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Davone Bess, man on the outs, on the trade block

The first thing everyone thought when the Dolphins re-signed Brian Hartline and added receivers Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson was that Davone Bess was on the outs.

The Dolphins denied it.

When coach Joe Philbin was asked if Bess was in the team's long-term plans he said:

“Absolutely. Yeah," Philbin said. "As you guys know, I envision us bringing 10 or 12 guys to training camp. We’re going to get a lot of reps as we see and we’re going to let guys go out there and compete and earn spots and take it from there."

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland also said Bess would not be traded.

Well, the Chicago Sun-Times just reported the Dolphins are in talks with various teams, most notably the Cleveland Browns, about trading Davone Bess. The newspaper also reported the compensation being discussed is mid-round compensation at best.

The Herald's Adam Beasley confirmed Bess is being shopped. And he is also reporting a trade is more likely than not.

Bess is under contract for one more year and is scheduled to be a free agent after 2013. A deal would likely include a new contract for Bess.

So what could this mean?

I mean aside from the fact one cannot believe anything an NFL team, it's coach or GM say ...

Tavon Austin.

If the Dolphins deal Bess, they could be planning the acquisition of the playmaking West Virginia slot receiver either with the No. 12 pick in the draft or with a draft trade up.

I was on a national writers' mock draft Tuesday and Austin went to the New York Jets with the No. 9 overall pick.

Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope, a favorite of former coach and Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, also becomes a serious possibility. (This makes more sense to me).

Bess, who caught 61 passes for 778 yards in 2012, cannot be pleased by this news. If he isn't dealt, it becomes clear to everyone what we all assumed but the Dolphins denied: Bess is a man on the outs in the Miami offense.

If Bess is not dealt, the Dolphins could easily cut him. He is going to cost $3.433 million against the cap in 2013. The Dolphins can save $2.633 million by simply cutting him. They would take a $750,000 cap hit. Obviously this is not the best option, but it would open the roster spot.

Me? I'd be surprised if Davone Bess remains with the Dolphins past this weekend.


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I'm with you on the whole Long/Albert situation. Makes no sense to me. And I also have to ask what the point was of drafting Martin last year so high if they are only going to play him at RT. Bit high to pick a RT, IMO and if you knew he wasn't LT material then why draft him? So did they mess up the draft evaluation or could tell from watching him play 4 games last year that he doesn't have it. Or is it all just a smokescreen and he's really the guy they want to play LT? Something doesn't fit somewhere.

Trading #12, bess and one of our 3rds to move up to #6 (and maybe get a 5th or 6th rnder back). If we cant get a LT (likely Lane Johnson) then Milliner is the pick, IMO. Jeffrey is using Mando like a puppet this time of year, whatever misinformation he wants out there, he puts out there. Tommorow should be fun! Do your dance Jeffrey, do yo dance!

I hate for us to have to give a 2nd rder like everyone else because the strength of the draft is mid 1st to 4th. It is what it is though. If their not happy with Martin at LT, we don't have alot of options.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 24, 2013 at 08:38 PM

Rick I have to RESPECTFULLY disagree.

After having had time to read up on and let the whole "Albert Situation" sink in, I've soured on the deal.

The injury history and the Me before the TEAM attitude(at least his refusal to consider playing guard)....**AFTER** they Franchised Him?

If the Chiefs were willing to pay him nearly 10 million, he should have offered to be the Long Snapper, the Guard, The Tackle or the Water Boy.

Taking it all in, I wouldn't budge from giving up our FIRST 3rd rounder. That's it!

Otherwise, I'm signing McKinnie and drafting an Armstead or a Williams!

Albert has some issues I'm not willing to deal with nor take chances on. Now, if he were ELITE as opposed to "Pretty Good", things would be different.

We're trying to build a perennial contender here and I don't think he , his injuries or his attitude fits in.

That's My Two Cents FWIW!

Going back to Bess, I hope the rumor is not true. Bess probably would have gotten 1000 yds last year had he not been injured in the last 3 games. We are going to replace him with someone that has no chemistry with Tannehill and who would have to learn the offense. I would guess that whoever we bring will catch less passes and get less yards than Bess.
This is similar to the Dansby situation. The Dolphins needed to make changes. But they are throwing the baby out with the bathwater and taking a risk by bringing in new players without regard to how the team fits together.
If the team does not click next year get ready for a clean sweep of GM coaching staff etc.

Albert is far and above the better left tackle the last two years.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | April 24, 2013 at 09:06 PM

Bobby, how about this.

