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Perspective about free agency is necessary

Over the weekend the Boston Globe's Greg Bedard noted that the last three Super Bowls champions had only one unrestricted free agent starter in his first year with the team -- combined.

(I'd embed the link but the column is behind a paywall so if you want to see it, go get it. I recommend you do).

Anyway, while that is a very interesting and consequential fact that suggests Super Bowl teams typically grow a majority of their own talent and need their imported talent to adjust for more than a year before succeeding at the highest level, I can see the fact also has the potential to be misunderstood.

Just as what the Dolphins are trying to do this offseason will likely be misunderstood.

The fact suggests rightly that free agents don't immediately bring Super Bowl titles in tow when they sign. Fine. I think everyone gets that. But the next assumption -- that the Dolphins will fail miserably in 2013 because they added eight free agents so far is ridiculous.

Look, Jeff Ireland has spoken to the media multiple times this offseason. So has owner Stephen Ross. And coach Joe Philben spent an hour on the record only two weeks ago.

None have uttered the words, "We're adding free agents this offseason to win the very next Super Bowl and if we don't we're total failures."

The Dolphins aren't adding free agents to win the next Super Bowl. That's not the immediate goal. They're adding free agents to help them win. Period. It's something that hasn't been done in Miami for quite some time and the Dolphins are doing what they can to change course.

The last time the Dolphins put a winning team on the field was 2008. That's a president ago. That's a whole different economy ago. It's been a long time, folks.

And so to criticize them for trying to add talent to a team that desperately needed the infusion is akin to criticizing an athlete for practicing his craft because he might not immediately win a title as a result.

Winning a title is the ultimate goal, yes. But there are goals lower down the ladder of accomplishments the Dolphins will happily chase and consider 2013 a success if they meet -- even if they don't win a Super Bowl.


How about turning in a winning season? How about making the playoffs as a wild card team? How about winning the AFC East? Relevance doesn't just come after winning the Super Bowl.

All of those are viable goals short of a Super Bowl win that would likely feel good to the fan base by the time 2013 comes to a close.

And, unlike that ominous stat about first-year starting UFAs on Super Bowl winners, I can report UFAs do indeed help their teams turn it around fairly quickly when the measure of that turnaround is not a Super Bowl win.

Drew Brees went to New Orleans as a UFA and turned that team, indeed that city, into a winner.

Michael Turner went to Atlanta in 2008 as a UFA and helped that team make multiple playoff appearances. Atlanta, by the way, has no problem adding talent by any means necessary -- trades for veterans, trade ups in the draft, unrestricted free agency, you name it.

When the Giants won the Super Bowl in February 2008, the player who caught the winning TD was UFA Plaxico Burress.

The Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl in February 2009 with UFA quarterback Kurt Warner leading them there.

Jacoby Jones was released by the Houston Texans on May 1, 2012 and signed as a free agent seven days later with the Baltimore Ravens. And that was him making multiple big plays for Baltimore last postseason, including a 70-yard touchdown catch against Denver with 30 seconds to play to tie the game and a 108-yard kickoff return touchdown against San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

By the way, Denver was 13-3 last season and won the AFC West. I'd say UFA quarterback Peyton Manning had something to do with that. 

So what about those facts suggest adding free agents is a bad idea?

Oh yeah, nothing.


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Ross is too cheap to pay for good players.

Phins78, I know you were jabbingn at me but if that is all he throws for and he and the offense are healthy, I'd be very very concerned. I mean he almost matched the numbers you quoted this year and that was before dumping ~ $75M into the offense.

Mark yeah I was just joking around. Obviously if he throws one less TD than you wanted and one more interception you won't be screaming at the t.v. I just took the literal tone of the post and ran with it! :)

But definitely no excuses!

Back to work, just thought I would set a bomb off in here quick before I had to get back.

Haha, yeah, you came in here a house of fire...

Sorry about your Islanders, man ...


In my trade a 2nd for Albert and then trade down in the first and recoup the 2nd scenario there is still alot of talent to be had.

Some names that could be there late 1st rd:

And we would still have two 2nd rders, albeit late ones, but there will still be some good players there:

And we would still have two 3rds, a 4th, 2 5ths, and 2 7ths.

