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Davone Bess, man on the outs, on the trade block

The first thing everyone thought when the Dolphins re-signed Brian Hartline and added receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson was that Davone Bess was on the outs.

The Dolphins denied it.

When coach Joe Philbin was asked if Bess was in the team's long-term plans he said:

“Absolutely. Yeah," Philbin said. "As you guys know, I envision us bringing 10 or 12 guys to training camp. We’re going to get a lot of reps as we see and we’re going to let guys go out there and compete and earn spots and take it from there."

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland also said Bess would not be traded.

Well, the Chicago Sun-Times just reported the Dolphins are in talks with various teams, most notably the Cleveland Browns, about trading Davone Bess. The newspaper also reported the compensation being discussed is mid-round compensation at best.

The Herald's Adam Beasley confirmed Bess is being shopped. And he is also reporting a trade is more likely than not.

Bess is under contract for one more year and is scheduled to be a free agent after 2013. A deal would likely include a new contract for Bess.

So what could this mean?

I mean aside from the fact one cannot believe anything an NFL team, it's coach or GM say ...

Tavon Austin.

If the Dolphins deal Bess, they could be planning the acquisition of the playmaking West Virginia slot receiver either with the No. 12 pick in the draft or with a draft trade up.

I was on a national writers' mock draft Tuesday and Austin went to the New York Jets with the No. 9 overall pick.

Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope, a favorite of former coach and Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, also becomes a serious possibility. (This makes more sense to me).

Bess, who caught 61 passes for 778 yards in 2012, cannot be pleased by this news. If he isn't dealt, it becomes clear to everyone what we all assumed but the Dolphins denied: Bess is a man on the outs in the Miami offense.

If Bess is not dealt, the Dolphins could easily cut him. He is going to cost $3.433 million against the cap in 2013. The Dolphins can save $2.633 million by simply cutting him. They would take a $750,000 cap hit. Obviously this is not the best option, but it would open the roster spot.

Me? I'd be surprised if Davone Bess remains with the Dolphins past this weekend.


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We want to win, right? Bess was a great hard luck story and a great guy. But last year, every time he got the ball, he gave up ground or fell immediately. West coast offense is based on YAC. Bess does not fit.

That does not mean we draft a receiver with a high draft pick. That is why we have Gibson and Matthews and Binns,etc.,etc. We are loaded at receiver!

Think Albert, Lacy, cornerback, Inside linebacker.

Orlando Dolphan, no report that I have read says the Chiefs want more then a second round pick. Originally they wanted two picks and backed off that position which has been widely reported. It seems the Chiefs want our first in the second rd and we are either offering our second or a third rd pick.
The last thing I want is using multiple picks and trading up and taking ANOTHER lineman in the draft. If Ireland feels we need a LT, then he knows best. So get it done with Albert and the Chiefs and move on and draft playmakers for once.

I don't know, whoever gets Bess gets a guaranteed starter, even though he isn't very productive as far as tds.

Just getting a guaranteed starter alone ought to be worth a 4th. Still, we have to remember the Pats got Moss, and the Jets got Santonio Homes for 4th rd picks.

Bess is in neither wr's class at the time of trade. So a 5th should be about right unless someone desperately offers a higher pick.

When will something happen its taking forever

I think letting Long leave may have been a huge mistake.

This is the latest from the NFL network as they discuss the possibilit of Bess being traded for a mid round selection:

As for the Dolphins, this effort to move Bess could be a signal they are targeting West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin. Given Austin's sky-high stock, they'd likely have to trade up to have a shot.

I hope that the NFL Network is right.

Give me your treasures gypsy or I shall take them from you.


Trade him already

Keep Bess. Dump Egnew and D Thomas.

I don't think the Dolphins are coveting Austin. I believe its a smokescreen deliberately enhanced by Ireland to raise his trade down prospects.


I don't think Egnew and D Thomas combined count a million dollars on this year's cap. So why dump them? LOL...


It was reported on the NFL network that the 42nd pick is already on the table and that what is holding it up is that the Chiefs want additional picks.

bobbdy only a fool would believe a single word of any of those reports you read. those reports are written by people who have no knowledge of what is really going on behind closed doors. they all just guess and report each others guesses.

only a total idiot wouldn't realize this. reports? hahahahaha...were you born yesterday by any chance?

Well...I probably have either tendered or rendered or defended every possible scenario in the book....and still may find my butt upended by some out of left field pick tomorrow, that NONE OF US thought about....

...so I'm just going to WAIT and SEE and TRUST
..until then ciao peeps....

GO FINS!!!!!! JUST DO IT !!!!!

