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Davone Bess, man on the outs, on the trade block

The first thing everyone thought when the Dolphins re-signed Brian Hartline and added receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson was that Davone Bess was on the outs.

The Dolphins denied it.

When coach Joe Philbin was asked if Bess was in the team's long-term plans he said:

“Absolutely. Yeah," Philbin said. "As you guys know, I envision us bringing 10 or 12 guys to training camp. We’re going to get a lot of reps as we see and we’re going to let guys go out there and compete and earn spots and take it from there."

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland also said Bess would not be traded.

Well, the Chicago Sun-Times just reported the Dolphins are in talks with various teams, most notably the Cleveland Browns, about trading Davone Bess. The newspaper also reported the compensation being discussed is mid-round compensation at best.

The Herald's Adam Beasley confirmed Bess is being shopped. And he is also reporting a trade is more likely than not.

Bess is under contract for one more year and is scheduled to be a free agent after 2013. A deal would likely include a new contract for Bess.

So what could this mean?

I mean aside from the fact one cannot believe anything an NFL team, it's coach or GM say ...

Tavon Austin.

If the Dolphins deal Bess, they could be planning the acquisition of the playmaking West Virginia slot receiver either with the No. 12 pick in the draft or with a draft trade up.

I was on a national writers' mock draft Tuesday and Austin went to the New York Jets with the No. 9 overall pick.

Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope, a favorite of former coach and Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, also becomes a serious possibility. (This makes more sense to me).

Bess, who caught 61 passes for 778 yards in 2012, cannot be pleased by this news. If he isn't dealt, it becomes clear to everyone what we all assumed but the Dolphins denied: Bess is a man on the outs in the Miami offense.

If Bess is not dealt, the Dolphins could easily cut him. He is going to cost $3.433 million against the cap in 2013. The Dolphins can save $2.633 million by simply cutting him. They would take a $750,000 cap hit. Obviously this is not the best option, but it would open the roster spot.

Me? I'd be surprised if Davone Bess remains with the Dolphins past this weekend.


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I'll take either Swope or Tavon in any case. Sorry Bess...this is a new coaching staff and they want certain players for this team and Ireland is doing everything possible to give them what they need to compete.

Armando's pick at #12.... D.J. Hayden

Long was the first pick in the 2008 NFL draft. He has been selected to the pro bowl every year after entering the NFL. It is true that he has been hurt a lot lately but the Rams were willing to give him a shot.

Teams do not let franchise LTs go, yet KC is willing to let Albert walk and are making no effort to resign. KC was the worst team in the NFL last year and I am sure would want to hold on to every big time player they can. They were sure to resign Dwayne Bowe, why not Albert?

Patience folks.....

By this time tommrow.....we wil know....

By this time tomorrow, we'll have traded down and be waiting for Friday.

Good point Kris. It's almost upon us.

C'mon, be honest. How many of you here knew about Tavon before the Combine. Don't be shy here, nobody will know.

The last time the Fins traded a slot receiver for picks , New England showed everyone what Wes Welker would be in a real offense. Let's not be hasty.

If they don't address the LT position in the draft, many of you will continue chirping about it non stop every day repeating all the same things that have been said since January.

Orlando Dolphan, if KC didn't want Albert, they certainly wouldn't have franchised him. Albert told them he would not move over to right tackle and was unhappy with he franchise tag. KC has new coach and management and a unhappy left tackle. Maybe the new staff didn't want to deal with this, which is what has been reported. Albert is far and above the better left tackle the last two years.

Wes Welker never helped a team win a trophy. So, close is not good enough. Maybe he hurt them.

Ireland is certainly working every angle on this draft. Who knows what the team will look like by the end of the draft....? Think about it 11 picks...I have trouble squeezing half of them into our depth chart.


Lets hope not....worst possible scenario.....IMO.....I hope not....


Yeah man....it's about that time....


One obviuos reason is the Chiefs have the 1st pick and a LT is the best pick in the draft. The also had limited cap space and had to sign Bowe.

What are your thoughts on who should play LT??

Kris, agreed. I don't believe the Finas will trade out of the First round completely either. I think they stay at 12

We told you some time ago, that we felt there would be a great turnover of Personnel, major Clean-up. And Ireland has not started with the OLine yet. Uff

If Bess is out, then this means that the pick will be Tavon Austin, the most electrifying player in this draft. Wallace, Hartline, Austin, and Gibson will give us a dynamic receiving unit. I just hope Austin is still there when we pick. There is a rumor that the Jets are very interested in Austin. Austin can line up in the slot, outside, and even in the backfield. He had 331 yards rushing against the sooners. This kid is elusive and great cut back ability and he is tough for his size.


