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Davone Bess, man on the outs, on the trade block

The first thing everyone thought when the Dolphins re-signed Brian Hartline and added receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson was that Davone Bess was on the outs.

The Dolphins denied it.

When coach Joe Philbin was asked if Bess was in the team's long-term plans he said:

“Absolutely. Yeah," Philbin said. "As you guys know, I envision us bringing 10 or 12 guys to training camp. We’re going to get a lot of reps as we see and we’re going to let guys go out there and compete and earn spots and take it from there."

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland also said Bess would not be traded.

Well, the Chicago Sun-Times just reported the Dolphins are in talks with various teams, most notably the Cleveland Browns, about trading Davone Bess. The newspaper also reported the compensation being discussed is mid-round compensation at best.

The Herald's Adam Beasley confirmed Bess is being shopped. And he is also reporting a trade is more likely than not.

Bess is under contract for one more year and is scheduled to be a free agent after 2013. A deal would likely include a new contract for Bess.

So what could this mean?

I mean aside from the fact one cannot believe anything an NFL team, it's coach or GM say ...

Tavon Austin.

If the Dolphins deal Bess, they could be planning the acquisition of the playmaking West Virginia slot receiver either with the No. 12 pick in the draft or with a draft trade up.

I was on a national writers' mock draft Tuesday and Austin went to the New York Jets with the No. 9 overall pick.

Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope, a favorite of former coach and Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, also becomes a serious possibility. (This makes more sense to me).

Bess, who caught 61 passes for 778 yards in 2012, cannot be pleased by this news. If he isn't dealt, it becomes clear to everyone what we all assumed but the Dolphins denied: Bess is a man on the outs in the Miami offense.

If Bess is not dealt, the Dolphins could easily cut him. He is going to cost $3.433 million against the cap in 2013. The Dolphins can save $2.633 million by simply cutting him. They would take a $750,000 cap hit. Obviously this is not the best option, but it would open the roster spot.

Me? I'd be surprised if Davone Bess remains with the Dolphins past this weekend.


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Say It Ain't So.

D. Bess Is A Great Player. Oh, Well. Guess It Is True The Fins Want To Go After Bigger Wr's.


2nd Round Pick J. Hunter?

So long Davonne, farewell! Solid but not spectacular. Good for 5-10 yrds per catch but does not know where the house is!

means ryan swope

J Hunter will go 1st rd probably 3rd receiver off the board I bet.

Dashi, Austin by no means is a bigger WR. He's not even bigger than Bess. He does know where the house is, that is the difference, but I hope they do not trade up for him!

Or Miami is throwing in Bess to sweeten the deal to move up to Cleveland's spot..

Told you guys Bess was outta here. I'm not sure if it means Austin but he will be replaced by someone younger and quicker.

Tavon Austin isn't a fit. Philbin wants guys who can play all WR positions. Austin is a pure slot receiver. The guys to watch are Deandre' Hopkins and Swoosh

If that is true it can only mean they are going to draft Steadman Bailey(13 more TDs than Tavon playing for the same team in the same Season). Makes more sense to me than drafting Tavon.

Joeckle, Fisher or Milliner only trade up scenerio 4 me, personally. Jeff Ireland was the leak on the Milliner opo history! #12 and Bess for #6. If the tackles are all gone (including Lane) then Milliner is the pick. Jeeeaaaaah

Bess had no chemistry with RT.

Does anyone think Matthews could've impressed Philbin

BTW I'm with Oscar, I love Steadman Bailey. That guy really knows how to get separation.

If, that is true. I prefer it when the News are quiet.

Pure and simple, this seems to be a cap clearing move/ With Wallace, Hartline, and Gibson. Bess is 3 million this year that we don't need to carry on the books.

If Albert's signed for 9 million on this year's books. Cutting Bess 3 million is like getting him at 6 million.

Never mind the house...we need a receiver who can find the fist down marker, and have the strength to stay there , receive the ball and surge ahead the "spot" when needed..

..Bess just wasn't that guy...

Swopes is the player they believe will take his place. Tannahill already know him and he already knows the basic offence we are running. Sorry PEEPS we are not drafting Austin.


Why is it out of town reporters always beat you to the scoup on your own team?

