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Salguero overview of Dolphins free agency

Regular readers of this blog will remember I reported last week that free agency for the Dolphins is going on hiatus for bit while the focus shifts to the draft. Yes, there are caveats in that hiatus but those are explained in the post.

Well, that means the bulk of Miami's free agency haul is over for 2013.

The Dolphins signed eight free agents, re-signed four of their own free agents, and cut or let six other starting-caliber free agents walk.

So I want to tell you what I think of all this.

I want to do it one time

I want to do it on the record.

I want to do it so that come future days when free agents boom or bust, you know how I stood on each player. (I'm doing this because fans have short memories and those that follow me here or on twitter often say I advocated something I did not or failed to stand for something that I actually did.)

I'm not saying I'm always right. Obviously not. (You read my stuff so you know that's not true). But If I'm going to be wrong, I want to do it on my own (dis)abilities and not with anybody's help.

This should also give you forum for agreeing or disagreeing with me.

Here we go:  

SIGNINGS (contract details in parenthesis)

WR Mike Wallace (5 years for $60 million with $27 million guaranteed): I stood up and advocated for this one and reported on this one to the point of being nauseating. The Dolphins had to do this. The team had no deep threat and had shown precious little ability to add a deep threat this past decade -- remember Ted Ginn and Clyde Gates -- in the draft. So Miami had to overpay. Yes, this is overpaying. But that's what people do for a Rolls Royce. Wallace has averaged 8 TDs a year for years. He's rarely injured. He has never been a problem in the locker room. The Steelers wanted him back but couldn't afford him. That all suggests he's going to be a great addition. And that's what I think he'll be. I wanted him on the Dolphins as much as anybody. I stand by that. We'll see.

LB Dannell Ellerbe (5 years for $34.75 million with $14 million gtd.): Ellerbe said it himself, he thought he was going to be the heir to the Ray Lewis middle linebacker job in Baltimore. So on the surface that seems like a great get if outstanding GM Ozzie Newsome and the Super Bowl Champion Ravens thought that highly of Ellerbe. Except, well, they didn't. They let him go. Yes, they had cap issues. But it didn't stop them from adding Elvis Dumervil. So that gave me pause. Then this: The Baltimore Sun reported that at points during his time with the Ravens, Ellerbe was late to meetings, late to practice and liked to party -- a lot. I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe it was early on and not something he dealt with lately, because the Dolphins assured me, "we did our homework," on all the free agents before signing them and part of that was knowing how they would conduct themselves off the field and around South Florida. Miami addressed the linebackers to "get more physical" and have the defense make more plays, according to GM Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin. Me? I'm not sold. I don't see linebackers in the 4-3 being the huge playmakers in the NFL they once were. The game often creates mismatches against them. The offenses often throw right over them. So I'm not overly excited about this move.

LB Phillip Wheeler (5 years for $26 million with $13 million gtd.): If Wheeler were coming out of college, I'd look at him as a one-year wonder. Remember that two years ago, the Indianapolis Colts let him walk and he signed a one-year deal with Oakland for $700,000. Yes, the Dolphins liked him last year and wanted him on the team but he wanted to pursue a chance to start so he went elsewhere. So yes, the Dolphins saw something in Wheeler not many other teams did a year ago. But now they see something in him at a price no other team did. Can he do in 2013 as well as he did in 2012? Indeed, can he be a contributor and playmaker -- remember the Dolphins added Ellerbe and Wheeler to make plays -- the next three years or so? I have to see it.

CB Brent Grimes (1 year for $5.5 million with $3 million gtd.): I love this pickup because it adds a stable, experienced, professional, high-caliber cornerback that will be an upgrade to Miami's defense at corner if ... he's healthy. Grimes is coming off an Achiles' tendon tear. His rehab is reportedly doing well (he's doing the reporting). But in the depressed cornerback market, Grimes had to settle for a contract that forced him to prove he's returned to the Pro Bowl caliber player he was in 2011. If he does, he's a great signing. If he doesn't, he didn't break the bank. Grimes will be hungry because utlimately he wants a long-term deal. The question, again, is health. I like this signing very much.