I have a co-worker wok LIVES AND BREATHES everything West Virginia.....

I don't watch college football (he doesn't watch the pros)...but he has been hyping Austin to me for a while.....I just never gave him a second thought.....

If I had listened to him....I could have pretended to be in the Austin corner from the start....

Can't go back in time....

I can easily find a spot for 11 rookies.And in no particular order.
1 WR
! OG
1 RB
1 QB
1 TE
2 CB
1 FS
1 DE
1 lb
1 PK

And that doesn't include a LT and a WR to replace Bess

I'm emotionally sad to see a report with Bess name revolving around leaving the Dolphins. He's a great freaking player who has saved us on so many 3rd downs and critical plays, dependable and amazing to see an undrafted rookie have this much success! Will be sad to see him go...SO HELP ME GOD IF HE GETS TRADED TO THE JETS!!!

Eifert or Rhodes or Vaccaro is what I guess at 12.

You are just making shyte up YG. Not that I am against getting something for Bess, opposed to letting him walk next year. Always liked Bess an wish him well. YG, he has had 12 TDs in the last 5 years not 5. Get your shyt straight mofo.

Kris, nice job taming missie D the last few days. He's definitely quieted down a notch, and as you can see the blog is less annoying.

Also not popular to say, but I think the troll knocked missie D down a few notches as well. There are good pests and bad pests :)

Dolfan Rick,

If Albert was Joe Thomas, the Chiefs would keep him. LT is arguably the second most important position on the offense. If Albert was a dominant LT, the Chiefs would keep him and he wants dominant LT money.

I would move Martin to LT and draft Fluker or Melenik Watson to play RT. You can also improve the OL by taking either Warmack or Cooper and then moving Jerry to RT. Either way the OL would improve and it would be for a cheaper price than overpaying for Albert.

IBN says Browns offering 5th RD pick for Bess

you can bet 100% that Ireland is moving up on the board tomorrow...who is he targeting?


At the time KC franchised Albert, it was expected they may go qb in the drafted. Which they could have traded out of the 1st overall spot to do.

Once it became apparent they could get Alex Smith in trade, things turned dramatically. Getting Alex ASmith dramatically changed their draft plans and Alberts future with them.

But by that time they had already franchised Albert and Albert had signed the contract.

I don't know that I get cutting Bess if we don't find a trade partner.

I guess 3 million per is alot to pay for your 4th reciever but it's not like we haven't wasted money before. I mean we're paying Dimitri Patterson 4 million. It wouldn't hurt to have some veteran depth. Maybe they think he will be a progress stopper for a rookie?

If Albert was worth 9 mil, the awful Chiefs would be keeping him and looking to fill one of their other 500 needs with the first pick.

Wow just heard that the sticking point on the Albert trade is that they want additional compensation than the 42nd pick. This is going to be a disaster if Ireland goes through with this. He can take Terron Armstead with that pick for a fraction of what you would pay Armstead. To give up a bunch of picks and a ton of money for an OL is insane.

Posted by: Thavafin | April 24, 2013 at 09:17 PM

My bad, guess I confused him with Hartline(6tds). Yes, Bess does have 12tds, but averaging slightly over 2tds per season is pretty much a yawner too.

That is exactly my point Lyon. The Chiefs need a bunch of help and they are going to give up a 10 million dollar LT?


Davone is worth a 3 or 4, but I'd rather keep him. He can teach the new guys and still provide the key first downs. He would be missed, but I see him as replaceable.

Go Phone!!!

Mike Mayok in his mock is predicting that we will take Flucker (OT) with our pick if we don't trade for Albert.

YG4, thanks for the info. I still believe Albert is a better tackle then Jake based on he last two years numbers. As far as the cap hit if we get Albert, I can't get a definitive answer on that. I might be wrong but I don't know yet.


It was actually after Bess scored 5tds in 2010 that he got his extension. Since then he scored 2tds in 2011, and only 1td in 2012.

He got the extension on premise that he could score at least 5 tds a season. After all, it was after the 5tds in 2010 that he got that extension, right?


Not that I put a lot of stock in most probowl selections BUT the lowly worst team in the league Chiefs had a pile of them. Grabbed Alex Smith (which will be interesting to see) and can pick a potential top 5 LTakle for a third of the price AND get a valuable 2nd rd pick this year for Albert.

