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Perspective about free agency is necessary

Over the weekend the Boston Globe's Greg Bedard noted that the last three Super Bowls champions had only one unrestricted free agent starter in his first year with the team -- combined.

(I'd embed the link but the column is behind a paywall so if you want to see it, go get it. I recommend you do).

Anyway, while that is a very interesting and consequential fact that suggests Super Bowl teams typically grow a majority of their own talent and need their imported talent to adjust for more than a year before succeeding at the highest level, I can see the fact also has the potential to be misunderstood.

Just as what the Dolphins are trying to do this offseason will likely be misunderstood.

The fact suggests rightly that free agents don't immediately bring Super Bowl titles in tow when they sign. Fine. I think everyone gets that. But the next assumption -- that the Dolphins will fail miserably in 2013 because they added eight free agents so far is ridiculous.

Look, Jeff Ireland has spoken to the media multiple times this offseason. So has owner Stephen Ross. And coach Joe Philben spent an hour on the record only two weeks ago.

None have uttered the words, "We're adding free agents this offseason to win the very next Super Bowl and if we don't we're total failures."

The Dolphins aren't adding free agents to win the next Super Bowl. That's not the immediate goal. They're adding free agents to help them win. Period. It's something that hasn't been done in Miami for quite some time and the Dolphins are doing what they can to change course.

The last time the Dolphins put a winning team on the field was 2008. That's a president ago. That's a whole different economy ago. It's been a long time, folks.

And so to criticize them for trying to add talent to a team that desperately needed the infusion is akin to criticizing an athlete for practicing his craft because he might not immediately win a title as a result.

Winning a title is the ultimate goal, yes. But there are goals lower down the ladder of accomplishments the Dolphins will happily chase and consider 2013 a success if they meet -- even if they don't win a Super Bowl.


How about turning in a winning season? How about making the playoffs as a wild card team? How about winning the AFC East? Relevance doesn't just come after winning the Super Bowl.

All of those are viable goals short of a Super Bowl win that would likely feel good to the fan base by the time 2013 comes to a close.

And, unlike that ominous stat about first-year starting UFAs on Super Bowl winners, I can report UFAs do indeed help their teams turn it around fairly quickly when the measure of that turnaround is not a Super Bowl win.

Drew Brees went to New Orleans as a UFA and turned that team, indeed that city, into a winner.

Michael Turner went to Atlanta in 2008 as a UFA and helped that team make multiple playoff appearances. Atlanta, by the way, has no problem adding talent by any means necessary -- trades for veterans, trade ups in the draft, unrestricted free agency, you name it.

When the Giants won the Super Bowl in February 2008, the player who caught the winning TD was UFA Plaxico Burress.

The Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl in February 2009 with UFA quarterback Kurt Warner leading them there.

Jacoby Jones was released by the Houston Texans on May 1, 2012 and signed as a free agent seven days later with the Baltimore Ravens. And that was him making multiple big plays for Baltimore last postseason, including a 70-yard touchdown catch against Denver with 30 seconds to play to tie the game and a 108-yard kickoff return touchdown against San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

By the way, Denver was 13-3 last season and won the AFC West. I'd say UFA quarterback Peyton Manning had something to do with that. 

So what about those facts suggest adding free agents is a bad idea?

Oh yeah, nothing.


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mark 100 percent a qb will still go top 10

winston is horrible, noooooooooooooooo ireland do not sign that bum

carson isnt good anymore, slight upgrade for zona. not worth the 8 mill hes gonna get

Now the grease ball troll thinks doing the same thing over and over without success is a good thing. Go back to Watching Dora and the monkey little girl.

The media always knocks any moves the fins make, I'm happy with what they've done whether it works or not at least it shows the effort to put a good team on the field, it's much better than the last few years watching them pick up every scrub that other teams release in training camps, I suppose the media suggests we keep going that route since its worked out so well morons

Bryce Harper...2 ABs...2 HRs...Unreal...

against the marlins, maybe the worst team in history of mlb this year

Ken...LOL!!! No kidding...I was reading Ken Rosenthall (sp?) on NFL.com....What an idiot...

I thought Matt Moore was Valuable. Some here think he is better than T-Hill. The Fins should be able To Trade M.Moore for J.Thomas Straight Up.

The Only 1st Round Qb is G.Smith, The Others are all 2nd Rounders. With M.Barkley Being A 6th Rounder.

Bobbyd make really stupid fkin comments that are horrible football ideas and when someone calls it dumbshyt because it is. He can only drop "troll" jargon and can make no reasonable or intelligent comment. Dudes a nimrod.

bill connors...Nolasco is a decent starter...Even on a crappy Florida team...

nolasco is horrible, but dont get me wrong harper top 5 player in the game right now. but marlins should lose 110 at least

Nobody talking about DeAndre Hopkins, yet, he is one of the BPA. So is Vaccaro.

bap oscar bap.