Wait. WHAT ABOUT MY ISLANDERS?! Were still fighting for a playoff spot! Tied for 8th with the Rags and they're the youngest team in the league with a great minor league system and Ryan Strome coming up next season. Don't be sorry for me, they're on their way up finally!

Where were you the past 20 years? Could have used plenty of sorry's then! Haha

But hell Mark, you're a Toronto fan so you know ALL about the pain of rooting for a loser. You guys haven't even won a cup yet! lol

Give Ireland another 15 years and maybe he'll do something right LOL!

Mark you guys are doing well, maybe this is their year. If we don't make it I'll be rooting Leafs all the way. Good luck man and talk to you later.

There's a way to and not to use free agency. You can go out and bring in hired guns, or to solidify your roster. I absolutely love the way Ireland has used this offseason.

Seems the hired gun approach is the one that almost always fails. The hired gun approach, the gunslinger only sells his services to the highest bidder. Its report Wallace actually turned down a higher offer else where because he really wanted to become a Miami Dolphins.

Those are the kind of top fa's you want to sign. The one's who actually want to play for you. Those are the top fa signings that actually work. Wallace was even willing to play at a much lower cap number in the first season of his contract.

The lb situation, we actually got younger, faster, cheaper, and a little more dynamic in the front 7. No problems there. Keller's a huge upgrade to Fasano in the pass game. Came on the 1yrs cheaps too.

Brent Grimes, if 100% healthy is a huge upgrade to Sean Smith, as far as play making ability. And at a much cheaper prove your self first price tag.

When looking up down the list of the incoming fa's, you see prove yourself first, written into each and every fa contract. That's great bargaining folks!

WEll, technically we have the 2nd most championships in the sport's history :P

But hey, we haven't made the playoffs in an eternity so as it seems that streak will finally come to an end and we have the 6th highest scorer in the league and another (an American even) in the top 20 ... this is about as rosy as it's been from here in over a decade. We're not hard to please up here. A 6th place in the conference and the talking heads are giddy.

Wallace turned down a higher offer to sign with Minny.

you too phins ... I couldn't handle watching the leafs winning a Stanley Cup anyway. Quite used to it not happening .. it might upset the order of the universe if it somehow happened.

Lamar Miller should get plenty of experience blocking blitzing lb's in practice in the form of Ellerbe.

This is just 1 more plus in having Ellerbe over Dansby. Ellerbe's a better blitzer, thus will have Miller a little better prepared in blitz pick up facing Ellerbe every day in practice.

Will this be the year fins dethrone the Pats? I say quite possibly.

Between the fa and draft hauls, I see the possibility really exists. Especially with these "Prove Yourself first" contract given to the incoming fa's. Their money is in the 2nd year of their contracts, not the first year.

So in order to get paid, they need to have stellar seasons in their first year. Add this to a nice draft haul, and 2013 could be a very exciting year to be a dolfan.

Remember, you heard it here first!

Also, the fa's with 1yr contracts will have to be nearly lights out in their play to garner an extension and better money in 2014.

Gotta love Ireland's work thus far. Its all about proving yourself onfield first and we can talk about the big money or multiple years later.

I don't want the jinx of being picked the super bowl winner.
I just want to see the Phins win it. And if they can't draft a bunch of guys that play like Incognito. He really plays in the dirt. What did Mr T say: Forecast for today...Pain.
Seriously, I think Ireland and Infante have created a perfect storm for the Phins. Cap space and signing free agent Players of an age that are on the rise, 11 draft picks and money to fix any loose ends in the coming years. And some of them come with a bad case of the nasties not a big mouth.
That last comment is for that turd linebacker from last year who couldn't shut his face when it was important to shut his face.
Effin Brilliant.

That's My Two Cents for Today.

You guys can have it with your best shots for the rest!

Posted by: klndry | April 01, 2013 at 04:36 PM

I agree. Was sickening listening to Dansby anoint himself nfl's best lb and was never good enough to make pro bowl even. Good fking riddance!

Maybe Dansby/Crowder can have their own radio show now. Seems both now have plenty time on hand.

You idiots will never be happy , I just can't believe you morons

This was the best off season we have ever had , and we are not done ITS DRAFT TIME

The one thing Mando forgot to add about the last super bowl teams wa they have great GMs(Building through the draft), Ozzie Newsome with the Ravins is one of the best, Can you put Jeff Ireland in the same League?
I think not.