Albert is really too old to grow up with Tannehill, Pouncey, Martin and Jerry. So by signing him to a BIG long term deal(like he wants)he'll essentially be a progress stopper.

Now this is just a hypothetical food for thought. Rendered for YOUR rebuttal-LOL. But wouldn't it make much more sense to sign McKinnie a little cheaper to a ONE or TWO year deal(at most)and draft a possible later round steal of a Left Tackle to eventually replace him.

Then even if our Steal doesn't look like he's working, draft our final piece in a stalwart Left tackle in next years draft?

McKinnie would be a cheap stop gap and he'd buy us time to see if Martin or a guy we draft this year can develop into "That Guy".


Trade down #12 with SF to number 31 and also get #34 from SF in return. Then with #31 take Ertz!!!. We would have 3 2nd round picks to shore up OT, DB and WR!

1. trade down Eddie Lacy/Sheldon Richardson
2. Johnathan Cyprien or Jamar Taylor
2B Jamar taylor or trade for Albert
3. Travis Kelce - faster, better feet and blocker than Eifert
3b. Melenik Watson
4. Ryan Swope

No way Dolphins draft Austin. I will bet anyone that wants to lose some money. He doesn't fit Ireland's physical mold or walk on water. He doesn't fit Philbin's mold either as someone that can play all 3 receiver positions. Think someone 6' 200lbs good route runner and fast, like all those dudes in Green Bay. He wants solid receivers, not flashy ones. Think Swope. Small receivers don't last long in today's league.

Ireland is low-balling with a 3rd rounder. If they bite, fine. You pay the man. If not, other teams think they are bullish on OT and they may be able to move back. No way they deal Albert for a 2 unless they trade back.

Sf covets Eifert and #12 is worth 1200 pts. #31=600 and #34=560. The trade works for all involved. To assure getting Eifert SF needs to get up to #12. SF also has 13 picks. Last year no picks became starters because they already have a very good team. So SF will be looking to trade up and have less picks but may get a gem by moving up.

The only reason I can see this Albert/Long situation making sense is they really think Long is damaged goods and in this scheme Albert will be a big upgrade. I don't know if I agree with it, but I will trust Philbin and Ireland.

I imagine the team will get a 5th. He's a dcent player, but nothing spectacular. If Philbin thinks we will be better with a faster, cheaper slot replacement I'm all for it.

Folks Devon Bess has never been the same since his knee injury. People think of him before he hurt his knee, when he was a great slot receiver. He was hardly a factor in the offense the last 2 years. Sometimes you wouldn't even no he was on the team after a game.

One thing I definitely agree with is Devon Bess' time has come. I've drawn a lot of negative criticism the paste couple of years because I felt Bess was not a solid WR even though his numbers appear to be very good.

I think this coaching staff (Philbin and Sherman) agree with me because Gibson, Hartline or Mattews will be a an upgrade as the slot. The slot WR has to be a threat to make big plays and score. This is something Devon Bess has struggled to do throughout his career because he lacks the speed and ability to break tackles. When he tries to fight for extra yards he fumbles.

Love Bess' heart, character and work ethic but his skills have not helped to open up the offense. Therefore, an upgrade desperately needed especially now that Wallace and Keller are also in the mix.

Nuff respect Bess. Thanks for being a good playing. You gave it your all.

Ireland is throwin a lot of smokescreens while targeting Matt Barkley at #12. Barkley would've gone 2nd last year over RG3 and would be a big upgrade to Tanny.

if they trade him and sign albert and take swope in the 3rd they will be getting a younger and better player who already has chemistry with tannehill and a LT that fits the scheme...they should move up somehow with a second rounder to take fb hayden and take eifert with their 12th pick (maybe trade back a little) and the team will be in amazing shape with plenty of picks left

cb hayden* damn iphone

Guess Im the one losing my mind. because I just don't understand the dolfan love affair with Devone Bess. He was only one of DaBess of a terrible wr corps.

Just like a victim eventually learns to sympathize with his captor. Dolfans have learned to sympathize with mediocrity.

Bess was a GREAT pick-up as a UFA. He has served the Fins nicely since joining the team and even was decent but not spectacular on special teams as well.

He always came to work with his lunch pail and gave everything his body and talent could muster. If the league ran on "tried hard effort" then Bess would be near the top.

I thank you D. Bess for ALL your contributions. As I believe you will end up being traded one way or 'tother.

Good luck with your new team.