Josephus ...

If you are upset about the current ownership "Trampling on the Dolphins heritage" Then your living in the past my friend. At 47 I've seen everything this team has done come and go. And there is only one true constant in the NFL... Change.
If your sitting back in your reclining chair, pining for the day's of Shula, Czonka Marino and Duper, all under the banner of Joe Robbie. Then your not only wasting time... Your wasting an opportunity to move forward with the team.
I've heard guys like you for years now... Talking about what Miami did "Back then" and how they did it. Let me remind you of some facts...
Joe Robbie..... Was a tight wad azzzhoyle that squeaked as he walked. We all blame Czonka, Kiick and Warfield for bailing to the new league. Truth is, Robbie wouldn't pay them what they were worth (Which was a 4 to 6 year dynasty) so they split for the money in the new league. Nothing new under the sun my friend.
The only thing different about football today then the football of yesterday... Is you cheer for the logo... not the players. You can like or even love a player and what he can do... But I promise he'll leave as soon as someone say "I'll pay you more then Miami"...
Do yourself a Flavor, Josephus.... Let the past BE PAST. Because I guarantee what you THINK you remember is jaded by what you WANT TO BELIEVE. The NFL is and always has been Big Business... They just don't act so coy about it any more. Kiss the ground and thank your stars we have an owner who will pay WHATEVER for whatever so we can have a chance... There are 15 or so teams who don't have that luxury.

Who has the marlins getting shutout?

It is SS On the mound.

What you think, 2watt, Hopkins and Vaccaro are they bap?

fitz will make palmer look like the 1 over all again.

I must preface the following by stating I was not a Jeff Ireland fan before now. What Jeff has done so far is really nothing short of brilliant....on paper. To start the offense will be tremendously improved with the addition of a true X and Y receivers in Wallace and Keller. We already had the Z in Hartline. We can now go with "11" personal on most plays. This will open the middle of the field as teams must now respect our passing game. This will also open up the running game. No more 8 in the box!! Hartline should become our Welker and will probably finish the season with upwards of 80 catches.
As for the defense that too was improved. Last season our front 7 was considered our strength. Jeff has made our front 7 even stronger with the addition of Ellerbe and Wheeler. Im not to concerned about the back 4 as a great pass rush means you don't need a pro bowl back 4. I think the addition of Grimes to the back 4 will be enough to help us handle the pass.
Also remember we have 11 draft choices are in good shape cap wise. Even though we made 8 FA pickups we still have about $15million in cap room. Jeff did all this while protecting the cap for the future. So a decent draft where maybe we get 2 starters and I may I say we are definitely relevant again. May I dare say we could be a POSSIBLE Super Bowl contender!!

Marlins will win at least 80 games. M.Redmond is a better manager than O.Guillen.

LMAO!! Armando told me last week to just ignore you cause you are a "clown" with "issues". When the owner of the blog calls you a "clown" with "issues", he has no respect for you either. Have a super day Clown LMAO!!

oscar it will be the bap de.

The over under on the Marlins is 63.5. They won't win 80 games Dashi and their attendance will be the worse in baseball

Some reporter at the SS saying he is waiting for his issue of PFW so he can decide on his choices for the Draft. I mean, If you watch their film, you can see that Hopkins is a great and complete Player, infinitely superior to Tavon Austin as a WR. No, 2 watts? Watch Film, don't read crap.

I take it everyone is seeing all these QB moves? It seems either no team wants any QB in the first round this year or they know something we don't in that Jax is going to take G. Smith.

So they are going into plan B mode.

I like Damontre Moore in that case, 2watt. What you think?

marlins wont come close to 80 wins, 55 at most

oscar, Vaccaro would be awesome...

It seems that most here don't watch Film and only go by gossip. I have the advantage over you. Don't complain later, how did Oscar know? etc.

The Dolphins need to change the culture of the team. Wining or losing can often become a habit, and becomes the accepted norm. For our Fins, it has been losing. Getting to the Super Bowl is a process and with the team they had the last few years, they had little to no chance. Let's have a winning season in 2013, maybe a playoff appearance and take it from there. The Boston Globe writer is a spoiled twit since his model for all things football is the Pats, which has a winning only culture.


The Marlins Have Better Coaches. They have the Talent for 55 wins, but the coaching will get an extra 20-30 wins.

The Marlins Are Bad!! But They are Not the Worst Of The Worst!!

They have Some Good Young Players That Can Develop Throughout The Season With Proper Coaching.

dashi wake up, team is horrible. zero chance at 80 wins. get real for once bro

For those that were there that night, do you know how I knew the Heat would come from 27 points down to Win that Game? No hocus-pocus. I know they have Great Players and a great Team.