TE Dustin Keller (1 year for $4.25 million with $2.25 million gtd.): Here's another player that was injured most of last year and had to settle for a short-term deal to re-prove his value. So the Dolphins get a hungry player in a contract year who will be playing inspired for himself and certainly for the opportunity to stick it to his former team, the New York Jets. That's not what I like most about Keller. I like that finally the Dolphins have a legitimate pass-catching threat at tight end. In that department, Keller is an upgrade over Anthony Fasano. Yes, the blocking won't be as good. But Keller is willing. That's important. And this is what I like most: Keller comes from an offense that had multiple offensive coordinators the past couple of years. He comes from an offense with a bad quarterback. And yet, he was productive when healthy. So in an offense that is more stable, with a quarterback that promises to be better than Mark Sanchez, I expect better production. This is a solid signing. I like it.

G Lance Louis (1 year for $1,603,750 with $100,000 gtd.): Bargain shopping, the Dolphins hope they strike gold here. Louis was perhaps Chicago's best offensive lineman last year before he blew out his knee. If he can return to that height by training camp, John Jerry will be out of a starting job. If he doesn't, the Dolphins can basically cut Louis with minimal risk. The middle ground is Louis provides veteran experience and can be an experienced backup on the cheap. I like the signing more than the player. The contract is the thing here. Solid job.

WR Brandon Gibson (3 years for $9.78 million with $3.75 million gtd.): Gibson reminds of a Jeff Ireland receiver. Not fast. Not quick. But big and physical. I get it. There's something to be said for that. Me? I like speed. Speed at X, Y and Z. If you're going to spend over $3 million a year I would have preferred some speed be part of the deal. My problem? I looked at the available players and the only one I would have liked was Darrius Heyward-Bey. And he's a problematic reclamation project who signed a one-year deal. The Dolphins obviously decided going with experience was more valuable than dipping into the vast pool of draft eligible receivers that come with promise but no NFL experience. I get it. But do I love this signing? Meh. Let me say this: Instead of signing Gibson, I might have added to the TE corps and solved it. I would have gotten Brandon Myers to go with Keller and drafted a wide receiver to groom. Instead, the Dolphins may end up drafting a tight end. Let's see who produces more in 2013 ... Gibson or Myers.

DT Vaughn Martin (2 years for $4 million with $750,000 gtd.): Ireland loves his defensive line. He believes it is a staple of the team. An anchor. He wants to keep it strong. But the Dolphins needed to address the tackle sport because Tony McDaniel played too high in the 4-3 and was often injured and simply didn't fulfill his role. So the club moved on from him and got Martin. This is a bargain signing. Martin is a solid player. But he will have to get used to the 4-3 because he's been a 3-4 DE the past couple of years. That means a growing period. Is this an awesome signing? No. Is this a solid addition? Probably so. Good work.


WR Brian Hartline (5 years for $30,775,000 with $12.5 million gtd): First off, why the extra $775,000? I know Hartline would have taken $30 million. And this deal was signed at a time the Dolphins were still bidding against themselves. So somebody cost owner Stephen Ross some money on that. Aside from that, Hartline is a good player who has already established some chemistry with quarterback Ryan Tannehill and some presence in the locker room. It's good to keep your own good players. It's bad to be a receiver needy team and let your top receiver go two consecutive years. So the Dolphins had to do this deal. Thing I like most about this? If Hartline and Wallace stay healthy, the Dolphins can put two speedy wide receivers on the field at the same time. And you know how I feel about speed, right?

DT Randy Starks (franchise tender signed for $8.45 million): This rental makes sense. Starks is very, very good at what he does but you don't want to commit four or five years to a 29-year-old interior lineman. The Dolphins approach with Paul Soliai was similar and they ended up cutting his tender in half the follwing year down to $6 million a year on a multi-year deal. Don't be surprised if Starks' price goes down next year and Miami gets him cheaper. The fact is also the Dolphins had salary cap space to fit the franchise tender under the cap so no biggie. Good job.

OL Nate Garner (3 years for $4.875 million with $700,000 gtd.): Not every signing involves a star. You have to have role players and Garner is a good one. He can play both guard and tackle in a pinch. He's cheap. He's experienced and has rarely been overwhelmed by the stage. Garner is also good people. He's good in the community and he kepts his mouth shut, which coach Joe Philbin loves. No issues with this re-signing.

S Chris Clemons (1 year for $2.75 million with $1 million gtd): Clemons wanted a longer deal after being the starter much of the past three seasons. But he's a solid player. That's the extent of it. He's not been a consistent playmaker. He's not been a major issue. Just solid. The Dolphins want to upgrade at safety but one cannot upgrade at every single position over one offseason. So the team is standing pat here this year and could upgrade in the future. Logical move. 