That and the fact that under the rule of 51 the Dolphins could'nt give Albert 9 million, when they only have 8 mill left in cap space.

(and I know , my typing blows...)

I'm not surprised to hear this. I figured Bess' days were numbered as soon as they showed interest in Gibson. I'll be very surprised if this means Austin. More than likely they're able to get a 4th or 5th for Bess and the Dolphins draft a guy in the 3rd round, like maybe Patton.

Dolphins are finally starting to build up a decent roster. Why trade Bess now? Tavon Austin was good in the system he was in and in Miami he will have to run routes and take hits which will end his career. I'm thinking maybe the Dolphins have someone in a later round at WR they must be looking at drafting so they have to free up a roster spot. I see them going pretty much by need in the first two rounds: OT, CB, TE. Then in the third they will take a DT and OLB. Fourth and fifth rounds look for them to take OG, RB, and S. 6th round I expect they will take a QB. 7th round will be special teamers or developmental players at WR, LB, & CB.

Don't waste your time will Albert, if you wanted a guy like this you would have re-signed Long.

Me thinks this will be an interesting Thursday into friday


Do not blink in offering the Cheifs trade compensation for B. Albert!
They don't want him on the roster, everyone knows that. They are a rebuilding team that would welcome a 3rd rounder in exchange for a veteran who won't be there next year. Do Not Blink.

Green Bay found talented receivers later in the draft every year, I doubt it was Philbin picking but hopefully he learned how they did it and uses it at Miami.

YG, the Fins will not be taking on 9 million from Albert. They will sign him to a new deal which like everyone else they signed. Low cap hit this year. Bet new deal with Albert won't even be a 3.5 million cap hit this year.

Bess making 3 million dollars this year. There at at least 5 wr's in the 3rd rd alone cheaper and better than Bess.

Andy Reid rips off everybody in his trades - Kevin Kolb, AJ Feeley etc. Do not get ripped off by A. Reid. The Dolphins have the leverage here for sure.

Austin plays slot, outside,running back and does returns....his yards get teams touchdowns.
Austin can return kicks, punts, line up anywhere in the offensive formation as a receiver or runner and is one part Harvin another Devin Hester. If he's not a top-10 pick, it'd be a surprise.

Well....if you were happy with Bess, you'll be thrilled with Austin...it would be a solid pick if he fell to #12...


WTH? You can make Albert's 2013 "franchise contract" disappear. He's a 9.8 million cap hit in 2013 from this alone. There's no way to make that cap hit drop period.

They have no recourse but to trim roster fat to make him fit under this year's cap. All we can do is negotiate how the future years will go. That franchise number(2013) is set in stone bud! LOL...


That's why rarely you see players under franchise contracts traded. The new team is responsible for paying the franchise number. You can only negotiate a new contract. Not renegotiate the franchise number.

YG, when he is traded the Dolphins will redo his contract. If the Dolphins redo Starks contract, his cap hit also becomes less. Just because he has a franchise tag from KC for 9 million doesn't mean he automatically becomes a 9 million cap hit for us. Teams redo player contracts all the time to clear cap space. This is no different. A new contract for Albert is a NEW contract.

I was screaming for them to draft Sanu last year. Instead we get eggshell egnew. Coulda, woulda, shoulda I know. Just wanted to say it before the entire year lapses by. Then Ty slips by and we get micro-hands by cunningham. Scratching my head. Hope we trade down for either Menelik or Hayden, then bundle and get the other.

I think that only applies if the tag is signed...I may be wrong.

Didn't see this (Bess)coming but Austin? I don't think so

Ryan Swope is one concussion away from being scrambled eggs....forget him.

The designated franchise player will have his one year salary guaranteed if he elects to play for the team that designated him with the franchise tag and if he does not negotiate a contract with another team.

I'm sorry but if we trade Bess for anything less than a 3rd rounder,i'm gonna be ragin. The guy is one of the best slot receivers in the nfl and is the most reliable receiver we currently have.

Watch out for Connor Vernon out of Duke. He did impressed at the combine and is a Ryan Swoope but can be had in the fifth or sixth.
Bess was a quality receiver but can be replaced.
Dolphin Mike

It's gonna be crazy starting tomorrow night...
This draft will make or break little Jeffy Ireland...