Some names to remember over the next 3 days:

Rashaan Melvin, CB, NIU
Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas
Keith Pough, OLB, Howard
William Gholston, DE, Michigan State

High probability picks.






Hard to draft a Gholston after the Jets debacle of a player PL! :)


Hey Rob,
What do you think about the Eifert vs Ertz debate?

Hahaha. Ain't no one trading up to draft pop gun arm Barkley.

Mike, u are dumber than dumb.

RG3 won division his ROOKIE year!! And beat the super bowl champs.

Good luck with your new team.


Posted by: Rob in OC | April 25, 2013 at 01:38 AM

Nice post on Bess, Rob. That sums up my feelings on the situation perfectly.

ROTFLMAO - I thought the same thing about this younger Gholston. The poor guy, Vernon probably makes him a little poorer-LOL. I don't envy the GM that pulls the trigger THIS Gholston.

Sounds like you're "Geared Up" for another NFL Draft.......?

Prof. Lou?

Is that YOU-LOL?

Are those "High Probability Picks" or "Probable Steals" of the Draft?

I got to see a bit of Gholston being that he played at Michigan State. In all fairness, he does look like a Decent Prospect.

Having said that, I'll still have to defer to Rob's post @ 1:39.

%yrs of barely average play at TE by Fasano has made some you lose your minds. I mean, you can argue Eiffert at #12, but really, how much sense does he really make for us at #12.

Nice player, but players greater meeting a need will also be available. You realty don't get much more than 50-60 receptions from a very good TE unless he's Gronk or Tony Gonzalez.

Eiffert is a very good TE, but its very difficult to project him as great. He's surehanded but there's nothing particularly eyepopping about him.

I could be wrong, but I think it's just about too late for any Pre-Draft Trade for Albert(Thank God).

I say this because all trades of this type are subject to "Team Physicals". At this point, even if KC agrees to the compensation, there really won't be enough time to complete a thorough examination. Especially when we're talking a guy with past and allegedly present injury concerns.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's "Too Late Too Apologize".

Thank God Almighty, we just dodged a bullet!

I have to agree YG. There are better players that fill better needs. But I think there's even more to it than that.

Keller will be Great this year. He was Good with Sanchez, he'll be even better with Tannehill. Also, Keller holds down the fort while we see if Clay and/or Egnew finally gets it.

Additionally, we take a flyer on a guy like Dion Sims TE MSU and see if he ends up being a steal.

With Keller as a security blanket and these kinds of possibilities and options, I don't even THINK about a TE in the First Round.

I'm not calling anyone right or wrong, that's just my line of reasoning. Regardless of Eifert or Ertz talent-wise. We have enough talent, prospects and possibilities to ride it out for another year.

How long ago was it that Fasano and Yeatman were our best two options?

Bills targeting Matt Barkley in 2nd round. He's not better than Tannehill.

I have to drive all the way up to Marquette in the morning(unnnnngh). I'm picking up my NEW(used)Kawasaki 800 Stand-Up Jet Ski! My First!

I'll be back in time for my Pre-Draft Rituals though!

I can't even THINK about SLEEPING!

I feel like a 7 year old on Christmas Eve!


Good evening all! In less than 24hrs, we will start getting answers to the big questions!


Yeatman might still be a solid option, at RT.

Prof Lou,

I think both Eifert and Ertz will be solid players. I don't see Tony Gonzo in either of them but that would not impede both from being solid contributors to a given team.

I think Eifert has more blocking ability and seems better at snagging the high ball throws (A Tannyhill specialty sometimes) so I would give him the nod of the two. He is a scosh faster as well.

That said Eifert will go mid 1st round and Ertz may slip into the second imho.

In sumation I would like either on the Fins but where Eifert goes I don't know that I wouldn't want other players at that spot.

I like McDonald later.

How about you? What is your call?


Players that WONT go 1st round that I would love to see as Fins...

RB Franklin Rds. 2-3

WR Markus Wheaton Rds. 3-4

WR Quinton Patton Rds. 2-3

WR Marquise Goodwin Rds. 3-4

TE Vance McDonald Rds. 3-4

OT David Quessenberry Rds. 4-5

OT Terron Armstead Rds 2-3

OG Larry Warford Rds. 2-3 (May be more mauler than Philbin wants, good player though.)

C Brian Schwenke Rds. 2-3

C Barrett Jones Rds. 2-3 (Soooo versatile)

DE Datone Jones Rd. 2 (May sneak into late 1st.)