The miami whale phins will be champions

Jeff has done a fine job with the cap and free agency

24 days to go losers

I must preface the following by stating I was not a Jeff Ireland fan before now. What Jeff has done so far is really nothing short of brilliant....on paper. To start the offense will be tremendously improved with the addition of true X and Y receivers in Wallace and Keller. We already had the Z in Hartline. We can now go with our "11" personal on most plays. This will open the middle of the field as teams must now respect our passing game. This will also open up the running game. No more 8 in the box!! Hartline should become our Welker and will probably finish the season with upwards of 80 catches.
As for the defense that too has improved. Last season our front 7 was considered our strength. Jeff has made our front 7 even stronger with the addition of Ellerbe and Wheeler. Im not to concerned about the back 4 as a great pass rush means you don't need a pro bowl back 4. I think the addition of Grimes to the back 4 will be enough to help us handle the pass.
Also remember we have 11 draft choices and are in good shape cap wise. Even though we made 8 FA pickups we still have about $15million in cap space. Jeff did all this while protecting the cap for the future. With a decent draft where maybe we get 2 starters may I say we are definitely relevant again. May I dare say we could be a POSSIBLE Super Bowl contender!!

If Bedard means to argue that a team can't be successful while relying heavily on FA's, then he must suffer from extremely selective amnesia as the Patsies 1st SB* (can't forget the asterisk) got heavy contributions from the 18 FAs they signed that year. While that kind of success in FA is unlikely to be repeated again (largely because the Patsies showed that several good FA signings can be worth more than one great to elite FA signing), the most of the FA's that the 'Phins signed this year more closely resemble the Patsies' model than the Eagles' "Dream Team" model.
(Also, it shows that the claims that the Patsies built through the draft and that it was harder for Belicheat to win 3 SBs in the age of FA [since one has to wonder how many he would have won if it hadn't been for FA] than it would have been for previous coaches are both myths, but those are topics for another day).

Excellent read Armando. Nice work. Way to put that Bostonian in his place.

ALoco's from Boston, no?

Yeah, it all makes sense now. Greg Bedard was just trying to stir the pot with a bunch of useless Drivel.

Sound like anybody we know........?

PS: LOL...


Posted by: FIRE IRELAND | April 01, 2013 at 04:10 PM

I just love it when a trolls ignorant post leads right into a good point. 10 starters......?

We just cut the fat off of a team thats had three losing seasons in a row. You contradict yourself by mentioninf anorther losing season coming up......ass wipe...LOL...

You wanted to keep all the players that helped deliver all the losing seasons........?

How dumb are you........? (probably dumb enough to answer a rhetorical question).

Anywhoo.....Thanks for the laugh Tardo.


Posted by: FIRE IRELAND | April 01, 2013 at 04:10 PM

4 Stright losing seasons, I'd of cut off more of the "FAT" IMHO.
Just saying.

Austin will be the real deal

If Dansby and Crowder Get A Radio Show It Will Be Called "The Self-Proclaimed Best Sports Radio Show Ever!!"

Or "The Greatest Stop A Drive At 5!!"

Imagine having Wallace stretching the field, hartline playing the sidelines, austin and keller playing the inside and miller playing the back field. DC will fear us each week. We would become the most dangerous passing attack team in the league. Tannehill will have a field day every week.

Hey BARK...your a waste of skin. Go play bum darts with your 2 dads... Freaking troll

Keeping with the "Perspective Theme"........

How about the fact that we're in a total rebuild and trying to make up ground quickly?

I normally wouldn't advocate signing this many free agents, but ONE: Ireland did a great job in bringing quality players. TWO: He/They we smart in doling out the money and keeping an eye towards the future cap.

THREE: The biggest thing for me is the fact we have all these draft picks following this particular free agency period. This negates most of the risk factors and ultimately puts this rebuild into Warp Speed!

Think about it..........Ireland is about more more signing away from being able to go completely BPA! That's saying a lot for a GM going into the 2nd year of a total rebuild.

He could sign McKinnie, then draft a tackle and Guard in the 2nd and 3rd. Then still have a 1st - 2nd - and a 3rd to go all BPA's!

To hell with Bedard and all the trolls and Haters! We have something real good going on here. Putting it all into perspective, we're rebuilding very quickly and we're trying to improve upon 7-9!

