everyone know I am aware of the world around me and the diversity of it and I could care less if your gay or half gay or straight, or what ever I just hate seeing someone get bashed and called ignorant just because he made a statement.

Peter Kings column today didn't say much at all about Miami's draft, only that Dion was the #1 risk in the entire draft. Not encouraging.

Posted by: Is 305 Your Area Code Or Your Weight? | April 29, 2013 at 06:38 PM

The 305's are crackheads. We also have 786 and 954. The 954's are the lard butts.

Maybe we got better, but so did most of the strong teams. Does anyone think we can make the playoffs or are we still rebuidling?




Aren't they still lynching black folks in Ft Meyers?


Posted by: Jcb | April 29, 2013 at 07:36 PM

Sure, the women at the gym and beach are hot because they scare off the uglies. But those hot women are not even 1% of the women here. Most women here are average to ugly, most have had a hard party lifestyle or still do, and like most Floridians, most think they are smarter than the average bear but they aren't even smarter than the average rodent.

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