Ross has a lot of nerve asking for charity AFTER 4 CONSECUTIVE LOSING SEASONS!!!!!

Good dicussion tonight Dolfans. Tomorrow night we should really have something to talk about. It's a matter of hours now. I sure hope its good.

Go Fins!

Plus, if Ireland sends a smokescreen he may take Austin at #12, it forces the Jets to have to use its #9 pick if a team desperately seeks Austin. Not their #13, because teams now think its possibility Ireland pulls the trigger at #12.

Great gm gamesmanship by Ireland against a division rival(Jets). Jets are rumored to now want to trade down with one of their picks. The Austin rumor would force them to use the #9 pick. LOL...

I don't think Egnew and D Thomas combined count a million dollars on this year's cap. So why dump them? LOL...
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 24, 2013 at 10:16 PM

Because they stink and have no business in the NFL.

Orlando Dolphan,

I trust nothing I hear from those clowns on nfl network unless it has already been confirmed. LOL...

WhoTH is that guy that Ireland selected, man? - Beats me, man. We'll see.

Getting a 3rd round pick for Bess, i could live with. he was a undrafted player that is average... Good going Ireland. Now get O/L, D/E T/e, D/B in the top 82 picks .... then depending on who the trading partner is add like a R/B in there.. that would be great we could have two more picks before Friday is over with... that's 6 picks in the first 96 picks ... Ireland and his scouts are sure to find 4 starters out of them 6 ... and we would still have Saturdays three picks before the 5th round is over with... why get tricky and act like you found players cause you moved around. stay put and get possibly 8 starters on the team from this draft. probably cant keep more than 8 or 9 more rookies this year so why trade back? STAY PUT! and watch them fall to you \m/ .... (̾-̮̮̃̾-̃̾)

It is looking like a team that wants Austin will have to trade into the top 10. The Rams are rumored to desparately want Austin. Mayok has him going to the Bills at 8. So if Ireland as rumored loves Austin, he will have to trade up for him.

Yea dumass, like all those reports written about Grimes being wrong. Lets see, who do I believe, a sports reporter whose job it is to write about sports or some troll on a blog?? Only an idiot would believe a troll on a blog.

orlando now you are acting like bobbyd, taking the bait of every pre draft media hype nonsense.

I mean should we keep crap players just because they're cheap? LOL

The Pats give up a 4th for Randy Moss. The Jets give up a 4th for Santonio Holmes.

Yet some here in la-la-land thinks Bess is worth a 3rd rd'er.



If Bess is on his way out, this only a reflection on the team getting better playmakers on the offence. I like the kid but he was just a valuable item back when the Dolphins needed spark.

Marshall Faulk just said that Austin is the most exciting player he has seen coming out of the draft. He said he can take a 5 yard pass and take it to the house. I am telling you Austin is the real deal! Let's trade up for Austin.

Well, We'll see.


Exactly who does Marshall Faulk gm for?

Neither Bess nor Hartline would start for any other team. No one's gonna trade anything but a 7th rder for Bess.

Neither Bess nor Hartline would start for any other team. No one's gonna trade anything but a 7th rder for Bess.

Posted by: Jay

Your kidding right?


What are we going to do? At this point, that is all we have. Rumors, highlights, and the so called experts. If not for them, we probably would have nothing to talk about (at least as it pertains to this blog). I am certainly not a scout that is out there looking at players live. We have to go by what we see on TB and read on line. That is what makes it fun. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Damn it!!! Mr reliable 3rd down shown the door. So much for depth.


In the nfl, I expect Austin will be used more as a pure wr. So he'll look more like TY Hilton than we saw of him being the all purpose weapon WV used him as.

If Austin's drafted that highly you aren't going to see him used as a rb. You also wont see those tip passes behind the line of scrimmage he was famous for at WV. He'll be more of a traditional wr in the nfl.


Austin will gain no yards from the hospital bed. NFL LB's wil smash him.

He'll be more of a traditional wr in the nfl.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 24, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Not remotely true. You won't see Austin going over the middle after his first collision with a LB.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Why get rid of a proven playmaker for an unproven mid-round pick?

Bess is a reliable "1st down" possession receiver.
I lost faith in the previous administration when they traded Welker, who was "only" a possession receiver too, and look how that turned out.

Keep Bess!  He's a bargain!

I lost faith in the previous administration when they traded Welker, who was "only" a possession receiver too, and look how that turned out.

Posted by: Dave | April 24, 2013 at 10:47 PM

How did it turn out? It turned out NE wasted their time with him. Not only did he never with a trophy with him, he dropped a sure fire game winning pass in their last Super Bowl. See how it turned out....