DE Devin Taylor Rds. 4-5 (**My favorite mid to late round sleeper pick)

DT Kawann Short Rds. 2-3 (Gonna be a good player)

OLB Sio Moore Rds. 2-3 (Will be a stud)

CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson Rds. 2-3

CB Darius Slay Rds. 2-3

S Matt Elam Rds. 1-2 (Would be my favorite player in the second round but should go late 1st.)

K Sturgis or Hopkins as Carpenter needs more comp!

Again, these are simply players I feel would solidify and strengthen the roster very well. If Ireland could just net a few of these players I would be stoked.


Long time reader first time poster.

Thoughts on the draft.

I hope we don’t trade up. It doesn’t sound like any of the LT’s are of the caliber of Joe Thomas or Long in his prime, so I’d pass.

Picking at 12. Just going to give some thoughts on some of the players that might be available.

Tavon Austin- Exciting player but wouldn’t be my choice. WV gave up a ton of points on D and had to throw a lot. Besides Austin being on the small side, I think Tannehill will have enough mouths to feed this fall.

Warmack/Cooper- Not popular but I wouldn’t mind either. Not sure who fits our offence better but besides better protection, a better running game improves our passing game, too.

Eifert- Not a fan of this. He could end up being the next Shannon Sharpe but I find Notre Dame and USC players tend to get overrated in the draft (maybe not Clay Matthews). Personal bias I guess. Let’s see how we go with Keller.

Star Lotelelei – I like this pick. If memory serves, we were looking for a DT in 09-10 and the tops ones were off the board when we picked. Certainly not a huge need this year but seems like decent value.

DJ Fluker – Seems a little high at 12. Can he play LT or is he strictly a right side guy?

Dee Milliner – I expect he’ll be gone but if he’s still there I’d probably take him. The shoulder is worrisome though.

Trading back. This is appealing but it sounds like a popular choice for a lot of clubs and you might not get the value this year. Later in the first round I’d like Hayden, Trufant or a top safety. Reid (assuming Vaccaro is gone)?

I’m on the fence on the Albert trade. If the brass thinks that this team can challenge for a super bowl this season or next, I’d give up my third (not next year’s 2nd). Personally, I think Odinseye is right on this. We’re still a couple of years away and I’d rather have someone a little younger, healthier and not sitting out from his team’s voluntary mini-cap.

However it plays out, I’m excited for the season to begin. Think we made some good moves this off-season. Certainly they won’t all work out as we hope and we’re looking at a tough schedule but I think we’re going to field a more competitive team this season. Not yet elite but assembling a good young core that we can build around in the next couple of seasons as Tannehill develops into a more polished passer.

Go fins!

Wurd Odin my braided and ax wielding friend!

Thanks for the shout on the Bess post.

I am ABSOLUTELY jacked up for this draft.

Ireland has a lot of picks and I think the draft holds a wealth of 2-5 rounders that will improve squads.

I hate to sound "parrotY" but "RAWK!!! Draft lacks star power up high at skill positions but lots draft ore to mine from mid rounds."

I hope Ireland uncorks one whale of a draft...not because I am such a huge Ireland fan but because the Fins are so overdue for some good things to happen.

Cheers bro,

A couple strong predictions...

Milliner won't be the best CB in this draft. I'll take Trufant for that honor. If Hayden stays healthy I think he will make more big plays as well.

Tavon Austin will actually live up to the hype. he will be a multi-facted, jukey speedster that excels on special teams AND moving around at WR/RB. Some would not say that's a bold prediction but ZERO guys his size have gone in the top 10 and gone on to be stars.

Fins make the playoffs despite their rugged schedule.

Safety Matt Elam goes to a Pro Bowl before Vaccaro or Reid.

I will hop on again tomorrow. I wish you the wisdom of Soleman J.I.

Good night Fin Nation!! Go Phins!!!!


Mayock talking Fluker, so why we talking Albert ?

Tarvano Log Mule.

Pancake Idaho.

Julie Kavner's 1975 Breast Milk.

I'm just going to throw this out there...

Moving Bess guarantees a WR in round 3 or later but opens up the possibility of drafting Eifert and playing with 2 TE and Martin at LT with some protection.

With 2 pass catching TEs and Williams and Hartline split wide...

who do you cover?

I'm just going to throw this out there...

Moving Bess guarantees a WR in round 3 or later but opens up the possibility of drafting Eifert and playing with 2 TE and Martin at LT with some protection.

With 2 pass catching TEs and Williams and Hartline split wide...

who do you cover?