The "losses"

LT Jake Long to St. Louis: He went to the Rams and I shrug. Look, he's a very good player when healthy. But his health is a concern. And even when he is healthy, he's not a cornerstone that will lead any team to the Super Bowl. No left tackle is that, frankly. The best left tackles, the hot left tackles don't carry teams. They are along for the ride. The Ravens won the Super Bowl last year with Bryant McKinnie playing left tackle. McKinnie had been out of shape and out of the loop the entire season until he finally got playing time in the playoffs. So what does that tell you about left tackles? Are they valuable? Yes. Should they be at the top of your salary cap structure? Put it this way, Joe Thomas is a great left tackle and more consistent than Long. He's at the top of Cleveland's salary cap. How's that working them? Playmakers should be at the top of your cap structure. Not the grunts. And certainly not the grunts with lingering injury issues.

MLB Karlos Dansby: He was solid. But he was hired to be great. He was hired to an $8 million a year contract to make plays and disrupt offenses and change games. He didn't. He was merely solid. And if he'd been making $2 million a year instead of four times that, that would have been good enough. But he wasn't. This is a case of Dolphins cutting ties because Dansby wasn't part of the problem, but neither was he part of the solution. What does it say that Dansby still hasn't been signed by anyone?

OLB Kevin Burnett to Oakland: He was cheaper than Dansby but he wasn't cheap. He was just one grade above solid. But again, he didn't make big plays, either. He didn't cause many fumbles or step in front of passes for interceptions. He was a player other players respected. But he's 30 and he wasn't about to get any better. Interestingly, the Raiders recovered from their loss of Phillip Wheeler by signing Kevin Burnett, completing what effectively was a trade of players. The Dolphins paid a much bigger salary for the exchange. Wheeler will have to be a consistent playmaker to make it worthwhile for the Dolphins. We'll see.

TE Anthony Fasano to KC: He did a lot of little things well but did nothing extraodinarily well. He was solid. He was a 7-9 tight end. The Dolphins needed to upgrade and while their blocking at the position may be worse today, I perceive their pass-catching will be better. And, I remind, it is a passing league.

Sean Smith to KC: He wasn't a system fit in Miami. He was at his best in press situations against big, physical receivers. So he had good games against Larry Fitzgerald and A.J. Green. But he seemed lost the entire rest of the season. He gave up first downs as if that was the assignment. And he didn't make plays. Just did not. It was uncanny. The Chiefs believe he'll be great in their system and they tampered focused on Smith early to get a deal done. I believed the Dolphins made a mistake trading Vontae Davis. I don't think letting Smith walk was a mistake.

Tony McDaniel to Seattle: I'd be surprised if McDaniel makes that team.

[Update: Reggie Bush (how could I forget): He was a good player. He worked hard, played hard and was a good citizen. Nothing like what I thought when he got here. But he'll be better off in Detroit and the Dolphins will be better off without him because Lamar Miller will be just as good, if not better, if he stays healthy. And Miller will do it while earning 10 times less money. I would like the Dolphins to draft a running back on draft Saturday, however.]


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Another Reason Our Pass Rush Should Be Better Is Because Of The LB's.

How Many Times Did Qb's Just Hot Route and Threw to The TE or The Slot. And Our LB's Couldn't Cover.

How Many Times Did Drives Last Way To Long Because Dansby would let a Pass Get Completed and Convert a 3rd Down. Our D-Line Should Be Fresher Come The 4th Qtr.

How Many Times Did The D-line Flush out the Qb And Dansby and Burnett couldn't Finish Him Off.

I'm Not Saying Dansby Sucks!! (Did Enough of that Already) But 31 Other GM's Seem To Understand That Dansby was Grotesquely Over Rated!!

This Coaching Staff Gets It!! Even Coyle!! The Only One I Really Ever Doubted. Cause I Knew Philbin Was Legit, and Sherm Is The Truth!! But Doyle has Shown Me That He Also Gets It.

I Keep Saying It Because It Is True. Ireland's Best Hire Are The Coaches!! Not Wallace Or Ellerbe, or Drafting T-Hill. What Makes Ireland A Good GM is That He Knows What A Coach Is Suppose To Look Like. Most GM's Don't Know How To Hire Coaches!!

