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Perspective about free agency is necessary

Over the weekend the Boston Globe's Greg Bedard noted that the last three Super Bowls champions had only one unrestricted free agent starter in his first year with the team -- combined.

(I'd embed the link but the column is behind a paywall so if you want to see it, go get it. I recommend you do).

Anyway, while that is a very interesting and consequential fact that suggests Super Bowl teams typically grow a majority of their own talent and need their imported talent to adjust for more than a year before succeeding at the highest level, I can see the fact also has the potential to be misunderstood.

Just as what the Dolphins are trying to do this offseason will likely be misunderstood.

The fact suggests rightly that free agents don't immediately bring Super Bowl titles in tow when they sign. Fine. I think everyone gets that. But the next assumption -- that the Dolphins will fail miserably in 2013 because they added eight free agents so far is ridiculous.

Look, Jeff Ireland has spoken to the media multiple times this offseason. So has owner Stephen Ross. And coach Joe Philben spent an hour on the record only two weeks ago.

None have uttered the words, "We're adding free agents this offseason to win the very next Super Bowl and if we don't we're total failures."

The Dolphins aren't adding free agents to win the next Super Bowl. That's not the immediate goal. They're adding free agents to help them win. Period. It's something that hasn't been done in Miami for quite some time and the Dolphins are doing what they can to change course.

The last time the Dolphins put a winning team on the field was 2008. That's a president ago. That's a whole different economy ago. It's been a long time, folks.

And so to criticize them for trying to add talent to a team that desperately needed the infusion is akin to criticizing an athlete for practicing his craft because he might not immediately win a title as a result.

Winning a title is the ultimate goal, yes. But there are goals lower down the ladder of accomplishments the Dolphins will happily chase and consider 2013 a success if they meet -- even if they don't win a Super Bowl.


How about turning in a winning season? How about making the playoffs as a wild card team? How about winning the AFC East? Relevance doesn't just come after winning the Super Bowl.

All of those are viable goals short of a Super Bowl win that would likely feel good to the fan base by the time 2013 comes to a close.

And, unlike that ominous stat about first-year starting UFAs on Super Bowl winners, I can report UFAs do indeed help their teams turn it around fairly quickly when the measure of that turnaround is not a Super Bowl win.

Drew Brees went to New Orleans as a UFA and turned that team, indeed that city, into a winner.

Michael Turner went to Atlanta in 2008 as a UFA and helped that team make multiple playoff appearances. Atlanta, by the way, has no problem adding talent by any means necessary -- trades for veterans, trade ups in the draft, unrestricted free agency, you name it.

When the Giants won the Super Bowl in February 2008, the player who caught the winning TD was UFA Plaxico Burress.

The Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl in February 2009 with UFA quarterback Kurt Warner leading them there.

Jacoby Jones was released by the Houston Texans on May 1, 2012 and signed as a free agent seven days later with the Baltimore Ravens. And that was him making multiple big plays for Baltimore last postseason, including a 70-yard touchdown catch against Denver with 30 seconds to play to tie the game and a 108-yard kickoff return touchdown against San Francisco in the Super Bowl.

By the way, Denver was 13-3 last season and won the AFC West. I'd say UFA quarterback Peyton Manning had something to do with that. 

So what about those facts suggest adding free agents is a bad idea?

Oh yeah, nothing.


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This has to be the worst year in ages to be looking for a QB, in the draft or FA. Ireland probably looked ahead as part of his decision to take Tannehill. Wise move.


Beautiful! Well said my friend! Odn and Dashe should read that 5 times every day before posting.

Posted by: Thanks | April 01, 2013 at 09:06 PM

That was all you and oscar douchebag. Don't try and drag us into your cesspool.

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So glad we aren't part of the QB retread shuffle. How ugly and uninspiring to be fans of those teams. Thank you Mr. Ireland for drafting a QB last year.

Posted by: dadsmithwest | April 01, 2013 at 09:22 PM

Getting back to football, Dad's did you hear what a poster said about Tannehill yesterday? If true, thank Ireland Big Time!

He said that Pro Football Focus did a study of QB's when facing the blitz. Apparently Tannehill was the 2nd best QB against the blitz last year.

That's saying something considering he was a rookie trying to adjust to the speed of the NFL. You might consider our O-Line and the condition it finished up the season in as well.

Pretty impressive in my opinion.



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Posted by: odinseye | April 01, 2013 at 07:10 PM

When Odin says Jump........Pavlov asks: How High-LOL!



You Simpleton.......ROTFLMAO!!!!

I knew of those T-hill stats and they are incredible for a rookie. In that case the heck with an Olineman. Let's just draft Tavon at 12 and make the team a real offensive powerhouse. I want that guy the heck with CB's let's score 40 pts a game.