Montreal, yep, no more excuses. Training wheels are off and he will have a competent or excellent offensive player at every position out there. He has to take te reins this year. 3,700 yeards 20TDs and 10INTs is the absolute, absolute minimum for this guy this year. Anything less barring injury and start scouting 2014 QBs ..

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | April 01, 2013 at 01:42 PM

Your right, 20 TD's should be easy. I think the kid could throw for 30 this year easily.

This Isn't Even The Worst Marlin Opening Roster In The Last 5-10 Years.

Dusty, 80 wins isn't Even .500.

Dashi is Saying At Best The Fins Are A .500 Team.

Look at The History. The Marlins have been Consistently a 80 win Team the Last 10 years. The Guillen Season was One Of The Worst In Marlin History.




I might let you guys get away with calling Dashi an Idiot Or Whatever You Want Because The Way I See Things Might be Different from Tradition. When It Comes To Football.

But On Beisból!!

Dashi has Forgotten More Baseball Than You Will Ever Learn. I Definitely Don't Talk Out My Ass On Baseball.

I know Baseball Like The Back Of My Hand. Or Like How You Know Your Palm. Real Well!!

So Beat It!!

Montreal, no doubt it was a stupid trade. i just think Carson will be pretty good in Arizona, that's all. Still won't make the playoffs as they have two of the top 5 teams in the NFl in their division tho

*at best the Marlins are a .500 team.

Texas, yeah I agree on the QB moves. Sure Geno to Jax makes sense - only spot for him I guess. Otherwise - all day two picks.

D.Moore Would be Great at #12.

Dashi believes he didn't do well at the combine because some team already made them a guarantee to draft him. Sort of like T-Hill last year.

Adding D.Moore, Completes The Front 7.

But I Still Think LT is #1 Priority Going Into The Draft. If None Of The Top 3 LT's Are There. I Can See The Fins Picking D.Moore Over X.Rhodes.


Vaccaro would be a great pick...Physical presence in the secondary...I love defensive backs who can bring the hammer down...I would love it if we could get a secondary similar to Seattle...Guys who are not afraid of contact...Not like that pus** Sean Smith...

I totally understand what everyone is saying but I respectfully disagree. The goal of the team should be high....SUPER BOWL. In reality will that happen this year. Doubtful, but set the bar high and come as close as possible. Do you think these free agents coming in think we will win. I know they are cashing in, but how many free agents wanted to sign here when we were a joke....I E manning,e didn't even visit. The players, coaches and FANS all want championships. What I have seen from the Dolphins organization this year is to improve as much as possible, set a base for winning and continuing to build upon that base. We are headed in the right direction, so why not set our gals as
1. Playoffs
2. AFC East Champion
3. AFC Champion
4. NFL Champion
This should be our goal every year and eventually we will meet all of them.

yes, agree completely. I know it looks like we are buying a team...but actually all teams should be trying to use all their cap room and attempt to improve their team any way they can. The Dolphins have (had) the room and are trying to improve their team. Regardless of whether or not they overpaid for a guy, the question is "can this guy improve the team or based on past performance would he be an improvement over that position now. Then you draft in a way to hedge your bets. I feel like their aggression will be rewarded and exactly, they should be satisfied if we at least get into the playoffs or maybe pick up a win and just have some fine tuning next year. We have just not been to that "fine tuning" level in years.

Yeah, if we were going DE, I would like Moore. Yeah, like Dashi said, combine was crap but pro day was much better. Definitely an undervalued guy right now. I like him better than Jordan. Moore had awesome production in a tough conference. 12.5 sacks, 86 tackles and a good athlete. yep, fits the bill.

Mark, I would rather a pass rusher than a LT...This draft is very deep in good tackles, and not only that, I think John Jerry is an underrated LT...They have to stop putting him at guard, he's not a guard, he's a tackle. Much better in open space...He's got quick feet for a big guy and uses them well in pass protection...Let Jerry and Martin compete for the LT position...I would stick Lance Louis at RT (he can play both tackle and guard) and maybe draft a RG to start...Of course Chance Warmack would be great but I'm not sure he'll still be on the board when we pick...However, if he is, man, it's tough not to take him... How awesome would it be to have Pouncey and Warmack on our o-line? Talk about a one two punch...

A lot of people think Warmack is this year's Mike Lupati...Some think even better...And Lupati was a heck of a good draft pick by the 49ers...

Looks like Ireland got good prices on Lance Louis and Vaughn Martin.

Looks like 1.6 million for Louis and 2 million a year at 2 years for Martin.

I'm actually a fan of this "acorn" signing in combination with all the other moves he has made.

I think Ireland will go after Lane Johnson in a trade up. If he does it means everyone has a lot more faith in Martin to play LT than most on this blog.