The rest is just fluff and Bostonian Bullshyt!


Ireland did the same thing in 2010, He signed the Top WR FA and the top LB, Lets just hope Tennehill is a better QB then Henne, Also lets see how Ireland does in this years draft.
Truth be told, Quit drinking the Kool-Aid.

@Bark...quit trolling our sites. Go cheer for your gang green you ho mo

odinseye, I read that troll post too. I decided to ignore it this time only because it has been repeated by the same person everyday at least a half dozen times or so.

He's not even clever anymore. He used to trick me by posting different stupid posts each time. Now he's just lazy and repeats himself constantly. It's not even worth giving him attention.
Here's his routine, you can catch the free show any time of day.

1.Ross is cheap
2.Tannehill is worse than Henne
3."Lost" ten starters

Just the dumbest f%$#ing things a person could say. Obviously these three opinions can be EASILY destroyed. And no, every opinion isn't worthy of respect as the person who plays the ALoco character likes to tell us.

An opinion that comes from a place of ignorance OR an opinion that is put forth in order to start a debate (one where the person with the original opinion refuses to debate anyone on it) is only worthy of being s%^t upon. It belongs at the bottom of a toilet for target practice. And the person writing these posts knows that all to well.

I admit for falling for this BS but I think we both need to do a better job of ignoring the insanely stupid posts in order to make the person look like the lonely pathetic loser he is. It's tough but I'm trying.

Well Boston writers or not I think we had a hell of free agency period.

The only loss that I don't think the Dolphins neccessarily expected was Long. I think Ireland thought he could get him at more manageable price but the turdhead chose to go to the highest bidder.

Some nice surprises were Ellerbe, Wheeler, Grimes and Gibson. I think we all pretty much expected Wallace and a TE. Louis and Martin are good depth additions.

On to the draft where I honestly don't have a clue which way we'll go.

Other than a QB and a C in the first rd there is really no position that would be a reach.

We could use OT,DT,OG,DE,CB,S,WR,LB,RB,K.

Odn, Wat type of "KOOL-AID" are you drinkong?
Remember the old saying...
"Those who forget history are those that are doomed to repeat it".
Again I'am Cautious of these moves, I've seen it before..


Don't even waster your time typing gives any. Of these trolls PT!


"Ireland did the same thing in 2010, He signed the Top WR FA and the top LB,"

Actually Marshall and Dansby were rated third best in free agency that year. And Marshall was a restricted free agent along with the other two wr's. We tried to trade for Austin (it was said by some reporters) but Dallas wouldn't part with him. Here's the list in order of rankings.

1.Vincent Jackson
2.Miles Austin
3. Brandon "the cancer" Marshall

1. Elvis Dumervill
2. Demeco Ryans
3. Karlos "I'm the best LB in the league who never made a big play" Dansby.

Phins 78, Thank you for your useless post, But again, I'll say remember 2010, Same thing(Aquiring top FAs in WR and Lb) Same result, I hope I'am wrong but the hisory of Jeff Ireland lives on.
Again JUST Saying.
6 and 10
7 and9
6 and 10
7 and 9
( Though I might be wrong about there records,,Im sure you'll correct me)

Dolfan Rick,

Respectfully disagree. Ireland had to know exactly what Long wanted, and exactly his top offer he was willing to pay. I'll bet Ireland would have been even more shocked than dolfans had Long accepted his offer.

I respect what how Ireland handled Long. Clearly there has been a 3yr pattern of decline in Long's play. Even though it meant losing Long, clearly Ireland's handling of the matter was an "educated decision" and not a "knee-jerk" one.

So we move on, have 11 draft picks, and a opportunity to replace Long in trade. Beit Albert, Johnson, or even Martin as the starting LT. I believe Ireland already had plan in place. Patiently we'll all see which it is.

I admit for falling for this BS but I think we both need to do a better job of ignoring the insanely stupid posts in order to make the person look like the lonely pathetic loser he is. It's tough but I'm trying.

Posted by: Phins78 | April 01, 2013 at 06:04 PM

Thanks for the Heads Up.....Bro!

I know you've seen me fall for this crap, so I'll skip it.