Great read after a long day, thanks Armando.

Is the draft here yet??

Our new LB's have yet to make a play for us. Isn't it a little early to celebrate?

Not sure I understand all the talk about Hartline not playing fast. The guy has consistently averaged 15 yards a catch which is pretty freaking good. He has a really good stutter step and get's open very well. Also very QB friendly. He was wide open at least a half dozen times last year and would have had 7 08 TD's had the qb been more accurate on the long ball.

nice overview Mando......But we "Must" grab a defensive end on draft day(1st)!Possibly trade up ...and maybe surrendering one of those 2nd round picks to get the top prospect...hmm?

Mock A

1st Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame
2nd Jonathan Cyprien S FIU
2nd David Amerson CB North Carolina State
3rd John Simon DE Ohio State University
3rd Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M
4th Xavier Nixon OT Florida
5th Lonnie Pryor FB FSU
5th Eric Herman OG Ohio
6th Latavius Murray RB UCF
7th Nathan Williams OLB Ohio State University
7th Ray Graham RB Pittsburgh
7th Steve Beauharnais ILB Rutgers

Mock B

1st Kenny Vaccaro S Texas
2nd Jonathon Banks CB Mississippi State
2nd Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers
3rd Reid Fragel OT Ohio State University
3rd Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon
4th Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State
5th Dion Sims TE Michigan State
5th Chris Harper WR Kansas State
6th Joe Kruger DE Utah
7th Khalid Wooten DB Nevada
7th Braden Wilson FB Kansas State
7th Knile Davis RB Arkansas

Our Old LB's Never Made A Play!! Isn't It To Early To Criticize?

Dolphins signed a long snapper.......exciting stuff Mando, I want your feedback!!


Olivier Vernon

22 Yrs Old
34 1/2 Vertical
10ft 2in Broad Jump
31 Reps BP

Name 1 First Rounder That Stacks Up. And OV Is Already Producing at The NFL Level.

The Fins Will Not Be Drafting DE In The First. Ireland has Common Sense. The Fins have Way Bigger Needs.




@mortreport: Eric Winston specifically mentioned he's in $3-4 million range on short term deal but negotiable talking w Kirwan/Ryan on Sirius/XM

Poor Armando, Herald forcing him to cover Marlins Game tonite. What a joke. 1/2 empty Stadium playing AA Baseball

People Forget Hartline Missed all Of Training Camp and PreSeason. How Can The Qb Know His Playing Speed?

T-Hill's Accuracy Was Pretty Good When He Threw Hartline Open on Those Back Shoulder Fades! Which Is A lot Harder To Learn/Throw Than Just Throwing It Up!!

But Again You Guys Talking About T-Hill's Accuracy Must've Played Qb Or Thrown A lot Of Footballs. Since You Aren't Using His Stats, Just Your Opinion.

Using stats to judge a Rookie QB is a Tricky Deal.

We all know quite a few Great/Hall Of Fame QB's that didn't have good stats their first year.

Two things that I've learned about Tannehill this off season are VERY encouraging.

As mentioned above, Darren Sharper's claim that Tanny rates 7th when throwing down field. Without getting overly optimistic, this is HUGE! You can't over emphasize the importance of this. It can be taught and improved upon. But all the Greats just develop a knack for it. If Tanny's in the Top 10 his Rookie season, he's off to good start. We all have something to be REAL HAPPY about.

The Second thing was Pro Football Focus doing their study on QB's when facing the blitz. According to them Tanny was **2nd Best** in the league. Again, this is HUGE and you can't over emphasize the importance of this.......ah......category.

So, while Tanny's Rookie season didn't measure up to RG III's or the One Trick ****ABBERATION**** Pony that played in Seattle, he's off to a good, encouraging start.

Being Top 10 in Deep Ball Accuracy and the 2nd Best when facing the blitz is awesome. Two very, VERY important categories. While I still have all kinds of doubts, worries and concerns with Tannehill, this definitely helps in putting a couple of very important things to rest.

Go Tanny!!!!

Go Miami!!!!

There is a reason they paid up to sign Moore. If the season goes bad and Moore has to come in, Ireland and Philbin are out. That much is obvious.

It's 50/50, could go either way.

Could we turn Olivier into another James Harrison? He really doesn't look to me like a 10-15 sack/yr Player.

We're gonna get all kind of smokescreens from diff angles now. Some Guy picking Cyprien at #12.