Have any of you ever studied physics? Austin is far too small to withstand the impact of NFL hits. He'll make some plays for sure, but how long will he survive? Odd's are against him.

I think some of you guys are kidding yourself and are going to be awfully disappointed if you think the reason for trading Bess is to make room for Austin. I don't believe it's going to happen. Now if he's still there at 12 he could be a tradeup for some other team (maybe the Rams). I could see the Jets picking this guy and maybe they want to get up ahead of the Jets.

I don't see any way in Hell that Ireland goes after Austin after adding Wallace, Gibson and Keller and re-signing Hartline. I just don't see it happening.

Looks to me that dealing Bess is to get another pick, free up some cash and get something before this guy leaves for nothing next year. Makes sense to me.


I agree that unless they are all in on Austin, I would not give up Bess. Giving Bess up for a 5th or 6th round pick is like cutting him for nothing. I also think that Bess is a security blanket. He is a possession receiver that seems to be open when you need that big 3rd down.

Yep , no Austin for us...

First of all why are we even talking about paying albert anything close to what Long left town for? Because Jeffey bluffed and Long took the money from the rams. now we are going to get a guy with less tallent and lose and 2nd round pick to boot! Ireland miss on this one. But with the recent news on Bess, I see total redemption in the draft. Ireland will trade our 12th pick, one of our 2nd round picks and Bess to trade up and Get a Better left Tackle then albert will be and it will not cost us as much! Bet on it!

Warmack and/or Eifert!!!!


Craig M,

You may be right. We'll see but you need more than 3 quality receivers on a team and Bess is all but gone. That would only leave Wallace, Gibson, and Hartline.

BTW- Mike Mayok just had his mock draft on the NFL network and he just dissed your boy Xavier Rhodes. He did not have him going in the first round. Could he be available for the fins in the second round?






How many quality WRs did we have on the team last year? I don't believe Ireland truly values the position. I think Philbin insisted they go out and get Wallace but it's just not Ireland's style. Expect to see a guy like Swoop or Patton would be my guess. I highly doubt it's Austin.

Swoop no way. Terrible hands. Philbin will not allow that.


I looked at Mayock's draft earlier and I think he had him going to the Pats at 29.

Btw, I've soured on Rhodes a bit. He's not the guy I want at 12 any more. If there's a gun to my head and I have to pick someone it's either Eiffert or Cooper for me, assuming of course that Lane Johnson isn't there.

Don't waste your time will Albert, if you wanted a guy like this you would have re-signed Long.
Posted by: Sam | April 24, 2013 at 08:02 PM
Long can only get worse, not better. His injuries are recurring ones. Glad you are not a GM. Since we did not keep long we should not get Albert? In other words not Long, no LT? You are not so smart.

Craig M,

I can see the dolphins taking Swope also. Swope was Tannehill's favorite receiver at A&M and he can fly at 4.3. I don't think the fins would trade up for Austin anyways and that is what they would have to do to get him. I don't see him going past the Jets at 9. But man I love that kid. He is electrifying and I think that he is the best offensive player in this draft!

I may have missed that pick at 29 for Rhodes. I was looking for him more at the top and did not see him. I did not like him at 12 but if by chance he slips to us at 42 then Ireland should consider taking him. I always saw him as solid NFL starter (maybe a # 2) but not a star player worth taking at 12.


I think there will be some good corners in the second round too and that's my reason for passing on Rhodes at 12 also.

I think letting Long leave may have been a huge mistake.

Posted by: Jay | April 24, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Keeping Long at his asking price would be a mistake. Calm down dude. Give it a rest. Long is damaged goods. Open your eyes.

I mean really, how many teams are looking for a wr that scored 5tds in 5yrs? Thank you!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | April 24, 2013 at 08:36 PM

Good point YG. His general productivity should help, but nothing trumps those TD numbers.

I still think we could get a 4th rounder for him with a little luck.

I like the Guy and he seemed like a good Teammate and the kind you want in the locker room. Having said that though, I wonder how long, or even if he would've made the team originally if we weren't so weak at WR to begin with.

If we could get a 4th we would have double picks in rounds 2 thru 5. I could live with that!

In all likelihood we'll get somewhere between a 5th and 7th for Bess. I just don't see that his value is anything above that. Decent player but is he really that special? He started last year because our WRs were awful.

I still cannot understand spending this kind of money on a FA LT when you just let go the face of the franchise for basically the same money. I was ready to move on from Long thinking we would take a good young stud in the draft at a cheaper price tag. Now Ireland wants to not only pay that money for a FA (who I feel is not as good as Long) but to give up high draft picks for the replacement. This is why most analysts see this franchise as one that has no clue about what they are doing.

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