Besides, I think it's mainly to bump up "The Blog Hit Totals" anyways. It's pretty obvious to me. If he can piss somebody off along the way, it's all the better. As his agenda is simply bumping up the blog hit totals.

I just used for an opportunity to make a point. We needed to get rid of some......a lot.....of the fat. This team produced three losing seasons. I love the fact that Ireland(with Philbin's assistance)lowered the boom! That "Team Leader" crap where Dansby wants the Coaches to answer to them? The players that have been losing for years? ROTFLMAO - WTF were they thinking? Just glad they're GONE!

Ok so Cindy Brady screws dogs people and Emos what's the news

I have screwed a few pigs in my days

I love the way this troll turns odin into a jack in the box! He snaps his fingers and odin pavlov comes running to bite every time! Like magic!

Good show!

Smell my scrotum

Posted by: Bark Odin,Bark. | April 01, 2013 at 06:15 PM

It's not exactly repeating history. To be 100% correct this, we would have to have a Sparano type coaching staff too. IMO, the two coaching staffs are a difference between night and day.

HC's press conferences are actually in coherent and understandable english now. Or would you rather get driving directions to the corner store from Sparano?

So we're not repeating history because we did not give up two 2nd round picks to get Wallace. Wallace is much faster and fits a specific need while also rounding out the wr corp. He is said to be a hard worker and a great teammate. Marshall was a head case who no one liked with a history of on and off the field problems.

Dansby was a great run stuffing LB but could not rush the QB and had trouble with speedier TEs. Ellerbe has better burst and quickness as evidenced by his 20 yd dash times compared to Dansby. 4.23 compared to 4.47. Ellerbe is younger and cheaper with more big play production.

Once again, imo it doesn't seem like we are repeating history when you look at the facts objectively.

Dansby will probably remain unemployed for the season unless he accepts a 4 million a year contract or lower.

He'll no longer be the highest paid underperformer in the league. Not even close.

"Those who forget history are those that are doomed to repeat it".
Again I'am Cautious of these moves, I've seen it before..

Posted by: Bark Odin,Bark. | April 01, 2013 at 06:07 PM

True, very true. But you also have to consider another old axiom. "If at first you don't succeed, try.....try again!

Ireland has done a very good job(IMO)of brushing himself off and getting back up on that Horse!

He can't simply quit. He won't forget the past, especially the mistakes. You remember the mistakes and learn from them.

Brandon Marshall is NO Mike Wallace. And Dansby is definitely NO Danell Ellerbe(In Dansby defense, he did play out of position here, HUGE Coaching error IMO. Didn't take Philbin long to correct it).

Kool Aid.......? What's it Spiked with?

Don't really care enough about their records. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my useless post about the facts. Hey, don't let the facts stand in your way when trying to make a point right?

You said they were the number one free agents.
I pointed out that the statement was false.
You're mad why?

If you don't know something for sure how about looking it up before you post. There are too many fans in here who actually know the truth to just let false statements about our team fly by without being challenged. If you don't want to be challenged about incorrect posts maybe make sure you're right before posting them or just don't post at all.

Thanks for playing. (Remember, there was no need to call my post useless, I was perfectly respectful and actually pointed out some facts. You were the one who called my thoughts useless) No biggy, just setting the record straight. I respect those who respect me, all others can go die for all I care.

Question to the sensible posters here...is there a blog site where only Dolphin FOOTBALL is discused?

Please advise....trolls need not bother, I will just ignore you anyway...

maybe winston is as good as ours...maybe they are just waiting for june first to sign the contract. that's when they get $7-$8 mil back for dansby and barrnet, right?

Pavlov........ah........you don't happen to be wearing an aluminum foil hat?

Do you hide in Mommy's basement from Harrpy Rays......?

Yeah.......We Know.......WE KNOW!


OK YG4E has long as you respectfully disagree.lol

There is certainly not enough respect on this blog thats for sure.

At any rate as a longtime Dolfan I'm as optimistic as I have been since Parcells was brought in.

Oddly enough it looks as if it was Parcells or at least his way of doing things that was holding Ireland back.

Now we get to see what kind of leader Philbin can be. Early indications I think are good.

Hey Bark,

Do you remember the s h i t coaches we had during that time too!!

Bro don't even compare the two!!!

These young bucks we brought in have shown results!! No bantor or BS just results.

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