Where the heck is everybody....body......body......

Oh yeah.......I'll bet it's Hermaphrodite Night at The Rainbow Room!

It's Kool, No Probs, Monkey Boy has to get his Groove On Too!!!!

**You Gooooooooo...........Bu-oooooooy**

.......I'll bet it's Hermaphrodite Night at The Rainbow Room!

Posted by: odinseye | April 08, 2013 at 08:55 PM

ROTFLMFAO. That explains the nice peaceful football talk tonight.

Your too much odin.

There is a reason they paid up to sign Moore. If the season goes bad and Moore has to come in, Ireland and Philbin are out. That much is obvious.

It's 50/50, could go either way.

Posted by: miguel | April 08, 2013 at 08:44 PM

Stupid Post by Stupid Troll

"Where is everybody?" This is a WEAK blog with about 3 regular posters from what I can tell. A lot of the other ones have HUNDREDS of regulars.

This is the short bus of the Dolphins blog world. I don't even know why I check it out sometimes, lol.


I talked earlier today about Armando minimizing the importance of the OL. You can make an argument that LT is the second most important position on the offense. You need to protect the blind side of the QB so that he can make throws. He is saying that the Ravens won the superbowl with McKennie as the LT but in reality they won that superbowl because they have Joe Flaco. You stick Ryan Tannehill on last year's Ravens team and they don't make the playoffs.

The argument of what has Joe Thomas done for the Browns can be made with every position with the exception of QB. What has Calvin Johnson done for Detroit? If you have a great QB, you can have average players at numerous position. Tom Brady has been getting deep into the playoffs with a below average defense, no true running game, and no star WR. I want to have great players at every postion possible, not just WR. The achiles heel of the Packers has been the OL. The Bears OL got Lovie Smith fired. The OL is important.

Man, this must be the greatest S class ever. Taking a look at Bacarro Rambo(immense awareness and opportunism) and Eric Reid(big, strong and athletic). UFF!!

I think Moore was one of the smartest signings for us.

With our O-Line troubles and Tannehill's youth and inexperience, Moore was a No-Brainer.

Everybody, including myself expected him to head for greener pastures. I thought it was a typo or some other "Moore" when I read we had re-signed him.

Good Work by Ireland and Philbin. Moore is intelligent, as proven by the fact he's been able to learn 5 or 6 different offenses since entering the NFL. He also has a Pretty decent set of Skills.

Moore is probably better than half the QB's STARTING for teams this year. I can think of at least 4 teams off the top of my head that would love to have him in camp this year.

odin, do you like Vaccaro? He looks like a smaller Kuechly.

**Dumb Comment of the Day Award**

This is the short bus of the Dolphins blog world. I don't even know why I check it out sometimes, lol.


Posted by: Paul in Margate | April 08, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Have Mommy empty out your Drool Bucket and loosen up the chin strap........You'll Be Alright.

Pssssssssssssssssssssfpt - LOL...

We have so many new players already and that is before the draft. Doesn't anyone realize it will take time for these players to gel?

That's not as funny as the time you claimed one of your predictions came true but you couldn't remember which sign in name you used.

Silly Troll.......Tricks are for Kids ;)

Posted by: odinseye | April 07, 2013 at 04:18 PM


This is not as funny as you thinking anybody here ever believes you have a hottie, maybe an old hag, maybe an old scag, maybe a fat cow...but a hottie???

Now that is FUNNY!

I never thought of comparing Vaccaro to Kuechley.

I do like Vaccaro. I wouldn't mind us getting him. I don't think we will though. I think Ireland and Philbin will be using that first rounder trying to fill one of our biggest needs(unggh).

Reshad Jones with Vaccaro sounds way better than Clemons and Jones.

Oh, we know there is only a max of 3 regular bloggers here. We have known for a long Time. But it's the better to work on their mentalities. And We have seen some progress in that area from them, not much, but enough. Right, Paul?


I've been thinking the same thing about Russell Wilson. I get he's good but a sophmore slump wouldn't surprise me.

I mean he hasn't hardly even turned the ball over yet. Wait until he sees some adversity.

You know who Vaccaro reminds me of? Rod Woodson. (God forgive me).

Right Tom.

Troll Bu-oy @ 9:16,

You're just making things up in a rather ignorant manner. You have no idea how Hot My Stable is punk. And THAT's Simply the Facts-LOL!