Montreal, I would be on board with your plan if they get another tackle. I don't think Louis was brought in to be a tackle, he is too short. I agree about jery though, better tackle than guard. Personally I would bring in another tackle (a vet who has started a lot - Winston or mcKinnie type) and let the best two of three start. I know Warmack and Cooper are day one starters at guard - probably at a pro bowl level but I'd rather take one of the later super atheltic guards and let him learn for a year. If we aren't taking an OT first then take playmakers, sign an OT in free agency, and draft a couple linemen mid rounds for the pipeline.

I much rather pick Moore than Warmack in the first.

I hear what your saying about perspective and negativity Armando.

It is what it is and until we win on the field we are free game for the pundits.

As far as the draft and some talks about trading spots with Cleveland to get an OT, it wouldn't be a bad scenario. Trading up 6 spots would cost 400 points on the point value chart which translates to a mid 2nd rder.

I guess that could put us in play for possibly Fisher (he could go to Detriot at 5) or Lane Johnson.

Another interesting scenario however, would be to trade a 2nd rder to KC for Albert. That scenario would afford us the luxury of keeping out 1st rder. Then we might be able to trade down and possibly recoup the 2nd rder or maybe a 3rd.

Mark, that's what I like about this year's draft...Nobody really knows what we're going to do...More and more rumors about us trading up...Some say for a tackle...But a lot of people think Ireland wants to trade up for Alabama corner Dee Milliner...And according to Zach Krantz of 560 WQAM, the kid is in Davie today meeting with the Dolphins...Man the draft can't come soon enough...

I think its safe to say the last thing New England is concerned about is the lowly Fins. But keep dreamin! LMAO!!

Posted by: LOL | April 01, 2013 at 09:03 AM

There's the problem, you shouldn't think, let Belichick do that. And if you DO think that Belichick isn't concerned about the future of the Patriots when Tom Brady is 3 years from retirement or one hit from the hospital then you don't know much about Bill and the Patriots. The guy was making moves against us when Cameron was the coach. You honestly think he's not concerned with the obvious improvement of his only afc east rival?

Bill is an intelligent coach, one of the best. He never lets ego get in the way and he NEVER takes another team lightly. Not even the bad teams. He trains his players to think the same way.

Thank you for taking a shot at the Dolphins but you really just came off like a know nothing hater.

Glad to know LOL is a Pats fan. He just lost every ounce of credibility he ever had in here. A Pats fan hanging out in a rival forum to talk about a team hge doesn't even follow? Yeeeaaahhhh lets listen to his opinions all day. F^%$ing putz.

Posted by: nowayJose | April 01, 2013 at 02:05 PM

Who are you talking to? Bobby is well liked in here by all of the REAL Dolphin fans so who is it you are talking to? Yourself or the one other idiot who doesn't like the Dolphins but hangs out in a Dolphins forum 24/7? Not only that but you've been here hoiw long and STILL,,,,STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, don't know the meaning of the word "troll"? God you're f^%&ing stupid as s%^t.

ALoco I'm swearing! Where are you to tell me I'm a disgustion human beiean?

"3,700 yeards 20TDs and 10INTs is the absolute, absolute minimum for this guy this year."

Mark what if he throws 19 tds, 11 ints, and 3500 yards? You looking for a new QB? ;p

Tannehill is WORSE then Henne. Dolphins will be looking for a new QB before midseason.

"es, agree completely. I know it looks like we are buying a team...but actually all teams should be trying to use all their cap room and attempt to improve their team any way they can"

Agreed Wayne. And it cracks me up because what did the commentators expect the Dolphins to do?

It seems like they wanted them to resign all of the underachieving mediocre players that helped us to years of mediocrity and then save the rest of the money in the bank?

Who freakin complains about spending to your cap in football? Just more Dolphin hatred that was built by ESPN during the Cameron year. They LOVED making fun of the Dolphins, it became a favorite thing to do and now they don't have a new team to hate. The Phins will have to win to get rid of the espn stench.

Montreal, I'm with you ... I have no idea who the guy is. he could be any one of ten guys and it would make sense. Very intriguing.

Miami was a mockery last year while The Ochocinco show made negative headlines again for us after Brandon Marshall did the same. I am so happy as a Dolphan that we are contenders in the AFC East again. I like thinking that New England has to worry about us again. I watched my team go 1-15 and then next year turn around and make the Patriots look like fools when we added the Wild Cat then all the teams wanted to do it. Plus they had to expect us to do it again to their team. Now the teams of of our schedule have to do serious game planning to play us. Tannehill just might throw it down the field and Wallace may burn Revis if he's still on the jets. This off-season Miami's name was said to already make them a household name again.

Tannehill is WORSE then Henne. Dolphins will be looking for a new QB before midseason.

Posted by: Matt |

Great point! So well thought out, bravo.

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