The move for them makes all the sense in the world.


I can find any info that the new team definitely has to pay or not pay the franchise amount. Strange there's no info that I could google on it.

Armando needs to create a blog on this.

I would give up Bess and a 4th round pick for Albert. Though I am afraid that Ireland is going to sell the farm for him and then pay him elite tackle money.

With all of the personnel moves, WR, LB, TE, LT and bringing in new add'l CB and w/ an almost rookie QB (3 of 5 are skill positions) that is a lot of playbooking and gelling that is going to need to take place before the first game. Philbin and co. and Tanne are going to have a ton of work and a tough schedule. Can't afford to have too many misreads, miscommunication (broken plays), blown coverages, false starts (snap count), etc. Hoping for high turnover ratio and low penalties.

Hell, I don't think anybody wants to outright cut Bess. Like Rich said, he's worth at least a 3rd or 4th. They must have somebody better to take over his position because if it's true they will let 11-12 guys compete at WR in Camp, very few can beat his hands, quickness and route running.

Orlando Dolphan, KC currently has approx. 2.5 million in cap space. Trading Albert gives them 9 million back AND they get Joeckel or Fisher for the next 3 years for a fraction of the price. Albert is a darn good left tackle and I hope the Fins close this deal

bobbyd, people who know best voted long into 4 pro bowls in 5 years. we could care less what a dumb, senseless fan like you thinks. albert is no long. did you see st louis go after albert? nope.


Do you not get that that Philbin and is coaching staff aren't comfortable with Martin at LT?

If they did it would be a no brainer. As you pointed out, there are a lot of 2nd rd options at RT.

I think maybe they confused alot of people by talking up Martin at LT to have leverage (they thought)with Long.

Maybe I'm wrong. What the hell do I know.lol

Other than I hate losing a 2nd rd pick, the Albert deal makes sense to me though.

If you remember Ireland did say he was going to turn over this roster, by free agency, trade, and the draft. Whatever it takes.

And I can care less what you think pussie troll. Use your real name or continue to hide like the Girly girl you are. When that bomb went off in Boston I saw heroes run towards the explosion and help people. I also saw people running away and hiding. Those people reminded me of you. A pussie who runs and hides and cries. That's you. COWARD #1

Bess is a chain-mover, not a scorer. This is not about us being bigger...it's about being faster.

bobbyd you yourself wanted fisher as coach. ok, well the guy you wanted chose long over fat albert. try connecting the dots.

Still doesn't equal 5 TDs in 5 years.
I mean, even by your math he's got 8 in last 3. Not great, but greater than 5.

Contract talk irrelevant. Keep your Gypsy tricks at bay.


Really you would give up a 2nd round pick (our first pick in the second round) and additional picks which is what KC wants? On top of that you are going to pay elite money for this guy. BTW, teams create cap space for dominant franchise players. They can structure his contract to be cap friendly this year or restructure other players' contracts. I respect your opinion but I have to disagree. I do think Ireland is going to go through with this trade and the fins are going to lose the advantage they had with all of the picks. Does Ireland have no confidence in his ability to recognize talent?

Hell, I don't give a crap if it's Tavon or Bailey as long as he is better than Bess. And we get a 3rd Rounder for Davone. Si?

Let's face it. We have really no idea what they think about Martin at LT. We only know the soundbites they put out there didn't sound promising. Could it be that is what they want everyone to think?

We all formulate opinions based on more misinformation than we realize. It is best to believe nothing any coach or GM or media outlet says.

Why Armando is quoting Philbin is beyond me. What was Philbin supposed to say? It is like Armando doesn't realize how they have to play the game. All coaches and all GM's on all teams.

Mayok has Austin going to the fins at 8. I hope he is wrong because if we can take Austin at 12, it is going to be exciting around here. This kid is a TD machine. Please let Autin fall.

Posted by: Thavafin | April 24, 2013 at 09:48 PM

GYPSY TRICKS? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only a 5th for bess? Cleveland has no consistancy at wr and bess hands down would be their no.1 wr. 4th or no deal.

Philbin HAS said, "the first thing that a receiver has to do is to catch the ball". Si.

LMAO!!! I wanted Fisher as Coach?? Really?? Show me where I ever said that, because unless someone was using my name back then I NEVER wanted Fisher and I never said that. Keep making things up behind your fake name COWARD. Get lost.

Austin couldn't block a mosquito. No way Ireland takes him.

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