Now, my comments about your prediction and you forgetting which sign in name you used at the time are true, factual statements. Even YOU can see the significance of this......Right? I mean......you don't it spelled out FURTHER.......do you?

Anyways, you even admitted as much too me AT THE TIME. You DO remember that too.....Don't You?


So, you keep fantasizing and making your ignorant comments. Myself, I'll just keep on posting **The Facts**.



Only 1 Sammo. Im like a wayward relative.. I show up with no warning , say something, and then disappear like a leaf in the wind.

(They must have kicked him out of the Rainbow Room early tonight)

Anywhoo......I hope Ireland doesn't cut his nose of to spite his face(or however that saying goes).

John Denney does a GREAT Job being the Long Snapper. So I'm hoping Ireland doesn't try and pinch pennies here. It's too important of a position to start playing games.

According to Armando's article, I think it said Denney was due to make about 835, 000. Just pay the man that pittance and let him keep doing what he does. He's pretty good at it.

One has to admire the way that troll has odin wrapped around his finger! He works him like a jack in the box! The troll says jump and odin short circuits!

Every time!





Have you noticed that very good Players come in pairs now? Luke Joeckel and Jake Matthews, DJ fluker and Warmak. DeAndre Hopkins and Watkins. Steadman Bailey and Tavon Austin, and on and on.

How many here believe they would find odin's hotties hot?

How many here believe they would find odin's hotties nauseating scags?

Be honest now.

I vote scag

I vote scag

I vote scag

I vote scag

I vote scag

I vote scag

I vote scag

More and more mocks have the fins drafting Ansah. I like Vaccaro, Warmack, and Cooper also but Ansah would be a dream come true. It would be great to pair him up with Wake. Under this scenario I would draft an OT, TE, and Corner next. Menelik Watson, Zach Ertz, and Darius Slay in that order.

Wow, what an exuberant response. Thanks all.

The jury has reached a verdict. Odin's hotties are figments of his imagination, and he is too much in denial to realize the whole blog realizes this, including his two friends.

Mocks are meaningless fodder for you to keep pounding the websites. Nothing more.

That can only mean one thing, THE TALENT POOL DIFFERENCE IS DECREASING AMONG PLAYERS. The Super-Players. This looks like a SF story but it is absolutely True.

Peter King did a great write up today of the 2008 draft and shows how picks 11-20 turned out more valuable than picks 1-10. He thinks it will be the same this year.

I agree.


I think Wilson, Carroll and The Hawks are in for a BIG let down.

Wilson got by all year doing one of two things and Defensive Coordinators are going to key up on this and eat the Kid ALIVE!

Wilson drops back, looks downfield(ONE QUICK READ)and then either throws a Hail Mary or dumps it to a safety valve.

His receivers have been great at going up and getting the ball. They push off and live off of Offensive Pass Interferences. Tate is especially good at this(I love it, just wish he was a Phin or wish our Receivers would learn to play like that)). Did you see him on that TD during the "Replacement Ref Game?" He literally and Blatantly just KNOCKED the Receiver down from behind just before the ball got there.

Anyways, heres my Prediction: Wilson's going to get exposed this year. Look for **MORE** than a Sophomore Slump. Opposing DC's are going to take away his outlets and FEED off of his "Desperate" style of play. One quick read and Bombs Away!

But, be Glad! Rejoice! It is happening in all areas in Mankind.

Wilson will be fine. He is too damn quick escaping trouble. He has uncanny moves to elude people and leave them in the dust. The QB that will suffer the biggest sophomore slump will be Luck.

Man, don't fool around with Denney. He's nearing crazy...

Wow, what an exuberant response. Thanks all.

The jury has reached a verdict. Odin's hotties are figments of his imagination, and he is too much in denial to realize the whole blog realizes this, including his two friends.

Posted by: Vote | April 08, 2013 at 09:37 PM

We had two overpaid, older 3-4 LB's and now we have two overpaid, younger 4-3 LB's who should be better pass rushers. I thought we would be making a change like this next year but I'm happy we did it now. Misi is also a 3-4 LB with poor rushing skills. Will he go next? I like Gibson a lot after watching tape. Nice moves Ireland.

Now, now, be truthful. You 3 bloggers here, haven't you noticed a + change in your Mentality and Behavior in the last 3 years? Even I, have changed, I hope for the better.

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