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Speak freely. Have no fear to express yourself.

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The Chicago Cubs are doing a 350 million dollar renovation and not asking the taxpayers for a dime.

Tannehill is ranked LOWER then Henne EVER was. He's just terrible. Another Irescum bust....

So we're all agreed then..........Ireland must go now!

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Posted by: Pavlov | April 01, 2013 at 11:25 PM

I think what Mr. Pavlov is trying to say here is that he was beaten at his own game.

Couldn't agree more with this article. Our free agent acquisitions are young, so they will be with us for a while, as long as they contribute. Things don't happen overnight.

You guys try and make fun of odin. But he toys with you chumps and carries on football conversations at the same time.

He does get carried away when he should in fact be ignoring you. But sometimes it's entertaining. So who am I to judge.


No player stays on the Dolphins for a while. 3 years and they're gone.

I feel sorry for Odin. He spends every Friday and Saturday night on the Dolphin blog. Its sad.

Dewbert the one two and three year contracts are designed well with the cap in mind. These guys have to prove themselves or else.

Wallace, Ellerbe, Wheeler and Gibson are all good signings. Depending on who you ask, the Grimes signing could be the biggest.

Ireland has been very professional and methodical. For the record, we can put any doubts to rest. Dez Bryant and his Momma both are Hoes.

Larry Troll I feel sorry for you. You have to make up lies to make you feel better about yourself.

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I don't mind the new Logo. It's already starting to grow on me. I just wish they would've put a little Black in the Uni's and tinted the Aqua more towards a Dark Blue. I think it would be tougher looking, maybe even intimidating!

-Football Talk........Kind Of....LOL!

Good Morning All and have a Nice, Safe Day!

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Derick Shelby is going to have a Breakout Season. He's going to WOW EVERYONE in camp and the Pre-Season. He's going to win the starting DE spot opposite Wake and get double digit sacks. You heard it here first.

-Football Talk-

Looking back, it becomes increasingly evident that 2008 was an absolute fluke & that our Phins have STUNK essentially since Shula was unceremoniously booted for the slick snake oil salesman - JJ. Its been all downhill since, one mistake after another.
Now Ireland is getting all kinds of praise heaped upon him for (what actually does APPEAR to be) a solid off-season. Yet, we havn'e even played a game with the 'new toys' yet. And we KNOW the results of the last bags of groceries he bought.
The franchise has been so utterly horrible that it was determined they needed to severe all ties with the once rich tradition of Miami Dolphin football & the legacy that Don Shula spent 30+ years fostering, and completely reinvent the team's face...it's logo. What an embarressing shame. We've denegrated to the point of of mere marketing ploy for attention.
I applaud (at face value) the moves Ireland has made thusfar THIS off-season & I hope we are on the road back to respectability but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. FAR FAR to many mistakes have been made by predecessor's as well as current regime members to have a whole lotta confidence that they can get anything right. There's an awful lot of confidence being shown Tannehill, who had a tough time hittin' the broad side of a barn last year. We definitely needed a Mike Wallace type but we needed a REAL #1 WR more & grossly overpaid him to boot. I like Ireland blowin' up the LB corps - they couldn't cover ANYBODY. I like moving on from Jake Long & Sean Smith. I wish we still had Reggie but in a complimentary role to Miller. Let's HOPE Grimes is healthy. The OL is it's perrenial never ending MESS.
At 54 yrs. young I have calmed all of my vitriol toward those that have run this organization to the brink of laughing stock but man, I sure wish my Miami Dolphins would catch a break & somehow return to prominence again at some point in my life!

posted by Craig M

I gotta disgree with you on Tavon Austin. Not saying this guy won't be a good player but I don't think he fits what Philbin wants to do. I see him as a similar option to Bush and we all know that Philbin wasn't a Bush fan. So if I'm a betting man (and I am), I would bet my last nickel that the 'Phins won't pick Austin and if there's anything leftover, I'd bet their plan is to trade up for a LT.
I would agree with the above post. I see the Dolphins trading up for an elite LT if they find a trade partner. They do need another speed WR in the event that Wallace gets injured. However the draft is deep enough on speed WR's that can develop. The Dophins should be able to pick one up in the 3rd round.

There are lots of strategies to build a winner. The best strategies change as the rules and the CBA changes. The current CBA makes draftees and young players cheap and makes veterans expensive. Ireland has done exactly the right thing dumping expensive veterans to free up cap space, loading the team with cheap young players to fill the backup and secondary and some starter positions, and using the salary cap that permits to hire playmakers. From here we draft players for expensive positions with out high round draft picks and focus on the best available players to raise team quality.

I think Ireland has performed brilliantly and all the fools who think we are headed for a 7-9 season will have the opportunity to be publicly outed as fools.

Who cares. The new logo sucks ass.

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