Posted by: Steve | April 25, 2013 at 03:31 AM

Who the hell is Williams?

Swopes and Kenny Stills might be there in the 3rd.

All other good ones gone by round 2.

Pick Warmack at 12 .. he will make whoever is at LT look good.

ummm... shouldn't post at 3 AM... Williams = Wallace

*hangs head in shame*

I love the idea.

Tavon Austin is a play maker and a match up nightmare.

You want to get the best from our offense and T-Hill? Give him weapons.

Then get him some more.

Austin would be a great pick at 12.

The best play maker and would have been a top 3 pick if he was 4 more inches.

Pick him up and create a match up nightmare for everyone we play.

Oh the first one posted.

I didn't see it so I posted again.

Any who.

I would take te Ertz cb Hayden cb Trufant de Moore with our 1st 2nd

Oh and to everyone talking about how short he is?

Your favorite two Dolphin's wrs are 5'9?

Duper 185 pounds
Clayton 177 pounds

Oh and Steve Smith is 5'7 and came in the league about 180.

Austin is a better prospect than all of them.

Not saying that he will be a better pro.

The draft is a crap shoot.

However you can't teach speed jokes or instincts.


Austin is a solid looking prospect. I'm just not sure we need him. If anything, we need a redzone threat. The only redzone threat I see worth a 1st is Eiffert.
Personally, I hope we take Cooper and trade back into the 1st with our 2nd rd guys and get Watson or Pugh. I think the need at CB is overrated.


Jeff Ireland is doing everything he has to do to get the best mileage out of the #12 pick.

History shows that draft days can produce unexpected selections and if Ireland gets one of the draft's best LTs, DEs (or possibly DTs) @12, he pulls the trigger. If not, he calls the potential trading partners, with whom he has already had conversations, and works for a trade down. Remember: most analysts feel that grades for many late 1st round picks don't substantially differ from the mid-round picks.

For instance, teams coveting WRs Austin or Patterson, either of whom may be available @12, could go for the trade, Minnesota being a likely choice. Either late 1st round Vikings pick (23 or 25) would then give Ireland an expanded selection for his 1st round choice without having to reach: top CBs, TEs, OGs and WRs come into play in addition to OTs, DEs and DTs.

The extra 2nd rounder from a trade down gives the Dolphins additional firepower to trade again or use it on another high grade draft pick. Bess is simply part of this equation, either before, during or after draft. However, it does indicate that Ireland has his eye on more WR talent...

Honestly, we will be lucky to get a 6th rounder for Bess. For those of you smoking crack and thinking that we can get a 3-4 for him? YOU obviously have a bad addiction and need to go detox. If Bess is being shopped- and Cleveland is interested- I think its part of at trade up to 6 to select- Milliner or Austin. Apparently Austin isnt getting past Buffalo at 8 now according to NFL network sources.

Played perfectly Jeff well done plant the seed

Lets go dolphins

Bess is always open. This is craziness. Would be a stupid stupid move.

Some of you are misinformed. Bess consistantly made first down catches as a slot receiver, he is just not a good fit to play on the outside. More importantly he was a consistant punt returner who didn't make alot of big plays but was almost mistake free and good enough to provide descent field postition. If the Dolphins are looking for someone to upgrade that position C. Patterson is the only one I would pick in the early rounds because he has the versatillity that Philbin likes to play alll the receiver positions, he can return punts and kicks, and with his size hes got alot of upside. The later rounds may have some guys that could be more explosive than Bess but kind of one demensional in the same way. Ace Sanders from South Carolina is an example of a guy the Dolphins could get in the third or fourth round to replace D.Bess. Personally I really would like to keep Devone Bess stay in Miami. Either way I hope he continues to have a solid career.

I'll be upset if Bess goes, we already go rid of Bush and Ireland your arse is on the hot seat. If you don't deliver good riddance we don't want you in Miami anymore. It's about time this Franchise arose from the dead and started playing like a team that wants to go to the promised land and eventually a Super Bowl Championship. This is a make or break year for Ross and Ireland, hopefully this will be the season Miami turns into a good team and eventually a juggernaut.
Go Phins UP!!!

Cannot see drafting Austin at #12. Would rather have Eifert. Moreover we also have a need for a big RB like Lacy given that Thomas and Lane are not making it.

We need to fill holes LT, CB, OR DE first before looking for a replacement for Bess!!! Swope will be available in the second round & that should complete our WR corps!!! Hopefully this will help us get the Browns spot so we could get our LT Joeckel!!!

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