I'll say it once again...everything the Phins have done in FA has put them in a position to get Tavon. Like it or not this could be a reality.



Bess has been our best consistent receiver for years and I hate to see him go. Oh well, new coaches want to have their players. The same for Jake Long, it was Parcell's pick and Jeff wants to get his own player.

Ryan Swope...Younger, faster, and less expensive than Bess.....

So How's this sound guys? Phins trade #82 & Davone Bess to Cleveland to move up to #6 & Dolphins draft Dion Jordan.
Dolphins trade #54 to K.C. for Branden Albert. At pick #42 Dolphins draft Zach Ertz. At pick #77 Dolphins draft Quinton Patton. 4th rd Dolphins draft Leon McFadden CB. 5a= Brandon McGee CB. 5b= Marcus Lattimore or Cierre Wood...

Are you guys nuts? Devonne Bess doesn't even make the team in the Shula era. Most we can hope for with Bess is a 5th rd'er. We should still feel fortunate to get a 6th.

I mean really, how many teams are looking for a wr that scored 5tds in 5yrs? Thank you!

Check the video's....Austin lined up everywhere...and again, Swope has a history of concussions while in college....people do your research!!

Only god know what we will do

I kinda liked Bess. He got alot of clutch 1st downs. He definatetly has a problem with YAC though.

I hope this means we'll be looking WR in the 2nd or 3rd. Lots of potentially good ones in this draft.

I disagree with most on the Albert situation. While the Fins have some leverage they are the ones that need the LT.

I think some folks our holding on to the idea that Martin will play LT and obviously the team doesn't feel comfortable with that scenario. If they did they would have never talked to Long or to Albert.

I believe a deal will get done and the sticking point is probably which 2nd rder they want. A 2nd rder is fair compensation for Albert. A 3rd rder would be straight up stealing him.

I hate for us to have to give a 2nd rder like everyone else because the strength of the draft is mid 1st to 4th. It is what it is though. If their not happy with Martin at LT, we don't have alot of options.

I want a safe pick in the first round bust is not an option

Hmmmm... interesting update. This opens the door for Ryan Swope and Mike Wallace blazing past every DB out there while Hartline and Gibson fight each other for the remaining place. Even if somebody gets hurt we would still have a hungry receiver trio ready to break havoc on opposing teams.

I really like this scenario, as long as we draft Swope :)

This is why 2nd AND 3rd rounders are expected to be as valuable as first rounders this particular year.

Nobody is giving a 3rd rounder for Bess, more likely a 5th

I really would not mind Jon cooper from NC

We were all complaining about over paying for Jake Long. Now Ireland is going to pay more for a lesser player to fill that position. Albert will never be big Jake. If we were going to pay that kind of money for a LT, then why not pay Jake Long. Long was a known commodity.

Albert's own team is not making a real effort to keep him. That should tell you something.

I would do that trade in a ny minute bess for a 3 done

WR - Hopefully Gibson will be another Gadsen. We won't draft Hopkins but he is going to be a stud. DE - Vernon needs a chance and Odrick is strong against the run. Hope they don't draft a DE unless Ansah falls to 12. Too many good but not great players on the team. CB - Grimes, Patterson, Marshall should give us two decent corners next year, maybe three, need four. OT -Prediction: Watch Long go on to play next 3 seasons missing only two games max, and another two Pro Bowls. Fins luck.

Orlando Dolphan, you need to provide facts about how Jake Long is so superior then Albert.

Albert was rated a higher left tackle then Jake according to PFF

Albert 2011 16 games
2012 13 games

Long 2011 13 games
2012 12 games

Albert out 3 games with "back spasms"

Long back issues, knee issues, torn upper arm muscle, torn lower forearm muscle

I don't see anywhere there where Jake Long is superior o Albert. Actually looks like Albert is superior to Jake.

Show me where I am wrong

Ot. Cb. Te de those are our biggest needs throw wr into the mix as well


I agree with somewhat on Long but I believe Ireland had good reasons for wanting Long at the right price.

He let him test the market and it didn't work. He's gone now its over...now we need a LT and Albert is no slouch.

@ Dolphan Rick..agree....like an old girlfriend, she's gone and she ain't comin back....let's all get over it already.....

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